While listening to Arutz Sheva radio this morning I heard something which angered and depressed me. The policy of the Israeli government is that restraint is their strength. What? That sounds eerily like the Christian dictum of turning the other cheek. I don't think so! Restraint is one of the main reasons historically for our survival as a people, but that restraint was no longer necessary after 1948. Fighting and dying for Israel ended the era of Jewish pacifism once and for all. We are a strong people, not only militarily but economically as well.

The only area in which we are weak is in our confidence, a function of the emotional area of our minds. We judge ourselves according to the views of others, whom we for some reason admire. Not only is such thought negative in it's connotations, but backward thinking at it's best. They should be admiring us!

If gentiles were to cease use of products invented by Jews , boycott all Jewish medical discoveries and Jewish technology, they would instantly revert to the dark ages or possibly prior to them. Jews stand out far and above all others in their accomplishments and contributions towards making the world a better place for all, not just themselves. What have we gotten for it? Ghettos, dhimmitude and slaughter, for all of the past two thousand years.

Christianity, which is founded on the life of a man who cannot even be proven to have existed outside their own paltry and controversial writings, brought death and destruction to our people during the Crusades. These are the very same people whose decendants brought us the Shoah, the Hebrew term for holocaust.
Then of course came Islam, less than three hundred years after the pagan Emperor Constintine.

Arabs were forced by the sword of Islam, under the maniacal leadership of the false and self-proclaimed prophet Mohammed, to slaughter, rape, burn and totally annihilate all who did not join him in the spreading of his beliefs.
These, who have been our enemies in the past are still the enemies of Judaism today. Most Christians no longer seek to kill us, but instead choose to destroy us from within by converting us to their own false prophet and savior. What is the difference between Islam and Christanity? Only their methodology.
The goal of both is to destroy Judaism. These people are nothing more than mindless sheep with no shepherd. They hate and fear us for no legitimate reasons.

The time has come for Jews to stand up and be heard as a force with whom to be reckoned.
We must shout from the mountain tops of the world that we will no longer go quietly.
WE ARE ISRAEL! We demand equality not only in the United Nations, but in every city in the world.
You are either for us or against us, the choice is yours. Choose the latter at your peril.
Shalom, Eli
#1 Eli Hart (Homepage) on 2007-06-11 19:20
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