As always, your essay is excellent. I read them, as well as many others who support your point of view, with great attention.

I wonder, though, where do we go next? I see the reports and essays and op eds that say the same thing in unique ways, but none seem to give direction to 'What Next?' We need to get past telling the story of Gush Katif and Sharon and the last election and the leftists...We know the stories by heart. Many have lived those stories, and need help.

The black umbrella protest in Jerusalem brought out less than one hundred people. The rally in Washington, D.C., set to coincide with Olmert's trip, brought less than 500. Where was everyone? Where is the fire? Where is everyone's hearts?

We are facing a horrific year and a half or so, while the rest of Yesha becomes dismantled, except for that part the government thinks is of value, and if we are to believe Olmert's steam, we are going to see Jerusalem divided. Israel is going to be topsy turvy with this new disengagement, and will have terrorists on all sides...practically within shouting distance of TA and Haifa, and of Jerusalem.

Where is everyone? Are there any sane people left in Israel? And if there are, can someone tell us: What is the next move? What can we do to stop the madness? What are the plans? Is there a leader in all of Israel that hasn't already betrayed this country, this people, who can take the helm?

Thank you.
Billie Hull
Virginia, USA
#1 Billie Hull on 2006-05-29 16:37
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