Many times I have read Mr. Emanuel Winston's commentaries with respect for his ability to clearly identify issues and his calls to action. There is very little I disagree with in this article. However, I feel it does not go far enough in identifying the real issue facing Israel. This issue is, rarely if ever, covered in any commentaries by most respected writer's in Israel. I suppose this occurs because Israel is a secular nation and not a religious one. However, as a gentile, I watch the self-destruction occurring in Israel with amazement. I cannot believe any nation would act as Israel is by Expelling its own inhabitants from their own Land, And yet this has become the impossible reality in Israel today. Who needs the Muslims as enemies when your own politicians are determined to destroy their own people via a new Holocaust; which is the logical result the Olmert Expulsion plans will eventually lead to.

Israel is not the problem in the world. She is the solution!! Yet, while it is clear, a secular Israel may have returned her people to Eretz-Israel, only an Israel recommitted to The Covenant with her G-d can hold the Land. After all, according to your own Scriptures wasn't Israel expelled from the Land for violation of that Covenant? Yet, through a miracle and many lost lives of brave men and women, after 2000 years Israel returned to the Land only to find she cannot hold onto it.

Israel is faced with the indisputable fact that though she and only she was given Eretz-Israel, she can never hold onto it unless there is a whole hearted recommitment to her Covenant by the People of Israel. For this to occur another miracle is needed; a change in the heart of the People of Israel. When this change occurs HaShem will send her a new King David. If this change does not occur, only Holocaust lies ahead.

Israel has proven she does not lack courageous, hard working, intelligent people. No where on Earth can such a people as Israel be found. Yet, she lacks commitment as a nation to her G-d. This is the key that is missing from the whole formula. Eretz-Israel was given to her by a Miracle and can only be held onto by more and greater Miracles. And these Miracles cannot be performed by any Peoples, only by Israel's G-d. Israel has survived 2000 years of Expulsion from the Land (exile) and has returned for only a short time to find that without HaShem she cannot hold onto the Land; and without HaShem she cannot bring herself to admit she cannot hold onto the Land. Without this key ingredient she will not disappear from the pages of history as so many other nations have; she has been given this incredible, irreversible promise from her G-d. Yet, she also has another promise from HaShem. He will not let her stay in the Land unless His people return to Him. After all, it was by departing from Him they lost the Land and it is only by returning to Him they can re-claim and hold onto the Land.

My prayer for Jerusalem is that she will be given the heart, the Courage and the Faith to return also to her Husband and her G-d not just to Eretz-Israel.

Val Timberlake (goyim)
#1 Val Timberlake on 2006-05-07 17:56
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