I have Richard Schulman's old address.
Can I please have his new e-mail address.
I used to work with him and we lost contact.
Barbara Ginsberg
#1 Barbara Ginsberg on 2006-02-06 16:13
Oh how I wish Mr. Shulman's prediction could come to fruition!! Tragically, I don't believe it's as simple as he makes it sounds. There is no question that the Israeli government should not be handing over tax revenue to the PA. That concept is so bizarre that it could headline in the theater of the absurd. Attempting to bankrupt the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and have them just "scatter" because they can't earn a living is just not going to happem. Not by bread alone does the Arab subsist. His nationalism and religious fervor is at such a fever pitch that he's not going to allow poverty to deter him from his quest to annihilate Israel and establish "Palestinian" statehood. Just remember what Rabbi Kahane, ZTK"L used to say, "You can't buy an Arab's national pride by giving him indoor toilets or electricity." The Arab is not stupid. He knows that time is on his side and he can smell victory. He's not going anywhere, unless he's forced to leave or he's killed.
#2 Fern Sidman on 2006-02-06 18:04
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