What is chrystal clear is that anti-Israel, and or pro-arab elements in the U.S. government set out purposely to weaken and perhaps destroy AIPAC and every other pro-Israel lobby in the U.S., and their efforts are paying off. There can be no other explanation for the FBI's pursuit of these AIPAC officials. Those in the U.S. government whos actions are benefitting saudi arabia are the real dual loyaltists or perhaps even outright traitors to America.

Furthermore the Bush White House as we all know, is guilty of leaking classified material; divulging the name of a CIA agent whos status was classified.
#1 Laura on 2006-01-31 13:01
Perhaps it's about time that we Jews in America recognize that AIPAC is impotent and irrelevant except to themselves and their appeasing, ingratiating, peace-at-any-cost "machers". A perfect example is the upcoming AIPAC Conference in Washington, March 5-7. For the paltry registration sum of $495, plus travel/hotel/food/misc., one can have the privilege of attending the annual gathering of THE organization which, more than any other, is supposed to represent the Jewish political position re Israel's existence and, ultimately, the survival of the Jewish people. So the evasive, self-evident theme of this year's conference is the nuclear threat posed by Iran and the United Nations response to same (Kofi, put your Israel-less map of the Middle East away and listen up)! Imagine, putting our fate in the hands of the U.N.! How cowardly! AIPAC doesn't dare convene for and confront the world with the horrific threats of Iran's government vowing to make the world "Judenrein". Perhaps AIPAC realizes that ultimately the rest of the world will not save us from extinction. Truth be known, too much of the non-Jewish world really doesn't like us enough to save us! And too much of the Jewish world doesn't have the backbone to do anything about it. Even the "democratic" election of Hamas - the genocidal Islamonazis who don't even propose using concentration camps -doesn't stir AIPAC to action. Some American Jews need to stand up now, shout out the words "Never Again", and wake all of us up before it's too late. Believe what they say - they mean to eradicate Israel and slaughter every last Jew on this planet, because that's what their religion demands of them! If we intend to rescue Israel and ourselves, the first step would be to (mercifully) euthanize AIPAC. RUACH!!!
#1.1 blackie on 2006-02-02 14:33
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