Bernard J Shapiro article should be read far and wide. Thank you for sending me this article to send on to all of my email.
#1 nechama segal on 2006-01-10 14:55
dear bernard shapiro,
i totally, unabashedly agree with you as
far as sharon and his despicable turnaround. he did much harm, that must be undone. in the eyes of much of the world he is a hero for "peace". in my eyes he is a traitor to Israel and jews of diaspora. the argument that the Land of Israel is God's gift to us is legitimate, but should be re-enforced by
equally secular, historical, legal argument. Judea, Samaria, Gaza... even Jordan were lands mandated for Jewish State back in 1921 by League of Nations.
only to be given away a year later, to
arabs...Transjordan was born! actually,
we jews have legitimate claim to Jordan!
this fact, argument should be publicized loudly, vigorously... instead
most people believe in the absurd travesty of Israel "occupying" Arab land
yours truly,
Israel Jaronowski
#2 israel jaronowski on 2006-01-10 15:09
I agree with everything that Bernard Shapiro wrote about Sharon's legacy, and I too do not weep for Sharon. Weeping for him would be like crying for one who stuck a knife in your heart. What normal person would do that?

As far as I am concerned, I wish him a speedy recovery ONLY in order for him to be well enough to stand trial on charges of corruption and crimes he committed against the Jewish refugees that he created.
#3 Adina Kutnicki on 2006-01-10 17:18
Sharon's physical collapse does not negate his political acts and the irreparable harm he has done to Israel. I pray for his recovery but not for his return as PM of Israel. Rememembering his running roughshod over the Israeli "democracy" amd his betrayal of the Gush Katif Israelis, as Bernard Shapiro does, is not kicking a fellow Jew whilst he is down. It is being unafraid to face the truth and not becoming overly sentimental because of a man's physical failing.
#4 Peter Ronai on 2006-01-10 18:27
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