by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

As I forecast in a preceding and attached article December 22, 2002: "E.U. RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCE AIMED AT ISRAEL" has now come true. A synchronized call is being made to place an International Force, using NATO, to patrol the West Bank and Gaza. One key indicator is the stories and OpEd articles in our flagship journals, such as the NEW YORK TIMES, pushing the "Punish Israel" line of the Arabist State Department.

President Bush and his team of advisors are desperate for relief from the almost daily deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. They need the E.U. (European Union) countries to send in troops to relieve the pressure on American forces by Muslim Jihadists. So - What to do?

In order to get the E.U. to agree to send forces into Iraq, America and Bush must give them what they have wanted for years, namely the right to send European troops into Israel - with a blessing (and a curse) from the U.N. (United Nations). Their objective is to block Israeli retaliation for Terror attacks while forcing the establishment of another Arab Muslim State called Palestine.

The E.U. countries have been in lock-step with the Arab oil nations and financial supporters of Terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, all the PLO 's 12 or more 'Secret Security Services' still run by Yassir Arafat under the guise that they were 'merely' benevolent charity groups. France has always been the driving European force appeasing the Arab nations. The most obvious example of French cupidity was selling Iraq the Nuclear Power Plant at Osirak.

The Sudetenland-like trade-off will be as follows: Bush will to offer no resistance when the E.U., through the U.N., mandates a so-called Peace-Keeping force be sent to Israel - as was done in Bosnia. This Faustian bargain will read: The E.U., with U.N. agreement, will send troops into Iraq, thereby taking a major problem off of President Bush's political head just before 2004 elections. We don't know yet if Bush will go along with this familiar bargain with the Devil.

The Arabist State Department, with Colin Powell leading, will have their fingerprints all over the betrayal of a stalwart ally, vociferous denials notwithstanding.

I have written about this double cross most recently on 12/22/02, (as listed above and attached below). It was clear to me even before 12/22/02 that the E.U. wanted to build a RDF (Rapid Deployment Force), with its first test case to force Israel into compliance with the demands of Arafat, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, 'et al'. In effect, the Europeans will be given the opportunity to mount a "present day Crusade against Jerusalem" - as during the Middle Ages.

Since they did not have one of their own Rapid Deployment Force, the E.U. began to negotiate with NATO, presumably under covert agreement with the U.S. who is the principal funder of NATO and its prime source of weapons. Be assured that Kofi Annan and the U.N. was a silent partner in this perfidious act of betrayal and will surface when it is time to act.

In the last week or so the stink of betrayal became so ripe that even the greatest doubters had to pay attention.

We saw that Martin Indyk, former Ambassador to Israel being given a most prominent spot on the NEW YORK TIMES Op/Ed page pitching his Hard Left position that troops be sent to Israel. He was then given prime TV time to re-state his proposal. (Recall that Indyk has been identified as a Left Liberal in sync with Israel's Hard Left Labor party, headed again by Shimon Peres, with Ehud Barak, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, 'et al'. He followed Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and Dan Kurtzer - known by many in the pejorative as "Baker's Jew Boys". They believed they could accommodate radical Arab nations and this developed into Oslo. They were proven wrong but, like the proverbial lemmings, they must hurl themselves over a cliff - again and again. Of course, the problem is they wish to drag the Jewish State of Israel over the cliff with them.

Baker, you may recall, was extremely hostile to Israel. He was heard to say: "Who cares about the Jews! They didn't vote for us anyway." Whoever worked for Baker at State had to reflect his pro-Arab, hostile, anti-Israel bias. Clearly, he was one of the powerful voices of Big Oil, along with then President George Herbert Walker Bush and Dick Cheney.

Then we just observed Senator Richard Lugar, (Rep. Indiana) and Senator Dianne Feinstein, (Dem. California) weigh in with the same recommendation (some coincidence?) that troops be sent into Israel to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jewish nation of Israel does NOT want or need American or European troops to defend her country. All Jews understand that the moment these unneeded foreign troops come home in body bags, killed by Terrorists, propaganda would flood the Media that they died protecting Jews. Imagine if the daily American casualties coming out of Iraq were instead coming out of Israel - even though they would have been killed by Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists.

Israel has always said she will fight their own battles and she has. I don't recall any nation volunteering to assist Israel with troops when she came under attack in 7 pre-meditated Wars started by the Arab countries. I do recall that, when Israel had beaten their attackers, the world's nations always demanded that Israel stop, thereby saving the Arabs from absolute defeat. Should Israel once again be attacked by any coalition of Arab/Muslim nations, it would be doubtful that the nations would send in forces - except to bury the dead Jews.

Something strange is happening. Colin Powell has called on Arafat to assist Abu Mazen stop Terror attacks by their own various 'militants' (read: Terrorists). Arafat, (resurrected by Bush and Powell) has said, he would not stop the attacks until Israel stops killing "his" Terrorists. Since Arafat ordered up the attacks in the first place to show he was still the Master of Terror, why would Powell make such a call? (Note! The day Abu Mazen was appointed into the PLO's Prime Minister's office, I offered the opinion that Arafat would never allow Mazen to climb into his own seat of power. That has now happened.)

Then Arafat re-hires Jibril Rajoub to control his so-called Security Services (SS). Arafat slapped and fired Rajoub two years ago. Rajoub has a brother named Nain who is a top leader in Hamas. Rajoub himself is, not surprisingly, a favorite of the Arabist U.S. State Department - so Arafat re-hired him as his contact to State. Make no mistake! Arafat is still fully in charge of the Terrorists, the PA and will be until he dies. As for Rajoub, he is merely another Terrorist who will replace Dahlan well known as a Terrorist who planned the killings of many Israelis.

We understand that Bush and the U.S. State Department was furious that Sharon attacked Arab Palestinian Hamas Terrorist leaders after the Children' s Bus Massacre in Jerusalem on August 19th, killing 21, including 6 children. Despite Bush's public condemnation of the Bus Massacre, nevertheless, the back-channel phones were warning Sharon NOT to respond. When Sharon ignored these 'diktats' and started liquidating Hamas Terrorists, out came the greater threat: That, of selling Israel to the European Union, if the E.U. agrees to send troops to Iraq.

The E.U. wishes to appease Saudi Arabia and the oil laden Gulf States by pushing Israel back to their indefensible Armistice Lines of 1967 and from there - into extinction. They understand that another Arab/Muslim Palestinian State will be a core State of Terror and a threat, not only to Israel, but to the entire region and to the world.

But, short term political gains are far more important than long term threats from Regional and Global Terrorism. Politics can be exceedingly ugly when control of the White House is at stake. With daily deaths of American soldiers in Iraq, with the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, with a lagging economy - the Bush advisory team of Father Bush, Cheney, James Baker, the oil maggots, the energy industry relying upon President Bush to reduce laws on polluting, there is a lot of pressure and money riding on the Bush re-election.

If swapping Israel to the E.U. in trade for E.U. forces coming into Iraq and also into Israel, then for Bush the Sudetenland like sell-out is a good deal. In the coming days and weeks watch for Kofi Annan start to speak of troops going to Israel as a Peace-Keeping Force.

Watch for Leftists both in America and Israel begin to call for American and NATO troops. Arafat is already making that call as Israeli troops once again break up his Terrorist organizations. Arafat, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others desperately need an extended cease-fire to rebuild their Terrorist infrastructure. An E.U./NATO force will provide them protection to accomplish that.

Watch certain members of Congress begin to echo the line taken already by Lugar and Feinstein. This was no trial balloon. Watch the E.U., with France, Germany, Belgium and England in the lead begin to work closely with NATO Forces - with the back channel (unofficial) approval of the Bush Administration - (IF the Bush Administration allows this to happen).

Watch for pressure on Sharon to ignore Terror attacks, no matter how heinous. Watch for him to be pressured to withdraw from the hotbeds of Palestinian Terrorism and allow Palestinians into Israel's cities -presumably to work. Don't be misled by political speeches about Israel's sovereign right to protect herself when back-channel directives demand they cease self-defense.

Betraying an ally is an art form in 'denial'. Which of the Free Nations of the West will admit to betraying Czechoslovakia to Hitler, hoping to appease him? Who will later admit to betraying Israel to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Arafat's Palestinians for the oil and the oil markets?

The excuses being prepared now will come thick and fast. Let us hope and pray that President Bush is a man of personal honor and will not allow himself to be pushed into a terrible decision by his political advisors or an out-of-control State Department.


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