OSLO - 5 Year Anniversary

By Elyakim Ha'etzni

The Mirror

Since the signing of the Oslo agreement a sufficient interval has passed to allow us to examine what has befallen us in these stormy years. Woe, what has befallen us! If we were to look at ourselves in the mirror, holding a comparison photograph of how we appeared at the start of 1993, we would not recognize ourselves. We would refuse to believe that the strange and repulsive face, the pitiful distorted figure, this idiotic expression and glance devoid of sparkle is really us.

Let us open with two personalities :

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu contends that he has decided on a second withdrawal - a withdrawal fatal to the Jews throughout Yesha - due to a sense of obligation, because he promised the people that he would be bound by Oslo. However, Netanyahu's new-Oslo face in no way resembles the face of Netanyahu which stares out of the five year old photograph. For example, in Ma'ariv, 4.1.94, Aryeh Bender reports the Prime Minister's visit to the Jordan Valley, in the context of a survey tour conducted by the Likud Knesset faction. During the visit the following exchange took place between one of the settlers and Netanyahu.

Settler: But you are going to honor the agreement with the PLO once you attain power.

Netanyahu: It is not true. Don't speak in my name.

Settler: Are you telling me that when the Likud comes to power you are going to violate the agreement?

Netanyahu: Yes. The agreement was violated by the PLO the very day it was signed, even before the ink was dry. Therefore it will not obligate a government headed by me. I will not honor the agreement because it is dangerous to the State of Israel. Pacts should be honored, but this is a two-way street. The PLO has not abrogated the passages in the Palestine National Covenant which call for the destruction of Israel. The PLO has not taken a stand against terror and has not honored the paragraphs of the agreement. This agreement will not obligate me or my government, pure and simple. (Emphasis ours.)

Are we dealing with the same face?

The second person is Yossi Beilin.

Surprisingly, Beilin's face has also undergone a transformation -- and not one for the better. Beilin five years ago was interviewed in 26.11.93 by Ma'ariv's Avraham Tirosh and stated the following:

Beilin: If you ask me if I am at ease, I will tell you "no". What is 100% certainty? You think I don't have many question marks? I don't sleep easily at night and the ultimate test of this agreement will be a test of blood.

Tirosh: Namely?

Beilin: The test will be in the months and in the first two years after the implementation of the autonomy in Gaza and Jericho and the establishment of Palestine police. In this period the arguments will be silenced. If a reasonable period of time will pass and it will be impossible to overcome terror, the Palestinians will not be able to contend: How can we prevent terror from Tunis, for we have no police." Tirosh: And then what ?

Beilin: If it emerges that they cannot overcome terror - this is a temporary accord and with all the difficulty entailed, we will have no choice but to withdraw from it. If we see that the level of violence does not decrease we will not be able to proceed further and definitely we will not progress to implement the permanent agreement. And if there is no choice, the IDF will return to the places which it is about to leave in the upcoming months. (Emphasis ours.)

Nearly five years have passed -

With 300 human "sacrifices for peace", With a revolving door for the murderers, not extradited, partly inducted into the Palestine Authority "police", sometimes dispatched upon the orders of their "police commissioner", Rasi Jebali, to murder settlers in Samaria, With Arafat refusing to condemn murder in Ma'on, Yizhar and Hevron (by itself a worthless condemnation - like asking Hitler to condemn the Kristallnacht, but the refusal is significant!), With the Palestinians declaring the blood of settlers violate - And yet Beilin is spending the anniversary of Oslo at Oslo, unconditionally chained to his pact with the devil. He sleeps well at night. He has forgotten all his vows. In today's mirror, five years later, one could only wish that Netanyahu's present face would at least resemble the face of Beilin five years ago.

The "Israel Peace Force"

What the IDF sees in the mirror after five years, is the face of an army infected by politicization whose top brass, decked in suits and ties, became ensnared in diplomatic adventures with the PLO terrorists, from which they did not emerge better diplomats, but lesser soldiers. It is an army with a reprogrammed ethos about the meaning of Security for the Zionist State, totally disoriented, to the point that it no longer knows who is the enemy and what victory means. A pacifist army, where even the commander in chief recognized in public the castration of its will to win. An army which might find itself surprised and unprepared for the final "peace onslaught" which its enemies actively prepare here and now. Under the influence of leftist political education officers large parts of the IDF have lost the principal motive force of any army, a clear vision of what it is fighting for. This is an army whose ideals and banners are friendship and loyalty between comrades in arms - laudable characteristics for "Brinks" security guards-- rather than ties to the nation, love for one's homeland, and loyalty to Jewish and Zionist ideals. It is an army whose political indoctrination, sarcastically referred to as an "Ethical Code", has left it totally demoralized.

In the Oslo mirror, the Israeli General Security Service, too, now has a lacerated face.

It has lost most of its Arab agents. Some of them have even gone over to serve the terrorist authorities, revealing M.O.s, names, secrets. Once one of the best security agencies in the world, it is now miserably dependent on crumbs thrown to it by the Palestinian secret services, manned by former inmates of its own prisons. A large portion of its efforts and resources has been switched over from dealing with the external enemy to sniffing out the enemies of Oslo from amongst its own people. The politicization process which it has undergone has caused a serious depreciation in its public standing, which further impaired its sound functioning. The General Security service, too, suffers from amnesia, disorientation and lack of motivation.

Jerusalem's Dimmed Gold

The reflection of Jerusalem of the Six Days War in the Oslo mirror shows neither gold nor copper nor light. Leftist politicians have placed it for amputation on the Oslo operating table. They and their acolytes in the media have tarnished her glory to prepare the ground for parting from her. They dimmed her lustre to replace thousands of years of love and yearning with a loathing of Jerusalem, to facilitate her falling into the hands of the Arabs like rotten fruit, once come the Final Settlement.

Thanks to Oslo Arafat now rightfully proclaims: "The Temple Mount is in our hands ": The empire called the Moslem Wakkf is in his hands. Together with the educational system, police, justice, tax collecting in East Jerusalem. The Orient House functions as a foreign ministry and more and more offices of the nascent Palestinian State are being added. Jerusalem, the city of kings and prophets, has become an "obstacle" to the Oslo-"Peace", with a dividing wall, again, in her midst. Historical Jerusalem is a place where Jews no longer dare to tread and where additional Jewish building is prohibited by its own government. Jerusalem is where a terrorist government is already building its parliament without interference. Israel constructed tens of thousands of houses in liberated Jerusalem, till Oslo. Five years later, UN security council sanctions hang menacingly over Israel if she dare raise even a single wall in her eternal capital.

A Country Wide Open

Five years after Oslo life and property have suddenly become very cheap. The government is abandoning its fundamental, its most minimal task-- the protection of life and property. The boundary line of the "Autonomy" has become more hermetically sealed than any international border. Israel is sitting on Lebanese territory. It conducts military activities from Norway to Baghdad, the US strikes at the neutrality of Sudan and Afghanistan when it comes to punish terrorists. But in PLOtania, the Palestinian pirate domain, scores of murderers enjoy secure sanctuary. Two revolving doors - one Palestinian, the other Israeli - serve as the gateway.

Israel is the only place in the universe where murder is punished save for the murder of Jews by Arabs. A country established to provide refuge to the Jews has erected a refuge for their murderers. Before Oslo, maybe 200,000 Arabs from Judea, Samaria and Gaza worked in Israel and yet, the country was not despoiled. Only after Oslo has Israel become wide open. Her houses, her fields, all her property are now inviting targets. The State appears defenseless - nationally, morally, culturally, and politically. In a state boasting "Peace with Security", the police have raised their hands, given up. Citizens transform their houses and fields into fortresses, hire armed guards, huddle at night in militias; and despite this, all of this, the despoilers from the desert penetrate barns and bedrooms - abduct everything from tractors to the laundry on the clothesline, from beehives to Mercedes sedans. Peace and security without quotation marks exist only in the cities of refuge, amongst the murderers, the thieves and those who chop up the booty and sell it.

With life and property honor has departed as well. A new ideological super-structure has been programmed into the national hard disk in order to erase 100 years of Zionist education dedicated to building national pride and uprightness, on a personal and national level. The sorcerers of Oslo imported software files from the murky depths of Diaspora mentality, Diaspora resignation, twisted Diaspora logic, Diaspora moral corruption.

Most surprisingly this "Brave New Diaspora" in our own country, a Diaspora of the Soul, has sprouted precisely amongst those born in Israel, amongst the elite Sabra aristocracy. A total reversal has occurred: The other legacy of the diaspora - images, mindsets, heirlooms of religion and tradition discarded by the vaunted Sabra prototype, they and they alone constitute in post-Oslo Israel the last redoubt of Jewish national honor and even the dignity of a Jewish person as a human being.

A Nation Under Threat

What was once considered "Fortress Israel" views itself in the Oslo mirror as a frightened nation. From the high peak of one of the greatest military victories in history, the Jewish State has descended to the abyss in which some of its citizens are already doubting its very chances to survive. For decades, Israel dictated to Jordan a buffer state regime, prohibited Amman from allowing a foreign army to enter Jordanian territory. Oslo broke the dam, imported from Tunis, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, an army of terrorists, arming it with automatic weapons. Now in silence it allows this army to equip itself with rockets, fortify itself, plant obstacles, build concrete bunkers, turn Gaza and Shechem into the Beirut of the eighties and distribute tens of thousands of weapons among its citizens. All this in preparation of a "popular uprising", their "War of Liberation" which is scheduled for the 4th of May, 1999, the day designated for the declaration of the Palestinian State.

Oslo has harnessed even the Israeli Minister of Defense to the cart of enemy propaganda. He, in his own voice, reiterates the terrorist threats of war, seconds and amplifies them, striving together with the terrorists to achieve one and the same goal, which is to surrender the country's heartland into their hands, uses the same argument - "to prevent war". Despairing citizens have already made peace with the transformation of the boundary of the PLO pirate region into the sovereign border line of a state that will inevitably join the inter-Arab defense pact, and via this pact drag us into a general, all-out war.

Even the minds of Binyamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon are already programmed with the idea of a "limited" Palestinian State, complete with a seaport and airports, with an extra- territorial "free passage" corridor across the Negev. A paralyzing powerlessness has descended on the citizens of Israel, as if charmed by a snake. They see an enemy army of 50,000 training on the doorstep of their cities, but are incapable of moving a limb.

Moving back the Clock of History

1948 and its ghosts are alive again after five years of Oslo. Israel is losing the demographic balance in western Eretz Israel. The Tunis establishment is now here and with it tens of thousands of "policemen" and their families, over a hundred thousand summer visitors and students who did not return home, spouses in real and fictitious marriages, infiltrators - all of them only a down payment against the full fledged "Right of Return". On their way here are the refugees from 1967. The return, at least of 300,000 was guaranteed by the Oslo plotters. They are to be followed by the millions of refugees from 1948, in implementation of Security Council resolution 194, of which Arafat never tires to remind us. Oslo opened the floodgates towards transforming the Jews into a minority in western Eretz Israel. In the wake of Oslo, the Palestinian Authority has brought 1948 to the doorstep of Israeli cities and villages. It is amassing deeds of title. It is conducting registry, organizing visits, refurbishing mosques and cemeteries. It wages a world-wide "Holocaust 1948" propaganda campaign, introducing into the political lexicon the "Nakba" -- Palestinian "anti-Holocaust" -- an ideological infrastructure to bring upon the Jewish State the fate ordained in the Palestine Covenant.

Oslo is seeping beyond the Green Line. Arafat is strengthening his hold among the Israeli Arabs in order to turn them into a Trojan Horse. Through their representatives - his representatives - in the Knesset, he intervenes in the conduct of the national affairs of the Jewish people in Israel including the country's territorial affairs. We have reached a stage, where in a written report submitted to the Prime Minister the Israeli Arabs are described as a potential strategic threat.

A Shrinking Country

In the mirror of five-years-Oslo Israel is diminishing. 90% of the Gaza strip, 27% of the areas of Judea and Samaria, are already lost. An additional 13% are in the process of falling. The handing over of half of our ancestors' patrimony to the enemy is the starting bargaining point of our "national" government for the anticipated discussions on their Permanent Settlement. The Eastern aquifer has already been transferred to the Palestinians. The western aquifer, constituting a third of our water sources, is in danger. Wide areas of the country's lands have been lost. Arabs have taken control over them. Water sources have been polluted. Cities and villages suffer from a deliberate flooding of sewage. Archaeological sites are destroyed and plundered. The archaeological finds uncovered following the Six Days War are endangered under the Oslo Accords. Even oil lamps bearing the Menora and coins from the First Revolt and the Bar Kochba Revolt risk being transferred to the Palestine Authority.

Four years of Oslo government paralyzed building in Jewish communities in Yesha in one blow of the axe. But the Likud government as well, faithful to Oslo, promised the United States not to permit Jewish development beyond "natural rate of growth" . And this promise the government keeps meticulously.

In the Jewish Settlement communities there is a feeling of strangulation. Banks prevent credit for building. The rate of growth declines, under the shadow of the question mark hanging over Yesha's future. If, Heaven forbid, the next fatal retreat is performed, only a few people will be willing to invest their money in areas over which the death knell sounds.And around the communities, a siege of dense Arab construction around the settlements is being mounted, financed and organized by the Palestinian Authority. Oslo's noose is tightening.

A Depreciated Independence

Widespread intervention by foreign governments in the affairs of country and state has been the result of Oslo. Germany is printing passports and stamps for the Palestinians, minting them coins, which will go into circulation with the declaration of their statehood. Germany transfers to the Palestinian Authority money that had been given annually to Israel. Holland is building them a port and has supplied them with Ingram sub-machine guns. The United States is drilling water projects for them . Japan and European Union are involved in their infrastructure, industry, airport. The U.S. is training "security personnel", supplies sophisticated "security" military apparatus. The CIA maintains close contact with their terrorist "colleagues". The Norwegians supervise our army and citizens in Hebron. All of a sudden Israel is not alone any more in its own country. The "partner" and his foreign assistants are meddling in her affairs.

Oslo's Jewish architects help raise billions from the so-called "contributing countries". Money draws involvement; involvement - intervention, which means external political pressure by foreigners, who increasingly treat our home as if it was their backyard.

Oslo's Justice

In the Oslo mirror even the Rule of Law sees the distorted visage of a mockery of justice. The Arabs -- all the Arabs -- even those who live in Zone C are beyond and above the law. A Jewish child and an Arab child throw stones at each other in Hebron. The Jewish child will be pursued by policemen, soldiers, military police, female soldiers, the special mobile force, members of the General Security Service, he will be beaten, jailed and generally treated according to the rules of occupied territories, everything that Israeli law prohibits from employing against its citizens. The Arab child will go freely on his way, even in an area subject to Israeli jurisdiction. Only on occasion when Jews enlist to retaliate, will the police stage the arrest of the Arab youth in order to "calm things down", but in an adjoining alley, out of sight, the Arab will be freed. Arabs plant and build on state lands.

Arabs turn Jewish road traffic into a nightmare. But there is no law and no judge. Quite often Palestinian Arabs attack Jews and immediately thereafter invite the army or police to throw the book at Jews who dared to defend themselves. A Jew in Yesha has the Intifada and Arab terror in front of him while his rear is threatened by the legal terror of the Israeli police and prosecution.This legal wantonness is anchored in the law. "The Decree Regarding Security Ordinances", a code intended to suppress a conquered enemy population, is no longer applicable to the Arabs. Oslo has released them into the Palestinian legal jungle. Now, the laws of occupation apply exclusively to the Jews in Yesha. Thus, it can be stated in retrospect that the "enemy" occupied in the 6 days war was - the Jewish settler. This would have been only a legal curiosity and nothing more, if not for the fact that in many cases this is literally put into effect by the GSS, the police and the army and especially by the procuracy and the Ministry of Justice.

The hand of the Israeli Rule of Law is impotent in reaching the murderers of Jews, the despoilers of Jewish property, those who owe money to Jews and don't pay, those who plunder Jewish antiquities, those who trespass on Jewish lands.


In the concept of Oslo the Palestinian State is built in. Who still remembers that prior to Oslo, opposition to Palestinian sovereignty in Western Eretz Israel was a fundamental principle in the Labor Party platform? Who could imagine that the prime minister of a national government, Netanyahu, would discuss secretly the modalities of a "limited" Palestinian state, who would believe that even Ariel Sharon would view it as a fait accompli?

All this despite a five-year demonstration, courtesy of Oslo, which has shown how all the apprehensions and fears which underpinned the consensus rejecting the Palestinian state as a mortal peril, have become a reality. Already today, Arafat maintains close relations with Saddam Hussein. Tomorrow he will sign a military pact with him. Iranian revolutionary guards in the suburbs of Petach Tikvah are a likely event. Palestine as a terror safe haven, Palestine as a center of hate propaganda against Israelis already in operation.

The State of Israel is being obscured as by a lunar eclipse. Gone are the days when the world knew and every child learnt in school that on the site of Biblical Israel resides the Jewish State. Today, another entity begins to occupy the biblical scene, Falastin has "returned" to Palestine. The words are so close, making it is easy to falsify history, make believe that "the original owner" has returned and the only thing left is to rectify the anomaly that the return of Falastin to its natural location has hitherto been so partial.Oslo has returned us to the days of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who obliterated the name Judea and substituted Palestine for it. Now we ourselves are acting in the role of Hadrian. Oslo transforms a terrorist murderer into a statesman and one of the basest terrorist organizations - into a state. Most residents of Bosnia were Serbs and Croats. When for various reasons an independent Moslem Bosnia was established, it was awarded the sanctity of a state. Hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of refugees have not managed to obliterate this artificial state. It has reached the point that the world imposed an economic siege on Serbia, starved it to death, did not refrain even from NATO air strikes. Today, a Moslem state has been implanted in Europe irremediably. In Kosovo in contradistinction, the Moslems constitute 90%. Nonetheless that same world, that same America, allow Serbia a free hand to suppress the Kosovan War of Independence. What is the difference? Kossovo has not been anointed with the sanctity of a state. It was in the past an autonomous region in Serbia and the world is willing to support only this status and no more.

For a thousand years the Jewish people will bewail the fateful error, the national crime of Israel's playing godfather in the creation of a sovereign political Palestinian organism within the Jewish national home in Eretz Israel -- a cancer in our body, a catstrophe for generations.

Economic Exploitation, and Parasitism

They are sucking the marrow of the state of Israel, which on the eve of Oslo was yet seen in the mirror of leftist criticism as the colonialist exploiter of the "territories". Israel is forced to absorb Palestinian agricultural produce, most of which is poisoned with prohibited pesticides and irrigated with sewage, competing against its own agriculture. Israel annually pays a subsidy of a billion and a half Shekel in the form of 50,000 stolen vehicles. Israel transfers income tax deducted from salaries of Palestinian workers whose income is generated in Israel to the Palestinian authority -- something that has no parallel throughout the world. In contradistinction, an Israeli whose income accrues in the territories controlled by the terrorists, must pay income-tax to them.

Israel employs about 100,000 Palestinian workers. "Closure", sealing the boundaries after a terrorist attack -- a self-understood prerogative of any sovereign state - is almost impossible to impose in the atmosphere and international involvement that Oslo created. Probably Arab labor is of utility to Israel, but today Israel absorbs the workers of the autonomy not out of her own free choice but because of political subordination and duress. Israel is compelled to supply water, electricity, communication services, free passage through its territory, even when the Palestinian Authority does not pay its debts, even when the free passage is exploited for smuggling terrorists and weapons and threatens the security of the state.

Israel supplies the potential Palestinian enemy with mortar in collosal figures for the creation of fortifications. Israel is no longer capable of collecting debts owed its citizens from Palestinian debtors. As a result, some Israeli suppliers have reached bankruptcy. The state has consular services throughout the world to protect the interests, including the economic interests, of its citizens. But at its doorstep, Oslo made Israel stop dead in its tracks. Despite one of the highest rates of unemployment and an almost non-existent economy, the Palestinians are importing huge quantities of luxury items. Israel collects customs and VAT for them and transfers it to the Palestinian Authority. This merchandise is smuggled back into Israel inflicting great damage to the Israeli economy. The Israeli market is open under Oslo for all Palestinian produce, but the Palestinian market is regulated by 100 exclusive import agencies subordinated to "President" Arafat, via which he restricts, manipulates and curbs imports from Israel.

The long pilfering arm of Palestine snatches computers from the schools, tugs cows from the barns, absconds with beehives, moves tractors, uproots irrigation systems, obtains firearms, penetrates into every village and town within the Green Line Israel. It steals the keys from the houses and turns on the ignition switches of vehicles. "For Death is come up in our windows" said Jeremiah, but first comes the breaker-in and the burglar, only then comes the murderer. Indeed, the murderer of Rabbi Shlomo Raanan in Hebron came through the window, but not only the mobile homes of Tel-Rumeida are wide open, the windows of Tel-Aviv are open too. Oslo has unlocked all our windows.

The Spiritual Looking-glass

The emotional, moral and ethical desolation created by Oslo is the most frightening: The popular moods, the ideals, hopes and aspirations of the nation, its unity and sense of mutual responsibility and common goal -- have all suffered a terrible depreciation. Why is there no "joy of peace"? asks our president. A very good question. Indeed, why does the bird in the Oslo cage refuse to sing?

Oslo has promoted "Post-Zionism" from the outmost fringes to center stage. Peres, the architect of Oslo, envisaged the passing of nationalism from this world, beginning with his people and his country. Only fifty years from the opening and he already brings down the curtain. But with the same wand he enthusiastically encourages the birth of Palestine, however aggressive and extremely nationalistic it may be.

Oslo denuded Israel from its national ideals, and since it has long lost its social ideal, it remained stark naked. Then there is the moral degeneration. When ministers and officers hobnob with murderous terrorist chiefs something gets warped in their inner system of values. Their ability to distinguish between good and evil, between what is permissible or forbidden is disturbed. When the "No" from "Thou Shalt not Kill", peels away and drops off, what about the other commandments? For Israel of Oslo is a unique case in the entire world that a country signed a treaty of partnership with a terrorist organization and thus with murderous terror itself.

In the words of Isaiah: "We have made a covenant with death and with hell are we at agreement", but the tragic vision of the prophet goes on to say "And your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand, when the overflowing scourge shall pass then ye shall be trodden down by it." (Isaiah 28: 15-18)

The people are increasingly divided. Cracks that appeared before Oslo have become an abyss of hatred and alienation. The extreme left has joined the Palestinian Fatah in a united front against Jewish brothers from the right and a mixed Jewish-Arab band has already beat up a Haredi Jew in Old Jerusalem - the well known syndrome of destruction. A Jewish Rabbi was murdered in his home in Hebron, and in reaction some of our foremost columnists wrote that when this type of Jew is murdered they don't feel the same pain. Oslo has stained our society with the blood of innocents. A prime minister was killed by one of his own. A Jew slaughtered tens of human beings who were praying in a mosque.

A new cult, a new church, a new fundamentalist messianic movement has arisen within us, Peace Messianism, ready and willing to grow and thrive even on the ruins of the Third Jewish Commonwealth. Already an ideological exodus from Israel by these new believers is in the making. In the absence of "Peace", they have nothing worth living for in the Land of Israel.

A cultural wasteland. When ten thousand idealistic youth demonstrated in a tent city before the office of Prime Minister Rabin on behalf of the Golan, Peres consoled himself with the knowledge that for the concert of Guns and Roses 30,000 youngsters showed up. In Osloland patriots are considered fanatics, bonvivants and idlers are heroes of peace. Re-education has caused a reversal in the minds of the young generation. The victories of the past are transformed into defeats; the enemy becomes the lover, the new enemy is the brother who argues an opposing viewpoint. Re-education estranges our youth from our tradition, our national culture, our historic capital. It invites them to prefer the instant emotion over the patient building of the future, to place private benefit before the public good. Peace Now re-education sows pacifism and a distaste for anything military . Its baleful impact on the IDF is already apparent.

"Re-education" means a return to the antisemitic Diaspora caricature of the Jew - that everything is money. The Brave New Galut-Israeli lives up to this, selling out his homeland for the economical advantages expected from the Oslo-Peace. In other words: Instead of "Land for Peace" - Land for Money, Jericho for a Casino. A classic anti-semitic stereotype reimported into Israel by Oslo. Oslo severs the linkage of the Jewish people to Zion. It violates Abraham the Hebrew's covenant with the Land of Israel. Israel, a secular-democratic state in the making, turns her back upon the Land of Israel. And on the fringes of the great betrayal, Oslo produces the pernicious weeds of small betrayals: First came the betrayal of Arabs who assisted us, consigning them to death, to exile in their land, to the loss of their property, to the trampling of their honor. Then came the consigning to the murderers of those who sell land to Jews. Next in line for betrayal are the South Lebanese Army and the inhabitants of South Lebanon who kept faith with us for many years. This betrayal is now in the process of destroying the South Lebanese Army from within, invites betrayals by members of that army for fear of Israeli abandonment. The logic of Oslo collapses our positions in Lebanon, returns the IDF to the international boundary and terror to Upper Galilee, sounds a death knell for the Golan.

And then there is the moral corruption. Quite a number of officers in the GSS and the army, as soon as they were demobbed, became business partners with arch terrorists, murderers and brigands. Assaf Hefetz, ex Police Commissioner and formally still in police service, pays a friendly business visit on behalf of his new place of employment, to his "colleague", the Commissioner of the Palestinian Police, Rasi Jebali. Jebali is a felon wanted by the Israeli police for despatching murder squads who planted explosive charges for a bus on the way to Joseph's tomb and opened automatic fire upon the rabbi of Alon Moreh and his family.

The peace of Oslo has engendered great enmity between Jews and Arabs. A mountain of hatred and alienation has sprung up between the peoples, to an extent hitherto unknown. This is a peace of mistrust, a peace of fear and suspicion, a peace of mutual loathing, a peace of preparation for all-out war. The only Jews and Arabs still locked in mutual embrace are the peace professionals, the criminal world, politicians, "five percenters" and the manufacturers of the media falsehood mill.

The Likud, victor of the 1996 elections, looks into the Oslo mirror and sees a confused National Camp, which has lost its way and is on the verge of dissolution. Part of it embraced apostasy style a' la MK Michael Eitan who went so far as to adopt the Beilin Plan. Some have dispersed like a shepherdess flock. The Left, whom the people expelled from power after having had a taste of the bitter fruit of Oslo, sees its work performed by its enemies. It is the Right that completes the "Framework", the "Process", the "Making of Peace". The Left sees and does not believe its own eyes.

"The New Economic Middle East"

In the rear view mirror of five years post Oslo the economic millenium promised by Shimon Peres is revealed to be a cynical hoax. We have nothing to sell them and they don't have anything to buy from us. All the canals, the railway lines, the joint ventures, proved to be unadulterated bunkum. Tourism to Egypt has died. The trendy peace tourists to Amman found a Ramallah writ large, but Israelis are trained to loathe Ramallah. The much publicized conferences -- Casablanca, Cairo - have not brought the economies together and definitely not the hearts. On the contrary, they added a new slogan for Arab anti-semitism and hatred of Israel. Now, Ishmael is threatened with "Zionist economic imperialism''. One does not purchase friendship and peace with money.

War in the Mirror

War was made inevitable by the agreement called Oslo. All other curses and evils pale before it. The similarity between Oslo and its infamous step-brother Munich is striking and chilling. Just as the latter pact concluded in 1938 paved the way for the World War that erupted one year later, so Oslo will necessarily lead to an explosion. It is only a question of time whether this war will break out before the withdrawal to the green line or on that line or even beyond it, standing on the "blue line", with our back to the sea.

It will be a war in which all the Arab countries - first and foremost Egypt, and also Iran, will take part. The trip wire designed to set off the detonation is sovereign Falastin, fulfilling an old Arafat plan -- to drag the entire Arab world and beyond to a total frontal onslaught against an Israel, simultaneously attacked from the rear by the Palestinian army and Israeli Arabs, whose demand for autonomy has dangerously intensified since Oslo.

The Rear View Mirror -- 50Years Later

A school in Jerusalem, capital of Greater Palestine, in the fifty year jubilee marking the liberation of the Palestinian homeland from Zionist conquest.

Teacher: What was the historical role played by Zionism and the Balfour Declaration?

Student: At first we thought that we were members of the Arab nation of South Syria. Then resistance to Zionism galvanized us and awakened our consciousness as a separate people. >From the Jews the new Palestinian people learned to be a historic people, singular and unique, thousands of years old.

Teacher: And what was the historical role played by the Zionist Army's occupation of the West Bank in 1967?

Student: The Zionist army liberated the Palestinian people from the yoke of the Jordanian conquest. Then the occupation authorities built for us the political and physical infrastructure of the Palestinian State. In the end, the Zionist State invented Oslo and in Oslo the State of Palestine was born. Zionism made us a nation, Occupation gave us our State.

An imaginary horror scenario. But read it with attention. There is not much time left before it is a legend no longer.


Elyakim Ha'etzni is an attorney and Jewish activist who lives in Kiryat Araba.


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