Oslo Accords:

The Dream Vs. The Reality After Three Years

By Elyakim Ha'etzni

The third "Jahrzeit" of the Oslo accord falls not far from the Day of Atonement, a perfect time for "Cheshbon Nefesh" - Self Examination.

First, a short recapitulation of Israel's position one day before Oslo. Ehud Barak, then Israel's Chief of staff and "Boogy" Ya'alon, then military commander of Judea-Samaria, had the Intifada almost totally subdued. The wanted terrorists, also any weapons still at large, were - literally - numbered. The P.L.O. was bankrupt, ostracized and starved out by most Arab states, following Arafat's miscalculated alliance with Saddam Hussein. Arafat's influence inside Eretz Israel, too, was on the decline, for lack of means to finance his followers. The Hamas was yet of no significance. The military and logistical mainstay of most Arab states and terror organizations , the USSR, was no more. Thanks to a huge wave of Alyah from the former USSR, the "Demographic demon" was on the wane.

The economy was on the upswing. Oil prices were low, the Arab oil-weapon dead. In the US, a new President was elected, who "owed" to the Jews and whose interest was concentrated on the economy and other inner problems, not on adventures in the Middle East.

Never had Israel had it so good as in 1992, a present without pressures, a promising future - before it was befallen by the "Peace Process". Three years after -

* The number of terror victims doubled. We lost total control on weapons in Arab Yesha, which turned into one huge arsenal. Our Arab intelligence network, thanks to which we reaped successes without par in the Western world, was utterly destroyed. For the first time since the foundation of our first self defence organization, "Hashomer", almost one hundred years ago, Israel is dependent on a foreign intelligence service, the "security" arm of the P.L.O .

* Iran and Hamas turned beligerently active - reacting to the "Peace Process".

* Courtesy of Israel, the PLO was totally rehabilitated, granted an entree into the Arab, as well as the Western world. Billions were collected for its regeneration, its whole establishment was brought in from Tunis.

* A foreign army, the PLO "police", soon 50,000 strong, was introduced into Eretz Israel, armed by Israel with assault rifles. In addition, it arms clandestiely, as recently discovered.

* The Tunis establishment and the army personnel complete with their families, together with a huge influx of Arabs from the outside through the porous Oslo entrance arrangemnets, later on the 1967 "displaced" counting over a million, will drastically and irrevocably upturn the demographic balance in all Western Eretz Israel - even before the start of the "Final Status" talks over the 1948 refugees.

* Interior security was undermined by the transformation of the Yesha towns into eight training, exit and refugee bases, for gangs committing in Israel murder, mayhem and theft. These towns of refuge are closed before Israel, but Israel is wide open before them.

* Economic exploitation: Massive dumping of products, destroying our agriculture; supply, almost gratis, of electricity, water, telecommunication services; losses of foreign aid in favour of the Palestinian Authority (one instance, the annual 140 million Mark remittance by the German Federal Republic); loss of custom dues in the amount of tens of millions by the smuggling into Israel of goods destined for the Autonomy; the transfer to the P.A. of income tax derived from work in Israel, such grant hitherto unknown in the world; a hidden subsidy of billions of Shekels, in the form of 40,000 carthefts, annually, also livestock, computers, agricultural equipment.

* The palestinization of the Israeli Arabs, casting doubts on their loyalty to the state, especially in times of war.

* The depletion of the country's water reserves by wild-cat drillings, which already salted the wells in Gaza. Drillings in Jenin endanger the Valley of Jezreel.

* The poisoning of the minds of the local Arabs by foci of incitement and hostile propaganda planted in the heart of the country: Autonomy radio and television, schools and colleges.

* The morale and motivation of the IDF gravely shattered by a false "Peace"-illusion.

* A danger of social and political explosion inside the Yesha Arab society, which is now wedged in between the PLO terrorist regime of repression and the Israeli closure. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of foreign labourers, brought in to replace the Arabs (to satisfy the doctrine of "Separation for Peace"), imperil our whole social and economic fabric.

* Israel is progressively squeezed into an urban Ghetto, having lost her natural hinterland, which lies mainly in Samaria.

* The danger of massive Jewish emigration ("Yeridah"), once the influx of 2-3 million Arabs fills Samaria to overflow and begins to press against the Green Line from the East.

* An assault on our sovereignty in Jerusalem - by penetration and infiltration of Palestinian power and rule, coupled with their success to mobilize widespread international support.

* Winds of war: All phases of "redeployment" accomplished, an Israel rejecting in the Final Status negotiations the partition of Jerusalem and the erection of a Palestinian state, will find itself entrapped in the Interim Agreement situation, the P.A. having total control of all the land from the Green Line to the Jordan river - "irreversibly". In such a case, the Arab Oslo "Peace-Coalition" will transform into a coalition of war. Even today such threats are heard from Cairo to Gaza.

* A tragic chasm inside the Jewish nation worldover, at least half of it seeing in Oslo a crime of historic, cultural, religious, security dimensions, as for the first time in its annals the Jewish people voluntarily reliquish their rights on their land and historical heritage, in essence - its right to exist under these skies.

Summing up, Oslo-1993 realized in Israel the horrors of George Orwell's "1984" : "War is Peace".

The new Israeli government faces a dilemma: To absorb the grave damage involved in the liquidation of Oslo, one way or another, or - to plow on towards a war in which we shall make our stand in the outskirts of Petah-Tiqva with our back to the sea, our very survival in the balance.

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