(A play in three acts with an epilogue)

by Boris Shusteff


Fourteen diplomats dressed in suits and ties with smiles on their faces happily raised their hands in a vote that condemned Israel for using "excessive force" in its attempts to stop the Arab violence. The United

States timidly abstained during the vote. The reason for US abstention was very prosaic. The world's only superpower was simply scared. As U.S. envoy to the UN Richard Holbrooke said:

"Had this resolution been vetoed we would have, gravely endangered American citizens throughout the Mideast, there would have been attacks on Americans, and the American role in the process to bring it under control would have been eroded because our relationships would have been torn apart with key Arab states" (1).

There is no necessity to explain that this shameful abandonment of Israel by her most "reliable friend" was the lowest American diplomatic move in many decades. Obviously one cannot expect America to care more about Israel than about the welfare of her own citizens. However, the question begs itself: if America, apparently the strongest military power in the world, is aware of the Arab response to an act that the Arabs will not like, how dare it force Israel to embrace the Palestinian Arabs?

Perhaps the other countries that voted for the resolution were afraid of the Arabs as well? Or maybe they recalled their antisemitic habits? However, it does not matter. The fact remains that these gentlemen, representing the "conscience" of the world community, during the debates on the issue transformed into a diplomatic lynch mob and lynched the Jewish state.


We will never know if there were three or four Israeli soldiers that drove into Ramallah by mistake. They cannot tell us. They are dead. We know only that one of them "Vadim Novesche, 35, from Or Akiva was married only 5 days ago. We know the name of the second soldier Yosef Avrahami, 38 from Petach Tikvah. His wife learned about his death when she called his cellular telephone and was told by an Arab 'we are murdering your husband.'" (2).

The Israeli soldiers were brutally murdered. The whole world saw the exultant Arab lynch mob filmed by Italy's Mediaset TV. It showed one of the soldiers, dangling upside down, apparently attached to a rope. The lynching crowd stood below waving fists and cheering. The body was dropped down into the compound, where the mob stomped on the corpse and beat it with the broken bars of a window grille. One of the men was dragged out of the police compound and through the streets. The soldiers had been terribly mutilated. One of the bodies was beaten beyond recognition.

The jubilant lynch mob danced in the streets. These were the people who, according to the architects of the Oslo "peace" agreement, were supposed to learn how to coexist with the Jews when the time came for the second Palestinian state to be proclaimed. How did Ehud Barak manage to say about these murderers later on the same day: "We will never lose the hope of having peace with our Palestinian neighbor, the same people who are innocently pushed or incited1/4" (3). Since when has lynching been associated with innocence? Or maybe Barak is unaware of the 24-hour-a-day 365-day-a-year antisemitic and anti-Israeli propaganda so "innocently" sown among the Arabs?


The "innocent" Palestinian Arabs are lynching not only Israeli soldiers, they are lynching the soul of the Jewish people too. What is the difference between what happened in Ramallah and the terrible act of destruction that was performed by the Arabs in Sh'chem? Isn't the destruction of Joseph's Tomb tantamount to a lynching of the soul of the Jewish people? A mob of Arabs ransacked the holy site, completely destroyed it using iron bars, pickaxes and hammers, and even took apart the stone dome marking the grave of the Biblical patriarch Joseph. The mob set fires in the compound, razed walls, and looted whatever was left behind by the IDF soldiers.

The destruction of Joseph's Tomb is not a unique act of vandalism for the Arabs. They started the lynching of the Jewish soul long ago. Fifty-eight synagogues were destroyed in Jerusalem when the Arabs took control of it fifty years ago. The new generations of Palestinian Arabs accepted the baton of hatred and burnt the ancient Shalom Al Israel Synagogue in Jericho to the ground. One should not forget about the recent despicable destruction on the Temple Mount where the Arabs trashed archeological artifacts from the Second temple period. The construction of the underground mosque there is another example of lynching of the Jewish soul.


No dear reader. You are not living at the turn of the twentieth century. The lynching we are witnessing is happening in the year 2000. The world pretends that it does not notice the preparation of the Iraqis to take part in the lynching of the Jewish state. Saddam Hussein's declaration that he knows how to eradicate Zionism is not taken seriously. Somehow the world community does not pay much attention to an Iraqi armored division that has been moved to Jordan's border. Nobody is listening to the declarations of Iranian leaders that Israel and Zionism must cease to exist. American armor supplies keep pouring into Egypt and Saudi Arabia at the same rate as antisemitic propaganda pours out onto the pages of newspapers in these countries.

The Arab world is completing its preparations for an all out war against the Jewish state. Key Hamas terrorists have been released from Arafat's prisons, such as Mohammed Deif, the No. 1 Hamas fugitive; Mahmoud Rajeb Zatma, a "master bombmaker who made the two bombs used at Beit Lid in 1995, killing 22 soldiers; Adnan Jaber Ghul, who put together the bombs used by suicide bombers on two No. 18 buses in Jerusalem in 1996, killing 56 people" (4). However, this goes virtually unnoticed by the world press. The world is ignoring the Arab threat to Israel. Natan Sharansky summarized all this very precisely, when he wrote: "the world can summon sufficient courage only to condemn a democratic Israel for defending itself against enemies within and without who seek its destruction" (5).

The world was blind and deaf when Hitler was preparing the massacre of European Jewry, though the Nazi leader did not hide his intentions. The world is blind and deaf today, too, though the Arabs are just as openly telling everyone that they want to "Slaughter the Jews." The indifferent witnesses are in their places. The lynch mob is ready. But there is something wrong with this picture. Isn't one who is lynched always helpless and unarmed? So how is it that Israel arrived at this situation while having one of the best armies in the world? 10/12/00


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Boris Shusteff is an engineer. He is also a research associate with the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies.

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