Guest Editorial


By Emanuel A. Winston

There is a time for anger and outrage.

I am outraged that temporary electees (mere politicians) in Israel feel that have the power of office to literally give away significant parts of Israel - ours by the right of Jewish patrimony which we have established over the ages, 3000 years.

I am outraged that Leftists and Socialists, when in power, are always in the vanguard of assisting nations on their way to collapse when under their care.

I am outraged that, after several thousand years of having been cheated of a peaceful life, pacifistic Jews still are first apologists for our dedicated enemies' acts of terror or abrogation of agreements.

I am outraged that, unlike other nations and people, Jews seem to have no national memory of the things done to us by the so-called civilized world - as follows:

All over the world there are people and races who do not forget what was done to them. When the opportunity presents is called quite properly "Revenge" and "Taking Back what is Stolen". Not so the Jews. Our level of remembrance is limited to museums and holidays set aside to mourn our dead...which is a growing practice among the Jews.

When a Jew is murdered in Israel or there is a suicide Arab bombing killing many, the event makes it into the Leftist Hebrew news journals for a few days, its politicians make useless speeches and it's all gone in a week. The Leftists, in collusion with the media, begin to create a rationale and apology for the 'poor' Arabs who are under so much pressure that they just must let it out in violence. Suicide bombing is "psychologically acceptable" to Israel's Leftists, so-called American Jewish leaders and the Clinton Administration's Jewish Arabists. This is an aberrant pathology.

I am outraged that there are Jews who themselves identify more with the goals of Arafat and the Palestinians than the goal of keeping Israel alive. Perhaps we need a gigantic Freudian couch to heal the sniveling, hand-wringing Jew in us. A good example would be the gaggle of pacifistic liberal Jews who have become Clinton's human shield as he/they conspire with Arafat to cut Israel up like salami slices. Can we ever forget or forgive Sandy Berger, Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, Dan Kurtzer, Aaron Miller, Madeleine Albright, et al?

I am outraged that an amoral President expands his absolute corruption as he makes common cause with Yassir Arafat...a war criminal who has directly ordered the killing of Americans (as well as Israelis).

I am outraged that our US State Department is so deeply saturated with anti-Semitism that is also works with Israel's enemies to destroy the Jewish State. What's even worse, the politicians of Israel and the pacifistic American Jewish leadership accepts the repeated betrayals in trembling silence. No Pride - No Shame - No Memory!

I am outraged that Prime Minister Netanyahu and General Ehud Barak have signed a contract which required the winner of the elections to bring the loser aboard as part of a Unity Government. In effect, the ballots and choice of the people are cast aside. And yet, no one has yet filed suit to stop this travesty of a stolen election - stolen from the people.

It gets worse!

The underlying reason for this power grab is that a Unity Government could too easily override the Israeli majority against giving away YESHA (Yehuda, SHomron, GAza), the Golan Heights, and pieces of Jerusalem. Edna Arbel, a confirmed Leftist and State Prosecutor under Elaykim Rubenstein, is reportedly preparing police and troops for the coming implementation of Wye with the "ethnic cleansing" (evacuation) of Jewish residents in YESHA.

The Justice Ministry is focusing on "how to deal with the troublemakers [among Israelis settlers]". In other words, people who resist being forcibly removed from their homes are "trouble-makers". I think the removers are the ones making trouble.

I am outraged because the media is rightfully sympathetic with the Kosovar refugees, but has been irrevocably hostile to the next upcoming group of ethnic refugees, Jewish settlers from YESHA.

I am outraged by the United Nations who, for the last 50 years has been the advocate for Arab aggression. We now only await the next "Green Light" by Arafat to start another uprising - with major weapons and Police Force/Army of at least 50,000 or more. Israel's Defense Forces will counterattack. Then the UN can convene the General Assembly to vote sanctions against Israel - as planned.

The "provocateurs" and "planners" are President Clinton and his anti-Semitic State Department, the EU (European Union) - nations who turned in their Jews and confiscated their properties and the Arabs who are still smarting from losing 6 wars against the Jewish State and a people they hate with a vicious contempt.

I am outraged at this and more. Why aren't you outraged too?

If you are, raise holy hell with your weak-kneed self-elected Jewish leaders, including those rabbis who are dedicated to appeasement. Call your Congressmen and ask them to interfere with and object to the President's foreign policy linked to Arab hostile plans for Israel.

Start yelling and don't stop until Israel is safe.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

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