By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

On April 1st I wrote to be on the alert for a scheme to draw Prime Minister Netanyahu into a summit away from Israel for the likely purpose of forcing Israel into submission to the will of the US and Arab states. I guessed correctly and this coming summit in London on May 4 sounds like it will be a 'kangaroo court' or a political lynching.

When I wrote the first essay, it seemed that PM Netanyahu had played some in accepting US and European pressure so as to appear politically innocent of giving up excessive land for the non-peace. Frankly, I do not want to believe that Netanyahu would follow the path that Shimon Peres has blazed since the early 1980's of openly visiting European nations pleading for them to pressure Israel so that his pro-Arab agenda could be realized. Today, April 26th Peres demanded that Israel accept a Palestinian State.

Think of it. The young Prime Minister of Israel, called before the world's hostile political forces including an American President under continuing investigation for corruption, an anti-Israel State Department, the EU (European Union) who assisted in the death of European Jewry, Egypt which has not fulfilled its obligations under the Camp David Accords and, finally, Yasir Arafat, whose complicity with the terrorists like Hamas is now well-documented. This is an international ambush.

Arafat, who daily tells the world that he "will conquer Israel and have all of Israel as the new State of Palestine and Jerusalem will be the capital of that state and ONLY that state, and whoever doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water." They say what they mean and they mean what they say. Once Arafat and his savage minions, who kill Jews with impunity and malicious intent, have a state, they say they will kill off the Jewish State. The Palestinian armed police force is now (illegally) 60% larger than Israel's, four times greater per 1000 residents than the ratio in Israel or in most European countries.

The Palestinians have not canceled their PLO Charter calling for the destruction of Israel, a promise signed 4 years ago on the White House lawn. Their 'Mein Kampf' remains firmly in place, despite US State Department lies that they have canceled it. But, even if it is torn up like a scrap of worthless paper, their killing of Jews will continue. The Senate saw videotapes of Palestinian Authority's TV shown "The Palestinian Children's Hour" on February 6 and 12 where little girls sing about "entering Jerusalem as suicide bombers", and boys sing about being the "exalted martyr with his green fire of a suicide warrior."

These are all PLO violations of Oslo and Hebron. Nevertheless, the international cabal will not condemn nor pressure Arafat. They consistently pressure Israel to make greater concessions of land, accusing Israel of abandoning the peace process by quibbling over 1 or 2 percentage points of land withdrawal. But, 1% is an area bigger than Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Bat Yam. 1% equals the size of Israel's eastern warning stations against invasion by Iraq (who had Israel lined up for gas masks again just 2 months ago) or Syria (who maintains chemical and biological missiles aimed at Israel) or Iran (who has nuclear capability and the missiles to reach Israel). 2 or 3% gives 'Arafat control over Israel's main water source' - a life and death issue for Israel. The Defense Ministry calculated that a 6% withdrawal would harm Israel's national interests - and that 8-9 per cent would be harmful to Israel's security.

But, Netanyahu has convinced his Cabinet that surrendering 9% was possible. Bibi, you were voted into power to save the nation but, instead, like Rabin and Peres, you were tricked and you have tricked your people.

Now we wait for the theater so carefully constructed for you by pro-Arab State Department apparachniks - the likes of Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, Madame Albright, President Clinton, Prime Minister Blair, the French, Germans etc. The words of 'corruption' and 'betrayal' by the nations are pale before what you may yet be forced to do. It seems as if you are not only prepared to withdraw from parts of land that would endanger the State of Israel but would also continue building the foundations for the new State of Palestine with murderous borders around most of Israel.

You may find a way to accept the return of millions of unremittingly hostile Palestinians into the heart of Israel because the world declares they have the "right of return". You will think that you can control the flood of hostile Arabs but you cannot. Every town, village, city on the 'new borders' will be under the Palestinians' guns, sold to them by the perfidious West. We have already seen the new border cities under siege with theft and murder while the Israeli police stands by helpless.

The names of Rabin, Peres and Netanyahu will all become synonymous with betrayal. Because you are known to be clever, articulate, and once aspired to the highest ideal of keeping the State of Israel whole and safe, you will be much more guilty than the aberrant Leftists Doves.

I would be very surprised if the well-rehearsed cabal of pro-Arab/anti-Israel summit in London does not produce such a dangerous withdrawal, followed by even greater concessions. Recall the history of Jerusalem when In 1249 the Moslem Sultan al-Kamil thought so little of Jerusalem that he gave it away as a "gift" to the Roman Emperor, Fredrick II as thanks for an alliance against the competing Moslem ruler al-Malik. The Sultan remarked, "I have ceded nothing but ruined churches and wrecked buildings." Frederick was excommunicated by the reigning Pope for accepting Jerusalem, demonstrating that the Church also had no interest in an earthly Jerusalem. Islam gave away nothing it valued to the Christians and the Holy See of Christianity rejected it as a gift of no value. Now this ugly terrorist Arafat claims prior rights of jurisdiction over Jerusalem and we see signs of a Prime Minister caving in to absurd demands by the US and EU. Must we now observe the coals of the Holocaust starting to flame up again with the same players blowing on the coals?

Is this then what will be written in history that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu forfeited Jerusalem to the enemy in order to remain in political (and temporary) power? I can only hope that I am wrong and you are not prepared to sell out the Jewish nation for a momentary lull in the assault to kill off Israel.


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate with the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.



By Emanuel A. Winston

Clearly, we have arrived at the time of Orwellian Double-Speak. The Palestinians are in a rage because one of their expert bomb makers, "Muhi", Muhyiaddin (Jihad or holy war fighter) al-Sharif, called Engineer #2, was blown up in a car being prepared for a massive bombing. This was only a smaller version of the truck bombs in Oklahoma, the World Trade Center, and the three in Lebanon that took out the American Embassy, the French Embassy and the Marine barracks which killed 242 American Marines...among others.

Yasir Arafat, having been presented with irrefutable evidence that Hamas did the killing of Sharif, finally admitted to that fact publicly. Disregarding that admission that Hamas killed their own in an inner power struggle, the Palestinians are threatening reprisals with more suicide bombings. A statement from the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamasin Gaza City, warned: "Our fire of revenge will extend to what the Zionists cannot imagine and expect." (1)

After a week of accusing Israel, the Palestinian Security Chief, Jabril Rajoub finally admitted that Sharif was tortured, shot and his body put by the car he had prepared for bombing in Israel - which they then exploded. (2) Recall that another bomb maker, Yiyehe Ayyash (Engineer #1) was assassinated January 1996 by a bomb in his own cell phone. Israel did not deny that she had arranged that execution. Arafat saluting Ayyash in his eulogy and at many occasions ever since, called him a great martyr to the Palestinian cause. Ayyash had a long and bloody record of having murdered many Israelis. However, because he was honored by Arafat as a great hero among the Palestinians, he was considered untouchable. The Palestinians' Orwellian mind-set was: "How dare Israel kill our killers!"

Subsequently, given the "green light" by Arafat and promise of great honor as in his eulogies to Ayash, many other suicide bombers were sent in and killed many Israelis. The major attacks planned by Muhi al Sharif included:

July 95 - Ramat Gan #20 bus: 6 killed

Aug. 95 - Jerusalem #26 bus: 4 killed

Feb. 96 - Jerusalem #18 bus: 26 killed

Mar. 96 - Jerusalem #18 bus: 18 killed

Mar. 97 - Tel Aviv Cafe Apropo: 4 killed

July 97 - Machaneh Yehuda: 15 killed

Sep. 97 - Ben Yehuda Mall: 5 killed


Sharif was responsible for 78 Israelis killed and thousands wounded, many maimed for life. Israel closed the borders to Palestinians and the killings stopped - until the borders were opened again, usually under pressure from Clinton Administration and US State Department Arabists. The Palestinians protested that their "right to work" had been violated. This is reminiscent of the boy who murdered his parents and then asked for mercy because he was an orphan.

As one listens to the media follow this breaking story even the most Left Liberal Arabist must be astonished as the media spin the story to make it seem that, being a bomb maker is merely like any other job. The media have joined a cult wherein killers, suicide bombers, bomb makers are merely regular guys, engaged in their day-to-day work. (Unless they happen to base their operations in America, England or other "western" countries.)

NPR (National Public Radio) refereed to Sharif as a "technician". None of the media were willing to say this man who made bombs to kill was a terrorist - a killer of anyone in the proximity of his bombs. So the Palestinians marched through the streets threatening suicide bombings against Israel because their killer was killed. They didn't care that some six of their own had done it. Blaming Israel is always good justification for more bloody killings.

As Israeli Minister of Internal Security Avigdor Kahalani said on April 2 (before Rajoub's admission of Hamas responsibility): "The Palestinian accusations that Israel was involved in liquidating Sharif are simply ridiculous. Here is an arch-terrorist, who is responsible for dozens of deaths, who is killed by the hand of G-d in the midst of preparing a car bomb, and then they come and blame us. This is simply such an absurd story that if I wasn't in the Middle East, I wouldn't believe it could happen." (2)

The no longer strange behavior of European and American Arabists is that they always perform their dutiful kissing of Arafat's behind by blaming the Jews. The new Orwellian western thought process is:"Don't kill the killers because it kills the sacrosanct "peace process". The Jewish leadership in Israel and America has also accepted the idea, thinking that we have plenty of Jews to spare - for the "peace process".


1. "Israelis Ask Arafat's Help to Stop a Hamas Attack" by Serge Schmemann NEW YORK TIMES 4/4/98

2. Palestinians Link Hamas to Death of Bomb-Maker: Israel welcomes finding as proof it was not involved" by Doug Struck (WASHINGTON POST SERVICE) INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE April 7, 1998

3. "Arabs riot as Arch-Terrorist is Buried" ARUTZ 7 April 2, 1998


Emanual A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and serves as a research associate for the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.



By Emanuel A. Winston

The American Congress, after deep consideration, research and debate, decided Jerusalem was indeed the capital of Israel and the US Embassy belonged there. However, there are those in the Clinton Administration, US State Department and business interests who opposed moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We see their blocking efforts as motivated by their lust for close connections to commerce with Arab nations. Those with a vested financial interest and others driven by faulty religious convictions strive to change several thousand years of history during which Jerusalem was the declared capital of only the Jewish people, despite conquests and occupations by many foreign peoples.

Israel's adversaries support recent Arab claims (since 1967) that Jerusalem was and is now the capital of the new "State of Palestine". These Arabist interests advocate a Jerusalem, either dominated by Islam or with her Jews driven out. They continue to work diligently and violently toward that end. At their many demonstrations in the 7 cities Israel surrendered to Arab control they chant: "With our blood and our souls, we will redeem you, O Palestine!"

The US State Department, with and without orders by President Clinton, has decided to ignore the recent law by Congress to move the American Embassy to its proper home by May 1999. Since no other US Embassy is placed outside of any other self-chosen capital of any other nation, then surely Israel has the right to claim Jerusalem as her capital and America must honor her right of self-determination. On the birth certificates or identity cards of children born in Jerusalem to American parents, the US Consulate refuses to list the country Israel. In no other country in the world does America violate this basic right of self-determination.

Truly it is a shame and embarrassment to see the Congress fearful of confronting an employed section of the American government, namely, the State Department. No other nation has ever chosen Jerusalem as their capital - except for the Jews from the year 1000 BCE by King David until today. The stones of Jerusalem have been temporarily subdued by the Babylonians, Romans, Persians, Mohammedans, Crusader Christians, Mamelukes (warrior Turkish slaves in Egypt), Ottoman Turks, Napoleon (briefly), partly by the Jordanians (for 19 years after they drove the Jews out during the War of Independence).

In 1967 Jerusalem was reunited and made whole by the Jews. The other nations came and conquered. They all denied freedom of religion to all other religions than their own. When the Jews reclaimed the land in 1948 they allowed all faiths access to their holy places. Not only did the Jews allow all worshippers freedom to pray in their churches or shrines, they mandated this freedom by law. This didn't not stop the false claims that Jerusalem should be internationalized or minimally given over to Arafat and Islam.

In a consistent effort to curry favor with Israel's Arab adversaries, President Clinton directs "his" State Department to defy Congress and refuses to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. To Arabists in the State Department such a move would demonstrate that the American people have no question that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of only the Jews. This is a problem because Arafat, the arch-terrorist and breaker of all agreements has decreed that "Jerusalem must be the capital of the new State of Palestine and ONLY that State and whoever doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water." (He will accept half now and take the rest later.)

I have always had the impression that the US State Department was like a bureaucracy of robots running amok who cannot even be unplugged. It is institutionally so in-bred that its executives seem to think that American citizens and the elected Congress are employees of the State Department. High State Department officials act with supreme arrogance, as if they were a shadow government controlling the US government behind the scenes. After all, Congressmen and women and Presidents come and go; State Department career aparachniks stay on, propagating their points of view by making their own policy and unilaterally enforcing it against the laws voted by Congress.

If the Congress does not want to be trampled into the dust by State Department actions eroding their power, then they had better take the reins in their own hands. The US State Department is a complete runaway, massaging Congress with misleading testimony in hearings never intended to reach conclusions which would thwart State Department diktats.

In closing, know this: Congress has been bypassed, ignored, insulted on a key policy legislation declaring that America recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the American Embassy must be moved there. If the will and law of Congress is seen as irrelevant, then this weakness applies to any and all other legislation it passes. One remedy would be to reduce the allocations to the State Department budget across the board. Then make an explicit cut of funds to the Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Consulate in Jerusalem.



By Emanuel A. Winston

President Clinton's State Department planned together with Britain and the 15 EU (European Union) nations to force Israel's obeisance to their client oil states. So far the coordinatedpressures have not coerced Prime Minister Netanyahu to surrender more territory to Arafat (except for 80% of Hebron). Arafat has not honored one single agreement of Oslo, Cairo, Hebron, et al. But Clinton, the Arabs, the European nations, Russia all wish Israel to ignore Arafat's almost daily proclamation that he will soon spread his new State of Palestine across all Israel and take Jerusalem as the capital of that State and only that State and whoever doesn't like can go drink Gaza sea water. Look at the maps of the new State of Palestine which adorn all Arafat's stationary and become backdrops for every photo opportunity he has with foreign dignitaries.

Clinton and gang seem not to really care if Israel survives, particularly if her disappearance smooths the way for US-European-Russian sales to the growing Arab/Muslim markets. This is especially true for Syria and Iran for whom Clinton is working every trick to take them off the list of terrorist nations - even as they build bigger and deadlier catastrophic weapons of mass destruction, including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical ).

But first they need Israel to be pushed down and finally obliterated from their new Middle East World Order. Israel's demise will be the oily lubricant to force the stuck-in-the-sand gears to grind out that black gold money. The philosophy that dominates Administration and State Department thinking appears to be that Israel is the spoiler because her mere presence in the Middle East angers the Arabs and, therefore, ergo "Let's get rid of the irritant."

So what will be the next move of the Clinton White House? It has already been reported that, when the "angry" semi-Jewish lady - Madame Albright met in England with Jewish groups, she hinted that, regrettably, America will have to hold up sales of weapons and technology from Israel. Does that sound familiar? Nixon/Kissinger refused to re-supply Israel during the first critical 8 days of the Yom Kippur War - only to have Gen. Alexander Haig start shipping TOW missiles without their permission. (1) Remember when Yitzhak Rabin was PM in 1975 and Sec. of State Kissinger refused to ship fighter planes that Israel needed desperately, pending Israel's complying with American demands? Do you recall Bush/Baker's "reassessment" of America's relationship with Israel, denying her loan guarantees to transport and absorb the massive inflow of Soviet Jewish immigrants.

Given the frustration of various US Administrations to deliver Israel up to Arab demands, it would be wise for her to anticipate the next American trick. For example, expect Clinton to Invite PM Netanyahu and Arafat to Camp David for a summit meeting. The objective would be separate Netanyahu from his Cabinet, advisors, his conservative Likud Party, the Knesset and the people of Israel so that the "even-handed" pressures by the "honest broker", Uncle Sam, could overwhelm Netanyahu.

This, of course, was done to PM Menachem Begin z'l, where he ended up surrendering the entire Sinai for what became a cold peace with Egypt. Begin's 2 advisors at Camp David were Moshe Dayan and Ezer Weizman. Israel gave away $17 billion dollars which she had invested in Sinai infrastructure and oil field developments which would have enabled her to be energy sufficient. These funds were never replaced. In fact, the debts Begin incurred at high interest from America to rebuild her armaments after the Yom Kippur War and to redeploy the Israel Defense Forces from the Sinai are the still being paid for with the $1.2 billion in annual economic aid which Israel is now about to relinquish. Jordan's debts were forgiven when King Hussein accepted a peace treaty with Israel. Why weren't Israel's debts forgiven, especially when she absorbed 39 SCUD missile hits during the Gulf War and was prevented from retaliation against Saddam Hussein? If Israel would have gotten clearance and the IFF (Identify Friend & Foe codes) from Bush and Powell, she could have taken out the SCUD missile launchers, perhaps the 29 American soldiers killed by Saddam's last SCUD would be alive.

Begin was continually pressured. After a great deal of new language was added (including 59 side letters) supposedly to assure Israel, the Camp David Accords were signed. The only problem was that, while Begin looked at the document as an enforceable contract, Sadat viewed that piece of paper as Arabs always do - as merely a scrap of paper. In Islam one is permitted to make peace with an enemy but only until your strength is rebuilt, at which time (or within 10 years) you must take break that treaty and regain what you lost - by blood in 'Jihad' (holy war), if possible. Most every agreement was ignored by Egypt except the option of immediate war.. Even that primary principle is being breached as Egypt builds up a massive military with new American equipment, bought on American grants of $2+ Billion annually of American taxpayers' money. Since Egypt has no enemy capable of attacking her, clearly this huge buildup is for a future war with Israel as soon as Israel is weakened by further surrenders of land. And Egypt has built vast networks of tunnels under the Suez Canal capable of handling tanks as well as into the Gaza Strip for smuggling arms to the PLO/PA.

If you hear Clinton/Albright/Ross floating trial balloons of a "peace summit" particularly at Camp David, then instantly become suspicious. If they can separate PM Netanyahu from his Cabinet, Party and People, then he can presumably be brain-whipped into conceding an unhealthy withdrawal on Palestinian terms. Proceeding this, look for the anti-Israel media to begin leaking stories of how beneficial such a meeting would be. Coordinated with that will be private phone calls to American Jewish leaders persuading them to come aboard by sending messages urging concessions to PM Netanyahu. It's easy to recruit Jewish leaders by promising recognition and Kavod (honor) for their services.


1."Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992 by John Loftus & Mark Aarons St. Martin's Press NY 1994


Emanual A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and serves as a research associate for the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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