This shocking expose proves that Yitzhak Rabin bore ministerial responsibility for the incitement leading to his own assassination. It also demonstrates that Labor/Meretz leaders conspired with investigating Judge Shamgar following the Rabin assassination to suppress this information. Their criminal purpose was to use the assassination to slander the Right and religious Jews, incite the country against them and therefore win the Knesset Elections of 1996. The incitement by Raviv and his violent acts constitute one set of crimes against the people of Israel. The coverup by Shimon Peres, Yossi Sarid and other Labor/Meretz personalities constitutes a another set of crimes. Perhaps even more serious, since the election was so close, they could have defrauded the people of Israel by stealing the election. They came very close to destroying the country's democratic basis.

The Freeman Center strongly condemns:

the undemocratic behavior of the Left...

the incitement by the Left against the Right and religious Jews...

the slander by the Left of the Right and religious Jews...

the lies and the cynical charges by the Left against the Right and religious Jews...

The Freeman Center strongly condemns the COVERUP by the Left of these facts.

The Freeman Center strongly condemns the attempt by the Left to UNDERMINE Israeli democracy.

The Freeman Center calls for swift, honest and vigilant prosecution of all of those involved in the above crimes. As a start, Shimon Peres, Yossi Sarid and all those involved should be placed under detention until proper judicial proceedings can be held. The immunity from criminal prosecution that is normally afforded Knesset members should be withdrawn because of the likelihood that their presence in the Knesset is the result of fraud and criminality.

Please read the details in the reports below...........Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

Forwarded from THE MID-EAST DISPATCH of November 14, 1997.


Avishai Raviv, founder of the militant Eyal group, whose member Yigal Amir killed Yitzhak Rabin, was a GSS agent, working for the Israeli Government of which Rabin was the head. But was he out of control, and how much did he and his masters know of the assassination plan? The following is a translation by Globes newspaper of the Shamgar Commission classified report released today:

Chapter 4: The Avishai Raviv Affair

Avishai Raviv was connected with the General Security Service as an operative from December 1987. During the course of his activity, which was considered effective, he was found engaging in activities which constituted violations of the law, including violence, and despite repeated warnings and cautions from his commanders, he did not cease. In discussions with him it was made clear to him that he would not receive backing if he violated the law, but despite aggression, vandalism, conspiracy to commit arson, and various forms of harassment, criminal proceedings were not instituted against him except in one case, an attack on MK Tamar Gozansky.

He also organized a "Night Watch" on the Jerusalem-Hebron road in which he and a group of friends dressed up as police officers, attacking Arab residents, frisking them, and more. He later conspired against Arab residents of Jerusalem's Old City, breaking windows in their homes and cars. No legal measures were taken against him. In fact, quite the opposite, he was told more than once that the advantages of his activities outweighed the damages arising from his behavior, and that the problem with his actions was not essentially in committing the acts but in failure to report. GSS personnel had no doubt that Raviv would repeat these acts.

In 1990, he vandalized the road signs to Arab settlements in the West Bank. He was later involved in the establishment of a group known as Fascist Zionist Youth (Nefetz). He was the central figure in the creation of a pseudo-military organization known as the Jewish Warrior Organization (Eyal), which subsisted essentially from the publicity Avishai Raviv acquired and television coverage.

In 1991, Raviv published a racist letter against the Druze chair of Tel Aviv University's student body, and physically attacked MK Tamar Gozansky. He incited a minor to injure Faisal Husseini, and in this context even filed a false report with his operators. The summary of a meeting with him on April 30 1992 states:

a. Due to activities initiated by the above-mentioned operative, he was instructed that his duty in his relationship with us is not to initiate activity, but to delay, to hinder, and to report the activities of others.

b. It was explained to the operative that due to his activities, we are "chasing our own tails" instead of covering activity.

c. He was instructed and briefed not to initiate any illegal activities and that he must report his legal activities to the GSS in advance.

d. The operative accepted the instructions and expressed willingness and agreement to act according to the briefing.


e. The operative's initiatives stem from his problematic character, and despite his agreement during the meeting, it can be expected that he will continue these initiatives occasionally.

f. It is therefore necessary to maintain regular telephone contact with him and brief him to prevent such initiatives at each meeting.

The summary of a June 26, 1992 meeting with Raviv reads:

a. In character, Raviv reported the establishment of Eyal after the fact. A serious discussion was held with him on this matter and on his habit of reporting events after the fact.

b. I explained at length the problems stemming from post factum reports, that he could err as the result of seeing too narrow a picture, that he doesn't have legal back-up for things that are not coordinated with us, it represents a serious lack of discipline, and makes it difficult for us to direct him toward our important targets.

c. As the subject (Avishai Raviv -"Globes") is a dependent type, I told him that after examining his file and in light of my acquaintance with him, it is doubtful if we can continue the relationship with him, while he engages in behavior for which we cannot take responsibility.

d. The statements were presented in a grave manner, and I believe they did not fall on deaf ears. Nonetheless, in light of the subject's unique character, it is unlikely he will take them to heart in the long term.

Raviv persisted. He initiated violent activities in Hebron, he published posters, including one calling for refusal to serve in the IDF, conspired against the chair of the Kiryat Arba town council, whom he believed was too moderate, and his son, presented the media with a staged presentation of a "Kach" organization summer camp, created the name of new organization to be known as "Gideon's Sword", and published slogans calling for attacks on Mr. Domb, a Judea and Samaria Regional Council activist.

On September 9, 1994, he attacked an Arab driver and filed a false report concerning the circumstances of the incident. He conducted violent patrols of Hebron, patrolling the streets accompanied by a group of minors he organized, carrying out acts of violence against Arabs upon whom he happened, such as beating an old man and overturning market stalls.

He continued his relationship with the media to present "Eyal" as an existing organization and attained the assistance of the television media, which broadcast a fake induction ceremony, while anyone present must have known it was only a fake. His operators even assigned him to write slogans against the peace process.

On July 23, 1995, Raviv was seriously reprimanded. In that conversation, he admitted that he had initiated violent activities on several occasions, such as slashing tires, assaults, beatings, turning over market stalls, and beatings with brass knuckles, primarily in Hebron. In all the activities initiated by the subject, he took an active part, and it was noted that many Arabs were seriously beaten by him. Raviv added that during the activity, equipment owned by the participants is used, such as slingshots, dart guns, flare guns, a licensed gun owned by a friend, cattle prods, knives and brass knuckles. All this was done, as stated, without any report to his operators, and when asked, he denied any active role in the events.

Also during the reprimand, it became clear that Raviv had taught two minors to prepare Molotov cocktails and instructed them in carrying out nationalist activity. It also became clear in the discussion, that the subject made threatening phone calls. Due to this conversation, on the same day, an internal discussion was held, followed by several later discussions, on the problematic nature of his operations.

Concerning the photomontage representing the late prime minister in an SS uniform, the preliminary activity was carried out by two minors, without any connection to Avishai Raviv. However there is no doubt that it was Raviv who took the photo from them and transmitted it to the media, and his denials of statements by television correspondent Nitzan Hen were completely unbelievable. He recently initiated publication by a newspaper of a relationship between "Eyal" and the Hamas, and this report served the Palestinian Authority chair in his claims that there is a connection between the Hamas and right-wing extremists in Israel.

In conclusion, this agent brings reports, but also violates the law, knowing he is exempt from responsibility due to his backing from State authorities. His supervision by the GSS was ineffective, and in most cases, his supervisors knew only after the fact what had occurred, but repeatedly sufficed with mere warnings.

In the matter at hand, the Yigal Amir affair, Raviv was connected to him more than any other person in everything relating to the organization of student demonstrations and student weekends in West Bank settlements. Raviv helped Amir in the organization and accompanied him to these events. Raviv made scathing remarks against the prime minister, and claimed the "Law of the Pursuer" applied to Rabin, and it was therefore permitted to attack Rabin. (The committee heard testimony concerning a number of rumors.) It is therefore puzzling that in Raviv's reports on Yigal Amir, he did not mention or even hint at Amir's well-known statements and his intention to attack the prime minister, which Amir expressed more than once to others in his circle of friends.

We are therefore discussing an agent whose behavior was extremely provocative, who was not properly controlled by his supervisors, who sometimes approved his involvement in extreme activities designed to increase his credibility in his surroundings. His provocation, particularly everything connected with the physical injury of Arabs and the presentation of extreme, violent, political organizations, clearly constitute indirect but clear damage to legal, identified political organizations, which his supervisors could not ignore.

It is possible that raising suspicions against the security services and the damage from such suspicions and their ramifications, was not given prior consideration. Lack of control of the agent and the complete backing he was given, in that no criminal proceedings were launched against him except in the case of the attack on Tamar Gozansky, created the misleading picture of identical interests on his part and the part of his supervisors, which damaged and spoiled faith in the security services.

Any reasonable person understands that intelligence collection is essential, and that those who do it are not necessarily saints or pure-hearted. However, it is necessary to beware of provocateurs who exploit the backing they receive, due to malicious intentions or character flaws, and become the instigators of illegal and damaging or provocative activity, under the wing of the government. Such people are unrestrained, due also to the fact they know they will not be indicted. The entire State apparatus is responsible for the resulting damage, such as the creation of additional points of friction in Hebron or damage to faith in the GSS, which is labeled a clandestine organization dealing in political provocation. The conclusion is that there must be effective supervision of agents, and they cannot be allowed independent initiatives.

[The MidEast Dispatch is an independent news service, and is not affiliated with any political party or government agency.]
Remember that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin held ministerial responsibility for the activities of the GSS. Remember that it was key members of the Labor/Meretz coalition that made the decision to suppress the Shamgar Commission report.


IMRA's Commentary on Arutz-7 - 13.11.97

By Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 13 November, 1997

With so many people talking about the secret appendix of the Shamgar Report which was released today I thought I would leave it alone. But my father called me from Jerusalem with a question I must share with you: Why was the appendix dealing with Avishai Raviv secret in the first place?

Let's look at what was revealed today. Did its release compromise the security of the Jewish State? No. Of course it embarrassed the GSS ("Shabbak"), but it has absolutely no impact on national security. And this should really come as no surprise. After all, its not as if it describes the activities of an Israeli agent sneaking around in Damascus. Its describing what, at best, was a terrible screw-up.

And this is when I begin to shake. Call me naive, but I really thought that people like Former Supreme Court President Meir Shamgar could put truth and justice above all else. Yet for the life of me I can't figure out why Shamgar didn't release the appendix back in 1996. Months before the elections.

Yes, releasing the secret appendix before the elections would not have endangered the state, but it certainly would have hurt the Left at the polls. And let's not forget that Netanyahu won by a few thousand votes. Shamgar's decision could have just as easily insured Peres' victory.

Former Supreme Court Justice Shamgar owes the public an explanation. And I certainly hope he has one. Because otherwise the political motivations of those at the very pinnacle of Israel's justice system will remain suspect.


Dr. Aaron Lerner is director of IMRA (Israel Media and Review Analysis.


Declassified Report

By Norma Archbold



A declassified section of the official report concerning the death of Prime Minister Rabin (reprinted below) gives us an inside look at the outrageous lengths the Labor-government in Israel was willing to go to to carry out U.S. (State Department/oil industry/Arabist) policy.

Of course the report does not mention the U.S. State Department, the oil industry or even the pressure that the U.S. administration was putting upon Israel to silence the voices of those who believe in the promises of the Bible, and of those Jews who returned to live in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza after their parents who lived there were killed or driven out in 1948. But here we see the tragic results of that pressure. An agent provokateur (Avishai Raviv) was hired through the secret service agency of Prime Minister Rabin's office (GSS) to discredit Israelis who stood for Israel's legal rights.

The report gives us a peek into the process of demonizing those who insist upon justice for Jews as well as Arabs. Here we see that the Israeli prime minister's office under the labor government was responsible for demonizing those who stood up for Jewish rights to rule their homeland (in the same way that Arabs in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lybia and 13 other Arabic Moslem nations rule their homelands).

The prime minister's office through the secret service (GSS) operated agent provokatour, Avishai Raviv. Raviv's activity accounts for most of the actions that formed world opinion about "settlers", Kach, those who want justice for Israel and those who believe in the promises in the Bible.

The report tells us that Avishai Raviv

1. Worked for the security services (GSS under the direction of the prime minister's office).

2. To discredit those who believe in Bible promises to Israel and those Jews who returned to Judea, Samaria and Gaza after they were thrown out by Arab forces (labeled "settlers" and the "radical right wing"), Raviv started an organization called "Eyal" and with the colaboration of the Labor government television taped a staged account of the "founding" of the organization in which a Bible and gun were held by "members".

3. Using Eyal and other groups organized by him Raviv organized attacks for which "settlers" and "right wing" groups were blamed.

4. Raviv and his recruits:

Masqueraded as Israeli policemen

Stopped Arabs

Conducted body searches

Smashed windows of Arab homes and cars Attacked Arabs in the Old City of Jerusalem

Erased road signs leading to Arab areas

Sent a racist letter to the head of a Druze (Arab) organization

Assaulted a left-wing member of knesset (parliament)

Incited juveniles to attack Arab leader Faisal Husseini

Instigated violence in Hevron

Distributed fliers calling for refusal to serve in the military

Presented media with staged scenes from a "Kach" summer camp (Subsequently Kach is wrongly on a list of terrorist organization put out by the U.S. State Department)

Started other organizations and encouraged violence

Attacked an Arab motorist on September 28, 1994

Encouraged "spontaneous" attacks against Arabs in Hebron Stalls and carts in the Hebron marketplace were overturned

Constantly reported to the media about "Eyal's" "activities"

Spread graffiti against the peace process

Slashed tires of Arab vehicles

Beat Arabs in Hebron using closed fists

Weapons were used such as: crossbow, handgun, handcuffs

Ordered juveniles to prepare firebombs

Ordered juveniles to make threatening phone calls

Passed a photo of PM Rabin as a German stormtrooper to media

Told the press that "Eyal" was connected to Hamas

Spoke openly and harshly against PM Rabin

So we see that most of what the world media reported as actions of the Israeli "right wing" were actually orchestrated and committed by a "left wing" agent provocateur working for the prime minister's office to discredit those Israelis who wanted to keep a fair share of their homeland. Millions of Christians stand firmly behind a strong and free Israel and know that much of what has been reported by the media about Israel and the majority in Israel (who call for justice for Jews as well as Arabs) is deliberate slander.

We call upon our representatives in Congress:

To investigate and purge decision-making positions in the federal administration, (including the State Department and CIA) of oilmen who have a conflict of interest in the Middle East.

To end the collaboration between the CIA and the PLO.

To end unjust U.S.-administration pressure upon Israel to stop building homes and give up more land.



Arutz Sheva News Service [November 13, 1997]

Nationalistic and religious elements were specifically harmed by Avishai Raviv's provocations, and his GSS handlers could not have been able to ignore this. Such is one of the essential conclusions of the Shamgar Commission report on Avishai Raviv and his activities, which was released this morning. Excerpts of these Shamgar findings are included at the end of this report. The findings elicited excited reactions from many political figures, including the following:


The Regional Council of Kiryat Arba released a statement demanding an apology from those on the left and in the press who participated in the blackening of its name. "Even if at first they did not know the facts, now they must apologize and ask forgiveness publicly and immediately." The statement said that it was officially learned today that the acts against Arabs and against Kiryat Arba Mayor Tzvi Katzover, as well as the incitement of children and the slogans against Rabin plastered on walls, were carried out by a GSS agent, for political purposes in order to blacken the political right and to remove Kiryat Arba-Hevron from the settlement map.


We ask that the Attorney-General open an investigation into former GSS heads Carmi Gillon and Yaakov Peri, under whose terms Raviv was employed as a GSS agent.

MK GIDEON EZRA (Likud), former Deputy Chief of the GSS:

From the fact that the GSS told the police to close files that had been opened against Raviv, it is certain that then-GSS head Carmi Gillon knew exactly what was going on. It is clear that there were a lot of failures here... [Regarding the murder of an Arab in Halhoul, for which Raviv's organization Eyal claimed credit], Gillon knew the whole time that Eyal did not do it, and yet Raviv's announcement caused the Arabs of Halhoul to attack nearby Jews with rainstorms of stones... [Arutz-7's Yehoshua Mor-Yosef, speaking with Ezra, noted that Carmi Gillon sat at the government meeting at which then-Minister Yosi Sarid scathingly attacked the Yesha residents for the murder and called for their uprooting.] I think there should be a review of all of the criminal files opened against residents of Hevron and Kiryat Arba, to see which of those were carried out under the influence of Avishai Raviv. He tripped up many minors who were not able to know better... I would just like to call upon and remind everyone that we only have one GSS, and that we still must cooperate with it.


We demand that a committee be established to investigate how GSS activity harmed the fabric of democratic life in Israel, as well as the relations between the political blocs, over the course of years. In addition, how much did the minister responsible for the GSS - namely, the late Prime Minister Rabin - know of this?


This affair, in which the government sends a public agent to create provocations and to endanger lives of Jews and to cause an entire camp to become identified with such actions, is one of the most severe in the history of the State... Those responsible for agent Raviv must be tried and held accountable... Carmi Gillon's specialty was the Jewish section of the GSS; early on, in his Masters' thesis, he blackened the name of the religious camp and warned how dangerous it was, etc.; then he goes and uses his public powers to send an agent to carry out exactly those actions which he warned against. He used this method to frame the Kahalani brothers, when a GSS agent spurred them on, gave them weapons that didn't work, and then was able to catch them supposedly 'red-handed.'


The law-enforcement authorities and the GSS are not prepared to release all the information regarding Avishai Raviv even to the government ministers. This clearly makes it very hard to get at the full truth, and raises suspicions of a "state within a state" that acts as it pleases.

Every day that passes without the indictment of Avishai Raviv is a blot on the rule of law in Israel, and arouses very dark thoughts about the considerations that guide those who are responsible for enforcing the law in Israel... They are apparently afraid that Raviv will tell all if he is tried, meaning that there is much that even the Shamgar Commission did not find out about his activities as a GSS agent... The report said that "specific political bodies were hurt" - this means the Yesha residents, the Likud, the nationalist camp, the religious. This entire camp was cursed and spat upon because this incitement-machine named Avishai Raviv did not cease to cause provocations to blacken our name. It was our camp that had to pay the price.


That the GSS plants secret agents amongst us is not new, nor do I object to this. I think it's a waste, but they think it's important and therefore it is their obligation. But when an agent crosses the line from being an agent to being the chief provocateur, and drags other people along with him, this is beyond the red line and cannot be tolerated.


What is revealed here is a moral failure of the first order. If morally upright people would have been involved with Raviv, they would have noticed the terrible effects of his actions on many different sectors.



In response to these excerpts from the Middle East Dispatch report on GSS Avishai Raviv's covert activities, some speculations: Avishai Raviv may be responsible for more violence than we are presently giving him credit for . . . . His collateral damage may have been far greater. We must ask ourselves . . .

How many criminal acts perpetrated by Arabs against Jewish settlers were the result of the seditious work by GSS agent Avishai Raviv? Almost certainly, the murder of some Jews by Arabs was the result of Raviv's provocations. Raviv's actions were largely ignored, and mostly approved of and supported by Israel's left as a way to defame so-called anti-"peace" settlers, and incite Arabs into acts of violence against Jews

Using the PLO and hamas as "peace" makers permitted Israel's left-wing regressives to maintain their "innocence" while posturing as the outraged victim, as Leah Rabin still does. Seems like the left's game of divide and conquer planted the seeds of mayhem and murder among both Arabs and Jews. So many flies in the ointment! We must ask . . . What was gained by the Jewish lives that were sacrificed by the left for "peace?"

By encouraging and sanctioning Raviv's thuggery against Arabs, senior members of Israel's left-wing establishment may be directly responsible for the deaths of Israelis by permitting Raviv to incite acts of aggression against Jews. The tribal mind works on a pay.

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