by Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

It is clear that Arab/Muslim killing teams have been dispatched to kill Americans and Israelis - or any soft target of opportunity.

There was a three pronged coordinated Terror day on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day in America. A. strike on the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya killed15 dead (so far), including two young children, a brother and his sister there for a Bar Mitzvah. 80 people were wounded by this car bombing and the Israeli owned holiday hotel was burned down. At 8:30 A.M. a car with 3 homicide bombers was turned back by security. The car rammed the hotel and exploded a time bomb packed with plastic explosives.

The simultaneous attempt failed to take down an Israeli Arkia airliner Flight 582 taking off from Mombasa at 7:40 A.M. with 2 shoulder-fired missiles (SAM 7s - Soviet Strellas similar to the U.S. Stinger). The rocket launchers were found near the airport. They have been used by Al Qaeda but are widely dispersed among Terror groups all over the world. 271 Israelis landed safely at Ben Gurion Airport, escorted by Israeli fighter jets.

These 2 coordinated Terror attacks were closely followed by a shooting and grenade attack in Beit She'an, a northern city in Israel during Israel's Likud primary election that killed 5 and more than 30 wounded (more than 10 seriously), including 3 sons of former MK David Levy. The Terrorists attacked a bus stop and Likud polling center in the development town during the Likud election primary.

These 3 nearly simultaneous attacks are a clarion call to action. Hopefully, we will not now and never again hear President George W. Bush or Secretary of State Colin L. Powell issue a call for Israel to restrain her just retaliation.

Let us talk about some solutions:

As much as it goes against our sense of justice, both America and Israel will now have to send out their own teams to conduct summary executions of the equal opportunity Terrorists. Catching radical Islamists with the usual techniques of gathering sufficient evidence to arrest, interrogate, indict and then spend years in court will just not work to stop dedicated Terrorists.

Clearly, time is of the essence if the freedoms of civilization as we know it, if we are not to be submerged in wave after wave of Arab/Muslim Terrorists.

Israeli Intelligence knows who the planners of Terror are and can often track them and kill them. When America used an unmanned aircraft to track and kill a key Terrorist with a Hellfire missile, they knew he was a Terrorist and would be responsible for planning future Terrorist operations unless stopped. Appeasers and pacifists howled that due process was not employed.

Some may recall that, after Arafat's Black September murdered 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany during the 1972 Olympics, Golda Meir sent out a team to track and kill the killers.

This, unfortunately, is the wave of the future. Arafat has been training children from the age of three years old and up to hate and kill Jews as soon as they are able. These children who were incubated as future killers are now grown - with more on the way. They are brainwashed to be drawn to killing by the drug of radical Islam. They deeply believe that killing for Islam will guarantee entry into Allah's paradise. To be alive after you die and get all the rewards denied them on earth is like living on hallucinogens.

We are talking about the cultivation of an entire civilian population under the umbrella of Islam to be a virtual army of potential Terrorists. Children, old men and women, family men with children, teenagers, 10 year olds, - all become the Terrorists' resource to be called upon to do the unthinkable.

The civilized West is in a war with Islam and is only slowly coming awake to the danger. Regrettably, we are still behind the curve in pre-empting Terrorists. We are still playing by polite rules of war delineated by the U.N.'s Geneva convention.

Israel has been restrained by Washington from taking the harsh responses necessary to put down a full blown revolt. The Palestinian Arabs and Arab Muslims from around the world have made it clear that there are no civilians in this war. All are considered fair targets, including children, babies, teens, shoppers, bus passengers, tourists, all nationalities, etc.

It is sad that Arafat, the Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis and all their proxy Terrorist organizations, have pulled us all down to their level. But, that is where they are and, if we don't kill them, they will kill us!

The Israelis have an appropriate phrase: "Ein Breira!" (No Choice). We should listen and act.


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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