By Bernard J. Shapiro

The visit of US State Department envoy General Anthony Zinni and Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs William Burns has always been irrelevant. Their goal ostensibly was to convince Israel and the Palestinians to implement a cease-fire. Of course they planned to focus on convincing both sides. Their arrival also brought 26 Israelis murdered and 200 wounded in suicide bombings to impress the Americans.

"My purpose, and the purpose of my government, is to reach a cease-fire," Sharon said. "This is a matter of supreme importance, and we will make every effort possible to attain this goal. This [visit] is a true test for Arafat and the Palestinian leadership to determine if their intentions are in fact to move the diplomatic process forward." Absolute nonsense! Arafat has sold his rug of a cease fire a hundred times before since Oslo in 1993. He is a liar and a terrorist and certainly not a "peace partner."

Sharon is expected to give Zinni evidence linking the Palestinian Authority to the majority of the terror attacks. FOOLISHNESS. The Americans know the truth but have always chosen to over look Arafat's violations of Oslo and his direct links to terrorism.

Sharon met with Bush in Washington following the horrendous multiple terrorist attack in Jerusalem and Haifa. He said "The United States has an important role to play in this attempt to broker a cease fire and we are making a supreme effort to make it succeed. Again foolishness. For his part Bust told Sharon that he had a free hand to crush the terrorist attacks in his country.

How many times must Israeli leaders travel down the same road with Arafat before they understand the truth. He is NOT a "peace partner", but seeks to destroy Israel.

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