By Emanuel A. Winston

On August 10 Prime Minister Ehud Barak responded to a question on CNN regarding the West Bank Palestinian who ran his car twice into a group of soldiers waiting for rides to return to base after Shabbat. All reports (including the terrorist's own mother) indicate this was another suicide mission coming from the heart of Arafat's Palestinians. However, Barak's reply on CNN was the same craven response that Rabin and Peres gave as their stock answers, when Jews were killed in terrorist attacks by the Palestinians: "We will not be deterred from the 'Peace Process'." This deadly process continues, only slowing briefly when Clinton asked Arafat to curb the terrorists so the CIA/State Department could claim Arafat was compliant with his treaty obligations. Rabin and Peres had their body count of dead Jews since Oslo - numbering in excess of 300 murdered and thousands wounded, some maimed for life. So, too, has Barak started his own score card.

Vulgar words flooded my mind but none would convey the stupidity of this supposedly cultured thinker. Was it just that he was now a creature of the Clintons or was he really that pathetically blind to the reality of the Arabs' hatred? Has the word "Jew-Hatred' lost its meaning and no longer has the spark to penetrate the thick skulls of our Leftist Jews? Do they just not want to know? Do Jews create a dream world and then live in it?

We saw this in 1929 when the Jews of Hebron refused the offer of the Haganah to send in armed guards. 69 Jews of Hebron were slaughtered by Arabs who the Jews thought were their friends and neighbors. Their dream of peaceful co-existence turned to a nightmare.

We saw this in 1939 when Hitler proclaimed his intentions and then started his Final Jewish Solution. Most of the Jews of Europe refused to escape when they could and told each other that all of this will pass. They too paid the price of following stupid leaders and dreams of peace.

Now, in 1999, do we still have among us those suicidal Jews who deny the reality of the murders of their own people and pledges by sworn enemies to wipe them out? Perhaps we can excuse them because they are so enamored with their dreams of peace that reality doesn't count. Or has former General Barak, "the most decorated soldier in Israel", been conned by President Clinton, the quintessential con man, so he can proclaim this false peace as his Presidential legacy? Is Barak following the diktats of Clinton, his role model and his financial mentor who assisted his election with cash and consultants? It would appear so.

Whatever Barak is, can you believe one word that he utters? He plays his audience like a puppet master. He creates false delays, giving everyone heart that he will demand full compliance from Arafat before he gives away vital areas as did Rabin, Peres, and Netanyahu. In the very next breath he tells us that, if Arafat objects to any time delay, he will implement the Wye withdrawals regardless. This means surrendering 13% more territory which will give Arafat's PLO 40% of the West Bank, isolating the Jewish communities and giving Arafat's 50-60,000 (and growing) man army, contiguous land and crucial water resources to establish control.

Control means military jurisdiction over 200,000 Jews; disposal of countless Jewish holy sites, power to prevent Israeli mobilization if any Arab army or coalition of Arab armies attack; domination of up to 70% of Israel's water resources (including the Golan if Barak surrenders those Heights). Arafat has been ostensibly told by Barak and Clinton that he will get everything necessary for his new "State of Palestine" with Jerusalem as its capital - and he will never have to comply with the terms of Oslo, Hebron, and Wye.

Is his script being written by the almost Jew Madeleine Albright and the other court Jews like Berger, Indyk, Ross, Miller, Kurtzer and James Rubin? Presumably this gaggle of obsequious Jews surrounding our 'noble' President will be the first sacrificed when Clinton's Middle East house of cards falls. Was there ever such a nauseating gathering of spineless Jews genuflecting to their earthly deity - an impeached President Clinton?

When will Israel vote in a Prime Minister who has pride in his Jewishness and really protects the nation rather than one who caves in to a scurrilous President who is tied to Arab financial interests? I am baffled by Jews who start their dream vision by speaking of the peace with the Palestinians as if the last seven years did not happen. Even those of the political or nationalistic Right speak about withdrawal time tables as if this was an inevitable holy plan blessed by a generous American President. They sprinkle their dream with light comments about how Arafat, his fearsome officers and the Palestinians must 'vigorously' and 'meticulously' fulfill all of their commitments in the area of security.

Stop reading, dear Reader, and think.

For the last seven years, since the infamous handshake on the White House lawn, Arafat and his people have not kept any part of his signed agreements which were guaranteed by America under Bill Clinton's signatures. Each Palestinian breach was reported and filed away to record an indisputable history of non-compliance. And yet, the CIA and State Department have continuously approved the Palestinian Authority as being "in compliance". On whose orders do they lie? These people made it plain that, no matter what Arafat did, it was somehow all "OK" as long as he kept talking in this spurious "peace process". The "Process" was what was important; not the peace.

I accept the perfidious thoughts and acts of the radical Left as heartfelt. Rabin, Peres, Beilin made little effort to hide their betrayal of the Israeli people - except for the brief period of time they negotiated Oslo, in secret, away from the sight of the Israeli people. Yossi Beilin said publically that they couldn't tell the Israelis about the negotiations and the terms "because they would never agree".

But, what about the people who lived through the last seven years? Were they blind; struck dumb; deaf to the cries of the dead and wounded; or did they just not care? I know that the parents and friends of the dead felt the blows - as did anyone of conscience, Jew or Gentile. How dare those who saw it all limply demand that NOW Arafat must keep his obligations.

Of course, our courageous (?) Jewish leaders do not make this demand too loudly or too often. But, they do make frequent public statements about how much Israel should withdraw and when will she keep its side of the Wye Agreement. "Peace Now" openly encourages violent demonstrations and stands with those demonstrating Arabs. The idea of actually demanding that Arafat keep his obligations before Israel withdraws from any more land, ties their shorts in a knot.

Imagine, if you were a businessman (small or large) and you have just signed a contract. Your new partner has agreed to do certain things starting the very next day. You wake up to find nothing started; you wait for something to begin but he fulfills none of what he agreed to. Not only that, but your new partner has started proceedings which will actually destroy your corporation. So, what the're a good hearted forgive him and say let's start again.

What if you are the small country of Israel and your "peace partner" openly displays his map of the New "State of Palestine" covering all of your State of Israel and he openly declares that he will raise the Palestinian flags over Jerusalem, the capital of his State and ONLY his State? Do you start over again? Now the 'starting line' has been moved, with 40% of your territory in the enemy's hands and your positions weakened proportionately. But, yes, you do start again - and again - and again. Do you finally get the idea that your new partner really doesn't want an agreement with you? He really hates you and only wants what you have. Isn't it time to accept the wreckage of your false dreams for a peace of compromise which lets you live with him? Do you finally walk away?

Not if you are an Israeli leader. Nothing breaks his spirit and belief. The dead may pile up, but Jewish leaders have a lot of people to sacrifice before such creatures as Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Beilin, and Barak consider themselves at risk. So, the last seven years of broken agreements, suicide bombers, green lights given by Arafat to riot and murder, mean nothing but an temporary annoyance.

After all, if you have decided to give the Arabs everything: your defensive positions, the entire heart of the country, your holy sites, your capital and most of your water, then why bring up the matter of compliance at this late date?

It seems that between the Left and the Right a decision has been made to let the country die. Now it's merely starting the count down.

I hope I'm wrong and that someone who has the power to be effective will finally stand up for Israel's survival.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator as well as a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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