By Eugene Narrett, PhD

NATO in Kosovo: "the lie becomes truth." Another warning for Israel. The signal features of the New World Order described by George Orwell in his prescient novel, 1984 are the re-writing and forgetting of history overseen and demanded by the State as the price of each subject's survival. Acquiescence to a society organized around chronic war in which last year's enemy becomes this year's 'eternal' friend is achieved by media made a branch of government, the Ministry of Newspeak. No other news sources are permitted. Books have been burned or sequestered. Memory is the ultimate "thought-crime." Each person must practice "double think," the conscious denial and suppression of thoughts and knowledge that contradict the State's official lies.

Complementing the distortion of the present and forgetting of the past is a steady stream of propaganda droning out of televisions and loudspeakers identifying and demonizing the enemy du jour. All workers must gather for a "daily hate" that displaces thought by emotion, makes hysteria habitual and allows employers and sensitivity trainers to observe and punish inadequate zealotry and conformity. The result is that "the past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth." This process is in high gear domestically in the official promotion of multi-culturalism and is being applied to the Balkans and Israel with lessons every individual in the West must learn if its life is to remain worth living. NATO-American policy in the Balkans, and its presentation of that policy in the media expresses the most destructive features of our culture of forgetting. Abrogated laws, hubris in the name of compassion, aggression in the name of peace and, above all, relentless dishonesty reflect a society on the brink of collapse into manufactured crises, mass hysteria and tyranny.

Mr. Clinton says he wants peace through war, and has attacked a nation that is no threat to America or to any of its neighbors. The conflict in Kosovo has arisen because Slobodan Milosevic (like Joseph Tito before him) failed to secure Yugoslavia's border with Albania. The resulting strife helped each of them centralize power. Worse than the deliberate obscuring of facts about the history of this conflict is that NATO's attack has silenced the democratic critics of Milosevic and caused all Serbians (and increasingly, all Slavs) to rally to the defense of their embattled nation.

From 1960-90 Tito turned a blind eye as an influx of Albanians drove Serbs from Kosovo. The immigration was pushed by the Stalinist regime of Enver Hoxha that had reduced Albania to current penury and made it a pariah among nations. Since Hoxha, Albania has lacked government in any real sense. The main powers there have been the Saudis and Iranians. Its economy has consisted of arms and drug smuggling and a series of ruinous pyramid schemes and lotteries. This sordid history is available but ignored by major western media and governments who have abandoned national interests for a global agenda that finds ready allies in radical and expansionist Islam.

The claims of "genocide" used to rationalize bombing Yugoslavia drain that term of meaning. Three thousand casualties (1/3 of them Serbs) in a year is not genocide. A low level civil war and ongoing border dispute is not genocide. Milosevic is a petty despot who sold out the Serbs in Bosnia but there are dozens of regimes in the world far more brutal than his has ever been or sought to be. If violent oppression of civilians is America's new criterion for aggression, we should bomb China for their longstanding occupation of Tibet and assault on Tibetan religion. NATO should attack Sudan whose Muslim government for twenty years has warred on, enslaved and sold the Christian and pagan population in the south of that nation. The deaths exceeding a million people (and include an American ambassador murdered by agents of the Islamic government). Muslims from Sudan to Cameroon control the world's slave trade. One thought this was a primary concern for Mr. Clinton who barnstormed through Africa a year ago apologizing to dictators, though America halted its slave trade in 1819.

By the criteria applied to Serbia, there are dozens of nations we ought to attack. One is Indonesia, where rioting organized by the Muslim government has led to the murder of tens of thousands of Christians and ethnic Chinese in recent years. (Yet that nation has provided millions in campaign funds to the current Administration). Perhaps NATO should present an ultimatum to Tony Blair and Great Britain: let the Catholics in Ulster secede or London gets bombed. Demand Spain let the Basques secede or NATO toasts Madrid. Inform Turkey it must cede its southeastern territory to the resident Kurdish population with whom it is engaged in a bloody war over autonomy. Why not dictate that India cede Kashmir to the Muslims? Only the complete forgetting of history can accept the rationale for vilifying and bombing the Serbs. While this madly politicized and murderous policy unfolds, it appears that the Administration ignored a chance to support an insurrection against Saddam Hussein by Shiites in southern Iraq early in March. Agents of Saddam murdered the chief Shiite cleric, the generals of two Iraqi army corps were executed and several towns put to the torch in an abortive rising that desperately needed American assistance. Western leaders now prefer to create and manage rather than resolve crises, much less resolve them justly and peacefully.

With poetic justice that will bear dangerous fruits, Clinton's policy is tearing NATO apart. The Greeks are incensed that their own problems with illegal Albanian immigrants are ignored and their efforts to control their own border made to seem illegal. Mr. Clinton has made some remarks that have dangerously heightened tensions between Greece and Turkey. Battalions of Polish, Slovak, Rumanian and Ukrainian volunteers are headed to Serbia, incensed at the contempt of Western governments for Slavs. Perhaps most disturbingly, NATO's attack is driving Ukraine back toward nuclear re-armament and re-union with Russia.

On March 25-6, Italy's government nearly collapsed in disagreements about the bombing campaign. The Italians do not share Clinton's faked compassion for Albanians boatloads of which Italy has been turning away for years. Italy fears the fate of Serbia. France and Germany privately worry about their own large population of Muslims who demand social welfare benefits but refuse to assimilate. Balkanization of a nation is no joke. It means constant war.

Hungary and Poland, brand new members of NATO fear speaking out but Hungarians must be terrified at once again becoming a frontline state in Central Europe confronting an expansive Islam, utterly intolerant of other religions. The Poles fear an aroused Russia. Behind the scenes, the Germans anxiously watch the virtually indefensible Polish border with Belarus. The point is not pity for the Germans who forfeit sympathy by again sending planes to bomb Yugoslavia and dictating surrender to Israel. Rather, the point is that Europe is being fractured and military hot spots proliferating. Violence in Kosovo has increased, tensions in Macedonia are escalating rapidly and NATO's bombing has failed even in its stated objectives. Perhaps chaos was the point.

The US-NATO aggression on behalf of rebels funded by the Saudis and Iran also is ironic since European intelligence knows that the KLA is active in smuggling heroin from Syria and Turkey into Europe. It should alarm everyone that Clinton now talks of arming the KLA, including an air force. At the same time he speaks hypocritically of "defusing a powder keg at the heart of Europe." In truth, he is pouring gasoline on a fire.

The Clinton administration again has trampled the Constitutional limits on war making. Moral obtuseness and hypocrisy extend to its unconcern that Egyptian and Palestinian media now openly refer to Jews as "the seed of Satan" and publish articles reporting as "fact" Jews kill Christian children and use the blood for matzo. Unconcerned by these danger signs, Hillary Clinton tours North Africa boosting an Arab Reich in Judea while Arafat's lieutenants openly demand a return to the UN borders of 1947 when Israel was to consist of three tiny, barely contiguous parcels of land. From Berlin to Rome, the European Union dictates surrender to the Jews. Just as Hitler often did, they grieve for "the poor Arabs." Things fall apart; words lose their meanings. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

At the gruesome finale of Othello, a horrified onlooker exclaims, "confusion now hath made its masterpiece!" Mr. Clinton is plunging Europe into chaos and war. He is enflaming the most violent and aggressive factions in the Muslim world and making de facto alliance with them. The cold war is returning and may get hot. China demands favored trade status and increases oppression of its people. No one has time or energy to attend to the treacherous transfer of nuclear technologies to China or to the looming indictment of Bill Clinton on 12 additional counts of rape, sexual assault and coercion of witnesses. The media will not allow such matters to distract the statesman who in the name of "PEACE" is plunging Europe into a new Dark Age and setting the stage for the slaughter of Jews in Israel.

Assessing the social and political habits already in 1948 dominating the post-War world, Orwell's vision of the future was "a boot stamping on a human face, forever." The media-driven hysterics of spurious compassion, the signature feature of what Barbara Amiel calls the "Statist matriarchy" has brought the boot down on Serbia just as it has already crushed the American family, education system and Constitution. Israel is next because Israel is the model of discrete nationhood with fixed borders and of law established firmly in memory and transcendent truths. Hebrew teaches that manliness (zachar) is the core of memory (zicharon) and there are no qualities the Modern State more relentlessly roots out. It reminds one of Joseph Conrad's words at the very center of Heart of Darkness, his 1901 disquisition on the authoritarian idealism that would displace Scriptural teaching and deform our century. "Reckless without hardihood, greedy without audacity, cruel without cunning, there was not an atom of foresight or serious intention in the lot of them."

The leaders of the New Age are as feckless as they are fierce, as cynical as they are self-righteous. They believe in nothing and they will bequeath nothing but tyranny and violence to a world they are reducing to an impoverished village, a new primitivism marked by the image of a boot crushing a human face. Do not wonder then that today's pioneers of revolutionary progress and virtue sponsor the KLA and Arafat.


Eugene Narrett, PhD teaches at Boston University.


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