By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

After we get over our first wave of anger and disgust regarding the vulgar display against the State of Israel by Britain's Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, we must stop and look deeper. Jewish experience with the Bloody English already Informs us that they are perniciously anti-Semitic. Like the French, the English will and have prostituted themselves to the Arabs for years. On March 17 their Jew phobia blended perfectly in this photo opportunity to show the Arab world that they stand shoulder to shoulder with Arafat against the Jews, representing England and as current head of the EU (European Union). Of course, as their quid pro quo the EU states expect better access to the rich markets of the Middle East, particularly for their sales of weapons along with other goods and services.

Informed sources tell us that this visit wasn't as haphazard as it may have seemed. You may recall an earlier period when the European nations (Common Market) were working their way toward an economic boycott of Israeli exports to force Israel to accept all Arab demands. Their plan got close but could not make it through operationally.

Start looking for US State Dept. fingerprints - particularly those of the angry lady, Sec. of State Albright. The State Dept. is suffering Administration paralysis due to a President with zipper problems. (As a relevant aside, Mr. Cook is also known as a philanderer and womanizer - but that's another story.) The British have been used before as cutouts for covert American foreign policy. In this case, the American President and State Dept. were recently thwarted in their plan to force their version of the Oslo Peace Plan on Israel. So, what they could not achieve in public, they re-channeled through the willing offices of Britain and the EU.

Cook comes to Israel after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had just visited four European countries, coming away with what he thought was an understanding. But, Bibi was treated as the European nations have always treated their own Jews. When they were not confiscating their property, killing them or rounding them up for the Germans, they lied to them to achieve their goals.

Cook planned to provoke a crisis. As point man for the EU and US State Dept. he intentionally created a scandal. Knowing Netanyahu and Israel would be rightly insulted and after promising not to, he deliberately met with a Palestinian official at the building site on the hill called Har Homa. This housing development is within the capital's boundaries in South Jerusalem but Cook provocatively labeled it a "settlement".

Cook first met with Israeli cabinet secretary Danny Naveh, who greeted him at the building site saying, "Welcome to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel." Cook replied: "It's not just the capital of Israel, it's also the capital of Palestine." Cook refused a briefing on Har Homa from his other escort Jerusalem municipality's Amos Radian saying, "I don't need your briefing, because I don't recognize your right to be here." (1) If that wasn't enough insult, he violated his diplomatic promise by also meeting there with Salah al-Ta'amri, of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Of course, he told the press and the expected demonstration of outraged Israelis obliged the cameras. To ensure he wasn't misunderstood, he refused the customary protocol visit of foreign dignitaries to the Western Wall and Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Museum which documents both victims and victimizers - most of whom were from countries now in the European Union. And then he placed a wreath on the memorial erected in Jerusalem to the Palestinians killed by Israel at Deir Yassin. (2) (See: "Deir Yassin: History of a Lie" by the ZOA.)

In days and weeks to come watch the Bloody British lead a campaign as head of the EU to force Israel to surrender more and more land to Arafat, despite the outrageous facts of Arafat's non-compliance on everything he agreed to do in the Oslo, Cairo, Hebron Accords.

Madame Albright gave a background nod to Cook's display of anti-Semitic, pro-Arab posturing and his deliberate willingness to cause a diplomatic uproar. Now, we expect a meeting of the 15 EU countries censuring the treatment Cook received from protesting Jews and the cancellation of his state dinner with PM Netanyahu. The EU gave Cook their full backing before the visit. Clearly, his deviation from courteous behavior (to put it nicely) was prompted by a desire to shore up the UK's standing in the Arab world. This scandal will severely damage British PM Tony Blair's visit to Israel next month. But Blair had given Cook his unequivocal support from the outset. Capitalizing on Britain's presidency of the EU, Blair and Cook set out to demonstrate that the Palestinians have the international community's backing on their demand for a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.(3)

The LONDON TIMES blasts Cook's "precipitation of a major international incident that will severely embarrass Tony Blair". This was a "deliberate provocation", "an unequivocal disaster"...which left "a poisoned atmosphere". (4)

Watch for the US State Dept. to wade in as if they are even-handed advisors seeking peace, which they know full well has been abrogated time and again by Arafat. What a nest of conspiratorial rats. The English, French, American State Dept. Arabists - all of whom seem to carry the anti-Jewish virus like fleas on the rats who carried bubonic plague. Clearly, while the chimneys of the vast European graveyard may have stopped smoking, the coals of anti-Semitism smolder, waiting to once more burst into flame. Only this time they wish to transfer the stink of death to the Middle East.

Dear Reader: Your eyes and ears have been tricked. The goal of Robin Cook was to create a Jewish backlash which, in turn, will give the Europeans and Arabists in the State Dept. and Clinton Administration the excuse to puff up indignantly and vote sanctions against Israel.


Demand that your Congressmen and Senators stand up together to tell the EU and the UN that they are liars and engaged in diplomatic fraud. Tell them we, the American people, will not stand idly by and watch the preparation for another Holocaust so England, France, Germany and Russia may once again sell NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) catastrophic weapons of mass destruction to radical Islamic militant Arab nations - because that is what this Oslo Process is all about.

Send this article to your Congressmen, local newspapers, Jewish leaders and especially to Christian leaders who can use their powerful influence against betrayal of Israel and the Jewish people.


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By Emanuel A. Winston

Several Senators have already evinced suspicions that the Robin Cook fiasco has the earmarks of a coordinated and planned "Undiplomatic Move." Denials notwithstanding, the players at this time seem to be Britain and France with Clinton's State Department playing the behind the scenes organizer.

The circle of plotters was closed when it was reported in the Maariv of March 20 by Sima Kadmon that ultra-leftist Yossi Beilin and likely others had colluded with Cook/Blair. It has been reported that Beilin flew to London to confer with Cook on the eve of his planned visit to Israel. Journalists also pressed Beilin to explain why left-wing Knesset members showed up at Har Homa during Cook's appearance there. He refused to answer. If there ever was a pre-planned lynch mob, this would top all the others. Cook/Blair, Clinton/Albright, Beilin/Peres, and the EU - all tasked to accomplish one thing to force Israel into total surrender, which, after all will be said and done, will prove to be the ultimate peace generally found only in the grave.

Certain Senators are already exploring US law which calls for a US Customs' embargo of those companies who participate in an embargo of Israel. Other discussions between Jews and pro-Israel Christians are taking place in anticipation of a possible EU move to block Israeli exports to the 15 EU members states. Austrian Chancellor Viktor Klima admitted this past weekend that the EU is coordinating with the US.

All are waiting for the EU to drop the other shoe. Up to now, there is every appearance that the US and the EU have colluded to cast Israel in the light of "Peace Spoiler" and therefore subject to the weapon of economic pressure (read blackmail). The EU, with England leading, is furthering its negative agenda and allying academics with politicians in sponsoring a conference on Palestinian Refugees, Mar. 23-24 (I&G News, to discuss the future of 3.4 million Palestinian refugees. They claim this is an issue which lies at the heart of the Middle East Peace Process, as opposed to an admission that millions of Palestinians entering Israel is equivalent to destroying Israel. The question of whether Netanyahu will bend to this pressure is still unknown. There are unsettling signs such as Israel offering to withdraw from the Security Zone in Lebanon if the Lebanese offer security guarantees. Syria has already rejected this plan unless it is accompanied by an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan.

London's respected Arabic journal Al-Sharaq al-Awasat reported (I&G News, ) on March 18 that President Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair did confer to use the Iraqi crisis to divert pressure from Clinton in the matter of the latest sex scandals. According to the report, this was further linked to Hillary Clinton's transmission of US intelligence information to Yasser Arafat. This may sound incredible except when one considers that the Clintons counted pro-Arab interest groups as contributors in several gubernatorial campaigns.

Clearly the Webster Dictionary definition of conspiracy would seem to provide a frame in which to understand these diplomatic machinations"A plot to commit an illegal act." I cannot help but wonder if the transference of vital intelligence to a hostile party does not constitute a form of treason, particularly where US troops could be harmed as a result.

For once, we can only hope that Congress will undertake a deep probing with real and hard questions asked.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst for the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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