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"For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest"


MY PRAYER FOR ISRAEL - ROSH HASHANA 5764....Bernard J. Shapiro
ARAFAT MUST BE STOPPED...Guest Editorial....Mortimer Zuckerman
THE PRICE OF THE LEFT (COST OF OSLO VS. YESHA)...Guest Editorial....Michael Freund


ARAFAT'S 'INVESTMENTS' (THEFT)....Editorial - The New York Post

ISLAMIC IMPERIALISM.... Rabbi A. James Rudin

THE ISRAEL AIR FORCE VS. NATO....Israel National News



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By Bernard J. Shapiro

As I survey the fragile planet we call home, my mind makes note of the chaos, blood, and tears. The cries of a million lost souls shatter the night in a million corners of the earth. The sensitive, compassionate among them try to feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the naked. One by one their energies dissipate. They try to hold back the tide with a teaspoon and then see the impossibility of the task. The Jewish people are but a cosmic speck in this universe. To many Jews who feel deeply about their own people, that speck becomes the whole world. Other Jews are irrevocably tied to non-Jewish pursuits.

May we as a people open our eyes and begin to see the world as it really is. Without becoming depressed and morose, we must realize that there are powerful forces in the world that wish us ill. May we mobilize our strength to fight our enemies until they are defeated. May we not succumb to false prophets of peace. We all want peace. We pray for peace in our Sabbath services every Friday night. After thousands of years, being victims of persecution, expulsion, extermination, and discrimination, it is natural that we yearn for peace with every ounce of our bodies and souls. It is because our hunger for peace is so strong that we must be doubly cautious not to fall for a pseudo-peace. Today none of us believe Chamberlain really negotiated "peace in our time" with Hitler. Why do some Jews believe that Peres and Rabin really negotiated "peace" with Arafat, one of today's Hitlers? The Jewish people must learn the value of unity in the face of so many enemies who wish them ill.

I pray that Israelis who have fought in countless wars will understand that there is no magic cure, though they crave to be free of constant conflict. As Jews we are all involved in this historic struggle to survive. It is not our fate or that of the Israelis that we should retire from this struggle.

There is another battlefield here in America where the Jewish people is being tested and I pray that they win. That is the battle with assimilation, the struggle for continuity of Jewish life. History very clearly tells us that Jews can survive any persecution, but show a great tendency to assimilate and disappear where conditions are favorable. This seductive kiss of death is very hard to fight and I don't have all the answers. One thing is clear: where there is a strong intensity of religious upbringing, complete with Jewish day schools, the process of assimilation can be slowed. My prayer for the Jewish people would be a rapid growth in attendance in Jewish day schools. Also the Jewish population will have to shift to a more traditional form of Judaism. In two or three generations more than 80% of Reform Jews will have disappeared. The main survivors will be Orthodox and Conservative Jewry and the Lubavitch Movement.

In 1967, during a visit to Israel immediately following the Six Day War, I prayed at the Wall for the first time. I had expected the stones to be rough and weathered after all this time, but they were smooth from 2000 years of touching and kissing. The gentle caresses of Jews over the ages had worn soft finger grooves in the hard rock. As I placed my hands on this magnificent relic of our forefathers, I felt a surge of light and energy the likes of which I had never known. In what had to have been but the flash of a second, I felt at one with Jews from all periods of history.

In an instant I saw the continuity of Jewish history and its unbreakable connection with Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel). I understood how modern Israel is the beginning of the Third Temple Period and the spiritual heir to Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon, the Maccabees and Bar Kokhba. I frequently write about the security reasons for incorporating Judea, Samaria, and Gaza into the body of Israel. There is another side to this issue and that is the spiritual-religious side. The truth, which many find inconvenient, is that the Land of Israel was promised by G-d to Abraham and his seed in perpetuity. The Land of Israel is not speculative real estate to be bartered away for seductive promises of peace. The hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria contain the collective memory of the Jewish people. It was here that the Israelites first entered the Holy Land. And it was here they fought the battles, built the towns, elected their kings and were preached to by their prophets and judges. And it was on this soil that they wrote the Holy Scriptures we call our Bible.

In my blinding flash of insight at the Wall, I also understood that Israel on its own soil was more powerful than the sum of its weapons and men. Jews who had wandered the earth powerless for two millenniums attained great power when re-united with the soil of Israel.

One thing is clear to me: the Lord has blessed Israel by re-uniting Jerusalem and bringing Judea, Samaria, and Gaza back under its control. It would be a horrendous sin against G-d and common sense for Israel to renounce this inheritance to which it is entitled. Israel holds these lands as a sacred trust for the Jewish people in perpetuity. It would not only be sinful, but also criminal, to abuse that trust by denying future generations of Jews their Holy Land -- the Land of their Fathers -- the one tiny spot on planet earth given to them by G-d.

As we approach Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, I see Am Yisrael in great pain. I say to the suffering people of Israel. We are an ancient people with a glorious history. Though we suffer from weak leadership, we are greater than our leaders. Our souls are greater than the terrorists and their allies in the Palestinian Authority. We will never be defeated by their bullets and bombs. We have never submitted. We have never renounced our claim to Eretz Yisrael. We are a Holy People, despite our pain. We have vision where our leaders sometime are blind. Our courage is greater than the mean and cruel world which has oppressed us.


I have a vision and a dream that I must reveal as we approach these Days of Awe: In the name of G-d, the Almighty, Defender of His People, Israel, I say to my people's enemies: Beware of the thing that is coming, that will take what you would not give. That will free the people of Israel from your atrocities. I say to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Be aware of the Risen People who will sweep the Arab scourge into the dustbin of history. Know that the Jewish soul will be set free. The spectacular victories of the Israeli army and the return to Zion demonstrated that power. But it wasn't a miracle. It was just the soul of the Jew coming to its own. It was just the Jewish soul freed at last to be itself.

And I see it coming, the Jewish soul released to be itself. I see a new proud Jewish government coming to power in Israel. A government that reclaims the Jewish Holy Places and restores Jewish sovereignty in all of Eretz Yisrael. I see Moslem control and Islamic sites removed from the Temple Mount to make it ready for Moshiach. I see the enemies of Israel, who raise up their hands to murder or injure Jews, driven from our Holy Land. I see the secular Jews of Israel and the world becoming more observant and returning to the Torah. I see religious Jews becoming more tolerant of diversity in Jewish practice.

I see a new Israeli foreign policy that grovels before no nation, no matter how powerful. I see Israel's Foreign Minister informing every nation that their embassies must be in Jerusalem. If they don't respect Israel's capital, then may have a consulate in Tel Aviv. I see the government demanding that the Vatican return all the property it has stolen from the Jewish people during the last 2000 years. Maybe they will refuse and we could always hold their property in Israel as a down payment. The Vatican has been used to dealing with obsequious groveling Jews, but now they would see proud fearless Jews. I see an Israeli government that would change its relationship with America from one of subservience to one of equal alliance.

Yes, I have a dream (apologies to MLK) that Jews will no longer debate the obvious: like whether to hold onto what is theirs or trade it away; whether to struggle for survival or to give up from fatigue. I have a dream that the Jews of the kibbutz and the Jews of YESHA will be reborn as brothers and patriots. From the Galilee to Eilat, all the people of Israel will share the same dream of a powerful independent Zionist nation. I have a dream that this strong, proud independent Israel will win the respect of all the nations of the world, including the Arabs. Instead of the contempt it has earned in recent years, Israel will again be a light unto the nations. And finally, I have a dream that this new Israel will find the peace it so dearly deserves. A peace with strength and self-respect. As I look back at 4000 years of Jewish history, I have but one urgent hope and prayer: We must make this dream a reality. There is no alternative.

May the Lord, bless the leaders of Israel with the courage to pursue peace, and the wisdom to know when it is not attainable. May the Lord bless the Jews who return to Zion and give them jobs and new friends to ease their transition into Israeli life. May the Lord bless the war-weary Israeli people with the stamina to bear up under the strain, if peace not just around the corner. May they understand that their fate may be that of endless struggle to survive in a hostile world and may they have the strength to understand that there is still no alternative (ein brera). May the people of Israel prosper and go from success to success never forgetting that their destiny lies in their might, their righteousness and their faith in HaShem. SHANA TOV!


Bernard J. Shapiro is executive director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and editor of its monthly Internet magazine THE MACCABEAN ONLINE <>.



September 29, 2003


by Mortimer Zuckerman
Editor in Chief, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

"Arafat is not just a terrorist ... but one of the inventors of modern terrorism."

"Suicide terrorism cannot be appeased but must be defeated and destroyed."

There will never be peace in the Middle East while Yasser Arafat doeshis bloody work. It is understandable that Israel should now be considering whether to tolerate his presence on the West Bank. His influence is wholly destructive and a betrayal of the best aspirations of the Palestinians. It took this wretched man just l00 days to torpedo the hope of President Bush that the Palestinians could be served by a new leader. Now he has personally appointed a new prime minister-clearly to serve under him, not next to him.

Israeli intelligence, using sources and intercepts, has concluded that Arafat is a central factor in the resumption and escalation of terrorist acts that blew up the peace process. The bus bombing in Jerusalem that killed 23, including six children, is exactly parallel to what he did on unleashing the intifada to destroy the Camp David Accords. Four months into the intifada, on Feb. 12, 2001, Arafat thought the Israelis had not suf fered enough casualties. He asked a group of Palestinian senior officials, "Why don't the Israelis have more dead?" Then he added, "You know what you have to do." Arafat's statement marked the beginning of the suicide bombing onslaught. It was his way of passing on the order to kill. After Mahmoud Abbas was appointed prime minister, Arafat let it be known he wanted the terrorism continued. A case in point: After the ceasefire was declared in late June, Zakariya al-Zubaydi, the brigade commander of Islamic Jihad in Jenin, issued a leaflet opposing it. Days later, his fighters carried out the first major violation of the truce by killing an Israeli in the West Bank. Arafat responded with a public order for the arrest of Zubaydi and his gang, but he privately approved paying him $10,000.

Hired guns. This is why since the cease-fire was officially announced on June 29, 2003, there have been no fewer than 240 terrorist attacks on Israelis, an average of three per day. As long as these attacks lead to the death of "only one or two people," they don't appear in the world's media. Large amounts of cash were transferred to incentivize terrorism. Iran was especially active, using Hezbollah in Lebanon to transfer funds to Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and other Fatah militant groups. Unfortunately, it took a megaattack like Jerusalem to break into the news media of the western world, but the Israelis knew what was happening. All this is of a piece with Arafat's rejections of every opportunity to make a peace agreement. His commitment is not to the coexistence of two states living side by side in peace. He has never dropped the mentality of the "national liberation organization" -- formed before Israel was in the West Bank. Its purpose is to liberate all the land of Israel from the Jews. AraŁat is a part of the refugee community of 1948, those who are emotionally and ideologically incapable of compromise because of what they believe is the historical injustice of the founding of Israel. The Washington Post summed it up in an editorial: "It is obvious that he will never renounce violenceagainst Israel or agree to a final peace settlement with a Jewish state."

Arafat has violated every agreement he has made to date--an experience long shared by Arab leaders who also have stopped trusting him. But it has taken the world a long time to wake up to the reality that Arafat is not just a terrorist--he has never doffed his military uniform--but one of the inventors of modern terrorism. He has been sedulous in spreading the notion that it is all Israel's fault. When I met with him at his request two years ago, he even had the nerve to tell me that the terrorist bombing of a discotheque on the Tel Aviv beach that killed 21 youngsters was an Israeli sting operation organized to inspire sympathy for Israel around the world. This is on a par with the Islamic fundamentalist line that 9/11 was the work of Mossad. The reality of Arafat as terrorist is written in a terrible record. He formed the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade because his experience has taught him that far from marginalizing him, terrorism pays. Let the record show: By November of l974, Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization had carried out the massacre of Israel's Olympic athletes, plane hijackings, letter bs, the assassination of an American ambassador and Jordan's prime minister, he slaughter of 21 Israeli schoolchildren at Maalot , and the killing of 52 Israelis--mainly women and children in Kiryat Shmona. Yet November 1974 was the month in which he was invited to address the United Nations General Assembly, virtually unanimously. "Asking Arafat to give up terrorism," explains Bernard Lewis, the dean of Middle East scholars, "is like asking Tiger Woods to give up golf."

Neither Abbas nor his replacement nor any moderate is strong enough to sideline Arafat or to dismantle the terrorist cells of Hamas and the other extremists. Arafat's "replacement" is little more than a participant in a game of musical chairs, with Arafat in charge of turning the music on and off. All that the puppets can do is to blame Israel and, with the support of their European cohorts, especially France, demand that Washington pressure Israel.

The cease-fire was a fake. A key leader of Islamic Jihad, Muhammed Shehadeh, stated, `We have an agreement and understandings [with the Palestinian Authority] that there would be no arrests of activists or raids on Is amic Jihad of fices and institutions or confiscation of our money." The result of repeated, frenzied Arab murders of Jewish civilians, of course, is that Israel retaliates as a measure of self defense, then Hamas and company argue that they were just retaliating for Israel's prior assassination of elite terrorists, and the credulous world, especially the Europeans, starts saying Israel should show restraint. This is to imagine there is no difference between law violation and law enforcement, as if there is equivalence between the inexcusable violence of murderers who target innocents, especiallychildren, and the indispensable violence of lawful authorities.

Murder. This is not the "cycle of violence" that the media keep mentioning, only the continuous and gratuitous murder of Jews. The Palestinian militants' hatred of the Jews is open, unapologetic, and unrivaled on the world stage since the Third Reich. How then can Israel confront the terrorists when it is often considered the villain for defending itself by using helicopter gunships against terrorist leaders, or by striking at a "terrorist family circle" by demolishing a home? That happens to be one of the few effective means of deterrence. When I was last in Israel, the father of a young Arab, carrying 18 kilos of explosives on his body, called the Israelis to alert them of the impending suicide attack, in order to prevent his home from being blown up by Israel.

Until 9/11, Americans had difficulty understanding a type of religious fanaticism that is both new and deadly. Here was a religious community whose leaders preach that the conflict with America (the "Great Satan") and Israel (the "Little Satan") is part of Islam's war against the nonbelievers and that killing them is Allah's will. America is a religiously tolerant, pluralistic society. We find it hard to believe that people become suicide bombers because of religious principles, and we are having our difficulties confrontrng this kind of terrorism. How can a small country like Israel fight such a war, which has no defined rules of engagement, where the enemy uses suicide bombers and roadside ambushes of civilians, where a terrorist has just killed innocents is a legitimate hero, and where a mother can be so proud of her "martyred" child that she can urge her other children to join him as suicide murderers? Any doubts that the joys are not shared will be eliminated by watching the street celebrations that follow successful bombings, including 9/11 here in America.

This is the Palestinian export to the world: suicide terrorism. Suicide terrorism cannot be appeased but must be defeated and destroyed. The Israelis understand that terrorism involves the collaboration between the bomber and his controller; the suicide terrorist is the last link and thus potentially unstoppable. But those behind him can be deterred by inflicting unacceptable damage on them through targeted killings and by occupying their sanctuaries. This toughness is the most effective policy in the short run, even if it causes more grievances in the long run.

Terrorism has to stop first. Until it ends, the Israelis will not negotiate seriously. It is absolutely hopeless to assume that the Palestinians will do this on their own. They will continue to kill Israelis and blame Israel for it. So just what more can Israel do? The talk of "removing" Arafat has produced lament from the usual quarters--who have no solution, except to ask the Israelis somehow to put up with the death and destruction he invokes. The Israelis have shown forbearance. They could have killed him long ago (with the same justification that we would have had in killing Osama bin Laden). Confining him even more in Ramallah is one possibility. Moving him to Gaza is another. Forcing him out, as the United States recently did with the leader of Liberia and formerly did with the leaders of Haiti and the Philippines, is something that must be considered if nothing else succeeds. He would still be a menace, but he would be away from the West Bank.

Second, Israelis should complete the construction of an elaborate fence to separate the two populations of Palestinians and Israelis, in order to protect the Israeli civilians from suicide murderers. This is both morally and strategically correct and deserves American support and understanding, given the hopelessness of thinking that the Palestinians will ever suppress their own terrorist activities. This is the only sure way to take terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians off the table. Until that occurs, nothing serious will happen with the peace process. Otherwise, we will be continuing decades of pretense and fantasy.

There was a moment of clarity that cut through this. President Bush in a speech on the Middle East on June 24, 2002, made two things clear: One was that Arafat and his gang of thugs tainted by terrorism must go; the second was that the obstacle to a Palestinian state is not Israel but Palestinian tyranny, corruption, and terrorism, and until that is ended, there will be no progress to a Palestinian state and no American support for it. Both of these principles were undermined by the road map, but they should return as America's posture on a darkened landscape.



The Jerusalem Post, October 1, 2003


By Michael Freund

There was something truly sinister about this past Friday's edition of Haaretz, the paper of record of Israel's left.

Although it was the eve of Rosh Hashanah, which is traditionally a time for spiritual introspection and national unity, the editors of Haaretz had other, far less holy thoughts on their minds.

After three months and countless hours of investigation by over a dozen of its top journalists, the paper decided to devote an entire special section of its holiday edition to "The price of the settlements".

The 40-page (!!) pullout, complete with charts, maps and colorful graphs, was clearly designed with one goal in mind: to persuade the Israeli public that the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea, Samaria and Gaza has been one big, costly mistake.

Haaretz, of course, has every right to adopt such a position, even if it appears to have more in common with Palestinian nationalism than with Zionism.

And, in fact, this has long been the paper's stance, as Editor in Chief Hanoch Marmari himself pointed out in last week's special section. "Since the Six Day War of 1967," Marmori wrote, "Haaretz has published more than 10,000 editorials… Many of them – hundreds – over the years addressed the need to evacuate the settlements in order to make possible the establishment of a viable Palestinian state."

Aside from the questionable methodology employed by the newspaper, which compared the cost of providing services in distant, outlying settlements with those offered in the center of the country, there is something far more disturbing at work here.

After all, what does it say about the Left's worldview when they begin to place a price tag on minority groups within society? Do they mean to suggest that some groups are "worth" the price involved, while others are not?

To appreciate just how chilling this entire approach can be, try replacing the word "settlements" in the Haaretz report with "the elderly", or "Ethiopian immigrants", or "development towns". You would rightly be denounced as heartless or racist or both.

It should go without saying that Israeli citizens over the so-called Green Line are entitled to the same array of government services as their fellow citizens living within pre-1967 Israel. But the entire thrust of the Haaretz report seems aimed at singling out the settlers and effectively presenting them as pricey parasites sucking the country dry.

The result is the demonization of an entire population group, one that loyally serves in the army, pays its taxes and defends the state.

Indeed, the authors of the Haaretz report seem to think that the cost of providing protection to Jewish settlers is the fault of the settlers themselves, rather than of those attacking them.

But that's like blaming the victim of a robbery for the high cost of catching criminals. If Palestinian terrorism did not exist, there would be no need to spend billions defending against it.

Moreover, if we start applying Haaretz' cost-benefit analyses to other parts of the country, what might one conclude about front-line communities such as Kiryat Shmona in the north or Sderot in the south? Are they "worth" the extra defense budgets they require because they sit near a boundary line adjacent to hostile forces?

But, to really grasp the absurdity of all this, just consider an alternative report one could draw up regarding, say, "The Price of the Left".

To begin with, one would have to take into account the billions in shekels that have gone to keep the kibbutzim afloat over the years. In March 1996, the government agreed to a 5.9 billion NIS plan to save some 76 kibbutzim from bankruptcy.

Under the arrangement, the kibbutzim were allowed to write off most of their debt and reschedule the rest over a generous 20-year period, all at taxpayer expense, no less.

This deal came barely 7 years after a December 1989 government rescue plan in which the kibbutzim saw another 1.67 billion NIS written off as well. At the time, the kibbutzim promised not to seek government assistance again in the future.

On top of the "price of the kibbutzim", one should also throw in the cost of Israel's failed socialist system, which was established, cultivated and developed by the Left throughout the decades in which it held power. Punitive tax rates of 50% on individual income, endless bureaucratic red tape and archaic labor laws have all served to stifle Israel's entrepreneurial spirit and energies.

The Left's economic legacy was on display earlier this week, as the Histadrut labor union shut down government offices while customs agents caused a near-riot at Ben-Gurion International Airport due to the work stoppage.

Who knows how many billions have been lost over the years as a result of the Left's mishandling of the economy?

And, while we are on the subject, what about the high cost in blood that the Left's failed peace policies have bequeathed the country? It is thanks to the Oslo Accords that Israel has seen over 1,100 of its citizens murdered in the past decade in Palestinian terror attacks, with thousands of others injured.

The human toll and economic cost of the Left's diplomatic disaster has been, quite simply, incalculable. By bringing the PLO army to our borders, and giving them guns, the Left has imperiled the future of the State, weakening Israel strategically and subjecting it to carnage and conflict.

Add it all together – the kibbutzim, the socialism and Oslo – and the result you get for "The Price of the Left" is a pretty hefty figure, one that almost certainly exceeds the so-called cost of the settlements.

So the next time Haaretz decides to reach for their calculators, they might want to stop and consider the wisdom of such an approach.

Because the numbers, as they say, just don't add up.


The writer served as Deputy Director of Communications & Policy Planning in the Prime Minister's Office under former premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

(©) The Jerusalem Post




By Steven Plaut

Say What? Anti-Semites? Who, us anti-Zionists? US? We have nothing against Jews as such. We just hate Zionism and Zionists. We think Israel does not have a right to exist. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such. Heavens to Mergatroyd. Marx Forbid. We are humanists. Progressives. Peace lovers.

Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews. Anti-Zionism is opposition to Zionism and Israeli policies. The two have nothing to do with one another. Venus and Mars. Night and Day. Trust us.

Sure, we think the only country on the earth that must be annihilated is Israel. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

Sure, we think that the only children on earth whose being blown up is ok if it serves a good cause are Jewish children. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

Sure we think that if Palestinians have legitimate grievances this entitles them to mass murder Jews. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

Naturally, we think that the only people on earth who should never be allowed to exercise the right of self-defense are the Jews. Jews should only resolve the aggression against them through capitulation, never through self-defense. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We only denounce racist apartheid in the one country in the Middle East that is NOT a racist apartheid country. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We refuse to acknowledge the Jews as a people, and think they are only a religion. We do not have an answer to how people who do NOT practice the Jewish religion can still be regarded as Jews. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We think that all peoples have the right to self-determination, except Jews, and including even the make-pretend Palestinian "people". But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We hate it when people blame the victims, except of course when people blame the Jews for the jihads and terrorist campaigns against them. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We think the only country in the Middle East that is a fascist anti-democratic one is the one that has free elections. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We demand that the only country in the Middle East with free speech, free press, or free courts be destroyed. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We oppose military aggression, except when it is directed at Israel. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We really understand suicide bombers who murder bus loads of Jewish children and we insist that their demands be met in full. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We think the only conflict on earth that must be solved through dismembering one of the parties to that conflict is the one involving Israel. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We do not think that Jews have any human rights that need to be respected and especially not the right to ride a bus without being murdered. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

There are Jewish leftist anti-Zionists and we consider this proof that anti-Zionists could not possibly be anti-Semitic. Not even the ones who cheer when Jews are mass murdered. These are the only Jews we think need be acknowledged or respected. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We do not think murder proves how righteous and just the cause of the murderer is, except when it comes to murderers of Jews. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We do not think the Jews are entitled to their own state and must submit to being a minority in a Rwanda-style "bi-national state", although no other state on earth, including the 22 Arab countries, should be similarly expected to be deprived of its sovereignty. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We think that Israel's having a Jewish majority and a star on its flag makes it a racist apartheid state. We do not think any other country having an ethnic-religious majority or having crosses or crescents or "Allah Akbar" on its flag is racist or needs dismemberment. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We condemn the "mistreatment" of women in the only country of the Middle East in which they are not mistreated. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We condemn the "mistreatment" of minorities in the only country in the Middle East in which minorities are NOT brutally suppressed and mass murdered. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We demand equal citizen rights, which is why the only country in the Middle East in need of extermination is the only one in which they exist. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

We have no trouble with the fact that there is no freedom of religion in any Arab countries. But we are mad at hell at Israel for violating religious freedom, and never mind that we are never quite sure where or when it does so. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.

So how can you possibly say we are anti-Semites? We are simply anti-Zionists. We seek peace and justice, that's all. And surely that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such.




By Steven Waldman

The real answer to the question 'Who killed Jesus?' should be: Who cares?
Theologically, the answer is irrelevant.

Sept. 18 - You probably won't find many Jews conceding the point that, biblically speaking, Jewish leaders probably were complicit in the death of Jesus. In fact, given the history of this topic - with the Christ-killer charge having helped provide the justification and fuel for European anti-Semitism - it's no surprise that it is nearly impossible to have a constructive interfaith conversation about the Crucifixion.

THIS IS ALREADY evident in the reaction to Mel Gibson's new movie, The Passion. Not due out until next year, it's so far stirred up much emotion but disappointingly little productive discussion. One example: Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, criticized the film because it "unambiguously portrays Jewish authorities and the Jewish mob as the ones responsible for the decision to crucify Jesus." The problem with the tone of his statement is that, as best we can tell, Jews did kill Jesus. Or, more precisely, according to the four Gospels of the New Testament, Jews prodded the Romans into doing it. Mr. Foxman might as well have said that The Passion "unambiguously portrays Jewish authorities and the Jewish mob just like the Bible does."


In the interest of disrupting the already-off-on-the-wrong-foot public discussion of Gibson's movie - and with curiosity about whether I can alienate both my Christian and Jewish relatives in one article - I propose the following:

1) Jews should admit that some of their forefathers probably helped get Jesus killed. The four Gospels say Jewish priests demanded Jesus' crucifixion. For me, the most interesting account is the Gospel of Mark. Scholars now believe that the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and possibly John, were based in part on Mark or on the same source that Mark used. Mark's Gospel is thought to have been written before the others, circa A.D. 70, and, perhaps because it was written within a generation after Jesus' death, is widely considered freer of historical embellishments. Yet Mark clearly says:

But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release for them Barab'bas instead.

And Pilate again said to them, "Then what shall I do with the man whom you call the King of the Jews?"

And they cried out again, "Crucify him."

And Pilate said to them, "Why, what evil has he done?" But they shouted all the more, "Crucify him." Chapter 15: 11-15

In Luke, Matthew, and John, Jewish leaders look even worse.

To say that films should not be made depicting an important Jewish role in the death of Jesus is to say that films should not be made based on the Bible. The idea that influential Jews wanted Jesus killed is not a distortion of Christianity; it is, for better or worse, an accurate depiction of the New Testament.

What's more, one of the only non-biblical discussions of Jesus' life, from the Jewish historian Josephus, also indicates that at least some important Jewish authorities wanted Jesus convicted. In Jewish Antiquities, he writes that Pilate condemned Jesus "upon hearing him accused by men of the highest standing amongst us."


The argument from Mel Gibson and his defenders that his movie can't possibly be insensitive because it is based on the Bible ignores the probability that the New Testament itself may have offered inaccurate history.

2) There is a strong possibility that the Bible itself, in effect, distorted the history of the "Jewish" role. In other words, the argument from Mel Gibson and his defenders that his movie can't possibly be insensitive because it is based on the Bible ignores the probability that the New Testament itself may have offered inaccurate history.

This is, of course, a sensitive topic, too. For those who believe the Bible was not only inspired, but also fact-checked by God, the document is simply true. The debates of Bible scholars are just noise to them. But the evidence is compelling that the New Testament either gave "the Jews" a bum rap or, at minimum, was written in a way that left it highly susceptible to misuse. If, as most scholars believe, Mark is the source for Matthew and Luke, the authors of those later Gospels sure seemed to add a lot of new, incriminating detail mysteriously missing from Mark, fueling the notion of Jews as Christ-killers.

Matthew adds the chilling line from the Jewish mob, "His blood be on us and on our children!" But perhaps the most distressing addition to the Mark account is found in John. It is the single word "the." John shifts from talking about specific Jewish leaders and individual people to using the broad term: "the Jews." He uses this formulation repeatedly and devastatingly. Did he mean to implicate the race of Jews? It depends on what the meaning of the word "the" is.

Some scholars argue that he was merely using a shorthand for a specific group of priests and didn't intend to implicate Jews as a group. Not likely, argues the late Rev. Raymond Brown, a respected right-of-center scholar who has defended the Passion narratives. He writes that John's vituperative anti-Judaism likely flowed not so much from the events of the Crucifixion - i.e., what actually happened to Jesus - but rather from what happened to Jesus' followers in the subsequent decade. The first Christians were persecuted, harassed, and questioned by the synagogue authorities, leading to bitterness on the part of Gospel writers. John really was "anti-Jewish in a qualified sense," Brown writes in An Introduction to the Gospel of John. "Uncomfortable as that may make modern readers because of the horrible history of anti-Jewish persecution in subsequent centuries, it is what John meant."

In arguing that the biblical accounts shouldn't be taken as history, liberal scholar John Dominic Crossan focuses on details found in Luke, Matthew, and John that are not found in the source document, Mark.

Watch what happens to that Markan source as the story progresses through the later Gospels. Matthew 27:15-26 first copies Mark's 'the crowd' but then enlarges it to 'the crowds' and finally to 'all the people.' Luke 23:13-15 changes Mark to 'the chief priests, the leaders, and the people.' Finally, John 18:37-40 speaks simply of 'the Jews.' Recall, of course, that those expansions do not represent independent knowledge but dependent development. 'The crowd,' in other words, grows exponentially before our eyes.

The Jewish leaders of the time may not have had entirely clean hands, but, at least in terms of historical accuracy, neither did the writers of the Gospels.

It's totally understandable that the Gospels' authors might have spun the narrative in certain ways. They were defending themselves against a two-front attack: Jewish authorities on one side and Roman authorities on the other. It would have been impossible for them to conceive of Christianity one day as the official religion of the Roman Empire - let alone imagining that their indictment of a particular group of Jews would be used to justify persecution of Jews as a race. Perhaps the writer of Matthew, were he alive today, would be appalled that his line about blood being "on us and on our children" could lead to anti-Semitism. But it did. Frankly, Christians who don't understand Jews' sensitivity to the misuse of Passion narratives are being a bit dense. And while I haven't seen Gibson's movie, some of the comments from his supporters have sure smelled rotten. This is not, after all, ancient history. It wasn't until 1965 - not 1465! - that the Catholic Church officially got around to declaring that the entire Jewish race shouldn't be held guilty of deicide. Jews can be forgiven if they have trouble keeping down their popcorn while watching Passion plays.


3) Christians who remain bitter about the Jewish role in Jesus' death are being transparently un-Christian. And I don't mean merely in the sense that Jesus taught forgiveness, or that it's not nice to promote genocide, no matter how angry you might be. Rather, my evangelical friends are always reminding me that non-believers (and liberal Protestants) miss the point of Christianity by focusing on only Jesus' moral teachings, as if he were just a really dynamic ethics professor. The point, or at least one of the main points, of the religion is that Jesus died for humanity's sins. The symbol of the religion is the cross, not a Good Samaritan icon, because the Crucifixion and subsequent resurrection were what proved his divinity and redeemed humankind. Most Christians believe that many of Christianity's blessings flow from the fact that he was crucified.

I recognize that just because the story had a theological happy ending doesn't mean that the Crucifixion was anything other than horrific. (Jews probably should not go around saying, "Yeah we killed Jesus - and you're welcome.") And there is an enormous amount of debate within Christianity about the meaning of Jesus' death - many modern scholars disagree with the emphasis on the Passion and Resurrection. For a lot of Christians, the answer to the question "Who killed Jesus?" is "God did" - or "we all did," the abundance of sinful human behavior having made his sacrifice necessary.


The complexity of that debate notwithstanding, it is clear that the Crucifixion and Resurrection are central to the faith. While the Crucifixion in itself wasn't a good thing, it was, according to much Christian doctrine, an entirely necessary and pre-ordained thing. Without it, Christianity as we know it wouldn't exist.

So, really the answer to the question "Who killed Jesus?" should be: Who cares? Theologically, the answer is irrelevant, which means Christians can stop blaming Jews and Jews can stop being defensive. And people of both faiths can get back to disagreeing about more important things like whether you get more presents at Hanukkah or Christmas.

Steven Waldman is editor in chief of Beliefnet, the leading multifaith spirituality and religion Web.



This article incorporates a very interesting quick summary of Anti-Semitic incidents throughout Jewish History. The information has been gleaned from Alan Lazerte's course on anti-Semitism given at Fraserview Assembly, January, February and March 1983 as Director of the Canadian Friends of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem


by Laureen Moe
Christian Action for Israel

The word "anti-Semitism" is inadequate. It is a misnomer. The word was coined in 1879 from the Greek words "anti", meaning "against" and "Semite", meaning a descendant of Shem. The word was first used by Wilhelm Marr a German agitator, who created it to explain the current anti-Jewish campaigns in Europe. Since the Arab peoples are also Semitic people it is not the best expression. Anti-Jewish, and Jew- hatred, are more descriptive. It is more than just prejudice. The word came into general use in the past hundred years and encompasses all forms of hostility manifested toward Jews throughout history.

There can be economic and social or racial anti-Semitism. It didn't reach epidemic proportions until 175 B.C. Previous uprisings against Jews were not really anti-Semitic. It began almost exclusively in countries which later became part of the Roman Empire. Prejudice flared it seems because Jewish people in honouring their Jewish laws, appeared to be in defiance of Gentile governments. The false assumption began to emerge that Jews didn't have any respect for whatever was held in esteem by the rest of humanity.

In the Greek Hellenistic period no other nation denied the gods of it's neighbours; on the contrary they recognized those gods, identifying them with their own deities. These heathen "gods" created a social bond between people in their domains. None of the people refrained from dining at table with their neighbours and from partaking of the sacrifices offered to their gods except the Jews. None of the peoples refused to send gifts to its neighbours temples, except the Jews. None of the peoples was unequivocally hostile to intermarriage except the Jews.

In the eastern Mediterranean area friction arose over the difference in occupations between Jews and Gentiles. The Jewish population was engaged primarily in small scale farming; the non-Jewish population occupied itself primarily in commerce. The sea trade was almost entirely in the hands of the trans-Jordanian cities, which connected Syria, Asia Minor and the regions of the Euphrates with the Arabian countries. The inhabitants of Eretz Israel had connections abroad. Non-Jews also knew that Jews looked upon their land as their divine inheritance. The first serious manifestation of anti-Semitism was in the days of the Syrian, Antiochus Epiphanes in 175 B.C. Hellenistic rulers saw the unfriendliness of the Jews as obstacles to the cultural scene. He undertook to destroy those laws of the Talmud that he regarded as unacceptable to humanity. To this end he desecrated their place of worship by sacrificing a pig on their altar in Jerusalem, and ordered that the residual juices be sprinkled over the Holy Books containing these Jewish laws.

Greek authors in the first century portrayed the Jewish people as descendants of a mob of lepers. They further stated that because of this uncleanness Jews shunned the flesh of pigs, since pigs were more prone to contract disease. The Gentiles knew that their own pagan religions and practices rendered them unclean in the eyes of the Jews.

The fact remains that even after four thousand years the idea of a covenant between the Jews and Jehovah is still alive; and is mentioned daily in prayers in synagogues throughout the world. The idea of a covenant with God has remained constant. Because Jehovah is immortal He never dies and because He never dies He never has to be reincarnated. Thus the Jews dispensed with the reincarnation rites of the pagans. The Jews' God was invisible. The concept of "one God", Jehovah, being completely withdrawn from sexuality led to a curb of licentious impulses through inner discipline. By contrast ,the Greek gods themselves set the pattern for the unbridled lust and perversion which finally weakened the moral fibre of that people; whereas the Jews, even when they later came in contact with the Greeks, refused to indulge in the Grecian sexual excesses, which included even temple prostitution. The Jewish religion did away with all fertility rites.

As a consequence of the Jewish dietary laws, intermarriage was forbidden and no real social intercourse with gentiles was possible. Also, Jews refused to enter into Emperor worship. It was considered to be an expression of loyalty to the state. About their own religious practices a libel began to circulate that Jews actually sacrificed humans on their altars, allegedly using the blood for Passover rites. Further it was said that the sacrificed person must be a Christian or one of their children. This became known as the "Blood Libel" against the Jews. It mattered not that it was a total fabrication.

Another libel circulating was that unclean leprous people were expelled from Egypt, and that the Jews were these people. Therefore, being foreigners, it was stated that the Jews had no right to claim ancient Israel as their divinely given land.

The destruction of the temple by Titus in 70 AD was seen as hatred by God of the Jews, and as punishment. Jews in Rome felt the barbs of Roman writers. Nero's teacher was anti-Semitic. Cornelius Tacitus wrote about everylibellous fabrication against Jews that he could find in Greek anti-Semitic literature. Juvenal wrote a poem revealing that to him the Jews were hateful not only to man but to the gods as well.

In the fourth century AD, when Constantine became the Roman Emperor and supposedly converted to Christianity, he harnessed Political power to Religion and passed anti-Jewish laws, whereby Jews were excluded from every sphere of political influence, and denied civic rights.

The Gospel accounts began to be the source from which wrong teachings grew, until the word "Deicide" meant the Jews killed God, and were labelled "Christ-killers". Matthew 27:25 which spoke of some Jewish leaders was used instead to apply to all Jews: "His blood be on us and on our children...Ye are of your father the devil."

Converts to Christianity and converts to Judaism sparked a seriously divisive rivalry. Religious competition began between the Greek fathers of the Church, and Jews. Church laws were passed whereby Jewish relations with Christian women was now punishable by death. Anti-Semitism at this time was mainly limited to the clergy, who were the educated minority.

Islam arose in the seventh century AD, and also attacked the Jews because the Jews did not recognize Muhammad as a legitimate Prophet. The Koran contained their writings; and many statements in it were hostile to Jews. In the Middle Ages church councils legislated to prevent contact with the Jews because Christians were saying after visiting synagogues that the Jews were better priests.

This historical background of centuries of anti-Semitism eventually exploded in the 20th century "Holocaust". The hostility and hatred manifested in the holocaust was therefore not new. As we have stated ancient writings contain much anti-Semitism. In pre-Roman times most people did not read or write. At times, Rome tried to eradicate Judaism and "Jewishness". Followers were assumed to be treasonous and subversive. This in turn led to major revolts on the part of the Jewish community.

The following is a brief summary of Incidents involving Jews in History...

135 B.C
Antiochus Epiphanes desecrates Second Jewish Temple; leading to Hasmonean Revolt against Rome.

70 A.D.
Titus took Jerusalem - second revolt. Over one million Jews killed.

136 A.D.
580,000 men destroyed, 985 towns destroyed - third revolt.

300 A.D.
Purim festival celebrating God's deliverance to Mordecai and the Jews through Esther and the fasting. Lies spread that Jews kill Christians for sacrifice. Emperor Severus also said the Jews purchased 90,000 Christians to kill them.

306 A.D.
Council in Spain banned Christians & Jews meeting or marrying.

325 A.D.
Constantine changed the celebration of Easter on the calendar so that it did not coincide with the Jewish Passover.

379 A.D.
Vicious writing by St. John Chrysostom and St. Ambrose in Milan who said:
"The Jews are the most worthless of all men. They are lecherous, greedy, rapacious. They are perfidious murderers of Christ. They worship the Devil. Their religion is a sickness. The Jews are the odious assassins of Christ and for killing God there is no expiation possible, no indulgence or pardon. Christians may never cease vengeance, and the Jew must live in servitude forever. God always hated the Jews. It is essential that all Christians hate them." He was called the Bishop with the Golden Tongue. St. Ambrose, Bishop of the Church offered to burn the synagogue himself.

395 A.D.
St. Gregory of Nyssa in sermons and writings characterized Jews as assassins of the Prophets, companions of the Devil, a race of vipers, a Sanhedrin of Demons, enemies of all that is beautiful, hogs and goats in their lewd grossness.

415 A.D.
Bishop Severus burned the synagogue in the villiage of Magona. Bishop of Alexandria, St. Cyril, expelled the Jews from Alexandria and gave the mob Jewish property. Accusation of Ritual murder by the Jews during Purim. Christians confiscated synagogues in Antioch.

These were not hooligans but Church Fathers!

AUGUSTINE, JEROME, AMBROSE AND LESSER SAINTS AS ST. CHRYSOSTROM AND CYRIL, added to untruths the new ones that Jews were dishonest and prone to sexual perversions.

717 A.D.
Jews had to wear special yellow garb. Originated in Islam.

1012 A.D.
Emperor Henry II of Germany expels Jews from Mainz, the beginning of persecutions against Jews in Germany.

1096 A.D.
First Crusade. Crusaders massacre the Jews of the Rhineland.

1144 A.D.
First recorded blood libel. In Norwich it was alleged that the Jews had "bought a Christian child before Easter, tortured him with all the tortures wherewith our Lord was tortured and on Friday hanged him on a rood in hatred of our Lord." (England)

This notorious allegation that Jews murder non-Jews, especially Christians, in order to obtain blood for the Passover or other rituals is a complex of deliberate lies, trumped up accusations, and popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their blood-thirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general. It is combined with the delusion that Jews are in some way not human and must have recourse to special remedies and subterfuges in order to appear at least outwardly, like other men. The blood libel led to trials and massacres of Jews. Its origin is rooted in ancient almost primordial, concepts concerning the potency and energies of blood. It is one of the most terrible expressions of human cruelty and credulity. These blood rituals are expressly forbidden in Judaism. (See Leviticus 17;11 etc.)

1190 A.D.
Massacre of Jews in England.

1215 A.D.
The Jewish badge introduced.

1240 A.D.
Talmud burned in France.

1290 A.D.
Jews expelled from England.

1298 A.D.
Massacre of thousands in Germany, in 146 localities.

1306 A.D.
Expulsion from France.

1348 A.D.
Jews blamed for the Black Death. Charge laid to the Jews that they poisoned the wells to kill Christians.

1389 A.D.
Massacres in Bohemia, Spain.

1421 A.D.
270 Jews burned at the stake. In the 14th and 15th centuries the Inquisition was more intense because the Church and State joined forces. Just being Jewish guaranteed persecution

1480 A.D.
Inquisition in Spain - Jews and Christians burned at the stake.

1483 A.D.
Expulsions from Warsaw, Sicily, Lithuania, Portugal.

1492 A.D.
All Jews expelled from Spain.

1506 A.D.
Murders in Lisbon - 4000 "conversos", men, women, and children thrown from windows to street mobs below, due to preaching by Dominicans against the Jews.

1510 A.D.
Epelled from Brandenburg, Germany.

1516 A.D.
Venice initiates the ghetto, the first in Christian Europe.

1544 A.D.
The Reformation. At the end of Martin Luther's life the German reformer vilified the Jews in violent pamphlets which could not fail to exert their influence. But because Calvinists were steeped in Old Testament theology, the Dutch people respected the Jews as "the Chosen" people; and were not anti-Semitic in their faith. The reformation was a time of turmoil as the Roman Church and feudalism lost their supremacy. There was a rising up of Nationhood and Luther was a German nationalist. The Talmud was seized and burned everywhere by Papal authority. Jews in Catholic countries and Polish Jews suffered greatly. Luther's anti-Semitic writings were later used in anti-Semitic literature.

1553 A.D.
Rome seized and burned the Talmud by order of the Pope.

1559 A.D.
12,000 copies of Talmud burned in Milan.

1569 A.D.
Pope Pius V ordered all Jews out of the Papal states.

1593 A.D.
Expulsions from Italy and Bavaria.

1598 A.D.
Ritual murder charge that sent three Jews to their deaths. Execution of the supposed guilty was done by quartering. (In his book the "Birth of the Prison" Michel Foucault describes at length the quartering of a condemned man in 1757. It was done eventually by six horses instead of the four original ones and other means had to come in to play due to the failure even of six horses as the prisoners limbs were tied to ropes harnessed to the horses. Each horse pulled in a different direction. One horse fell to the ground unsuccessfully. Knives had to be used for severing...)

1614 A.D.
Jews attacked and driven out of Frankfurt, Germany.

1624 A.D.
Ghetto established in Ferrara, Italy.

1648 A.D.
Leader of the Cossacks in the Ukraine, massacres 100,000 Jews and destroyed 300 communities.

1655 A.D.
Massacres of Jews in war against Sweden & Russia by Poland.

1715 A.D.
Pope Pius VI issues edict against Jews.

1768 A.D.
20,000 Jews in Poland killed.

1805 A.D.
Massacre of Jews in Algeria.

1840 A.D.
Blood libel in Damascus.

1853 A.D.
Blood libel in Russia.

1858 A.D.
The Mortara case:: Catholics abduct a 7 yr. old Jewish child. A Catholic servant baptized a Jewish child when the child was seriously ill and the church of Rome seized the child. Outcry had no effect on the Pope.

1879 A.D.
Word anti-Semitism comes into existence.

1881 A.D.
Pogroms began. The word is of Russian origin. It designates attack, accompanied by destruction, looting of property, murder, rape. There were three major outbreaks in Russia. The word designates more particularly the attacks carried out by the Christian population. Each pogrom surpassed the other in savagery.

KIEV, ODESSA; Here murder of whole families was a common occurrence. Partial data are available for 530 communities in which 887 major pogroms and 349 minor pogroms occurred. There were 60,000 dead and several times that many were wounded.

1882 A.D.
First Anti-Jewish congress held in Dresden, Germany.

1894 A.D.
Alfred Dreyfus trial in France. Details follow further on in this summary.

1903 A.D.
Appearance of a new issue of the Protocals of the Elders of Zion in Russia.
This spectre of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy aiming at reducing the Gentiles to slavery or extermination loomed up in the medieval Christian imagination and grew out of legends about well poisonings and plague spreading. It was concocted in Paris by an unknown author working for the Russian secret police. It was an alleged conference of the leaders of World Jewry. It was translated into all the world languages. In 1963 a Spanish edition was published. During World War II, the Protocols of the elders of Zion became an implicit justification for the genocide of the Jews and Nazi propaganda relied on them until the last days of the Third Reich. Smaller pamphlets of it have been distributed in B.C. 1983 published in California... Required reading in most Arab countries, in schools, to this day.

1905 A.D.
Russian pogroms continue. Also in Morocco, Ukraine, 300 dead.

1919 A.D.
3000 Jews killed in Hungarian pogroms.

1920 A.D.
Appearance of Adolph Hitler. Also Henry Ford the 1st believes the Protocols and publishes anti-Jewish articles in his newspaper, the Dearborn Independent.

1925 A.D.
Mein Kamph appears. Hitler's Plan published in Germany.

1933 A.D. Hitler appointed chancellor in Germany.

1935 A.D.
Hitler writes his Nuremberg Laws which lead to his Final Solution.

1938 A.D.
Burning in Austria & Germany of Synagogues. Jews sent to concentration camps. Beginnings of the Holocaust.

1939 A.D.
Germany overruns Poland.

1940 A.D.
Gassing, shootings in Polish Ghettos (Jewish).

1941 A.D.
Expulsion of Jews from the German Reich to Poland. Riots against Jews in Iraq.

1942 A.D.
Mass transports of Jews from Belgium & Holland.

1944 A.D.
Extermination of Hungarian Jews.

1945 A.D.
Holocaust final count: 6,000,000 Jews slaughtered.

1946 A.D.
Pogroms in Poland - 42 Jews murdered.

1948 A.D.
Birth of the State of Israel. Also Jewish intellectuals shot in Russia.

1952 A.D.
Jews murdered by Communists, and others disappear. Prague trials. Murder of Yiddish intellectuals in Russia and many sent to work camps..

1956 A.D.
Jews expelled from Egypt.

1967 A.D.
Six Day War. Also new publication of Elders of Zion in Arabic.

1968 A.D.
Emigration of last remaining Jews in Poland.

1969 A.D.
Jews executed in Iraq.

1970 A.D.
Beginning of imprisonment in Russia of Prisoners of Conscience ("Refuseniks").

1980 A.D.
Russian imprisonments carry on throughout the 70's to the 80's.

1982 A.D.
War in Lebanon begins after many years of terrorist attacks against the Jews in the Upper Galilee area from the vantage point of Beaufort Castle. Many Lebanese killed over long period of time, but was ignored by the News Media. War in Lebanon gets slanted coverage.

1983 A.D.
Word from Christians in Israel that the PLO planned their next battleground to be Canada via Quebec. Documented proof that Russia planned in 1982 to attack Israel.

The above catalogue is only the tip of the iceberg! One would think that anti-Jewish atrocities would have ended with the nightmare of the Holocaust. One-third of the world's Jews were murdered by an ungodly German conspiracy that had accused the Jews of "conspiracy". It is not often emphasized that two-thirds of the world's Jews survived; and that due to the faithfulness of their G-d. God has again, as in times past, protected them from total extermination, as He promised. (the Book of Esther, and Jeremiah 31:35-37)

The Holocaust was the final catalyst which led to the re-creation of the State of Israel in 1948. But we have to go back at the very least to the DREYFUS CASE to understand the long range process.

Alfred Dreyfus was the son of a wealthy Alsatian family in France. He entered the French Army in 1892 and became a Captain, and the only Jew. He was framed by a fellow officer for allegedly giving secrets to the enemy, arrested and tried for treason. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Eventually Emile Zola took up the fight proclaiming the man's innocence and published an open letter to the President of France titled "I ACCUSE." Dreyfus was eventually declared unjustly convicted by the Parliament of France. The injustice was totally motivated by Jew-hatred.

During the course of the trumped-up trial a Jewish journalist became involved; and he was the man that was to lead the Jews back to their Land. His name was THEODORE HERZL (1860 - 1904 A.D.) and he called European Jewry together in Basle, Switzerland in 1897 at the now famous "First WorldZionist Congress". There in 1897 he publicly predicted to friend and foe alike that the Jews would be back in "the Land" of Palestine "within 50 years". In 1947, exactly fifty years later the United Nations passed the "Resolution For the Partition of Palestine", which lead to the declaration of Statehood on May 14,1948.

With the shouts of "death" to the Jews still ringing in his ears from the Dreyfus Trial, Herzl became convinced that the only solution was the mass exodus of the Jews from their present places of residence to a territory of their own... So out of the suffering of the Dreyfus family came the State of Israel. Herzl became the father of Political Zionism and founder of the World Zionist organization.

Herzl was born in Budapest. He left a German students society in 1883 in protest against his first encounter with anti-Semitism. He came across this "Jewish problem" again and again in his life. Although he graduated in 1884 with a doctorate of law he left the legal profession and became a famous writer. He wrote many literary works, some of them plays.

In 1891 he became the Paris correspondent of a Vienna newspaper. He pursued politics and organized the first Zionist Congress is Basle in 1897. (In 1960, Israel issued a centenary stamp with a well known painting of Herzl on the bridge at Basle.) The World Zionist organization was formed. He was chairman and remained so for the next five congresses. He knew Great Britain would be the deciding factor in the realization of Zionist aims. In 1917 the Balfour Declaration became the launching-pad for the founding of the modern Jewish state.

Herzl did not have an easy task. Even his own people were difficult on this issue. His heart failed in 1904. He did not live to see the creation of Israel in 1948. But in 1949 he was laid to rest, reinterred in a place that was named in his honour Mount Herzl, in Jerusalem. A Herzl monument stands nearby. The anniversary of his death on the 20th of Tammuz was declared a National Memorial Day in Israel. In the April 1983 issue of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, following a report on Jerusalem there is a picture that could be titled: "The sorrow of the Jewish People". There are three young Israeli ladies, soldiers, who happen to be very beautiful standing or kneeling at the Herzl Tomb site where there are three new graves...the first soldiers to die in the 1982 conflict in Lebanon.

1983 was the 50th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power; since he was made chancellor in 1933. There was an extensive report on this subject in the April 1983 issue of the Jerusalem Post. Their man in Bonn stated: "There has been no substantial break with the past. Therefore West German Democracy must continue to be subject to question by Germans more than by anyone else." The Post also offered these words which are worth contemplating. Perhaps you never considered this. I had not... "The destruction that Hitler brought on his own people ranks only after the mass murder he committed on the Jews and the destruction and death rained upon the Soviet Union. He left Germany not only physically ruined, but stripped of its' self respect, ashamed of its' place in human history, uncertain of its identity, seeking refuge in the compulsive reconstruction of material damage."

They also mentioned...

"The war Hitler unleashed and the organized mass murder that was a central part of his design cost the lives of 40 million human beings in Europe alone. Among them 6,000,000 Jews - two-thirds of the Jews in Europe. More than 6,000,000 of his own people also died and others were left hungry."

God promised Abraham: "I will bless those who bless you (and your descendants); and I will curse those who curse you" (Genesis 12:1-3) We can see that the Germans have paid an awful price for allowing this man to lead them down a path contrary to Scripture, by declaring them to be a super race. The man who wanted to obtain the whole world, gained nothing but eternal damnation. He and those who followed him lost everything.

What about Canada?

Most of us would be quick to say that our hands are clean. A truly shocking indictment of our role in the Holocaust can be found in the book "None is Too Many". This title was taken from a statement made by an immigration official when a delegation of Jews went to Ottawa in 1939 to ask: "How many Jews will Canada take in?" The Immigration Minister answered "None is too many".

The authors, Irving Abella and Harold Troper, published this book in 1982 and was on the Canadian Best Sellers List. They received an award early in 1983 for it. It is thoroughly researched and documented proof that our top bureaucrat in the Immigration Department, Fred Blair, a professing Christian, wanted no Jews in Canada and did everything he could in the way of roadblocks to prevent it. In studying it I find I want to scream with the agony of our shame.

MacKenzie King didn't want them. Perhaps he was too busy talking to his dead mother and his dead dog as he gazed into his crystal ball (all told in his published diaries). The authors record that Canada's Prime Minister thought Hitler had a good face and that he was sweet. King was deathly afraid of what Quebec would do if he gave in and allowed in refugees. The French -Canadian press was very hostile to Jews (Le Devoir). There was also a very vocal fascist Party in Quebec; headed by Adrianne Arcand.

Blair had the opportunity to rescue thousands, but wouldn't budge on hisrestrictive policy. He just didn't want any Jewish immigrants.

Lester Pearson said that we didn't have a boat. Ottawa would not listen either to the pleas of George Vanier; even though he was Canadian Ambassador to France and was there on the scene.

Conservative Robert Manion didn't want any either. In the midst of all of the obstruction the Toronto Globe & Mail asked at one point "Does Canada stand for anything?" Manion wanted no Jews as long as Canadians were unemployed. Ernest LaPointe of Quebec and the Le Devoir newspaper and Vincent Massey of External Affairs wanted Jews kept out of Canada. Massey was a fringe member of the Pro-German anti-Semitic Cliveden set centred around Lord and Lady Astor in London; where Vincent was Canadian High Commissioner.

We had one social worker on the scene and her name was Charlotte Whitton, outspoken Mayor of Ottawa. She fiercely fought not to have Jewish children here as she favoured British children. She led a movement to evacuate endangered British mothers and children. The Canadian Jewish Congress saw her as an enemy of Jewish immigration. Oscar Cohen said she "almost broke up the inaugural meeting of the congress on Refugees by her insistent opposition and very apparent anti-Semitism."

The saddest story I have ever read in my life is the whole chapter from the Abella book titled "The children that never came." It takes care of any pride we may have in being Canadians. It is documented evidence 25 pages in length of continuous pleading on behalf of officials in places like France and Poland to take children whose lives were in immediate danger. Blair's hard hearted efforts lead to the declaration in the end of that chapter that reads: "There were no more schemes to the refugee children. None were needed." By the time of the allied invasion of France in June 1944 most of these children had been murdered. NOT ONE of them had made it to Canada! They had been talking at times about as many as 5000.

I am happy to report that good has come out of the publishing of this book. The authors report that Lloyd Axworthy, current Minister of Immigration, apologized for the behaviour of predecessors and promised that it would never happen again. But also having read some papers by these authors prior to publication, Ron Atkey, former Conservative Minister of Immigration, took the responsibility and opened the doors to the BOAT PEOPLE because he did not want to be known as another Frederick Blair.

In "Bridges for Peace", the 1983 issue from Tulsa, Oklahoma we read about the state of anti-Semitism as in this day, media coverage is slanted.

"While some would have you believe the world is becoming a better place and anti-Semitism is on the wane, I believe that careful observation will proveotherwise. In the last two years, we have seen a growing double standard used by the media in reporting events concerning Israel. And as we saw this past summer in Greece, Italy, and France, this very distorted, even false media reporting about Israel's involvement in Lebanon resulted in attacks against local Jewish communities solely because they were Jewish; regardless of their affiliation with Israel. For example: In France a video tape of a Palestinian boy holding his bleeding, dying sister was repeatedly shown as the result of an aggressive Jewish attack on civilians in Lebanon. Local Frenchmen, incensed by this news, staged an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish march which culminated in the bombing of synagogues and Jewish owned businesses killing many. It was later proven that this video tape was six years old and showing the destruction of the Tel-Zatar refugee camp by the SYRIANS in 1976. Jews were NOT even involved but the ugly head of Anti-Semitism had already shown itself."

But it will. One day the Bible says we shall take the hem of the Jews' skirt and go with them to Zion because we know God is with them. Zechariah tells us that the Lord will come and place His feet on the Mount of Olives. He will fight for His people Israel against all the nations of the world. All the land of Israel will dwell in safety and peace when the Messiah comes. He will rule and reign from Jerusalem, the Son of David, sitting on David's throne. (Read 2 Samuel 7:11-16; and Psalm 2:6-8;and 89:20-37) Regardless of Israel's sins of the past the Lord will forgive, cleanse, and restore (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

Christians throughout the world are awakening to a call to stand by the side of the Jewish people. Beginning in 1979 Christians in Jerusalem rallied to her side when the governments of the World began to pull their embassies out of Jerusalem in fear because of the Arab oil power. The "International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem" was established. With people like Jan Willem Van Der Hoeven and the Comfort Zion ministry of Merv and Merla Watson, Jews are beginning to be provoked to jealousy. They are watching Christian love in action; and hope is being reborn when they see 5000 Christians celebrating during the Jewish "Feast of Tabernacles", dancing with joy on Mount Zion and supporting them in their hour of need.

If Canada's Joe Clark had kept his promise to move our embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, he would have done better. Six months after breaking his promise he ceased to be Prime Minister; and twelve months later he was removed as Leader of the Progressive-Conservative Party. Coincidence? God hears our promises; even "election promises". The Scripture says God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. Every nation that has persecuted the Jews has, in the long run, inherited the negative side of God's promise to Abram: "and I will curse those who curse you (and your descendants)."

Anti-Semitism is a venomous condition of the heart of man and not just prejudice, hatred or discrimination. Jealousy and envy of the Jew more than anything else seems to be the main root of this condition. It is a spiritual problem. But Jeremiah said it best and it is truth from God's Word... "The heart is deceitful, and desperately wicked; who can know it?".

Anti-Semitism engages man in a conduct that is: inconceivable, unbelievable, shocking, grotesque, incomprehensible, unthinkable, inhumane and intolerable.

This information has been gleaned from Alan Lazerte's course on anti-Semitism given at Fraserview Assembly, January, February and March 1983 as Director of the Canadian Friends of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem.


a.. Bridges for Peace-current news direct from Christians in Israel through Tulsa.
b.. The Jerusalem Post - current news direct from Jews in Israel.
d.. Canadian Book "None is Too Many", Irving Abella and Harold Troper.
e.. Friends of the Christian Embassy Canada, Israel Report.
f.. Jews' God and History; by Max I. Dimont. A Signet Book.

The information from this course was a shock to most of us; it was an eye opener in many ways, especially regarding the Christians persecution of the Jew; which contributed to the Nazi attempt to totally exterminate them. This essay was written as a requirement of taking seriously Alan's attempt to put the course together. He did his part as teacher excellently. God has chosen well. I was eager to learn. At Alan' suggestion this essay is being printed to circulate to others who may not have a chance to attend the lectures. It is also printed to cement my own vow before God to bridge the gap and make amends to the Jew for the way Christians, the Canadian Government and others have failed them.

I dedicate this to the children that never came; and to my brother who died trying to stop a mad man that was on the loose in Germany.




By Ruth and Nadia Matar

For many years now, Arafat, through his educational system, has inculcated Arab children with hatred of Jews. He has been extraordinarily successful. Aided and abetted by his daily Arab propaganda network directedboth to adults and children, Arafat has effectuated a hatred against Jews that is irremediable. He has innovated suicide bombings of civilians, honoring, even posthumously, the maker of bombs and suicide bombers. Generations of children growing up in the Palestinian Authority school system have had ingrained in them that killing Jews is desirable. This inclination has become an integral part of Arab culture. As a result, 1200 Jews have been killed, and literally many, many thousands maimed for life.

Arafat promises those who die in suicide bombings to be instantaneously rewarded. He labels them "heroes." There have been so many children growing up with this orientation, that no "true peace" between Jew and Arab can ever be realistically obtained. That Arabs in the future will live side by side in peace with Jews, does not square with the facts, nor with the daily murder of Jews by Arabs.

The Road Map, sponsored by the European Union, the U.N., and Russia, as well as U.S. Secretary of State Powell and President Bush, has not taken reality into consideration. The Road Map is essentially the Saudi Arabian solution to the Mid-East problem, and as such is one sided and basically unfair.

Radically new thinking is required in order to have peace in the area. Transfer of Arabs from the Holy Land is, without a doubt, the best solution. Once upon a time, that concept was looked upon with disfavor by "liberals". Whereas, they saw no difficulty in transferring Jews out of their homes in historical Judea and Samaria, as far as Arabs are concerned, that was taboo. Yet the fact remains that the Promised Land was promised by G-d to the Jews only. This fact is recognized even in the Koran.

Most Arabs came into the Holy Land from surrounding Arab lands within the last 100 years. Transfer could be made to Jordan where the majority of the population is made up of so-called Palestinian Arabs. Or they can be sent back to many of the Arab lands from which these Arabs originally emigrated to Israel. Fair payment can be made to those Arabs who agree to leave the Holy Land. Arabs who wish to remain, can do so, provided they agree to be a citizen of a Jewish State. The United States and the E.U. would have to play a major role in this enterprise. Both of them have been anyhow pouring substantial monies into the area; their monies could be used more effectively for the purpose of resettling Arabs.

Transfer would require the cooperation of many of the surrounding Arab States, something with which Arab governments have heretofore not had a very good track record. However, if the U.S. and the E.U. brought sufficient pressure, that problem could be overcome. What is needed is a determination to bring peace to this important area of the world, and there is nothing more logical and simple than to allow for a vibrant democratic Jewish State living peacefully with its neighbors. Transferring Arabs out of the Holy Land not only complies with G-d's Promise, but will definitely assist in making this desired goal possible.

Jerusalem, September 30, 2003
Ruth and Nadia Matar
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel



October 2, 2003


By David Bedein
Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency
Beit Agron International Press Center

This week, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I traveled to the US and Canada in order to share vital data on the "right of return" agenda of UNRWA.

This UN agency, which runs the Palestinian Arab refugee camps, has for over 50 years actively promoted the premise that refugees will return to Arab villages lost in 1948. It receives 95% of its budget from the leading democracies in the world: Canada chairs the committee that oversees the distribution of funds to UNRWA, while the US contributes close to one third of the UNRWA budget.

I brought information about the programs of UNRWA to the attention of the staffers and elected officials in the Canadian Parliament and the US Congress, and to a senior staffer in the White House.

My own concern with this issue reaches back decades now. As a social worker in the 70s and 80s, I was keenly aware of the squalor in which Arab refugees lived in the UNRWA camps; I saw their frustration and their rootlessness, as they waited to "return."

Once I opened this news agency, and had the opportunity to interview top officials of UNRWA, I began to see the other side of the coin: the political agenda that made promotion of the "right of return" so important to the Palestinian cause. And it truly came full circle as I interviewed major leaders of the PLO, including Arafat.

UNRWA policy serves the agenda of the PLO.

That agenda has not changed an iota over the years, no matter what "peaceplans" the PLO professes to support. The PLO is not concerned with "self determination."

The PLO aims to dismantle and replace the State of Israel.

This dismantlement is to be accomplished in part through a subversion, utilizing the principle of "right of return": Four million refugees (that is, purported refugees and their children and grandchildren) "going home."

It's easy to be taken in: poor refugees, having nowhere to go, await the opportunity to simply return to where they came from. This is a basic human right, is it not? Isn't it recognized by General Assembly Resolution 194? Wrong, on both counts, though the well-oiled Palestinian propaganda machine would have you believe otherwise. The Palestinians even have maps by which they "demonstrate" that Israel has open spaces where the refugees might locate easily.

Of course, these Palestinian propagandists are careful not to expose liberal sympathizers from democratic nations to discussions regarding what would happen with four million hostile Arabs inside of Israel. Those discussions are kept "in-house." At the barest minimum the demographics would eliminate the Jewish nature of the state. More likely there would be violence within. Either way, the destruction of Israel is the deliberate and intended result.

If the Arab refugee population was settled, once and for all, outside of Israel, there would be no more "right of return" issue.

If the mandate of UNRWA was changed so that generations of "refugees," who have been waiting in limbo, finally had permanency, the very core of the plan to dismantle Israel from within would be removed.

And there is yet another ramification to current UNRWA policies and practices:

Maintaining a population in a state of perpetual disfranchisement, and telling them they have a right to return to a place they lost to Israel and which is denied to them by Israel, fuels terrorism and overt threats to Israel. This happens because the UNRWA practices work in concert with Palestinian Authority (read PLO) goals.

It is one of the ironies of history that the first entity since Nazi Germany to advocate the right to murder Jews was borne out of a "peace process."

Until ten years ago, the idea of the "right of return" had been stressed in the UNWRA schools, but there was no real Arab military presence in thecamps to demonstrate support for that idea.

And until ten years ago, Israel actively prevented UNRWA schools and UNRWA facilities from demonstrating overt support for return to (no longer extent) Arab villages.

However, since Israel withdrew its troops and civil administration from the areas in the West Bank and Gaza where UNRWA camps are located, UNRWA staffers who run the camps have had a new kind of latitude. Almost universally, they are supportive of Arab terrorist organizations. Witness the UNRWA camp union elections, where HAMAS gained control of the UNRWA clerks union and the UNRWA teachers union.

UNRWA camps have been transformed into the battleground of an armed insurrection, where thousands of UNRWA camp residents brandish their weapons, to demonstrate their support for the murder of Jews who now live in Israeli towns and collective farms that have replaced the 531 Arab villages that were lost in 1948.

Yet the US state department continues to ignore the fact that for a decade now the Palestinian Arab population has been taught to see a relationship between "right of return" and their divine obligation to go after Jews.

The connection simply is not being made between UNRWA and the failure to achieve peace.

"To think anew, to act anew," were words spoken by Abraham Lincoln on the morning of his tragic death.

The time has come for the decision-makers of the United States and other western democracies to "think anew and to act anew."

Will they continue to allow the policies of UNRWA to be sustained?

Unless and until UNWRA policies and practices regarding "right of return" change, there will be no chance for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

As the policies are halted, there must then be "deconditioning," as a prerequisite for true peace in the Middle East. The US-initiated de-Nazification program begun after World War II transformed Germany from a fascist regime into a democratic nation in one generation. This sort of peaceful transformation can be achieved again if Israel is permitted to do a re-education of the Palestinian Arab society that reverses the perspective taught by UNRWA policies.




Editorial - The New York Post - October 2, 2003
[With thanks to]

The next time you hear the Palestinians and their supporters bemoaning how Israel's determination to defend itself against terror has "crippled" the Palestinian economy, consider a new report from the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF recently disclosed that its own audit uncovered the fact that Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat between 1995 and 2000 diverted fully $591 million from the PA budget into a special bank account under his personal control.

That's nearly $100 million a year!

Talking about hitting the lottery.

According to the IMF's Karim Nashashibi, the money - which came from tax revenues collected by Israel and turned over to Arafat - was used to invest in 69 domestic and foreign commercial companies, whose actual owners were not disclosed.

(Arafat's investments, by the way, returned a profit of $300 million. Not bad for a Marxist revolutionary.)

This at a time when, as one member of the Palestinian Legislative Council complains, "the Palestinian people are starving and the universities are bankrupt."

But while Arafat has never used such funds for a personally luxurious lifestyle, neither has he allowed them to be used as originally intended -to create a viable Palestinian social-welfare infrastructure.

Indeed, Arafat has long allowed Hamas to build and maintain such institutions - which are then used as recruiting stations for suicide bombers and other terrorist murderers.

Actually, the IMF report is hardly surprising - it merely confirms what has long been known about the corrupt nature of Arafat's would-be state.

Back in 1998, a European Union audit disclosed that $20 million in Egyptian funds meant to build low-income housing was instead turned into a luxury apartment complex that was given over to top PA officials and Arafat acolytes. Last year, a former Arafat treasurer charged that Arafat had taken more than a half-billion dollars in international aid and transferred it to his personal accounts; an Israeli intelligence report estimated Arafat's assets at $1.3 billion spread across the world.

Forbes magazine, in a more conservative estimate, placed Arafat's net worth at $300 million, making him one of the richest world leaders.

In fact, Arafat is little more than a greedy vulture preying on his own people.

Every industry in the PA is a monopoly controlled by Arafat henchman; these concerns, 27 in all, set inflated prices for the average Palestinian and require kickbacks from anyone looking to do business in the West Bank and Gaza.

Little wonder, then, that prices for basic consumer goods in Arafat-controlled territories have quickly tripled and small-business owners have found it impossible to operate.

The IMF pronounced itself "concerned" by its auditors' report and has asked the Palestinian Authority for an explanation.

But the G7, meeting last week in Dubai, called on world nations to "increase and accelerate their assistance provided to the Palestinian Authority."

Yet with the PA totally under Arafat's thumb - following his successful ouster of Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas - that would do little more than pump billions more into a cesspool of corruption.

Enough, already.



Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin
September 24, 2003

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by Itamar Marcus


Two weeks ago, PMW reported that Palestinian Authority [PA] social organizations and NGOs [Non- Governmental Organizations] were refusing to sign a US required anti terror clause, which states, that the beneficiary organization will not transfer any money to terrorists or terrorist organizations. [See PMW bulletin] During these past two weeks the opposition to the US is growing more organized as 26 organizations gathered in Bethlehem to publicly declare they would not sign the US anti terror clause, while an even larger gathering is being planned. [See article below.]

It is also interesting to note that condemnation of the US anti terror conditions is spreading in the Arab world. "Egyptian intellectuals promised to organize a media campaign [against the US demands] ...They rejected the American document that established a condition and link between funding and signing. The Assistant to the Director General of the Arab Organization for [Human Rights] promised to raise the issue with other Arab countries and other Egyptian organizations." [Al Hayat Al Jadida Sept. 22, 2003]

It is also ironic that on the very same page in the PA daily, right under the article repeatedly attacking USAID, is an advertisement by USAID offering scholarships to Palestinian students for study in the US. [ Page 5, Al Hayat Al Jadida Sept. 22, 2003]

Commentary and Analysis:
There is far reaching significance to this collective refusal in the PA to sign the anti terror clause, as their refusal not only defies US policy, but, challenges a most fundamental premise regarding PA society. The common premise is that the general PA population rejects the murder of civilians through suicide terrorism, which would isolate suicide bombers on the fringe of PA society. However, when the entire organizational infrastructure, including social workers, psychologists, medical organizations and all social welfare organizations, refuse to sign an anti terror declaration, it points to a PA society unified in their support for suicide bombers.

This has important ramifications as much international policy, including the Road Map and the attempted isolation of Arafat, is based on the premise that Arafat and those supporting terrorism represent a fringe element, and their isolation would bring about an intrinsic and presumably permanent change in PA policy. However, if the entire society supports terrorism, as the NGOs stand indicates, Arafat's isolation and replacement would not indicate a change of substance, and certainly not an intrinsic and permanent change.

The following is a description of the new article that appeared in the PAdaily Al Quds:

Title: "The representatives of 29 NGOs [Non- Governmental Organizations] in the Bethlehem district reject the USAID document concerning support of the "terror". Our people are the victims of the terror".

"In the headquarters of the Social Workers and Psychologists Union in Bethlehem, a meeting took place with representatives from 26 NGOs ... [to] discuss the American Development Agency USAID document. [The US document]... forbids aid to projects belonging to Palestinian agencies and organizations that support terrorism and assist it both directly or indirectly...

Without signing this commitment, the funding will be stopped.

Mohammed Halil Al-Laham, Head of the Popular [Welfare] Service Committee in the Al-Dehisha refugee camp, said that the proposed document by USAID is clear intervention in the affairs of the civil society institutions. The response to this document should not be ambiguous nor hesitant, it should be rejected clearly...

Wijdan Al-Aza from the Working Woman's Society... demanded the rejection of any conditional funding or any foreign funding that does not respect not only the beneficiary Palestinian institutions, but also the legitimate goals of the Palestinian people, based on international legitimization.

In coordination with the Civil Society Institutions and with the NGOs, Daod Bishara, a member of the legislative parliament, called to coordinate positions regarding this document and its conditions and to hold a general conference in the Palestinian territories in order to take a united position regarding this subject.

At the end of the meeting, that was run by Adnan Ita from the Christian Youth Society and by Nabila Al-Dikak from the Social Workers Association, the participants decided to have a follow-up committee that would lead to another expanded meeting, and study the recommendations, with a remark that all those present stated their objection to signing and cooperating with [the terms of] this document.

Present at the meeting were also representatives from the District Headquarters and the Palestinian Ministry of Interior and from the Intelligence apparatus.

In the same context, the Emergency Committee of the National and Islamic Forces in the district held a meeting, during which all the Civic Society Institutions were called to refuse to sign this document... " [Al Quds, Sept. 23, 2003]




By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

2:20 PM October 4 Saturday Shabbat lunch in HAIFA- HOMICIDE BOMBER BLOWS UP MAXIM'S, AN ISRAELI-ARAB RESTAURANT IN HAIFA. 19 KILLED, INCLUDING 3 CHILDREN AND 1 BABY. Five people were killed in each of two families alone, from grandparents to grandchildren. 4 Arabs were also victims. 60 WOUNDED -MANY CRITICALLY - MANY MORE CHILDREN WOUNDED. ISLAMIC JIHAD CLAIMS CREDIT.



Grizzly pieces of flesh that were once people who laughed, cried, had families, dreamed dreams and all that was left of them was seared flesh. This was once again the work of Arabs, sometimes called Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Hezb'Allah, Iranians, Al Aksa Brigades, Fatah, Iraqis.... This day it was a 29 year old woman lawyer in training.

From their very young to their very old, Muslim Arabs are taught to hate and kill the 'infidel' (non-believer or non-Muslim. This is a vicious, murderous culture, driven by forces so perniciously evil that it is hard for the mind of man in western civilizations to conceive. These radical Islamists followed the pagan moon god of Zin, later called Allah, in an effort to compete with and absorb the G-d of the Jews and even the Jew who the Christians accepted as their lord.

Once, in ancient times, the Hebrew tribes led by Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Moses were instructed by G-d to wipe out the pagan tribes who practiced human sacrifice. Their instructions in G-d's Torah were clear: Leave none alive for they will come back as a plague. So they did. It wasn't just Saddam Hussein, Gamal Abdul Nasser, Hafez al Assad, Amin al Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler's friend) - or even Yassir Arafat. It is the entire population who hates Jews, enjoys killing - who believe that all non-Muslims can and must be either converted to Islam or killed.

These are people from the seed of rotten stock. These people have been invading each other and all others for 1381 years, since Mohammed first created Islam in 622 C.E. When they are under control of greater powers whom they fear, they are submissive - if not law-abiding. When the boot is off their necks, they quickly rise up and revert to what they have always been -murderers who claim to be superior to all others through Islam and Allah. This evil civilization cannot be reasoned with nor will they adhere towritten agreements of accommodation and peace.

Even their Koran teaches them to make false treaties when necessary and then break them as soon as they are strong enough to attack all those whom they call enemies. Arafat often refers to Oslo as like the Hudaibiya Treaty Mohammed signed with the Koreish (or Qurayzah) Tribe for peace. Two years later when he was stronger, he returned, slaughtered the men, sold the women and children into slavery.

After frequent Muslim Arab Terror attacks, Israel has been scraping up body parts from walls and streets for years. America experienced her first taste of such Arab Terror on 9/11/01. In a recently published book, entitled: "One Thousand Years for Revenge" by Peter Lance, he describes a chilling aftermath of 9/11. He was taken one night by Chief Fire Marshall Louis Garcia to a place called Memorial Park. Inside there were eight enormous refrigerator trailers. These trailers were draped in purple and black mourning crepe, surrounded by flowers. Visitors had written their goodbyes on the sides of the trailers. Inside were the partial remains of those who were slaughtered by the 15 Saudis and 4 Egyptians suicide bombers. Like Israel, now America also had grizzly pieces of burnt flesh to bury - or no bodies at all because most were vaporized by the heat of the hijacked planes jet fuel and the collapse to dust of the Twin Towers. 3000 humans now are just memories because the Arab Muslims hated America and were 'faithfully' following the diktats of Islam.

Israel is fighting Terror daily. Since the Oslo Accords were signed September 13, 1993 over 1500 men, women and children have been murdered. Multiply by 55 and you will discover that the ratio equivalent to the American population is 82,500. Can we comprehend that? What would America do if her casualties were that high - in that proportion?

Just since the Rosh HaShanah War of 2000 there have been 887 Israelis (48,785 in American terms) murdered in acts of Arab Muslim Terrorism, carried out by forces the Palestinian Authority pledged to disarm and dismantle more than a decade ago.

The 19 innocents murdered on Saturday would equal 1,049 Americans.

In addition to the fatalities, more than 6000 people have been wounded in Terror attacks - many maimed for life just over the past 3 years. This results from 18,877 successful Terror attacks. This is an average of 17.6 attacks per day over 3 years. Security forces have prevented an even greater number of attacks. Among the nearly 19,000 successful attacks were 128 homicide bombings by Arab Muslim Palestinians. Security forces apprehended an additional 179 "suicide" bombers before they could carry out their attacks. The economic cost of this last 3 years war has cost the Israeli economy 75 NIS ($16.8 Billion American dollars). That is $4.7 Billion dollars in lost revenue annually, plus military and police expenditures of Billions of dollars to secure the Israeli public from internal attacks, coupled with medical and national insurance costs to victims and their families. This does not include the insane costs of the fence Israel is now required to erect to prevent Terrorists from infiltrating into Israel. (1)

Israel is slowly approaching the realization that, no matter what they do, there will be no peace with Arab Muslims - be they Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, etc. This is a pagan culture of people who revel in death. They enjoy killing as if it lifts them to a level of honor instead of the primitive culture they know themselves to be.

HaShem (G-d) obviously knew what was necessary when He instructed the Hebrew tribes to destroy all the pagan tribes who engaged in human sacrifice then and now. This is a cursed people who afflict the human race with a barbarism that never seems to end. Regrettably, we often see Arabists in many countries, making common cause with this killing society. We find them in Europe, Africa, America and even Israel. There is no atrocity hideous enough for these fellow-travelers of Arab oil wealth to break off their support.

Sadly, there are Jews who are politely called Left Liberals but who have attached themselves to a vision of appeasing these killers and, in doing so, have themselves become co-conspirators for the dead Jews and the unidentifiable pieces of flesh scraped off the walls and pavements. For them, I can only wish that at the end of their lives, may they be interred in the sewers of Gaza so they may be near the Arabs they so lovingly support.

Civilization is building walls of different kinds to keep out the Muslims in whatever country they may be. In an act of expensive desperation, Israel is building cement walls to keep out the barbarous Terrorist Arab Muslims. In America, the borders are being tightened and Arabs who overstay their visa time are being deported. Nuclear power plants are being guarded against Arab Muslim attacks. Pilots of passenger aircraft are being armed against potential radical Muslim Terrorists who could hijack their aircraft and crash it into buildings.

Americans deny that Arabs are being racially profiled, but that's what is happening. Immigrants or visitors entering America are scanned at airports, but the Middle Easteners are really scrutinized. One day, the slogan: "No Arabs = No Terror" will become part of the Free World's philosophy for survival. In Europe, particularly France, Germany, England and Belgium have become epicenters for a critical mass of Muslim Terrorists who use the very willing Muslims already present in the millions for assistance and cover. The Europeans do virtually nothing about this growing threat. In America -only after 9/11 - have authorities taken action against the Arab/Muslim threat of sleeper cells allowed in by the Arab threat of the Arabist U.S. State Department. This is an institution that has dedicated itself to assisting radical Arab nations who flood America with radical Islamists. The U.S. State Department has yet to be investigated for having pressured the FBI and CIA to curtail their investigations of Arab/Muslims lest they offend Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, 'et al'.

Islam, denials notwithstanding, has declared war on all Free Western civilizations that are defined by them as non-believers or 'infidels'. Christianity and Judaism are their main targets but, all other religions are viewed as their enemies. No act of Terror is considered too barbaric to advance the cause of world domination by Islam. Be it blowing up a city with a nuclear weapon, spreading deadly germs or poisoning the water supply, all are acceptable. Israel is fighting Terror above and way beyond the scale of the horrific 9/11 Muslim attacks against America but, America, that is the Bush Administration has tied Israel's arms behind her - lest she win and insult the 'honor' of the oil maggots and Muslim nations.

Israel knows she can never live safely with Arabs in her cities ready to blow themselves up in a restaurant, school, bus, market - or anywhere people peacefully congregate. America is learning that painful lesson in Iraq as the people they rescued from Saddam Hussein kill American soldiers in gratitude. America is discovering Muslims in her military are more loyal to the Terrorist ideal and are first and foremost Islamists -ready to betray and kill Americans. There is growing evidence that Islamic moles have penetrated American Military, Intelligence, the U.S. State Department and some others in the U.S. political system. (More on this in a future article.)

Islam has always been at some level of war against the West but, now it is starting to reach its peak. For Israel and America, it is time to deport those dedicated enemies back to their own people and their own lands.

This is what you can expect:

The Arab Palestinians will dance in the streets over their successful atrocity.

President George W. Bush will offer condolences and - along with Secretary of State Colin Powell - will advise Israeli restraint.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will call U.S. National Security Advisor Condolezza Rice and inquire as to what action he will be allowed to take in order to placate the Israeli electorate. However, please note news item of October 5th Israeli attack against Islamic Jihad Terror Training Ein Sahar Camp in Syria, which definitely is a necessary act of deterrence and just retaliation. No doubt, the U.N. will strongly condemn this attack just as they did when Israel took out Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981 at Osirak.

The U.N.'s Secretary General Kofi Annan will state that U.N. troops, along with E.U. (European Union) and NATO must be allowed to separate the 'combatants' - thereby apportioning equal blame and moral equivalency.


1. "The Numbers Tell the Story (of the Oslo War)" by Ted Belman Trackback, Oct. 3, 2003

Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.




by Rabbi A. James Rudin

Muslims Have Already Changed Europe. Is The United States Next?

In the run up to the invasion of Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was questioned why our oldest ally, France, and America's post World War II creation, democratic Germany, refused to join the United States in deposing Saddam Hussein. Rumsfeld imperiously dismissed both nations, calling them "Old Europe." He was sharply criticized for his public put down of the French and Germans, but whether he intended it, the American defense chief was demographically correct.

Recent research studies all tell the same story: falling birth rates in France, Germany, and other Western European nations mean their populations are not being replaced. Married couples with even as few as two children are rare, and the median age of residents in these countries is climbing. Fears about the political and economic viability of "Old Europe" are being openly expressed.

While this severe downturn is taking place, Western Europe is also experiencing an extraordinary influx of newcomers, including many Muslims. Mosques are being built, but not without tension and controversy. Catholic leaders in Rome have expressed concern about the anti-Christian sermons emanating from the new Muslim house of worship in the Eternal City. Muslims have established separate schools and some extremists openly boast that Europe will soon become part of the Islamic world, avenging the Christian military victories centuries ago in Spain and Vienna. Muslim zealots claim Islamic hegemony is only a matter of time as their youthful population increases while the "Old Europe" population decreases.

That is one reason why Pope John Paul II is so insistent that the official documents of the European Union specifically refer to the "heritage of Christian Europe."

Of course, Jews have always been an integral part of European history. In fact, the Jewish communities of Rome and Greece actually pre-date Christianity. But the relentless attacks against European Jews through the centuries -- massacres, expulsions, forced conversions, the Crusades, pogroms and finally, the Holocaust -- have tragically reduced Europe's Jewish once large population.

One thing is clear. The political and religious future of "Old Europe" is, to use Wall Street language, "in play," and facing a "hostile take over" by Muslims.

Could something similar be in store for the United States? Not likely, but some American demographic trends closely parallel Western Europe.

Although Jews first arrived in what is now the United States in 1654, every American schoolchild knows that white Christian males, many of whom came from Britain and Rumsfeld's "Old Europe," created our nation. The ugliest part of early American history was the institution of slavery imposed by whites upon Africans that began in 1619 and legally continued for nearly 250 years.

The percentage of whites in America, once an overwhelming number, is shrinking as America's Hispanic and Asian populations continue to grow. While the size of the African-American community has remained relatively constant, it still constitutes nearly 15 percent of the total population.

Because the slave owners were usually white Protestants, they passed their own religious beliefs to their black slaves. And because Spain and Portugal were Catholic imperial powers that colonized Central and South America, most Hispanics in the United States today are Catholics, though this is changing as many Latinos are turning to Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity. The traditional Asian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism are also growing in America, reflecting recent immigration.

But it is the increasing Islamic population that draws the most attention and concern. And no wonder. The Sept. 11th terrorists were all Arab Muslims and the Justice Department's anti-terrorism arrests and trials since then have centered almost exclusively on Muslims living in the United States. At the same time, Islamic organizations loudly predict their community will soon surpass Jews in number and become America's second-largest religion after Christianity.

In addition, there are troubling reports that Islamic schools in the United States, including the Islamic Saudi Academy located not far from George Washington's Mount Vernon estate in Virginia, are indoctrinating their young students with large doses of anti-Western, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish teachings.

Historically, as wave after wave of earlier immigrants came to America, they adapted to and adopted the core values of our constitutional republic. One of those shared ideals is freedom of religion and respect for religious diversity free of bigotry and prejudice.

Will today's immigrants follow that same pattern? No one knows the future, but clearly the United States is in a period of enormous religious and political change. The results of that change will decisively determine what kind of America will emerge in the years ahead.


Rabbi A. James Rudin is the American Jewish Committee's senior interreligious adviser. He is also the Distinguished Visiting Professor at Saint Leo University.



Oct-02-03 / 6 Tishrei 5764


( While the number of active Israeli pilots signed the letter refusing to bomb terrorist positions in urban settings is small they probably did not see how the actions of the IDF stack up against others. In the recent summer edition of the journal Azure a detailed analysis of Israeli warfare, as conducted last spring in Jenin, is compared to other military conflicts.

The article compares, in detail, the IDF's urban warfare to the Russian army's assault on Grozny, Chechnya; the NATO bombing of Kosovo; and the UN mission in Mogadishu, Somalia. In analyzing the NATO bombing in Kosovo the article states, "NATO forces considering an attack on Serb forces in Kosovo in 1999 went for a "cleaner" approach. The central aim of the operation was to stop Serbian war crimes in Kosovo with the least possible cost to NATO troops. Fearful of becoming mired in heavy fighting on the ground, the allied forces mounted a massive aerial-bombing campaign. The bombers, for the most part, maintained an altitude high enough to avoid anti-aircraft fire-which meant a notable decrease in accuracy and a commensurate increase in the likelihood of collateral damage.

During the eleven-week spring air offensive, NATO bombers deployed 23,000 bombs and air-to-ground missiles in the Kosovo region. Though few of the Serbian army's tanks and armored personnel carriers-the main targets of the attack-were destroyed in the operation, the civilian death toll was at least 460, and some even put the number as high as 1,500 or 2,000-the unfortunate result of bombs that missed their mark. Responding to critics, NATO placed the blame squarely on Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, claiming that he had deliberately placed military targets close to residential areas. Under the circumstances, NATO spokesmen insisted, civilian losses were unavoidable; the bombings were "legitimate" and would continue until the Serbs surrendered. NATO similarly justified its air assault on the Serbian village of Korisa, which claimed the lives of about 100 civilians, by declaring the village "a legitimate military target" because of the presence of Serbian troops and "an armored personnel carrier and more than ten pieces of artillery." In response to another incident in which ten civilians were killed in a bombing of the bridge on which their train was traveling, General Wesley Clark, commander of NATO forces in Europe, blamed the debacle on "how suddenly that train appeared" and described the accident's grim consequences as "really unfortunate." Finally, after a civilian convoy was bombed by mistake, a NATO spokesman explained, "Sometimes one has to risk the lives of the few to save the lives of the many." Government officials in NATO countries supported this position. British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, for example, expressed his outrage at the Yugoslavs: "How dare they now produce crocodile tears for people killed in the conflict for which they are responsible?"

There were other such incidents, as well. When cluster bombs landed in residential neighborhoods in the Serbian city of Nis, they killed 14 people and injured twice as many. According to a Serbian source, "the bombs fell on a busy part of town at a time when people were out in the streets and at the market, not protecting themselves in the bomb shelters where they had spent the night." In a NATO press briefing, Major-General Walter Jertz asserted merely that "cluster bombs are used in aerial targets where we know that collateral damage could not occur." In Surdulica, 16 civilians, including 11 children, were killed when NATO jets attacked military barracks in the village. NATO sources acknowledged that a laser-guided bomb had gone astray and missed its target by 500 yards. The NATO statement noted that the organization "does not target civilians, but we cannot exclude harm to civilians or to civilian property during our air operations over Yugoslavia." In another incident in Surdulica about a month later, some 17 people died when missiles hit a hospital-which, according to Amnesty International, was "reported to have been marked on all maps of the area." Colonel Konrad Freytag explained that "NATO aircraft attacked the military barracks and an ammunition storage area in the vicinity of that city. Both these targets were legitimate military targets... All munitions hit the planned aiming points." ... Military experts also defended NATO's claim that the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians were a reasonable price to pay in a campaign against a war criminal. Philip Meilinger, a retired U.S. Army colonel, did not hesitate to assert that the civilian casualties in Kosovo and Yugoslavia were extraordinarily light considering the number of missions and bombings. Like the Russians, NATO members considered injury to the civilian population unavoidable given the scope of the operations in the region."

The full article, highly instructive for reading, can be found at: (Morasha News 9/29).



September 29, 2003


By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

Jerusalem ( - Israel's government at the weekend released official statistics from the Palestinian-initiated Oslo War as the third anniversary of the ongoing anti-Jewish terror campaign came and went. The stunning numbers paint the picture of a merciless and unrelenting offensive, the like of which has never been experienced in re-born Israel's war-torn 55 years. The numbers tell the story [multiply by 50 and you'll get the US equivalents, by 10 and you'll get the Italian] Since the outbreak of what the Arabs call the "Al Aqsa Intifada," 867 Israelis have been killed in acts of Palestinian terrorism, carried out by forces the Palestinian Authority pledged to disarm and dismantle more than a decade ago. In addition to the fatalities, 5,878 people have been wounded in terrorist attacks. Many of the injured remain with permanent disabilities and deformities as a result of the attacks, according to Arutz 7.

The high casualty numbers were the result of 18,876 successful Palestinian attacks over the past three years. This works out to an average of 17.6 attacks per day over the three-year period. Security forces prevented an even greater number of attacks which, had they been perpetrated, would have pushed the number of victims many times higher.

While 96 percent of these assaults were carried out against Jewish residentsof Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the 4 percent carried out "inside" pre-1967 Israel were generally more lethal and resulted in over half of all the fatalities. Among the nearly 19,000 successful attacks were 127 attacks by Palestinian "suicide" bombers. Security forces apprehended an additional 179 "suicide" bombers before they could carry out their attacks.

The Economic Cost
The Oslo War has cost the Israeli economy NIS 75 billion [US $16.8 billion] in defense costs and lost revenue, resulting in a 6 percent drop in Israel's normally high standard of living.

Israel's tourism industry, the primary source of the country's revenue, has been devastated, causing hotels around the country, and even some famous tourist sites, to close down.

Unbalanced Comparison
Palestinian sources and left-wing political commentators have repeatedly pointed out that Palestinian casualties during the Oslo War have been many times higher than Israeli casualties.

The implication is that Israel, like the Palestinian terrorists, also indiscriminately targets Palestinian civilians. However, statistical studies over the past year refute this.

In November 2002, the Herzliya-based International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism conducted an in-depth survey of the Oslo War's casualties on both sides based on open sources.

Among other things, the study revealed that hundreds of Palestinians who were killed in direct suicidal attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers, as well as Arabs who were killed while preparing terrorist bombs or murdered as collaborators were included in the Palestinian casualty numbers. In addition, 95 percent of Palestinian fatalities fit into a specific demographic category - young males between the ages of 12 to 29, according to the report. The pattern of Palestinian casualties "completely contradicts accusations that Israel has indiscriminately targeted women and children," the report said.

"There appears to be only one reasonable explanation of this pattern: that Palestinian men and boys engaged in behavior that brought them into conflict with Israeli armed forces," the report continued. "In fact, the highly specific pattern of Palestinian noncombatant fatalities suggests that many of these deaths have resulted from an active Palestinian indoctrination campaign glorifying 'martyrdom' - effectively encouraging boys and young men to confront Israeli forces and risk death even when there was no real likelihood of causing material harm to Israelis."


Copyright 2002-2003 Jerusalem Newswire. All rights reserved.



The Jerusalem Post, October 2, 2003


By Erik Schechter and Amotz Asa-El

It was a typically steamy August day in 1950 at Jerusalem's King David Hotel when a defiant David Ben-Gurion admonished his guests, the leaders of American Jewry.

"We need halutzim [pioneers]," insisted the young state's ever-tactless prime minister, "and halutzim have come to us and we believe more will come not only from countries where the Jews are oppressed... but also from countries where the Jews live a life of freedom and are equal in status to all other citizens... they will come from among those who believe that their aspirations as human beings and as Jews can best be fulfilled by life and work in Israel."

Angered by this thinly veiled hint that Israel is out to rob the Diaspora of its young and talented, American Jewish Committee leader Jacob Blaustein retorted: "American Jews vigorously repudiate any suggestion or implication that they are in exile.... To American Jews America is home!"

They come from places as far apart as Canada and New Zealand, can be as religiously observant as those who populate much of Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood and as atheistic as Kibbutz Kfar Blum's socialists.Israel's Anglos also don't behave like any other ethnic group here. It is inconceivable that they will seek to field their own Knesset list; the last party that sought to woo the Anglo vote, Natan Sharansky's Yisrael B'Aliya, all but self-destructed in January's election. An Anglo version of the colorful, cacophonous, and massively attended Moroccan-Israeli mimouna festival is about as likely as a gay parade in downtown Teheran.

Israel's Anglos have yet to make a lasting contribution to the Israeli menu, which the rest of Israel's founding ethnicities have already turned into a happy smorgasbord brimming with everything from Egyptian humous and Kurdish kubeh to Hungarian goulash and Romanian chorba.

In fact, when for most others the relocation to the Promised Land was an exercise in coming down to earth, for the Anglos it is often an exercise in becoming a myth. For many Israelis, it goes without saying that Jews from the English-speaking world are rich, educated, and powerful, and that the women among them are gorgeous.

Anglo-Israelis themselves are the first to laugh these stereotypes away, even while conceding that theirs is a life not nearly as troubled that of other immigrants here. After all, they retain passports and often property with which they can always make their way out should things go sour for them here.

Not that the Anglos don't have their own share of angst here. On the contrary, if they have a common denominator it is that they all came from highly developed countries where a dialogue with a government official is polite, short, and fruitful; where public transportation is rapid, safe, and cheap; and where the local TV channel's evening news team has yet to experience its first-ever live broadcast from a terror-attack scene.

Whatever setbacks the Anglos suffer in the wake of their immigration here they tend to experience them individually, not as a group, the way so many other ethnicities have done before them, from the Yemenites in the 1950s and the Moroccans in the 1960s through the Georgians in the 1970s to the current Russians and Ethiopians.

Even that Anglo-Jewish religious distinction non-Orthodoxy has never managed to become a common fixture here comparable with the ubiquitous Iraqi, Moroccan, Tunisian, or Hassidic neighborhood shul. Yes, practically any non-Orthodox or egalitarian synagogue here is disproportionately Anglo, but most Anglos who frequent synagogues still opt for the Orthodox mainstream, and even within that fold seldom set up prayer houses of their own.

Moreover, the lack of a group identity among Israel's Anglos runs so deep that, unlike the members of so many other ethnic groups, they never gauge the success of their absorption by counting the number of prominent Israelis who emerged from their tribe. When, for instance, Moshe Levi became chief of General Staff in 1983, every Iraqi-Israeli was proud, and when David Levy became foreign minister in 1990 every Moroccan-Israeli felt a sense of breakthrough.

However, when, for instance, Moshe Arens became Israel's first Anglo defense minister in 1983 the country's second most important position, which until then only a handful of Eastern Europeans and sabras had held local Anglos were no more inspired than Williamsburg Hassidim are when an American wins an Olympic gold medal.

Still, over the decades Israel has attracted thousands of immigrants from the prosperous English-speaking world.

From the handful that trickled here steadily starting in the 1920s when Reform rabbi Judah Magnes established the Hebrew University to the estimated 100,000 Anglos who came here soon after the 1967 Six Day War, local Anglos have actually made a surprisingly noticeable contribution to Israel's development.

Generating a prime minister (Golda Meir), president (Chaim Herzog), defense minister (Moshe Arens), foreign minister (Abba Eban), chief rabbi (Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Halevy Herzog), Supreme Court president (Shimon Agranat), and CEO of the largest holding company (Jonathan Kolber), is an accomplishment that very few other edot, if any, can boast.

(Of course, before anyone gets too excited it would be good to remember that most of the truly influential Israeli Anglos are no longer alive.)

The following is our impression of who belongs in a list of Israel's greatest Anglos, a list which of course is highly debatable. We expect many readers to lose no time disputing at least some of our choices. For those who intend to do so, we would just like to clarify that we defined as Israeli-Anglo as someone who was raised in an English-speaking country, lives (or lived) here full-time, and has made a lasting impact on Israel.

Moshe Arens (1925) – Politics

From the Lavi fighter jet technology to Binyamin Netanyahu, Moshe Arens a three-time defense minister has made more than his fair share of contributions to Israel. Born in Lithuania, Arens moved to the US at 14. And while older brother Richard would become a critic of Zionism, Moshe got involved with Betar, the right-wing youth movement of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. In fact, Arens was there with Jabotinsky in Camp Betar, in rural New York, when the grand ideologue of Revisionist Zionism suffered his fatal heart attack in 1939.

With a BA in mechanical engineering in hand, Arens came to Israel in 1948 and joined the Irgun underground for a brief stint, serving as an emissary to Europe and North Africa until March of the following year.

In the early 1950s, Arens returned to the US and earned his MS in aeronautical engineering training that would later make him vice president for engineering at Israel Aircraft Industries. In the 1980s, Arens pushed for the creation of the Lavi, and though it would later be axed by cabinet vote in 1987, its technological spin-offs would live on. Many see the fingerprints of the Lavi on the Chinese F-10 fighter.

Arens was elected to the Knesset in 1974 on the Likud list and, from 1977 to 1982, chaired the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. He then landed the coveted position of ambassador to the United States, and in 1983, he became defense minister for the first of three rounds. (He would get another crack in 1990, and then again in 1999.)

From 1990 to 1992, Arens served as foreign minister. He was also the political patron of Binyamin Netanyahu igniting his rapid rise to Israel's top political slot. In 1982, Arens brought Netanyahu in as his deputy chief of mission in the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and six years later Netanyahu served as his deputy foreign minister.

Netanyahu was like a son to Arens. But in 1999, Arens made a failed challenge for the Likud leadership, disappointed with his protege's support of the 1997 Hebron Accord and 1998 Wye Plantation Agreement.

Tal Brody (1943) – Sports

Who says nothing good ever comes out of New Jersey? Born in Trenton, Tal Brody led the American basketball team to a gold medal during the 1965 Maccabiah Games. Brody's prowess on the court drew the attention of Maccabi Tel Aviv team managers and even Moshe Dayan, who asked him to move to Israel.

But Brody first returned to the US and, declining an offer to play with the Baltimore Bullets, earned an MA in educational psychology at the University of Illinois. In 1966, he returned to Israel and a year later, helped Maccabi Tel Aviv win second place in the European Cup Basketball Championships.

Then Uncle Sam called. In 1968, Brody returned to the US and was drafted into the army, where he did his running and shooting on the court, for the United States Armed Forces All-Star Team. When Brody finally made aliya in 1970, his reserve IDF duty entailed organizing special sports events and fitness days for pilots and air force personnel.

Brody captained Maccabi Tel Aviv when it defeated Italy's Mobil Girgi in 1977, giving Israel its first European basketball title. On its way to the top, Maccabi Tel Aviv defeated CSKA Moscow, after which an ecstatic Brody declared, in a broad American accent, "We are on the map, and we will stay on the map."

That become one of the sound bites of Israeli culture, such that it was recently spoofed in a TV commercial for the National Lottery Board. In the ad, a winning racehorse with an American accent boasts, "We are on the race track, and we will stay on the race track." (The humor was lost on Brody: An opponent of gambling, he sued the board.)

In 1979, Brody was awarded the Israel Prize, the country's highest civilian honor.

Today, he is a philanthropist and businessman, serving as the local agent of Mitsuboshi C.I. Co., a Japanese consumer goods corporation, and as a member of the board of directors of the Japan-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Efraim HaLevy (1934) – Espionage

James Bond he isn't. But 007 is not the kind of English spy needed to overhaul the Mossad. That task instead fell to Ephraim Halevy, who served as director of the intelligence agency from 1998-2002, after it was buffeted by a series of embarrassing mishaps.

The nephew of the late philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin, Halevy was born in England and came to Israel as a young teenager. At 27, after completing a law degree at Hebrew University, Halevy began a long career in the Mossad. There he earned his reputation as the quiet diplomat to countries that did not have official ties with Israel.

"He is a complex person, really an introvert and a loner," a former agent said of Halevy.

Halevy oversaw the immigration of Ethiopian Jews and, while serving as deputy Mossad chief under Yitzhak Rabin, helped negotiate the peace treaty with Jordan. But by 1998, he was done with the spy business, serving as Israel's representative to the European Union that is, until duty called again.

At the time, the public image of the Mossad was in bad shape. There was the botched assassination attempt against Hamas official Khaled Mashaal in Jordan, agents nabbed in wiretapping and surveillance operations in Cyprus and Switzerland, and the indictment of former agent Yehuda Gil for faking data on Syria's military intentions.

Replacing Danny Yatom as Mossad head, Halevy did some house-cleaning at the agency, and for the first time, placed employment ads in newspapers, in 2001. But by 2002, Halevy quit after repeatedly clashing with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over his policy vis- -vis the Palestinians.

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Meir Dagan, who fought under Sharon's command in 1973 and headed his election campaign in 2001, replaced Halevy at the Mossad. Halevy went on to head the National Security Council but resigned a year later over policy differences with Dov Weisglass, a Sharon lawyer and political adviser.

Prof. David Hartman (1931) - Jewish thinker

Born in Brooklyn, David Hartman received his rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva University and his PhD in Philosophy from McGill University, Montreal. In 1976, five years after he made aliya, he founded the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. The goal of the institute, in the words of its founder, is "to help build a more pluralistic, tolerant Israeli society."

Hartman taught Jewish thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was an adviser to Zevulun Hammer, a former education minister of the National Religious Party. Hartman has certainly attracted the attention of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

In his November 27, 2001, op-ed ("The Real War"), Friedman opined that the war against religious totalitarianism requires "generals" like Hartman.

"What first attracted me to Rabbi Hartman when I reported from Jerusalem was his contention that unless Jews reinterpreted their faith in a way that embraced modernity, without weakening religious passion, and in a way that affirmed that God speaks multiple languages and is not exhausted by just one faith, they would have no future in the land of Israel."

But you have really made it to the big time when you feature in a Noam Chomsky conspiracy theory. The anarchist and MIT linguist, in a 1988 interview, called Hartman "some marginal character who runs a weird religious school on private money and has never had an idea in his head." According to Chomsky, Hartman's function is to hide the ugly underside of Israeli policies in the territories by serving as a model of the moral, "beautiful Israel." (Peace Now and Haaretz were likewise pilloried as being insufficiently left-wing.)

Abba Eben (1915-2002) - Diplomacy

It is at times like these when the foreign minister brings to the world stage all the charm and wit of a bull terrier that one pines for the days of the late Abba Eban. Born in South Africa, bred in England (where he was called Aubrey), Eban exhibited an unparalleled polish and erudition as the public voice of Israel, be it in the UN General Assembly or at the White House.

The man that Benjamin Netanyahu himself no slouch at the speaker's podium deemed the "founding father of Israeli diplomacy" had an early start in Zionist politics: His mother, Alida, was the secretary of such luminaries as Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow.But Eban would make his name known in every Israeli household by dint of his own work. Before helping the Jewish Agency secure American support for the establishment of a Jewish state in 1947, Eban lectured in Arabic and Oriental Studies at Pembroke College, served as a major in the British Intelligence Corps during World War II, and was a published author.

Oh, and he spoke 10 languages.

Joyce White, a former editor of The Young Zionist, a publication of Britain's Federation of Zionist Youth, remembers Eban in his youth.

"He was a rather cold person," she told The Jerusalem Post, "but he was such a strong Zionist that he inspired everyone who came into contact with him. We all thought he was very clever."

From 1950 to 1959, he served as both Israel's delegate to the UN and its first ambassador to the US long before it developed its "special relationship" with Israel. At the time, Israelis were viewed by foreigners as, at best, uncouth. It probably did not help matters when Paula Ben-Gurion, during her first official state visit to Washington, slid under the dinner table only to emerge and declare in Yiddish, "I've found my shoes."

In 1960, Eban became minister of education and culture and, three years later, deputy prime minister in the Levi Eshkol government. Yet it was when Eban became the country's third foreign minister that he truly shone. During the Six Day War, he declared at the UN, "Never in history has there been a more righteous use of armed force."

While much is made of his remark that the 1949 armistice lines were "Auschwitz borders," Eban was a dedicated Labor Party dove. He complained that, by not making territorial concessions, Israel was "tearing up its own birth certificate," which was predicated on "the idea of sharing territory and sovereignty."

Ahinoam Nini (1969) – Music

Folk-rock singer Ahinoam Nini or Noa, as she is known to foreign fans was born in Israel, but grew up in the Bronx. When she was 17, she visited Israel for summer vacation, fell in love with a handsome IDF officer, and decided to stay.

Her homeland welcomed her back with open arms and drafted her into the army the following year.

"I spent two years performing in an army band, playing hundreds of shows, often in very rough conditions and under difficult circumstances," she says.

Noa spent her two-year army service singing for soldiers, then studied for a year at the Rimon School of Music where she encountered her future music partner, Gil Dor. In 1990, they performed a duet concert at a Tel Aviv festival and have been working together ever since.

A fan Web site quotes Nini as saying that English, not Hebrew, is the language of her dreams and poetic inspiration.

"In the same manner, my musical roots are more Occidental than Oriental," she says. "I've been inspired by musicians like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Leonard Cohen, and by the poetic genius of e.e. cummings."

And most of her songs are in English, though she has two all-Hebrew CDs.In 1997, Nini played with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and like many artists, she has used her talent to trumpet political causes. Together with the fading Miri Aloni and singer, draft-dodger, and make-up enthusiast Aviv Gefen, Nini performed at the fateful 1995 peace rally in Tel Aviv at which prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Later she sang in the White House and in Oslo at special concerts dedicated to Rabin's memory, both attended by then-US president Bill Clinton.

Her most memorable, and controversial, performance was a rendition of "Ave Maria" to an audience of some 100,000, including the pope, at the Vatican in 1994.

Jonathan Kolber (1962) – Business

Vice chairman and CEO of the Koor conglomerate, Jonathan Kolber was born in Canada. He graduated from Harvard University in 1983 with a BA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and later studied at the American University of Cairo.

Moving to Israel in 1988, he took charge of Claridge Israel, an investment company owned by Charles Bronfman. By 1997, he was vice chairman of Koor's board of directors. A few months later he was CEO.

Claridge made substantial investments in such major local companies as Teva and Osem. No one will ever accuse Kolber of ignoring his enterprises: He was far too busy making money to return a telephone call from The Jerusalem Post.

Chaim Herzog (1918-1997) - Military / Politics

Born in Ireland, Chaim Herzog immigrated to Palestine in 1935 and served in the Hagana during the Arab revolt. During World War II, Herzog participated in the liberation of the concentration camps, and afterward he fought with the IDF at Latrun. In 1962, he retired from service with the rank of major-general having been the head of military intelligence.

Herzog also had a respectable political career serving as ambassador to the UN in the late 1970s, as a Labor MK from 1981-83, and finally as president from 1983-1993.

Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990) – Politics

The founder of the militant Jewish Defense League in New York, Rabbi Meir Kahane moved here in 1969. Declaring that Zionism and Western democracy are incompatible, Kahane espoused a rabbinic state ruled by religious law at the expense of civil rights. He also favored ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Israel.

His Kach Party won a seat in the 1984 Knesset election but was banned from running in the next election in 1988. Two years later, he was murdered by an Egyptian Muslim fundamentalist in New York.

After his death, his movement split into Kach and Kahane Chai both of which were labeled terrorist groups by the government in 1994, after they declared their support for the massacre of 28 Palestinians by Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a Kahane follower.

Judah Magnes (1877-1948) – Education

Born in San Francisco in 1877, Magnes was quite unlike his fellow Reform rabbis in his rejection of the idea that the Jews were only a religious group and not a nation.

In 1922, Magnes moved to Palestine. There, he helped establish the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, serving as chancellor and president. Founder of the intellectual circle Brit Shalom in 1925, Magnes was a devout pacifist and binationalist neither of which caught on in Israel.

Golda Meir (1898-1978) – Politics

Though born in Kiev, Israel's first and only female prime minister (its "mother," many would say) spent her formative years from eight to 23 growing up in Milwaukee.

"She had an American accent to her Hebrew," said the late Simcha Dinitz, who was ambassador to the US in 1973 and was a policy adviser to Meir both when she was foreign minister and when she was prime minister.

In 1921, Golda Mabovitch married Morris Meyerson, and together they moved to Kibbutz Merhavia in Mandatory Palestine. Three years later, the Meyersons moved to Jerusalem, and Golda passed through numerous positions in the Histadrut labor union. (She would Hebraicize her married surname to "Meir" when she became foreign minister in 1956.)In 1946, when most of the Jewish Agency's leaders were interned by the British, Meyerson replaced Moshe Sharett as acting head of the political department until 1948. One of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence, Meyerson was appointed Israel's first ambassador to the Soviet Union, though less than a year later she would take her seat in the Knesset, serving as labor minister until 1956.

From 1956-1966, Meir served as foreign minister, and in 1969, with the death of Levi Eshkol, she became prime minister.

She held this post during the traumatic Yom Kippur War of 1973, when Syrian and Egyptian forces launched a surprise attack against the IDF, scoring early victories. Though some have criticized her for brushing off Anwar Sadat's offer of peace in 1971, Dinitz contended that the Egyptian president's position was far from reasonable.

"Sadat wanted a complete Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines as a precommitment to peace negotiations," he said. "He was only ready to disengage himself from the legacy of [Gamal Abdel] Nasser once he had crossed the Suez Canal and regained Egypt's national pride."

Though Meir once quipped that she didn't want "a fine, liberal, anti-colonial, anti-militaristic, dead Jewish people," she did bow to American pressure not to make a preemptive strike against Syria and Egypt when it was clear that war was brewing. She regretted not following her gut instincts and attacking anyway, Dinitz said.

Though she won the general election two months after the war, Meir still smarted from the criticism that she had left the country militarily unprepared for the Syrian-Egyptian onslaught and resigned from office in 1974.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin(1940) - Settler leader

Formerly rabbi of Manhattan's prominent Lincoln Square Synagogue, Shlomo Riskin marched against segregation in Selma, Alabama, in the 1960s. In 1983, he moved to Israel with the Rayshit Geulah pioneering group and helped found the community of Efrat, in the Judean hills.

Riskin is now the chief rabbi of the town, which has grown to 1,500 families, a third of which are originally from English-speaking countries. He is also dean of the local Ohr Torah Stone colleges and graduate programs.

Under the auspices of Riskin, substantial funds were raised for medical clinics and schools in nearby Palestinian villages as part of a good neighbor policy. It is questionable whether the policy worked. In 1995, he and other settlers were jailed by Israeli police for passively resisting the evacuation from state land claimed by the Palestinian village of El-Khader. In 2002, Efrat experienced terrorist attacks from bordering villages.

Al Schwimmer(1917) - Military Industry

When Al Schwimmer left Israel Aircraft Industries in 1988, the company he had founded was making $1 billion a year. Not bad for an ex-US Army Air Corps flight engineer from Connecticut who cannot speak Hebrew.

Then again, Schwimmer is no ordinary immigrant. After World War II, he helped smuggle aircraft to Israel using his military contacts, a small airfield outside Prague, and some front companies including one purporting to be the official airline of Panama."I knew lots of pilots, Jews and non-Jews," he said two years ago. "They flew over transport planes. We also got some B-17s, the backbone of the US bombing force, and a number of C-46 transport planes carried over disassembled Messerschmidt ME-109 fighters bought in Czechoslovakia."

But the FBI was on his trail. In 1950, Schwimmer was stripped of his US citizenship for violating the Neutrality Act by helping to arm Israel during its War of Independence. A year later, David Ben-Gurion came to visit him at his aircraft maintenance and service company in Burbank, California, and suggested he come to Israel and start an aircraft industry here Israel Aircraft Industries.

As technology and industry adviser to the prime minister, Schwimmer had a role in the Iran-contra operation of the 1980s, introducing US National Security Council staffer Michael Ledeen to Iranian arms merchant Manucher Ghobanifor. Schwimmer had met Ghobanifor who would help arrange the arms-for-hostages deal through Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian weapons dealer. Ultimately, the clandestine arrangement, which included funnelling US profits from the Iranian arms sales to anti-Marxist guerrillas in Nicaragua, fell apart.

In February 2001, Schwimmer won a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton. The eldest son of Hank Greenspan, the late Las Vegas Sun publisher who had helped Schwimmer smuggle arms to Israel, was a good friend of Clinton and used his personal connections to have the then 83-year-old's right to vote reinstated.

Mickey Marcus (1902-1948) – Military

A medal-winning 101st Airborne veteran of WW II, Col. Mickey Marcus came face to face with the devastation of the Holocaust in Europe. After the war, and under the pseudonym "Mickey Stone," the Brooklyn-born Marcus moved to Israel, where he helped train the Hagana.

He was critical of the Palmah, the Hagana's strike force, arguing that grandiose legends aside it was not really an effective fighting unit. That did not endear him to veterans of the Palmah who, like Yitzhak Rabin and others, went on to form the backbone of the IDF.

But under Marcus, the Israeli forces kept the Egyptian army in the Negev on its toes. He also helped save the western section of Jerusalem from an Arab siege just days before the United Nations negotiated a cease-fire.

Marcus was killed by an IDF sentry toward the end of the War of Independence; the American officer had forgotten the Hebrew password. Marcus was buried at West Point, from which he graduated.

Henrietta Szold (1860-1945) - Philanthropy

The founder and first president of Hadassah the Women's Zionist Organization of America, Baltimore-born Henrietta Szold sailed to Palestine in 1918. She helped establish a number of institutions, such as the Hadassah Medical Center, in Jerusalem.

Though unmarried, she said that she would have traded in all her work for just one child of her own.

Naomi Ragen (1949) - Author

Author of books involving Orthodox female characters including Sotah, Sacrifice of Tamar, Jephte's Daughter, and The Ghost of Hannah Mendes Naomi Ragen moved here from the US in 1971.

Her works, written in English and popular abroad, have been translated into Hebrew. Sotah was on Israel's best-seller list for 90 weeks, and a survey by a major newspaper found her to be the second most popular author in the country.

Dov Yosef (1899-1980) - Politics

Though holding a number of government positions in the early 1950s from communications to health minister the Canadian-born Dov Yosef will be remembered for his thankless role as minister of supplies, heading the government's austerity program of severe food rationing and price-controls, in 1949-50.

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By Steven Plaut
(re-posted here exactly three years after the events in question took place)

On Rosh Hashana, 2000, Madhat Yusef became a martyr to the Oslo "peace process" and the policies of the Israeli government of Ehud Barak. Madhat was a nineteen year old Druse soldier serving in Israel's border patrol. He was murdered by PLO bullets, but allowed to bleed to death by the government of Israel.

Like many in his Druse town of Beit J'an, Madhat served in the same border patrol in which his father had previously served his country for 25 years. And like American Jews who work on Christmas Day to allow their countrymen to celebrate their holidays, Madhat was doing guard duty at Joseph's Shrine in Nablus/Shechem on the Jewish New Year when he was murdered by PLO stormtroopers sent out by Yassir Arafat.

Jospeh's Tomb is a shrine in the center of Nablus. The town lies between the Mountain of Blessings from the Bible, Mount Grizim, and the Mountain of Curses, Mount Aival. In the Bible the Israelites are evenly divided between the two mountains by Moses so that future Jew will feel that he is in the center between the two, that the fate of the entire nation is in the balance and depends on his own individual behavior and actions. In the middle, between the two mountains, is the shrine where the bones of Joseph lie, carried to the Promised Land by the Israelites according to Joseph's last will and testament, all as documented in the Bible itself.

In this glen, Ehud Barak tipped the balance on Rosh Hashana 2000, toward cowardice and national suicide.

According to the Oslo Accords (the formal written ones, not the de facto ones where Israel makes endless appeasements for peace and the PLO wages war) it is agreed that Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, like Rachael's Tomb near Bethlehem, should remain in Israeli control and under Israeli sovereignty. The PLO pledges freedom of access and respect for Jewish religious shrines. In reality, Joseph's Tomb has become a sort of Jewish Alamo. It is the scene of daily violence by the PLO. Jews take their lives in the hands to go there.

A handful of courageous yeshiva students stay there, guarded by some soldiers and border patrolmen. The students have refused to listen to Israel's Lobotomized Left, urging that they abandon Joseph's Tomb in order to avoid "provoking" the poor Palestinians with their presence. The students live under permanent siege, and PLO "police" routinely attack people trying to enter or leave the shrine. Things are not much better at Rachael's shrine. It is all an indicator of what Jews can expect to happen at the Western Wall if Israel's Left ever has its way and the Old City of Jerusalem is handed over to the PLO.

For years the PLO has sought to ruin Jewish holidays with violence. Two years ago Arafat decided to send the Jews a Succos holiday greeting in the form of a pogrom, launched after Israel had decided to allow Jews to visit an old Maccabee Tunnel near but not under the Temple Mount. Arafat fabricated a story of how the Jews were endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque and polluting it with their proximity, and ordered his stormtroopers to open fire. Purim has for years been the open season for Arab atrocities, including bombings. And this year (2000) Arafat decided to order pogroms on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It was all a part of the "Al-Aqsa intifada" as it was officially named by Arafat. For years we have been saying in this corner that the entire Oslo "peace process" will produce, instead of peace, nothing but the metastasis of violence from the "territories" into pre-1967 Israel, where Israeli Arabs will be radicalized, nazified, and will turn to terrorism. The Rosh Hashana pogrom proved how correct this prognosis is.

The official excuse for the pogrom was that Likud leader Arik Sharon had gone for a walk on the Temple Mount, where the two Temples of the Biblical era once stood. Jews are only allowed to visit the Mount as tourists. They are not allowed to pray there and even silent lip-movement by a Jew can get him arrested. There was not a serious danger that Sharon was about to pray there, as it is doubtful he knows how.

The control over the Temple Mount had been turned over to the PLO at the start of Oslo. Before that it had been administered by Jordan ever since Moshe Dayan abandoned any attempt to exercise Israeli sovereignty over the most sacred ground in the world for Judaism. The pathetic government of Yitzhak Shamir had ordered that all Israeli flags be removed from the vicinity of the Mount to avoid offending Moslem hypersensitivities. The Mount is de facto under PLO sovereignty and flies the PLO flag. At Camp David, Barak had offered formally to recognize PLO sovereignty over the Temple Mount, along with turning over nearly the entire West Bank to the PLO Reichlet. But Barak had balked at granting an unlimited "right of return" into Israel for Palestinian "refugees", which the PLO was demanding.

As a result, Arafat was looking for an excuse to launch pogroms. He has been taught in Pavlovian manner over the past decade that the best way to get concessions from Israel is through violence. On Friday, Erev Rosh Hashana, the PLO-paid and PLO-appointed preachers of the Al-Aqsa Mosque ordered Arabs to attack Jews randomly, to "protect" the Mosque that no one was threatening.

Some violence had begun when Arabs attacked Jews on the Thursday before Rosh Hashana weekend and sent 25 Israeli policemen to the hospital. Then on Erev Rosh Hashana, the pogrom was officially launched at Arafat's command and quickly spread into Israeli Arab towns, lasting throughout the holiday weekend. Throughout the Galilee and also south of Haifa, Israeli Arabs blocked roads, attacked Jewish picnickers and motorists, assaulted police. In Nazareth, the town of the Christian Prince of Peace, Arabs screamed "Kill the Jews" and attacked any Jew they could find. Violence broke out in the Negev Bedouin town of Rahat, a hotbed of anti-Semitism. There were violent riots in Jaffa, in effect the downtown of Tel Aviv. Jews in more remote settlements or rural positions were told to stay home and not venture out onto the roads. It was as if 1947 had returned, where the entire Jewish population was under siege. Molotov cocktails were tossed at Rachael's Tomb. The Jews praying at the Western Wall were twice evacuated due to assaults by the pogromchiks. At the Neve Dekelim settlement, those praying in the synagogue had to grab weapons and sit at the windows when the synagogue was attacked. Seventy policemen in Jerusalem were sent to the hospital.

Near Kalkiliya an interesting event occurred. There, "joint patrols" between the PLO and Israel are supposed to be carried out under an Oslo agreement. On the eve of Rosh Hashana, a jeep full of PLO "police" was patrolling alongside a jeep of Israeli border patrolmen. Suddenly the PLO Gestapo fired point blank into the Israeli jeep and murdered Yossi Tabje in cold blood. Tabje was a 27 year old Jew from Ethiopia. His mother had died in Ethiopia when he was three years old, after which he came to Israel with his brothers under Operation Moses. He had served in the army as a paratrooper and had been awarded the Presidential medal for heroism. He was due to be married shortly. He was a brother in blood of the Druse border patrolman Madhat Yusef, on duty in Joseph's Tomb.

(It will be interesting to see if the assimilationist-liberal organizations in the US, like the Reform RAC or like the ADL, will have anything to say about this hate crime and racist murder of a black man by the PLO.)

But perhaps the worst violence was at Netsarim, a small isolated settlement south of Gaza City. Under the Oslo Accords, the PLO agreed to respect Netsarim and protect it from violence. In reality Netsarim has become the Stalingrad of Oslo. It is the subject of yet another "controlled carnage" agreement, of the sort Israeli politicians so love. (Similar agreements long operated in Lebanon.) Under this "agreement" the PLO organizes daily violence and siege of the Jewish men, women and children in Netsarim, and just as long as things do not get "too far out of hand", Israel sits back and allows the violence to occur.

The problem is that every so often the PLO-led violence at Netsarim DOES get "out of hand". An Israeli soldier was murdered outside the settlement last week (2000). Over the holiday weekend, the PLO ordered that Netsarim be stormed. PLO "police" were openly leading the pogrom and firing at the Israeli troops with the machine guns they received from Israel. The Jews returned fire for a change. In the crossfire, some of the pogromchiks were pacified to death.

Now as it turned out, a French film crew was on the spot and captured footage of a 12 year old Palestinian boy being shot to death outside Netsarim, while his father was wounded. The world media had a new poster child and the PLO had a new martyr myth. What exactly happened there? Muhammed Adira and his father were minding their own business while standing in the midst of a mob of pogromchiks attacking Israelis with machine guns and Molotov cocktails. The father of the 12 year old boy insists they were merely out shopping for a (stolen?) car, and surely everyone knows that Arabs routinely go shopping for cars next to Netsarim in the midst of pogroms. Anyway, the Israeli Commander of the Gaza Battalion insists the boy was hit by bullets fired by the PLO's stormtroopers (later confirmed by a German camera crew and others). No doubt CNN and Haaretz will neglect to mention this irrelevant detail. In any case, the boy may have died because the ambulance trying to evacuate him was fired upon and its driver killed. The PLO has a long track record of firing at ambulances. No one seriously thinks Israeli troops have ever shot at an ambulance.

Meanwhile the Lobotomized Left was showing how it could stick to its blinders even in the midst of anti-Jewish pogroms. The police, led by leftist officers and commanded by Professor of McCarthyism Shlomo Ben-Ami (himself later crucified by the Orr Commission --- SP), said the pogroms were all the fault of Arik Sharon. As usual the Jewish victims of Arab violence are to blame. Most of the rest of the Left chimed in amen. The US State Department agrees that Sharon is completely to blame. Haaretz ran editorials and Op-Eds blaming the whole pogrom on Arik Sharon's stroll. I have little doubt that if it were printing in the 1940s, Haaretz would run daily banner pieces about the sufferings of SS officers killed by savage partisans and the tribulations of their poor children.

Peace Now ran an obscene ad saying that not only was Sharon responsible for the pogroms over Rosh Hashana, but also of course for the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon (in which Arabs killed Arabs). The Haaretz "reporter" Amira Hess, self-styled "expert" on Arabs although she speaks no Arabic, who recently called in the San Francisco area for the eradication of Israel, wrote a "news report" claiming that Arafat had not ordered the pogrom and it was all because "things got out of his control". Barak's government adopted the same line. Such things always remind me of those people who insist Hitler never ordered any atrocities against Jews, wished them no harm and it was all the work of his underlings who were out of his control.

But let us return to Madhat Yusef defending Joseph's Tomb from the Philistines. Whose name in Arabic means Joseph. Under siege in the Israeli Alamo in Nablus. The PLO stormtroopers at the direct orders of Arafat firing into the shrine. Yusef is badly wounded by a PLO bullet. The medics do what they can for him. They radio out for help. There is a large Israeli military base atop the Mount of Blessings nearby, on Mount Grizim.

But Ehud Barak has issued orders. Israeli troops are to do nothing to"provoke" the Palestinian savages. They are to cower and hide, much like they are ordered to do at the Lebanese border. They are to do everything to avoid situations wherein they might be required to use their weapons. They are to wait for our PLO "peace partners" to restore order.

Yusef's comrades desperately dial out for help. The base nearby has tanks and APCs that could be used, if necessary, to disburse the pogromchiks and open the road to the Alamo, allowing Yusef to be evacuated and rescued. But the army has its orders from Barak, the head of the post-Jewish and post-survivalist "peace government". It sits back. It does nothing. The same Israeli military that rescued the 250 hostages being held in Entebbe suddenly cannot rescue a single Druse soldier bleeding to death in Nablus.

Mathat Yusef is lying on the floor. He lies there for hours while the Israeli army sits back waiting for the same PLO "police", who are firing into the shrine, to restore order. Like Will Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, in his Alamo Yusef simply bled to death.

Remember his Alamo!



The following was recently published in New York in the Fall 2003 issue of EMUNA MAGAZINE.


by Malka Hillel Shulewitz

On the eve of a festival, the Jewish Quarter of Baghdad would be filled with the excited bustle of a community preparing to celebrate. This was not the case on Shavuoth of the second and third of June, l941. A fierce pogrom - known as the farhud - was unleashed on the Jews of that city. Some 200 Jews were killed, at least a thousand injured. After the looting, 900 Jewish houses were destroyed by the fanatic crowds of Moslem Arabs. The farhud reverberated like an earthquake throughout the community, undermining its allegiance to a country that had played such a pivotal role in Jewish history. The Illegal escapes of tens or hundreds developed into a mass airlift to Israel in 1951. The most recent count put the number of Jews in Iraq at seventeen.

Similar crowds seething with hate, ready to kill and destroy, rioted throughout Egypt in 1945 and 1948. Shops and synagogues were looted, Torah scrolls burned in the streets. Ten Jews were killed and 350 injured. A racist amendment to the Egyptian Companies Law was introduced in July 1947. It became mandatory for at least 75 per cent of the administrative employees of a company to be Egyptian nationals and 90 per cent of employees in general. Since only 15 per cent of Egyptian Jews had been granted citizenship, the majority of Jews lost their livelihood. Only a handful of elderly Jews remain in Egypt today. In 1945, the Jews of Libya, caught between the anvil of the British Military Administration's ambivalence - or connivance, as the Jews of Tripoli claimed - and the hammer of burgeoning radical Arab nationalism, became the victims of a wave of savage pogroms. Further riots hit the community in 1948. There are no Jews in Libya today. "We left with two suitcases, twenty pounds sterling and 2,500 years of history," were the parting words of the community's final president, who was one of the last to leave, like the captain of a sinking ship.

This bloodthirsty, savage picture repeated itself all over the Arab world. The worst attacks in North Africa occurred in the early fifties. In most of the Arab states Zionist activity in general and the declaration of the State of Israel in particular led not only to the intensification of anti-Jewish measures but also to their legitimation. Paradoxically, these developments also served as an opportunity to tacitly let the Jews go. How could they have remained under such circumstances of hate and havoc? They left behind vast communal and private property. But for Israel, most of them would have become the victims of further excesses against them in the wake of the Western powers' withdrawal and the rising tide of radical Arab nationalism.

At best, the majority who came to Israel and who today, with their progeny, comprise some 43 per cent of its population (not including Jews from Iran) would have taken up the staff of the perpetually wandering Jew. Israel was a very poor country at that time. It had just fought a war that brought tragedy but, with God's help, staved off a worse one. Food, clothing and housing were scarce.

Ma'abarot (transit camps) were established wherever tents and makeshift huts could be accommodated. Israel probably set a world record when it doubled its population of 650,000 in three years. In his fascinating book Operation Babylon, Former Knesset Speaker Shlomo Hillel -- who together with Mordechai Ben Porath headed the l951 "Operation Ezra and Nechemia" that brought the majority of Iraqi Jews to Israel -- describes a meeting he had with the late Levi Eshkol, who then headed the Jewish Agency. Eshkol, a warm-hearted, practical Jew begged Hillel to temporarily hold up the operation. In desperation he explained that there were not even any tents left!

In equal desperation, knowing that the doors of Iraq could be as suddenly closed to Jews as they were opened, Hillel took his case to David Ben Gurion, who told him to continue bringing in as many Jews as possible, they would be accommodated somehow. Such stories should be remembered by those who criticize Israel for the years of deprivation in the ma'abarot. At the time, the country was too busy with the task of rehabilitation to deal with the political implications of the uprooting and transfer of entire communities and the enormous sums of money represented by the vast personal and communal properties left behind, as well as demanding compensation and apology for the resulting trauma suffered from persecution and dislocation. But that time has long passed.

Had these facts been repeatedly recalled during, say, the last 35 years at least, would the Arabs be so brazenly demanding the illegal right of return of the Palestinians who fled in 1948? Would the "enlightened world" allow them to put it on the agenda of the "peace talks" -- even now at Aqaba as these lines are being written? How many Palestinians fled anyway? An estimated 1,200,000 Arabs lived west of the Jordan in 1948. Some 600,000 of them were in Judea and Samaria (not then under Israel's rule), and they remained in the area, later to be illegally annexed to the Kingdom of Jordan until the Six Day War . A further 140,000 stayed inside Israel's borders. Simply deducting 740,000 from 1,200,000 shows that there could not have been more than 460,000 refugees -- some 200,000 less than the number of Jews who landed on Israel's shores from Arab lands. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) gave the number of Palestinian Arabs uprooted as 540,000. However, since this organisation that has become a vested interest in the Middle East, also reported that 20 per cent soon found permanent homes and resettlement in the Arab world, the number of refugees remains below 500,000.

With these figures in mind and granted that the inflation of the number of refugees, the vast black market in UNWRA ration cards that has been going on since the early fifties and the use of the refugees as political pawns in the Arab war against the Jewish State, is all known and well documented, it is still pertinent to review some facts about refugees in general and Arab refugees in particular to better prepare for a long-delayed Jewish offensive in the "war of words".

As far back as 1960 US Senators G. McGee and Al Gore reported the surfeit of "ration cards [which] have become chattels for sale, for rent or bargain by any Jordanian, whether refugee or not, needy or wealthy." The honourable senators were preceded by St Aubin who, in 1949 was Director of Field Operations for the UN Disaster Relief Project, wrote: "It is believed that some local [Arab] welfare cases are included in the refugee figures." While Henry Labouisse, an UNWRA Director, said on 20 July 1955 that "there are refugees who hold as many as 500 UNWRA ration cards, and there are dealers in [UNWRA] clothing. ration cards...[who] make small fortunes...generally emigrating with the proceeds."

Some 50,000 have indeed emigrated, mainly to Western countries, while about 110,000 chose to return to Israel under the Family Reunification Scheme. All these figures and declarations notwithstanding, in the year 2003 an organisation run by Hanan Ashrawi despatched press releases claiming that "five and a half decades ago Israel forcibly and illegally expelled...900,000 Palestinians." Today "there are more than five million Palestinian refugees."

She could do that because of the support given this abomination by the "enlightened" Western nations who subsidize UNWRA with their citizens' tax money, led by the United States. Never has a refugee condition been allowed to fester in this manner: Some five million Germans were refugees from former German areas in 1945. About four million Muslims left India in l947, while about three million Hindus fled the newly established Moslem state of Pakistan. From 1948.three million Germans left East Germany. Sudeten Germans transferred from Czechoslovakia in 1945 numbered one and a half million souls - the same number as the Roumanians that left Besserabia in that year when, in another part of Europe, half a million Finns fled eastern Finland.

The full list is much longer and, although the figures are only approximate, they give some indication of the scale of refugee movements in the twentieth century. All the above peoples fled or were driven from their homes, and few were allowed to take with them either money or possessions, or to retain any property rights, however ancient. Most of them, but not the Arabs from Palestine, were resettled permanently in their new lands, accepted a new statehood, and encouraged their children to take on a new nationality. For the Arabs it would have been simpler, for thelands of their brethren stretch over an area larger than either the United States or Europe and include some 78 per cent of Mandatory Palestine on the east bank of the Jordan River.

This did not happen. All that is left is for Israel to steadfastly refuse to play the Arab "numbers game" and to counteract with the number of Jews who fled Arab lands: what they suffered, the property they left behind and the cost of absorption when they arrived as penniless refugees.

Israel will need the cooperation of Jews in the diaspora and their Christian friends. The subject of Jews from Arab countries must become a political weapon in the hands of every organization that fights for Israel's right to be. It should become mandatory for every speaker to refer to the injustices committed by Moslem Arabs to Jews long before there were "territories". The greater the truth, the more it is repeated, the more it will influence public and political discourse. It is late; but not too late. The tragedies that befell both Jews (and Christians) in the Middle East in the 20th century reflect the dangers that face the West in general and Jews in particular in the 21st century.

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