Advertising on the freemanlist

The freemanlist is now taking ads for its daily broadcasts. The rates are below:


* 3 lines per ad with border

* $6 per broadcast (we do about 5-6 per day)

* If you choose to do 10 distributed in any one week it is $50

* If you choose to do 5 ads per week for a month it is only $75.

** Bold and color costs $1 extra per ad but is worth it. On the month contract (5 ads per week) for $75, it would add only $20 ($1 each for 20 ads).

* The point size has to be compatible with the freemanlist.

* The ads will appear at the top of the freemanlist broadcast for maximum exposure.

We can work out an individual plan for you. As in all advertising, repetition works best. It is best to spread your ads over weeks and months.

It is very simple to place the ads. Two steps:

1. Make your payment.

P.O. Box 35661
Houston, Texas 77235-5661

By PayPal: visit

2. Send your ad copy to:

Thanking you in advance for your interest in advertizing with the Freeman Center,

Bernard J. Shapiro, Executive Director & Editor
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

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