Freeman Center Activities

*" The Maccabean Online - monthly, on-line magazine of political analysis and commentary on Israeli and Jewish affairs.

*" The Freeman Center Email List - Commentary, political analysis and more sent about 10 times a week to a growing audience.

*" The Jewish Policy Forum - a series of lectures, symposia and conferences conducted in association with Los Angeles and Houston-based academic institutions. The purposes of the Forum are to educate the general public on issues relevant to Jewish survival, Jewish continuity and the political and cultural future of the State of Israel. It includes the Renaissance Salon, a broad based discussion group between Jewish academics, religious leaders and community activists on the Jewish future.

*" The Freeman Center Library - located in Houston, contains over 4,000 volumes concerned exclusively with Israel, the Middle East and international politics.

*" Fellowship Program - Designed to encourage scholars, journalists and with financial support for investigative research into the military, diplomatic and political issues of Middle East.

*" Research on military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Areas affecting Jewish survival here and in Israel are given special emphasis in our research.

*" Publication of articles and books which further Jewish survival through education.

*" Films and dynamic speakers on Israel and issues of Jewish continuity to educate the community on the critical issues. Our Speakers Bureau sends speakers to Jewish, Christian and Hindu organizations.

*" Resource Center in the fight against Arab propaganda and media bias against Israel.

*" Coordination with other Zionist and nationalists groups and parties with a common goal of defending Eretz Yisrael from assault both external and internal.

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