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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

The Leadership of the National Camp Led Us Like Sheep to the Deportation
by Nadia Matar

Mourning. Sorrow. Pain. Suffering. Disappointment. And mainly much ANGER.  These are the emotions that stir within me in these difficult times. Emotions so fierce and profound, emotions that consume me from within, and rend the heart and soul.

Our feelings of sorrow and mourning are for an area so marvelous, so beautiful and blooming, that we abandoned and discarded. The mind cannot absorb how we handed over those portions of the homeland to the Arab enemy so facilely, the Arab enemy who celebrates on the rooftops and wholeheartedly thanks Ariel Sharon. Everyone from Hamas understands now that there is no need for an heir apparent to Sheikh Yassin, when there is Ariel Sharon who, better than any Arab terrorist, implements the work of destroying Jewish settlements.

Feelings o! f pain for the suffering and anguish that the wicked Sharon Government has caused the families of the refugees. Let us not deceive ourselves: the Sela Administration\'s cruel abuse of the Gush Katif and Samaria refugees is not a sorry mistake. This is intentional and planned abuse. We must understand, once and for all, that the deportation of the Jews of Gush Katif and northern Samaria is the first step towards the eradication of all Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, with the goal of eliminating the entire national camp, and ensuring that it will not ever come to power in the country. In other words: the disengagement plan is the continuation of the Saison (when members of the Irgun and Lehi were seized by the "organized Yishuv" and given over to the British authorities) - the left\'s persecution of the national camp with the aim of retaining power. Accordingly, the last thing that the Sharon regime wants is for the refugees to reorganize in cohesive and strong communit! ies. The main task of the Sela Administration, headed by Yonatan Bassi, is to ensure that every family of refugees suffers and totally disintegrates, both mentally and financially. The only comfort in this sorry spectacle is the wonderful spontaneous organizing of Jews throughout the country who work day and night to aid our uprooted brethren. As a first step in our war against the Sharon regime, we must ensure that the Gush Katif and northern Samaria community remains together and reestablishes itself as united settlements, specifically in Judea and Samaria, in spite of the Sharon government.

But after the tears, the frustration, and the pain, my strongest emotion is anger.  Anger, because I know that we did not have to come to such a situation at all. Anger, because I know that we were capable of preventing the destruction. Anger, because we let them, with such ease, raze our settlements from the face of the earth and crush us under foot, as if we were locusts and bugs! . Anger at our leaders who gave Gush Katif and Samaria away on a silver platter, without any real effective  resistance. Let\'s state this outright: the Jewish Leadership led us all - against our will - like sheep to the deportation. Those certain rabbis and public figures, together with most of the leaders of the Council of Jewish Settlements in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, who fanatically champion the fascist approach of "the State and the army above  all" - even if the State and the army commit crimes against humanity - are the ones who enabled Sharon to commit the malicious crime.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Knesset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements who did not expressly call upon the soldiers and policemen to refuse to obey the racist transfer order - legitimized the crime, and, in essence, collaborated with the deportation machine.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Knesset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements  wh! o forbade our wonderful youth from sabotaging the machinery and vehicles used in the deportation, in essence legitimized the crime and collaborated with the deportation machine.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Knesset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements  who opposed roadblocking and nonviolent civil disobedience; legitimized the crime, and, in essence, collaborated with Sharon\'s anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing machine.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Knesset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements   who decided to make do with symbolic protests, instead of forcibly breaking through the fences at Kfar Maimon and the Kissufim checkpoints, in order to bring to Gush Katif the tens of thousands who would have physically prevented the deportation with their bodies, legitimized the crime of expulsion, and, in essence, collaborated with Sharon and the band of Oslo criminals around him.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Kne! sset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements who was more concerned about his image in the state media than he was for Eretz Israel; legitimized the crime, and, in essence, brought the destruction nearer and made it possible.

Every rabbi, public figure, member of Knesset, or member of the Council of Jewish Settlements who embraced the soldiers and policemen instead of preaching to them, or even engaged with the deportation forces in the macabre dance of the victim with the hangman, broadcast to the world the message that the deportation is really not that awful, spared the soldiers and police guilt feelings, and thereby aided the racist transfer.

To all those who tell me that even if all our leadership were strong and brave, and had shaken off the galut (Diaspora) mentality of the Council of Jewish Settlements and followed strong rabbis, such as Rabbi Schapira, Rabbi Melamed, and Rabbi Lior, and in each and every settlement thousands had taken a stand, like the! heroes of Kfar Darom on the roof of the synagogue, even then Ariel Sharon would have succeeded in annihilating Gush Katif and northern Samaria - I respond: Possibly, but it would not have come to pass so easily.

Datyah Yitzhaki, a resident of Kfar Yam and the head of the Kela Administration (Absorption for the Gaza Region), who is currently living with her family, as refugees, with us in Efrat, told me an appropriate story:

"Once there was a Jew in a Jewish village in Poland who ate all the time. He was extremely fat, but he did not stop eating day and night. One day his friends came to him and asked him what was the meaning of all this. Why did he eat incessantly and turn himself into such a fat person. The Jew told them: "When I was a little boy, the Cossacks came and killed my father. Then they burned his body, but because he was so small and thin, the fire burnt for only a few seconds. I eat and eat to make sure that if the Cossacks come back, then when they burn! me, there will be such a big fire that it will go on for hours, and all the world will see this horror."

I am angry at the intolerable ease with which our leaders gave up on Gush Katif and northern Samaria: all in all, just a few hours of resistance in each settlement, less determined resistance than there was at Yamit. This is simply unreasonable. Yes, even if we had taken all possible measures, such as mass refusal to obey orders, civil disobedience, bringing tens of thousands, and the like, Sharon the bulldozer might possibly still have succeeded. In my humble opinion, he would not have been successful. But even if he had, we would at least have managed to turn this into something so traumatic and horrendous that no leader in Israel would ever again dare to commit such a crime.

But our Jewish leadership preferred restraint, kowtowing, and love for those who committed the crime. There was no desecration of the Name of G-d so great. And as a result, all the newsp! apers celebrate, and those who implemented the deportation say that they are ready to continue. Just as we can hardly complain about a rapist who continues to rape a victim who does not oppose the crime with all her might, and even embraces the criminal - so, too, we can hardly complain about the leftists who write in the press that "the work of deportation was implemented so easily; there probably won\'t be any problem to deport the rest of the settlers in Judea and Samaria."

In summation: the struggle for the Land of Israel is not a struggle for one specific settlement or another. This is a struggle for the character of the State of Israel. Will the Jews rule here, or the Hellenists? We are only at the beginning of the struggle. We took a severe blow, but we are not defeated. On the contrary. We must remember that we, the national camp, have a great public that is devoted and loyal to the people, the Land, and the Torah. We have wonderful youth who are ready to struggle w! ith all their strength for our future here, and who cannot wait to return and liberate Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, and take over the leadership in Israel.

What must we do to ensure that we will no longer be defeated? First, we must demand that the deportation criminals be put on trial. "Indict the Deportation Criminals" is the slogan that we should spread throughout the land. Second, we must ensure that our "Jewish Leadership who led the struggle until now will not be permitted to lead any longer. For if they continue, we can already start packing in Efrat, Beitar, Maale Adumim, Ariel, and Gilo in Jerusalem. After we install new leadership for the national camp, we will be able to focus on our main mission: taking the reigns of government in Israel, and turning it into a truly Jewish Government, one that is not afraid to proclaim: "All the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel in accordance with the Torah of Israel."

In short, we must not despair. Our wo! rk is cut out for us. We must help rehabilitate our uprooted brothers and sisters and ensure that they reestablish strong and cohesive communities, specifically in Judea and Samaria. We must put the deportation criminals on trial. We must send home our failed mamlakhti leadership. We must establish a true Jewish leadership that will take power and direct Israel in a Jewish spirit. With G-d\'s help the Jewish People shall prevail!

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