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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


By Gary Fitleberg

“Disengagement” is for the deaf, dumb and blind.

It is destructive and disastrous for Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.  It is WRONG.  Biblically. Historically. Economically. Legally Morally. Politically. Strategically.  Let’s not be delusional and illus ional.  Land for peace? No. Land for terrorism. Let’s not be in denial. No. I’m not talking about an Egyptian river.

The so-called “Disengagement Plan” should be called what it really and truly is. The Evacuation, Eviction and Expulsion Edict.  Sharon’s surrender to Terrorism.  Suicide.

Transfer of Jews. Arab Appeasement. It is wrong in every sense (or lack thereof). 

 Anyone who truly believes in the Bible and G-d must believe that the rightful land owners are the Jewish people.  After all, the oldest book in the world documents that G-d gave two precious gifts to the Children of Israel. The Holy Land or Promised Land or Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) and the Torah (otherwise called Bible, Chumash, Five Books of Moses, Old Testament or Pentateuch) which is the deed of trust to the land.

These two precious gifts were given in an eternal covenant that can never ever be given away or stolen away.

 After all of the numerous occupations by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Crusaders, Mameluks, Turks, British and Arabs the land will eventually return to its rightful owners.

Forever and ever. Once and for all.  I am referring to the Children of Israel, otherwise known as Hebrews, Israelites, Jews (from the tribe of Judah and area of Judea), or the “true blue” original Palestinians.

 According to the Balfour Declaration the whole British Mandate or Palestine Mandate was set aside for a Jewish homeland.  The British later reneged and gave away 80% of the Jewish land to the Arabs (77% percent for the creation of the fictional and fictitious Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan, today Jordan and another 3% allocated to Syria.) This British allocated and stolen Jewish land was t! o be the Arab “Palestine” but was rejected by the Arab League of Nations who instead attacked the newly created state with the intent of its annihilation.  The Arabs attacked and conquered Israel.  As a result Egypt and Jordan conquered the three disputed territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria (which was later wrongfully named “West Bank’) and occupied them for nineteen years from May 1948 through June 1967.  The Arabs again they launched another attack with the intent of Israel’s annihilation.  Israel reconquered its land and territories which it won back, fair and square, in a defensive war forced upon it once again by the Arab aggressors.

 According to international law, when an aggressor attacks and loses land it becomes the legal property of the aggrieved and not the aggressors.

 Disengagement is for dummies… 

 It is destructive and disastrous economically. It is destructive and disastrous emotionally. 

It is destructive and disastrous for the safety and security of Jews throughout the world.

 Many of the so-called “settlers” who the whole world wants to portray as crazy religious fanatics are responsible for an important part of Israel’s economy. 

 Love of the Land has turned this area from desert yellow to leafy green. A desert of wandering dunes has become the flagship of Israel’s agricultural exports.  A completely desolate desert was transformed into a Garden of Eden by the Gaza Jews.

In Gush Katif Bloc’s unique hothouses, using the most advanced technology, leafy vegetables and herbs are grown, all bug-free, answering to the strictest health, aesthetic and religious requirements. Most of the chemical-free organic agricultural products are exported to Europe. In addition, the community of Atzmona has Israel’s largest plant nursery, and the Katif barns with 800 cows are the second largest in Israel. 


 When one notes that of Israel’s total exports abroad that Gush Katif provided 95% of bug free lettuce and greens, 70% of organic vegetables, 60% of the cherry tomatoes, 60% of geraniums to Europe.

 It is not just agriculture in Gush Katif.  A number of industrial zones provided work for not only Gush Katif’s residents but for hundreds of residents of Israel’s south.

 The “Disengagement Plan” will be an economic disaster for the State of Israel. The economy will be affected in countless ways.  Dismantling the towns and evicting its Jewish residents will cause serious damage to exports, cause increased unemployment, and increase the burden and national deficit causing economic turmoil.

 That’s not all.  The truth is that the EU will pursue those individuals who do not meet their agreements to produce the produce with legal ramifications.  This is not published at all in the mainstream media.

 Unfortunately, there was never ever any real economic plan and infrastructure in place to pay for the so-called “disengagement’ plan.  It is a pay as you go plan.  A one moment at a time wing it plan.

 Who will pay for the disengagement plan? America? England? France? Germany? How about the oil rich Arab League of Nations with plenty of land and money? What about the EU that has funded the terrorist Palestine Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization for a number of years now? What about Israel’s best benefactor of anti-Israel incitement known as the United Nations?  Repressive rights violator and pro Jewish Russia or Soviet Union?  What song or tune will the “Quartet” sing after its “Road Map” creates another State of Terrorism?

 The "disengagement" plan will affect the economy in countless ways.  Who will pay for the "disengagement"? Israel and the Jewish people. 

Here are only two real statistics that can spell out the economic disaster of “disengagement” for you:


*15% of Israel’s agricultural exports will be lost representing at the very least over $200 million in lost GNP annually.


*3.5 billion (probably much more) cost to the Israeli government –already cash strapped and burdened economically.


Who will pay for the disengagement plan? You a Jew. With anti-Semitism and quite possibly your blood and perhaps your own very life one day.


 Most importantly, is the moral aspect.  Basically, this is ethnic cleansing and population transfer of a race of people based on their religion. Nothing more. Nothing less.

 Politically, Israel has lost any credibility when the whole world sees Jews willing to transfer Jews.  The whole world will not respect Israel if Israel fails to respect itself.

 Last but not least, is the concern of safety and security of Jews everywhere in the world but especially in Israel.

 Gaza is Israel’s buffer and security zone and its strategic importance should not be denied, forgotten or ignored by those sworn to safety and security of Israel’s citizens.

All of them.  Those in the disputed territory as well.

 Gaza is a deep sea port.  It can, has been, and definitely will be used as a smuggling base and center.  The Karine-A, financed by Iran, was caught off the sea coast with 50 tons of weapons of mass destruction to be used against the Jewish State of Israel.  It was not the only ship stopp! ed.  The shipment of arms included missiles, rocket launchers, mines, anti-tank artillery and various and sundry other heavy artillery and weapons.

 Egypt, Israel’s peace partner for years has either collaborated with the Arab occupants of Gaza and or turned a blind eye to the smuggling tunnels.   What incentive does Egypt have now not to assist in an attack against Israel with its Arab brethren and cousins?

 With the PA/PLO terrorist organization in collaboration and cooperation of its sister terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad et. al. the future terrorist state is going to be the 23 Arab/Islamist corrupt dictatorship, human rights violator, ruthless repressive regime, state sponsor of terrorism and tyranny in the very bad neighborhood known as the Medieval Middle East.

 Missile and rocket attacks against the Jews of Gaza which occurred on a daily basis are that much closer now to major Israeli population centers and cities.  Ashkelon and Ashdod can be destroyed completely and easily now.  Even towns in the Negev are potential targets.  Attacks will be harder if not impossible to intercept.  Let’s look at the range from Gaza to Ashdod – 6.8 miles; Gaza to Tel Aviv – 43 miles; and last but not least Gaza to Jerusalem – 48 miles.

 Let’s put this in perspective for the comfortable Jews living in Los Angeles now.

Century City to Third Street Promenade – 8 miles.  Century City to Sherman Oaks Galleria –! 10.5 miles.  Century City to Disneyland – 35 miles. 

In other words, “disengagement” from Gaza is Fantasyland.  LA LA Land.  Distances between Gaza and populated Israeli cities will not only be measured in miles and seconds but many more human lives.

 There are 46 communities within 4 ½ miles of Gaza at imminent risk and threat from Kassam rocket attacks.  Kassam rocket attacks can strike the southern outskirts of Ashkelon as a target, where there are stratregic power stations providing 40% of the country’s electrical supply.

 National Security Council Official Itamar Ya’ar says that Israel does not have a defensive full response capability to short-range rockets.

 Kassam rockets have a range of six miles while Katyushas have a range of 25 miles.  Iran is providing Hezbollah longer-range missiles that can reach a target 45 miles away.  Iran is in the current development of its destructive ! and powerful missile known as the Shihab.  Very soon Iran will also have the powerful nuclear weapon as well and in combination it will prove to have a deadly force against America, Israel and Western Civilization.

 A total of 68 Kassam missiles were launched on the Jews of in just two days, for example on June 15th and 16th.  Thousands have been launched in a campaign of daily terror against the citizens of Israel.

 Most military experts agree that for safety and security that the “disengagement plan” shall prove disastrous and is a surrender to terrorism.  We have been warned by the wise.

 According to former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, “Immediately after the disengagement, we can expect a burst of terrorism.”  Ya’alon warned very bluntly, clearly, and honestly “The Gaza disengagement plan will blow up in our faces.”  Ya’alon’s warning can be taken figuratively and literally.  By coincidence Ya’alon was forced into early retirement for expressing his concerns and views publicly. His term could have been extended easily, especially during a period of extreme need for safety and security.  In a Knesser hearing on June 28, 2005, Ya’alon said the government failed to consult top army officials before it decided on the “disengagement” plan.

Former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Uzi Dayan pointed out, “Retreat is a double mistake…it unnecessarily brings the Kassam rocket threat closer to Ashkelon, and diplomatically, it creates a dangerous precedent of unilateral withdrawal to the 1967 lines.”

Major General Aharon Ze’evi Farkash, Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence, said the expulsion plan would promote much more violence because it will be seen as rewarding terrorism.

Former Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence Yaacov Amidor, wrote a paper for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, which said the expulsions, evacuation, and eviction plan will turn Gaza into a Hamas terror state.

 An IDF Report noted that Arab Terror groups, who view the plan as a victory, plan to launch a major terror offensive the day after “disengagement” is complete. 

 Ahmed Al-Bahar, a spokesman for Hamas, proclaimed the plan “a victory for resistance” adding “The painful and qualitative blows which the ‘Palestinian’ resistance dealt to the Jews and their soldiers over the past four and a half years led to the [Israeli] decision to [unilaterally] withdraw from Gaza. We believe that the resistance [terrorism] is the only way to pressure the Jews.”

 Avi Dichter, former Director of the Shin Bet security service stated “In the Gaza Strip, an army of thousands of people, who belong to Hamas, are building on the model of Hizbullah in Lebanon.”  Dichter also was forced into early retirement by the bulldozer Sharon.

 Ami Ayalon, another former Director of the Shin Bet security service declared “The retreat from Gaza is a grave error.  It has no demographic or security justification, and the price is not justified.”

 Former Defense Minister Moshe Ahrens and Former Minister of Diaspora Affairs Nathan Sharansky, a human rights role model, who resigned to Sharon’s surrender to terrorism, also both echoed this assessment and sentiment. This should send the whole world a very clear message.

 A case against the “disengagement” can be easily made based solely on safety and security considerations.

 Disengagement will advance terrorism rather than peace.  If the PA/PLO gets territory in return for terrorism it sets a shining example for other Arab/Islamist nations to exact and extract political concessions through terrorism rather than via a peaceful negotiation process with Israel and sets a very dangerous precedent. 

 The plan for unilateral “disengagement” or “withdrawal” fuels political pressure through violence.  A reward for the support of terrorism will transform Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (including Ben-Gurion Airport) Haifa, Netanya, Afula, Ashdod, Ashekelon, and other major places into targets for a future state of terrorism and its missile range.

 Disengagement is deceptive. Disengagement is destructive.  Disengagement is dishonest. Disengagement is disastrous.

 Disengagement is a complete setback for deterrence, intelligence gathering, and pursuit of peace.  In other words it is a bottomless keg, diplomatically, economically, militarily, politically, and strategically. While Middle East peace has been driven by deterrence, “disengagement” is disastrous and undermines deterrence.

 What will happen once the Jews are evacuated, evicted, and expelled from Gaza?

 Today Gaza. Tomorrow Judea & Samaria. Next the Golan.  Ultimately all of Jewish Israel.  The ultimate goal of the Arabs is the annihilation of the only beacon of democracy and freedom in the Medieval Middle East comprised of 22 Arab/Islamist (including Iran which is not an Arab nation) corrupt dictatorships, human rights violators, ruthless repressive regimes, state supporters of terrorism, and tyrannies. 

 There is only one Jewish nation state in the entire world.  Let it live.  Let\'s not allow the Arabs to carve it up into pieces, in the phase by phase, or stage by stage plan to annihilate the state.  The Arab “Final Solution” of the Jewish people.

 Israel is fighting on the frontlines of the international war on terrorism.  If terrorism is seen to be victorious in Israel\'s back yard, it shall surely spread like a wildfire to the rest of the world.

 Israel is the only "true blue" ally of America in the whole region.  America\'s alleged ally Saudi Arabia foments anti-American sentiment through its media, public institutions and religious institutions.  In fact, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and 14 of 19 hijackers that became human homicide bombers came from Saudi Arabia.

Misguided foreign policy sends a clear and loud message to the Medieval Middle East in their self-declared Jihad against America, Israel and Western Civilization. A mixed up message when it comes to the internat! ional war on terrorism.


We have already seen the implications with an attack on America. 911.  Bali. London. Madrid

 Think about it. Seriously.

What will be when Arabs control and dominate Gaza? JLand which was turned from desert yellow to leafy green. A flagship of Israel’s agricultural


We all know the honest answer.  Another Arab base and center which will be a State of Terrorism.

 Gary Fitleberg is a Political Analyst specializing in International Relations with  emphasis on Middle East affairs.