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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."
Abe Foxman`s Defamation
Written by Jewish Press Editorial

Even as the anguish on the faces of the betrayed Jews of Gaza and the images of bawling soldiers forced to evict them from their homes were fresh in our minds, comes one Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B`nai B`rith, seizing this cataclysmic moment to deliver the following in an interview with a correspondent for Haaretz:

The events that have taken place surrounding the evacuation of Gush Katif prove there is in Israel a large fundamentalist minority that poses a real threat to the democratic character of Israel.... I fear that the message of Meir Kahane that democracy cannot exist alongside Judaism has penetrated a large segment of the Jewish public.

As Haaretz reported, this "real threat" to democracy has led to the planning of a conclave of Jewish "leaders." "This would be a special emergency session initiated by leading Jewish figures around the world who love Israel and respect democracy," Foxman said Monday.

So passionate opposition to a modern Jewish tragedy is reduced by Mr. Foxman as the zealotry of fanatics who have no use for democracy, because they disagree with the Sharon regime. And Meir Kahane`s prescient analysis undercutting the demographic dynamic of the Palestinian birthrate and its implications for a "Jewish" state is dismissed without even a comment.

Foxman, of course, was a leading advocate of that great experiment in democratic conflict resolution known as the Oslo Peace Process. Does anyone forget that Oslo was adopted by a Knesset majority that included the dispositive support of all of the overtly anti-Israel Arab members of the Knesset and the infamously bribed Jewish member with the gift of a Mitsubishi?

In the course of the Shimon Peres premiership, Foxman went so far as to urge the expulsion of the National Council of Young Israel and the Zionist Organization of America from the President`s Conference for even sharing with the public the idea correctly, as it turned out that the Oslo Accords were leading Israel to disaster. When the rabbi of his shul had the effrontery to raise the same question in a Sabbath sermon, Mr. Foxman, with great fanfare, walked out. And, of course, the next day he made sure to alert the media.

Apparently, this great advocate of democracy had no problem with the widely reported gross violations of the civil liberties of disengagement opponents by the Israeli authorities. After all, the anti-expulsion forces were only exercising their democratic rights to practice the free __expression of ideas and to petition their government. He apparently was also unconcerned that Prime Minister Sharon shaped a governmental majority in support of disengagement by firing all members of his government who openly opposed disengagement while intimidating his closet opponents. Foxman also makes no mention of the fact that Mr. Sharon won his last election on a platform that rejected the handover of Gaza and other places to the Palestinians without reciprocity.

Is Foxman suggesting that no one should criticize President Bush? After all, like Ariel Sharon, Mr. Bush, is the "democratically elected" leader of his country.

Labelling people who simply disagree with him with the incendiary epithet of "anti-democratic" is outrageous. It also suggests that "Mr. Anti-Defamation" needs to consult a dictionary about the meaning of "defamation."