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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


By Bernard J.  Shapiro (1993)

We all want peace. We pray for peace in our Sabbath services every Friday night. After thousands of years, being victims of persecution, expulsion, extermination, and discrimination, it is natural that we yearn for peace with every ounce of our bodies and souls. 

It is because our hunger for peace is so strong that we must be doubly cautious not to fall for a pseudo-peace that is really the wolf of war wrapped in sheep's clothing. Today none of us believe Chamberlain really negotiated "peace in our time" with Hitler.  Why do some Jews believe that Peres and Rabin really negotiated PEACE with Arafat, one of today's Hitlers?

Israelis my age have fought in four wars and I understand their desire to be free of constant conflict. Unfortunately there is no magic cure.  I wish I could write more optimistic words. Beyond the neighboring states that Israel is negotiating with now lies another ring of unmitigated hostility led by Islamic fundamentalists like those in Iran.

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Jewish Herald-Voice (Houston)

Page Six                  

2 September, 1993 


Freeman Center says rush to embrace PLO is foolish and ultimately dangerous

"...nothing more than an elaborate trap for Israel."

Asserting that the rush to embrace the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is both foolish and ultimately dangerous, the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies has declared: ”The pro-Israel community should react with extreme caution to the moves in Jerusalem to recognize the PLO.”

Bernard J. Shapiro, director of the center also said: “The proposed Gaza-Jericho plan worked out between Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and representatives of the PLO, a  terrorist organization, is nothing more than an elaborate trap for Israel. We should not forget that the PLO has violated and trampled on every agreement it has ever made during its nearly 30-year history. This includes agreements and solemn pledges made to the Arab governments of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, as well as the United States and the United Nations.”

According to the Freeman Center, the PLO instituted a reign of terror, rape and murder locally as well as attacks on Israel in the two Arab countries where it gained a kind of ‘self rule.’”

Shapiro continued: “Despite the media hype surrounding these developments, let me make something very clear: A leopard does not change his spots. You can say a berachah (blessing) over a ham sandwich, but that doesn’t make it kosher. And a deal with the PLO is like a dance on quicksand - before you realize it, you have sunk into the muck and slime.”

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Please note that the above Press Release was issued on September 2, 1993, a full 11 days before Oslo was signed on the White House lawn (September 13, 1993). Everything it said has come horribly true. We at the Freeman Center properly analyzed the momentous events in the Middle East and we have been fighting the Oslo Appeasement Agreement ever since. 

Please help us in our battle to save Eretz Yisrael.

Bernard J. Shapiro, Chairman and Editor of Publications

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

PO BOX 35661 - HOUSTON TX 77235-5661


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*The 21st anniversary of Oslo highlights the tragic gap between the underlying assumption of the architects of Oslo – the New Middle East, transitioning to peace – and the Real Middle East. 

*The Real Middle East is represented, most authentically, by the Arab Tsunami, which is gaining momentum, not transitioning toward democracy, in defiance of policy-makers, columnists and academicians who defined it as the Arab Spring.

*The Arab Tsunami is a natural derivative of the Real Middle East, as it has been for the last 1,400 years (in reference to inter-Arab relations): the role model of violent intolerance; non-compliance with agreements; unstable/tenuous regimes, coalitions, policies and agreements, which are signed on ice, not carved in stone.

*The following article sheds light on the critical deficiencies of the Oslo state of mind and its derivatives, such as the two state solution and the "disengagement" from Gaza.

Shabbat Shalom and have a gratifying weekend,



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The Oslo Accord Reality Check

"Second Thought: a US-Israel Initiative”

By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger 

Israel Hayom  

1 November, 2013

On October 24, 2013 (the Diplomatic Conference) and October 16, 2013 (the memorial ceremony for Prime Minister Rabin), President Peres, the architect of the September, 1993 Oslo Accord, claimed that the Israeli-Palestinian accord was the "opening to dialogue and peace.”  Is Peres' claim vindicated by a reality check?

The Oslo state of mind

The Oslo state of mind was most accurately pronounced by Peres, at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, on Sept. 16, 2000, on the eve of the 2nd Intifada, 2000-2005 wave of Palestinian terrorism: "I believe that the previous borders, made of barbed wire, minefields, military positions, are irrelevant to our life…. I sincerely believe that a good hotel on the border will provide more peace and security than a military position.... I can see very little use for the past. Two things lose their importance: land and history. … To imagine is more important than to remember…. War is out of the question now…. I doubt very much if the Palestinians will go back to terror. … Once a nation's economy turns from a focus on land to a focus on brains, borders are irrelevant….”

The blueprint for the Oslo Accord was documented by Peres in his October, 1993 book, The New Middle East: "The international political setting is no longer conducive to war (p. 80)…. Peace is the means for security (p. 84)…. We need soft – not rigid – borders…. While signing the documents on the lawn of the White House… you could almost hear the heavy tread of boots leaving the stage…. You could have listened to the gentle tiptoeing of new steps making a debut in the awaiting world of peace (p. 194)…. "

The new – VS the real – Middle East

The Oslo Accord state of mind, and the new Middle East vision, have been trounced by the Arab Tsunami, which imploded the real Middle East, transitioning the region toward further fanaticism, terrorism, tyranny and anti-"infidel” sentiments, away from moderation, peace, democracy and tolerance. 

The Oslo state of mind underestimated the potency of the deeply-rooted 1,400 year old fundamentals of the real Middle East, which are sweeping the combusting Arab Street in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and other Arab countries: violent unpredictability, uncertainty, unreliability, instability and shifty regimes and policies; religious, ethnic, ideological and geographic fragmentation; violent intolerance toward other Muslims and the "infidel;” no freedom of speech, religion, press and association and no gender equality; no intra-Arab comprehensive peace and no compliance with most intra-Arab agreements, which are tenuous in nature.

Has Oslo transformed Israel and the Palestinians?

Ariel University's Dr. Yuval Arnon-Ohanna, formerly with the Mossad and one of Israel's leading experts on the Palestinian issue, documented in Line of Furrow and Fire- the conflict for the Land of Israel, 1860-2013 (Achiasaf Publishing, 2013) that the 1993 Oslo Accord snatched the PLO from the jaws of oblivion.  

Arab regimes severed financial assistance to – and most contacts with - the PLO, due to the PLO's collaboration with Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. The US suspended its dialogue with the PLO in 1990.  The 1st Intifadah - wave of Palestinian terrorism - was largely subdued by Israel in 1991. The PLO lost two key co-founders, Khalil al-Wazir (1988) and Salah al-Khalaf (1991). Its popularity, among Palestinians, was significantly marred by corruption and embezzlement, attributed primarily to Arafat and his wife, Suha, Mahmoud Abbas and his sons, Yasser and Tareq, Arafat's financial advisor, Muhammad Rashid, and the Tsumud (steadfastness) Fund. 

The Oslo Accord resuscitated the PLO, which still oversees the Palestinian Authority, legally and operationally.  

The Oslo Accord transformed Israeli policy dramatically, strategically and tangibly.  Israel made concessions to the Palestinians, never extended by the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate or the Arabs, transferring parts of Israel's own cradle of history to its arch-enemy and advancing Palestinian sovereignty. Israel imported some 70,000 Palestinian terrorists from Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Tunisia to Gaza and the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria - the door steps of their intended victims - arming them with weapons and lobbying on their behalf in Washington, DC.    

Contrary to Israel, the PLO was transformed tactically and intangibly, while sustaining its strategy, as enunciated by its 1964 Covenant, considering the Land of Israel a divinely ordained Muslim land (Waqf). Arafat stated that the Oslo Accord was provisional, aiming to destroy Israel, triggering an unprecedented level of  Palestinian non-compliance with agreements. Mahmoud Abbas established a hate-education system.  And, an unprecedented wave of Palestinian terrorism erupted in April, 1994, producing so far over 1,600 Israeli fatalities, five times as large as the toll of the twenty years prior to Oslo. 160 Israelis were murdered during the pre-Oslo 1st Intifadah, compared with 1,000 during the post-Oslo 2nd Intifadah.  In June 2001, Faisal Husseini, the PLO darling of the Western media, clarified that the Oslo Accord provided the Palestinians with a Trojan horse in the heart of Israel. 

The Oslo-driven Palestinian conduct has been consistent with the Palestinian intra-Arab track record of subversion and treachery, which caused Arafat's and Mahmoud Abbas' expulsion from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait. It has also been consistent with the Palestinian collaboration with the Nazis, the Communist Bloc, Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and Bin-Laden.

The Oslo Accord reality check documents that contrary to the hope of its architects, the Palestinian leopard does not change spots, only tactics. 


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DATE: September 13, 1993

MEMO TO: All CRC Members, Houston Jewish Federation

FROM: Bernard J. Shapiro, Chairman

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

[This analysis was rejected without discussion.]

The Israel/PLO Agreement: A Dissenting View 

“If all mankind, minus one, were of opinion, and that one was of the contrary opinion, it would be as unjust for mankind to silence that one man as it would be for that person, if he had the power, to silence all mankind”.......John Stuart Mill  

There are serious flaws in the Israel\PLO agreement that you should consider as a leader of the Jewish community. They are:

1. The most fundamental flaw is the renunciation of Jewish claims to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is God-given and can not be renounced by a transitory Israeli government. The present government has not right to deprive future generations of Jews and Israelis their patrimony.

2. Yasir Arafat's PLO is incapable of providing Israelis with the cessation of violence they so dearly crave. There are ten rejectionist PLO factions plus Hamas and other Islamic fundamentalist factions that will continue to kill Jews.

3. Without the presence of Israel's internal security force (Shin Bet) inside Judea, Samaria and Gaza it will be impossible to halt terrorism or even keep it within present levels. The Israel Defense Forces maintain tremendous power but are of little importance in day-to-day terrorism.

4. Arafat's signature on the agreement and the PLO acceptance is of no consequence as Arafat is a documented liar and Moslims are permitted to lie to non-Moslims and break agreements with them under the Koranic law of HUDAIBIYA. Agreements with them are worthless.

5. By virtue of this agreement, the Israeli government has validated Arab claims to the Land of Israel. Decades of fighting Arab propaganda and distortions of history are trivialized and discounted.

6. This agreement puts the status of Jerusalem on the negotiating table within to years. Every previous government of Israel steadfastly stood by the principle of Jerusalem being non-negotiable. The thin edge of the wedge is firmly in place and we shall soon see Israel forced to give up its sacred capital.

7. All of Israel's military and civilian communications will now be easily monitored from the hills of Judea and Samaria.

8. While Israeli radar and military installations are not affected by this current agreement, the future is less certain. Eventually the population there will force the Israelis out.

9. Whether they will admit it publically or not, Israeli leaders know that this is the first step to a Palestinian state. 

10. The "Palestinian right of return" has been acknowledged for the first time by the Israelis and could result in a flood of Arabs to Judea and Samaria.

11. The inevitable increase in Arab population will result in tremendous pressure on Israel's water supply. As Arab wells are dug in the Judean and Samarian  hills, the natural mountain aquifer that supplies much of Tel Aviv and the coastal plain with water will be serious depleted. Such depletion will cause the salt water of the Mediterranean Sea to penetrate Israel's coastal strip destroying all water supplies. This process can be witnessed in California, where sea water has already penetrated five miles into the coast.

12. Some 70% of Israel's population and industry is concentrated in a small strip of coast and greater Tel Aviv. The population will be immediately threatened by Kaytusha rockets. Fired singly from the hills of Judea and Samaria, and set with timers they will be virtually impossible to stop. The Israeli government plan to coordinate with the Palestinian police is laughable. Recruited from among the terrorists wh delight especially in murder and mutilation of bodies, it will be rather week reed for Israel to depend on.

13. The Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza will no doubt be victims of ethnic cleansing. The Arabs will insist on a Jew-free country like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The Rabin government has already begun confiscating the weapons of Jews so that they will become vulnerable to massacre like the Bosnians. Unless there are changes, I expect to begin seeing pictures of murdered and raped Jewish men and women on the nightly news. The announcer will naturally blame the victim, saying they should have moved. 

14. Judea and Samaria have geographical features that are extremely significant for Israeli security. Most important is the Judean-Samarian mountain ridge running north and south and parallel to the Jordan river. From the Jordan to the top of the ridge the elevation is very sharp and fast causing a channeling of enemy forces into five passes easily controlled by much smaller Israeli forces on the mountain top. On the other hand, the slope from the top down on the western slope to the coast makes it possible for enemy troops to attack Israeli cities on the coastal plain with the IDF being unable to anticipate the route of attack, channel it and destroy it. 

From the top of the mountain ridge Israeli radar is able to see as far as Iraq providing an early warning of hostile military activity. In other words, the Judean-Samarian mountains are not just a barrier but also a radar point. To surrender of such a strategic asset with great topographical significance for defending Israel from attack from the East would be the height of foolishness. 


Unfortunately this is not something that will end well. There will be a tomorrow and the day after. The true motives and the evil intent of the Arabs will become obvious to even the most blind optimist. The hills of Judea and Samaria will begin to rain death and destruction on Tel Aviv.

Every part of my Intelligence coupled with 35 years of almost compulsive study and attention to Israeli affairs makes me want cry out a warning against the coming disaster.