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The 9/11 Attacks on the US Embassies Were Not about a Movie

By Caroline B. Glick
12 September 12, 2012
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Here are a couple of facts:

On June 4 the White House confirmed that the US had killed Abu Yahya Al-Libi - OBL's Libyan lietenant who had moved into Al Qaeda's #2 spot after Ayman Zahawiri after the Navy SEALs whacked OBL.

On Tuesday 9/11, a tape was released of Zawahiri announcing that Libi had been killed earlier this year by a US drone attack. The Zawahiri tape was made during Ramadan which ended in the middle of last month. Zawahiri called for his terrorist underlings to avenge Libi's death and especially exhorted Libyans to take revenge.

The attack in Libya was well planned and executed. It wasn't about a spontaneous protest against some ridiculous internet movie of Muhammad. The assailants came armed to the teeth, with among other things, RPG 7s. They knew that the US Ambassador was in Benghazi rather than Tripoli. They knew how to track his movements, and were able to strike against him after he and his colleagues left the consulate building and tried to flee in a car. As Israel Channel 2's Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari noted this evening, you don't often see well trained terrorists participating in protests of movies.

Then there is the attack in Cairo. They were led by Mohammad Zawahiri - Ayman Zawahiri's brother. According the Thomas Josclyn in the Weekly Standard, the US media has been idiotically presenting him as some sort of moderate despite the fact that in an interview with Al Jazeerah he said said, "We in al Qaeda..."

Egypt's US supported Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi recently released Zawahiri from Egyptian prison. The same Barack Obama who has no time in his schedule to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week in New York, is scheduled to meet Morsi.

The Egyptian government has not condemned the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo. But Morsi is demanding that the US government prosecute the film's creator.

You may be wondering how some movie no one's heard of has caused such a hullabaloo. Well, as it turns out, the film was screened on an Egyptian Salafist television channel. Obviously the Salafists -- many of whom, like Zawahiri were released from prison by Morsi, wanted to stir up anti-US violence on the eve of 9/11. So if the film is responsible for the violence, a finger needs to be pointed to its chief distributor -- Al Qaida's Egyptian friends and members.

With these facts in hand, it is clear that the attempts to present these acts of war against the US as the consequence of some stupid nothing movie are obscene attempts to deflect the blame for these unwarranted attacks onto their victims and away from their perpetrators.

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By naomirAuthor Profile Page on September 12, 2012 5:58 PM

There is definitely no question that the attacks in both Libya and Cairo were planned to coincide with 9/11 and my heart goes out to those who were murdered in cold blood. Every statement by clerics and leaders in Egypt and Libya as well as Iran and Syria focuses on the hatred those countries have for the US. Yet,there is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is a sly narcissistic Muslim lover who is determined to sell out all would be allies and especially including Israel. His every mention of the Muslim Brotherhood is one of moderation and patience on our part. Obama cares nothing at all or perhaps doesn't realize that these people are simply using him to gain their own ends which includes subservience by the United States. If the latter is the case then he is a bigger fool then we thought. Throwing away an ally like Israel certainly shows his antisemitism and stupidity. Unfortunately it will mean nothing for the even stupider Jews who will vote for him once again.

By RoamingChile on September 12, 2012 6:43 PM

You've stated nearly everything I was seeing but couldn't verify (and them some).

Obama's acting like it was less than a double invasion of US soil abroad.

And thank you for headlining the date. I cannot believe that US officials AND the US press have seemingly been hesitant to highlight that all this happened on 9-11.

By Anonymous on September 12, 2012 6:49 PM

I think BHO should unleash the full power of American apologists on the Muslim world. Even a national day of apology. Nothing short of this can wash away the stain of not being a Muslim. Oh wait..

By IvanAuthor Profile Page on September 12, 2012 7:20 PM

Dear Caroline,
Great report, Obama will blame Israel for all the trouble. He will keep giving large sums of money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course it won't be reported on by the media. Liberals have one thing in common, throw more money at problems. If anyone suggested pulling there embassy out and cutting off all money. that person would be crucified, by politicians and media. There are friends we could support with the money, but the liberals here in America would not allow it. The hate America, hate Jews, hate God, crew are running this country out of existence. The media loves it. God bless you. Ivan

By Alexander Marriott on September 12, 2012 8:22 PM

Excellent article, I wish the American press would do it's job properly and actually report the news instead of fixating on the non-story of Mitt Romney daring to say what the President should have said.

By Ron GrandinettiAuthor Profile Page on September 12, 2012 8:33 PM

Right on Caroline.

It's about the Islamic extremist and their hatred of Christian and Jews and the lack of moderate Islam to condemn their actions.

Wake up world before it's too late.

Obama refuses to draw the red line because he embraces Islam, the same reason he refused to aid the Iranian uprising right after he took office.

Make no mistake he is no friend of Israel.

What he fails to realize is G-d is on the side of Israel.