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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

By Emanuel A. Winston,

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Historians have written thousands of books about the travails of the Jewish people as they have been murdered, plotted against in virtually every minute of every century. Now in the year 2006 the stench of betrayal once more rises from the plotting nations, both declared enemies and sometimes even supposed friends.

The gagging odor also comes, as it often does, from Un-Jewish Jews among us - sometimes called or descended from the ‘Erev Rav’ (those non-Jewish pagan criminals who joined Moses escaping from Egypt), now in modern times fashionably called the radical Left Liberals.
Among our readers, we will find intellectuals, historians, people whose instincts have been honed by our centuries of living among hostile host populations. From the analysis of evidence and the very smell in the air or the sense in the ether of the Media which adds to what is being planned for the Jews - and when.

Presently, we observe with confusion how the once great warrior, Arik Sharon reversed all he ever said he stood for - by his selling of the Jewish Land in a nefarious, self-serving plan of re-partition he called: "Disengagement". Once he exhibited his willingness to betray the nation and those who believed in his prior persona, the political trash - living as parasites in both the Right and the Left, flocked to his banner. Most are now under investigation for using their prior positions of power to hire their political friends and other illegal schemes.

I have previously written in at least three articles entitled "The Gathering 1, 2 & 3" which speak of the nations (from the North especially) gathering to impose their hostile will upon the Jewish nation-people.
You do understand that it wasn’t only the Arab/Muslim nations who themselves came into existence by way of the gift of partition by the Allies after they broke up the Ottoman Empire. It was the pro-Arab U.S. State Department who fought the partition of Israel as a Jewish homeland. When that failed, they settled down to a low-intensity hostility/war, often in collusion with the Europeans, Jewish Leftists and Muslim Arab League.

Now, today September 7th according to the New York Times article: "Monitors Ready, Israel will Ease Grip on Lebanon" by Steven Erlanger states: "Israel will lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon on Thursday evening (September 7)....because international forces were ready to move into place to impose an arms embargo on the Hezbollah mlitiia....Israel, the U.S. and Europe want Hamas to recognize the right of Israel to exist, forswear violence and recognize previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements, Some Europeans are now suggesting, according to a senior French diplomat, that these restrictions. be eased if the Palestinians come up with a national-unity government that at least forswears violence and terrorism. The U.S. and Britian are against weakening the terms demanded of Hamas." (1)

I sense that this effort is about to pick up steam due to the inability of the Free West to face down Islamic Jihadists Globally. A sacrifice is needed for political reasons and Israel is ideal for this purpose.
There were always mixed interests who used the Jewish State as a target to achieve their hidden, secret vested interests. The Europeans, almost always hated their Jews to a greater or lesser degree and, of course, many assisted Hitler in deporting and killing them, now used the persecution of the Jewish nation as a way to strike back at America. It’s not that the Europeans and the Arabs hated the Jews any less than they always did. But, it is curious and alarming that the Muslims who are overrunning native Christian Europeans in many countries achieving a ‘critical mass’ are joining together against the Jewish State.

Despite being assaulted by Islamists, they found that they could enjoy prodding America by making common cause with the Muslim Arabs who hated the Jews outright and, of course, hated the Jewish State for beating them in the six or more wars the Arab Muslims initiated. Strangely, while the Muslims are taking over Christian Europe, those same Christians are making common cause against the Jewish State - perhaps the one strong military base which could save them against the Islamic Global Terrorism.

The Muslim Arabs were frustrated because they simply could not get at the Jews in a way that would eliminate the entire nation. They could not bring themselves to blame their own inadequate armies so they blamed America for selling or providing Israel with the weapons which defeated the Arab Muslims in six wars, plus the on-going low-intensity warfare called "Terrorism". Some of this is changing as the Jewish Leftists have become an efficient Fifth Column in subverting Israel’s ability to fight terror - as we saw during the 2006 War in Lebanon.

Of course, America sold the same weapons to the Arab Muslim nations but, even with mountains of armaments, they still could not defeat this Lilliputian Jewish Sparta nation.

So, let us move up to the present and see what the world has cooked up for the Jewish nation and not necessarily in order of importance or sequence. Have you heard that the Europeans will now not allow El Al Cargo planes to land in their airports to re-fuel IF their cargo carries any weapons for Israel? This new rule, of course, only applies to the Jewish State. All weapons for Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Hezb’Allah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza have a free pass.

First, it was necessary to recruit Liberal-Leftist Jews who were not tied to G-d nor the G-d-given Land. Enter Rabin, Peres, Beilin, Barak, Netanyahu, Sharon and many others. They were engaged both by their own attitudes of making the Jewish nation secular and their hostility to those observant Jews who believed that the Land was gifted to them by HaShem (G-d) - so they were easy and enthusiastic recruits to the ideology pushing to give up their Land. These Un-Jewish Jews were delighted to be recognized by the Europeans who, heretofore, eliminated their Jews in centuries of murder, rape and pillage - mostly drive by Church doctrine and ideology. What we thought was the aberrance of the past is rapidly returning.

How to get rid of all the Jews using their own assistance? There were many methods but all required the willingness of the Jews to participate their own demise.

Several years ago, I wrote about the attempt by the European Union to "borrow" NATO troops and facilities to create a Rapid Deployment Force which the Europeans did not have and would not develop for themselves. They did not want to be required to join America in fighting hostiles or terrorists in other lands - especially Arab countries. I smelled a big rat! It looked to me as if NATO was about to be employed for the occupation of the Middle East and Israel, primarily. That translates into meaning that a mix of European/NATO troops would create their own designated borders between Israel and the local Arab Muslims (now called ‘Palestinians’ although they really immigrated in from all the surrounding Arab Muslim countries for greater economic opportunities, jobs, education and health care). (2)

If you don’t know, one of the largest armadas ever gathered is now assembling off-shore of Lebanon on the pretext that they are there to protect the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces In Lebanon) so-called "Peace Keepers". When I previously wrote about a NATO armada crossing the Mediterranean Sea in order to occupy the Jewish State, I raised the question as to whether Israel would see this as an invasion and to attack the Armada in self-defense.

The "Ploy" would look ‘humanitarian’ but it would really be scaled to ignore the unstoppable terror by the Arab Muslim Palestinians, backed by such rogue terror states as Iran, Syria, Iraq in its time and Egypt. (You don’t believe that Egypt would engage in subversive action against Israel?) Please recall the shiploads of armaments traversing the Suez Canal and the Sinai with Egypt’s assistance. There the ships were supposed to unload in Alexandria, Egypt with weapons destined for the Sinai to be transferred via smuggling tunnels with President Hosni Mubarak’s knowledge and the assistance of Egypt’s military.

Let us keep all the balls in the air at the same time to see the linkage and synergism. The Oslo fiasco was more than just the actions of the ‘bought-off’ Leftist Jews of the Israeli Labor Party. Oslo had the full backing of the Europeans and likely the fingerprints of James Baker, III’s team of Jews, much as they did during the Madrid Conference. Here the un-Jews of Rabin, Peres, Beilin and others played the enabling role of divesting themselves of their G-d-given Land. The two separate institutions - one for Peres, and one for Beilin - are both funded by the Europeans but have yet to investigated. Also, Egypt was solicited during the Madrid Conference to demand that Israel stand down any nuclear deterrence she may have.

Then Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was warned that James Baker’s ‘Jew Boys’ would ambush him at Madrid. But, like most Israelis, he had the supreme belief and arrogance that he would come out on top...He didn’t, although he tried mightily.

Oslo was a gathering of the Slugs: the Leftist Jews of Rabin, Peres and Beilin, among others. The Norwegians were the host ‘Slugs’ but France and Germany had their fingers in the plan to bamboozle the Jews. And they certainly did! Keep in mind the Norwegians like the Dutch joined the SS in substantial numbers and haven’t changed much over the years.

Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.


1. "Monitors Ready, Israel will Ease Grip on Lebanon" by Steven Erlanger New York Times September 7, 2006
2. "FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL: Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over ‘Palestine’ [1850 to present]" by Joan Peters Harper & Rowe NY 1984