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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by David Basch                          

The intense, "angry" Arab rioting in Jerusalem as a response to a
recent lawful operation of Israeli security forces clearly reveals the
face of the Arab party in negotiations and the infinitesimal potential
for peace. That this occurs without Arab restraint even during the
time when alleged "peace" negotiations are being conducted only
underlines the seriousness of the situation in Israel. It is false to
consider this Arab population as some kind of beleaguered minority but
as a vanguard of the Arab majority in the region, in which Israel's
Jews form a tiny, tiny minority

Just as jackals and lambs cannot coexist within the same corral, the
rioting shows that neither can Arab jackals and Jewish lambs do the
same. The handwriting is there before all the eyes of Israel to see.
In fact, the people have seen it, that is, except for starry-eyed
members of the Israeli government who choose to see nothing but their
dreams of Utopia in their continuing attempts to appease the jackal at
the expense of the lambs without any prospect for improvement.

If Israel cannot negotiate an arrangement in which Israel's security is
truly safeguarded from this Arab enemy within the envelope of the
Mandate of Palestine, the situation must be faced that if this
long-term secure condition is to be created, only one imposed by
Israel can make it happen. (I leave out the possibility that at this
late date this is an impossible outcome, for if so, then, goodbye
Jewish State.) Such a condition of security must be applied so that it
drastically changes the situation on the ground and eliminates the
possibility that the Arabs can destroy the Jewish State. Israel's
security must not depend on Arab good will, the impossible dream of
self-deluded past Israeli governments who have tried to make the
centerpiece of their negotiations.

We must take a lesson from the Western Allies -- England, France, the
US and others -- who, after World War II, identified the solution to
such a condition that threatens future peace in a region. InEurope,
the presence of large German ethnic minorities within nations
surrounding Germany held the prospect of the rise of future hostile
conditions that could enable the appearance of another Adolph Hitler
to again demand German expansion. The solution in order to insure
European peace was to transfer those German ethnics back to Germany
before such a threatening situation could arise. (A variant solution
was applied in the Indian subcontinent at the same time.)

In the European case, 12 million German ethnics were unilaterally
transferred without compensation to Germany. The action was deemed
moral and necessary by all Western leaders in order to insure future
peace in Europe. Interestingly, a similar action is deemed moral and
lawful as imposed on Israelis by the Arabs, and this has even been
perpetrated by an Israeli government on the Jewish residents of Gaza,
to the applause of the world.

In this context, it must now be recognized that the situation that
Israel faces with the Arabs within the envelope of the Mandate of
Palestine is strikingly similar to that which existed in Europe and
involves a similar threat to regional peace -- here by the Arab ethnic
community. This has become ever clearer as a fake, phony, false
formulation of Arab national rights within the Mandate has been raised
-- expected to have been a compromise to placate the Arabs so that it
would bring an end to Arab imposed strife -- has not brought peace but
has set the condition for the Arabs to falsely and illegally claim
sovereign rights to all of the lands of Israel.

It is time that the Arabs are faced up to the fact that if they do not
choose to recognize the right of the Jewish people to a homeland
within the lands of the Mandate of Palestine and that the State of
Israel is entitled to hold the "secure and recognized borders"
stipulated in the 1967 UN Resolution 242, Israel has the same right as
the Western allies to act to impose conditions of population
relocation to insure peace in the region. This would be brought about
by changing the conditions of the Arab threat at the very next episode
in which the Arabs break Israel's peace. In fact, the Arabs already
claim such a right to relocate Jewish residents from the territories
they control.

If PM Netanyahu cannot see further than the serenity he finds in the
artificial situation in the rooms where he is negotiating away
Israel's future with the Arab party and has not prepared Israel's
people and army with an advanced plan to decisively respond to dire
Arab threats, Israel's people must drive Netanyahu from office and
bring in a far-sighted, pro-Israel leader to do so.

It is when Israel has created the conditions for her future safety and
security, having acted in response to the Arab threat, it will then be
time for silver tongued orators like Netanyahu to explain the
necessity of such action.