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Bernard Demands Tougher Articles for Freemanlist
Freeman Note: This is a brilliant analysis by Ettinger. I have always appreciated his wonderful insight into Arab-Israel-US issues. I have ONE complaint, not just for Yoram, but for most pro-Israel writers. 
The Apocalypse is coming. 
Those of us who understand what is really going on in the world must cease being "nice Jewish boys and girls." 
1. We must stop promoting or even using the word "peace" or just "peace settlement." It is fight or die. Learn this. 
2. We must cease all dependence on the USA or its Moslem President to save Israel. 
3. We must stop whining about anti-Semitism and train ourselves, including our youth, to defend themselves. 
4. An Israeli government which won't defend its citizens against Arab attack is not a Zionist government. When proud Jews in Israel defend themselves from Arab attack, the Israeli police, government, and justice system put them through hell. These people should not rule a Jewish State. 
5. I am sick and tired of Israeli diplomats trying to win favor with anti-Semites, who will never support us. 
6. I am sick and tired of American Jews who refuse to take a stand to protect their fellow Jews and instead have some kind of wishy-washy ghetto mentality. They don't have to please Moslems, leftists, socialists, communists, white and black people who do not care about the best interests of the Jewish People. And I hate those Jewish ACLU lawyers who would call me a racist because I speak truth to lies. 
7. I am sick and tired of all the delay in destroying Iran's nuclear threat. I know how difficult it is. But I am also not stupid, and I know that five years ago it would have been easier. I know that the Israeli government keeps making it harder for the military to accomplish its mission. My readers on the Freemanlist know why I say this: the proliferation of missiles from North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China to Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and back to Iran. 
8. And, by the way, the terrorists on all Israel's borders must be annihilated. We, the Jewish People, who suffered for 2000 years, SHOULD NOT lose our Eretz Yisrael because we are nice Jewish boys and girls. 
9. I am sick and tired of Barak and Peres still being involved in Israeli politics. They should have been retired long ago. 
10. OK. I will stop my rant. My final word:
I won't publish articles any more on the Freemanlist that DON'T GO FOR THE JUGULAR. NO PUNCHES HELD BACK. In case you want a few examples (certainly not comprehensive).
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With Love of Israel and Faith in HaShem 

Bernard, Editor 

Freeman Center for Strategic Studies