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VOLUME 14             B"H   September 2007             NUMBER 4

"For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest"

September 2007



  • "BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS US - CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE US" ..............Emanuel A. Winston


  • "MERCIFUL FATHER: MERCY, LOVE AND LIBERATION" ..............Eugene Narrett, PhD


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    As I read daily reports of the Israeli government succumbing to both their own prejudice against Jews and that of American pressure to cleanse the land of Jews, my rage grows. It is said that we Jews have the right to call upon our G-d for His retribution against our enemies.

    I personally have been "Shrei-ing Gevalt" and pleading with HaShem to curse the nations who curse us for what they have done and what they are still doing.

    First, I ask for G-d to do as he did when he cursed the Egyptian people through their Pharaoh with plague upon plague. Let the curses come "en masse" to include the deaths of the first-born. We already see the plague of the Muslim "Jihadists" as they kill all others - even as they kill themselves and teach their children as young as 3 to hate and kill.
    I think of the hideous leaders of Israel who have ordered the Jewish soldiers to cleanse the Jews from the Land G-d gave us in perpetuity. May they and theirs die a horrible death for the sins they commit now and/or before. May Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and all who joined them in this evil be struck down and lie beside Ariel Sharon in a living death.

    Let no Jew lift his hand against these accursed people and their families because - to even touch them is to become tama’a (contaminated).

    Here I include all the police and soldiers who blindly follow such orders (sometimes with hate) to attack their fellow Jews, claiming they cannot do otherwise because "they are only following orders". Let the plagues of Egypt and more make their lives a living hell, knowing no peace by day or night. When they die, may their bones be scattered like Herod’s for the animals to gnaw on. There is no holy ground where they can rest.

    With cold hatred and deliberate viciousness, we hear report upon report of how the Bush family urged on by the Jew-hating James Baker with the latest Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urging the Land of Israel to be turned over to pagan Ishmaelites. Even as these Ishmaelites make war against Israel, America and Europe, nevertheless, the cursed leaders of today’s Israel bow to the "Jihadists" first. They spit upon the face of G-d and expect, even demand, that their gods allow them to live a life of pleasure after they are dead.

    It is said that the one G-d can forgive the people and nations for their sins but for the spilling of Jewish blood, there is no forgiveness.

    Day and night I remind G-d of His Promise to his servants, the Jewish people to: "Bless those who bless us and curse those who curse us." The primordial scream from the millions of Jews horribly massacred throughout the centuries by the nations has gone out through their throats, as if from the Shofar, to the furthest reaches of the universe. The holy scream of retribution continues to flow ever outwards.

    With all my might, I have prayed for years that the sun would scorch the earth of the cursed nations. Let the ground harden to stone so the crops cannot grow. I prayed a deluge of rain to flood the lands of those who cursed the Jews. I prayed that incurable disease would flow through the nations, as when G-d cursed Pharaoh, his people and the Land.

    Regretfully, there are many Jews who hate the Land they were gifted and the Jewishness thrust upon them. Let them die by the Hand of G-d as those who danced around the Golden Calf. Let them die as Korach and his tribe did when the earth opened up to swallow them. Many good Jews will undoubtedly be hurt along with those cursed to die but, as always, a remnant will survive.
    I have prayed, with intensity, that the lands of the Arabs be struck with earthquakes so their cities fall with not one stone left standing on another. I specify the lands of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq as worthy of the worst of the catastrophes. I include all of Europe to include Russia, England, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands and all who collaborated with the Nazis in the most horrible crimes against humanity ever recorded on this planet.

    I regret that America who was thought to be Israel’s protector, had instead brought a great curse upon the good people of America. I recall that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Jew-hating Administration that refused to rescue the Jews who Hitler had decreed would be annihilated.

    For all this I pray for G-d’s patience to end and begin the task of retribution against the nations. All of this has been happening in our time with ramped up super storms, earthquakes, disease, burning heat, flood of biblical proportions and more.

    Do I have the chutzpah to believe my personal prayers for retribution is bringing about the calamities we are experiencing? Of course not.

    But the millions of primordial screams from the inhuman treatment which the Jews have experienced at the hands of the world’s nations, have no doubt been heard - along with countless prayers (including mine) for such just retribution.

    I am mindful of the Bush family who turned against the Jewish nation for whatever benefits they could suck out of the oil-bearing Arab nations thus bringing their curse upon their land.
    For all this



    Merciful Father: mercy, love and liberation

    by Eugene Narrett, Ph.D.

    You set man apart from the beginning and You considered him worthy to stand before You…

    This verse from the closing Jewish prayer service on Yom Kippur is among the great indices of the Creator’s love and mercy;

    And You gave us with love, Hashem our God, this day of atonement…” [1]

    In the fiftieth year, in the Yovel (“Jubilee”) year, Israel sounds the teruah on the shofar to “proclaim freedom throughout the land…in the seventh month, on the tenth of the month, the Day of Atonement you shall sound the shofar throughout the land” and “you shall return each man to his ancestral heritage” (Leviticus 25:8-16).

    The Day of Atonement, Yom HaKippurim contains the joy of this freedom and, the sages teach, the joy of Sabbath and the fullness and nearness of the Creator. This overtone or “harmonic” of freedom, this return to the ground of all the commandments, the land, suffuses every Day of Atonement and cleansing of sin, “untying the bundled knot” and the return to his inheritance; every man of Israel, a paradigm for a shackled mankind.

    We are all in varying degrees in bondage of grief, pain, confusion or worse. Thus one addresses the Creator Who Was, Who Is, and Who Will Be, the One the Unborn and the Undying and pleads, “turn to my outcry, let my prayer be pleasant, listen to my entreaty as if it were a perfect entreaty.” In Judaism “we are mindful that we are dust” though made “but slightly less than the angels and crowned with soul and splendor” (psalm 8).

    “O God, King Who sits on the throne of mercy; Who acts with kindness, pardons the sins of His people…Who deals righteously with every living being – You taught us to recite the Thirteen [attributes of Mercy] so remember for us today the covenant of these Thirteen that You made known to the humble one [Moshe, cf. Deut. 12:3] in ancient times… and Hashem descended in a cloud and stood with him there, and He called out with the Name, Hashem; and Hashem passed before Moshe and proclaimed:

    ‘Hashem, Hashem, God Compassionate and Merciful, Slow to anger and Abundant in Kindness and Truth; Preserver of kindness for thousands of generations, Forgiver of iniquity, willful sin and error, and Who cleanses’” but does not cleanse by magic, as if waving a wand, but through human reaching out and deeds as well as in abundant kindness (“the Thirteen Names of Mercy,” Exodus 34:5-7).

    The Jew beseeches the Creator, “turn and involve Yourself in the good of those who hope to You for You, Hashem, are a shield for me” (Psalm 3:4. cf. Exodus 15:1). The Eternal One is “a God of faith, fair and righteous, perfect in all his works” (Deuteronomy 32:4).

    One should remember that all references to Hashem refer to the Eternal One, Unborn and Undying Whose energies are discussed in “Jacob’s Ladder.” These are the energies of mercy, giving, and life that constitute and sustain the world as silence and sound, time and eternity, running and returning; being and becoming intersect and are contained in vital harmony, the pattern for man and woman.

    The sages teach that a “day” is less a temporal measure than a unit of spiritual potential. A day ends as twilight merges toward evening and a new day begins in gathering darkness. The prayers of this holy “day,” beginning in the darkness and accessing the ultimate creative and loving light within the well of darkness from which the universe pours are prayers of and for love and liberation, for life and peace, for Jews and all the world. “And may You with Your abundant mercy have mercy on us because You do not desire the world’s destruction.” No wonder the hierarchs of our day, throughout the modern era have wanted to destroy the Jews, committing genocidal slander and then genocide against those who want life, creativity, joy and peace: who acknowledge their contingency and the infinite might and wisdom of the Creator. So it has always been.

    I have placed my reliance on the Thirteen Attributes, and on the gates of tears for they are never closed,” – they will matter; they are counted and an accounting will be made. “And therefore I have poured out my prayer to Him Who tests hearts. I trust in these and in the merit of the three Patriarchs… rescue us from all cruel decrees… Open the gates of heaven and open for us your bountiful treasure…” [2]

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