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If Cyprus Is “EU Outpost” Israel Protects “EU Outpost"

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva
8 October, 2014

If Cyprus is “EU Outpost” Israel protects “EU outpost".

In today’s A7 Article “Great Concern in Cyprus over ISIS Advances in Lebanon”  “Cyprus FM says terrorist groups on the shores of the Mediterranean would create an “immediate danger” to the safety of Cyprus.” I reported on the Cyprus Foreign Minister’s concern about a few jihadists fighting in Lebanon. Here I will analyze the Foreign Minister’s statements through the prism of Israel’s strategic value to Europe, NATO, and the United State of America:

It was reported in the Famagusta Gazette, that Cyprus FM Loannis Kasoulides had expressed “great concern” about developments in Lebanon, where there is an immediate risk for Cyprus if ISIS or Jihadist terrorists advanced to the shores of the Mediterranean.”  While imagine, if Hamas and Iran achieved their goal of eradicating Israel, Cyprus wouldn’t face just IS with Israel, but would face an entire Islamic Levant State with 210 Million Muslims without Israel!


Cyprus Line of Defense By Mark Langfan

FM Kasoulides also “stressed that due to its geographical position, the Republic of Cyprus is at the forefront and is the outpost of the EU in this turbulent region.”  If Cyprus is the “forefront and the outpost of the EU,” then Israel is ahead of the “forefront,” and in fact, Israel is protecting the “EU outpost” in this “turbulent region.”

It was further reported that FM Kasoulides “appealed to the international community, especially the EU, to actively assist Lebanon, saying that if terrorist groups reach the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean that would create an immediate danger to the safety of Cyprus.”  Well, the EU should understand that if IS creates an “immediate danger” to Christian Cyprus, a Levant Islamic State would represent an immediate existential annihilation to Cyprus.

FM Kasoulides also said “Cyprus has donated ammunition to theLebanese Army,” and “We expect that other countries will follow our example.”  Maybe Cyprus should explain to the EU that without Israel, there will be no Cyprus, so the EU instead of boycotting Israel, should heavily arm Israel for free.

FM Kasoulides finally explained that “the risk for Cyprus may seem to be remote at the moment, but he pointed out that governments do not operate on the basis of probabilities, they operate on the basis of possibilities “and the possibility is there".”  Well, Intelligence Minister Steinitz said on October 8, 2014, “If this [Gaza] repeats itself in Judea and Samaria, this becomes an existential threat. From there [Judea and Samaria], thousands of short-range rockets... put Tel Aviv, Gush Dan and Jerusalem in range. From Gaza, mortar fire creates a very severe threat on Nahal Oz and Nirim.

But these shells, with ranges of up to 7 km., fired from Judea and Samaria, get to Jerusalem, Petah Tikva and large parts of Route 6 connecting northern Israel to its south. What constitutes a severe threat in Gaza, becomes an existential threat from Judea and Samaria.” 

Katyusha Rockets Graphic By Mark Langfan

Therefore, for Cyprus, “the possibility is there” that a West Bank Palestinian State would be the end of Israel, and, therefore, “the possibility is there” that it would also most certainly be the end of Cyprus. 

Western Theater Pane 1 By Mark Langfan

Western Pane2 By Mark Langfan

Western Pane3 By Mark Langfan

Western Pane4 By Mark Langfan