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Terror UAV's Will Pierce Israel's New "Maginot" Line

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
15 October, 2012
From a PA state, UAV armed terrorists could use the UAV GPS guidance systems to accurately crash and explode their terror UAVs into highly populated and strategic points in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv . 

 Mark Langfan
In 1939, the French unveiled what they billed as the greatest and most modern defense line the world has ever seen: the Maginot Line. This French Maginot Line defense perimeter ran almost the entire north-south length of the French-German Border. It was named after the French Minister of War Andre Maginot who sold the French government on the idea. The French believed the Maginot Line would be their absolute protection against a German westward attack.
Unfortunately, Hitler’s highly mobilized Panzer tanks simply swept right around it through Belgium.
All of Israel’s “peace-in-our-time” plans (including Bibi’s Jordan Valley Plan) are entirely based on variants of the 1967 Allon Plan which, like the Maginot Line defense, are based on yesterday’s technology and yesterday’s wars. IThe plan was named after famous Israeli general Yigal Allon.
However, with the Israeli interception of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) over the Negev, there is a new highly lethal and precise terrorist military weapon which could strike from a “demilitarized” Palestinian "West Bank" State with pin-point accuracy into the heart of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: Killer Terrorist UAVs.
Firstly, most people think that under the various “peace” Allon-based plans floated by Barak, Bibi, and Olmert, Israel will keep the part of Judea and Samaria closed to the Green Line and give up the part of the Israel that is furthest away and closest to Jordan. Wrong!!
The craziest thing is that the Allon Plan ame up with an anti-intuitive plan that would give up Western Samaria (or the Western part of the 'West Bank') to a Palestinian State - that area is closest to Tel Aviv. But zanier still, General Allon would have Israel keep the Jordan Valley (which is the eastern part of the 'West Bank)' and is furthest away from Tel Aviv.
The reason General Allon came up with this Rube-Goldberg disconnected patchwork-quilt border plan was that the Israeli “West Bank” side of the Jordan Valley had and still has almost no Palestinians. Also, because of the extreme topographic rise of the "West Bank" part of the Jordan Valley, it would serve, like the Maginot Line, as an excellent tank barrier to any Muslim westward-sweeping mechanized army.
There are a myriad of problems with the Allon Plan, such a water and air space. But apart from these insolvable issues, an additional problem now is that cheap, highly lethal, and relatively unsophisticated modern weapons have rendered the Allon Plan a suicide plan for Israel.
Even if one were to make the totally insane assumption that a Palestinian Arab state would actually try to keep terrorists from smuggling weapons into this “Demilitarized” Palestinian Authority State, dedicated terrorists will be able to import small portable weapons that can be used by one terrorist operating by himself or in a very small group.
The classic weapon that could be fired from the Palestinian Arab “Demilitarized” State into Tel Aviv is the katyusha. But, now that Sheik Nasrallah has taken credit for launching the Iranian UAV that just flew into the Negev, the Iranians will smuggle new, relatively sophisticated, killer UAVs armed with high-explosives and anti-personnel ball bearings into any sovereign PA State. Iranian Katyushas with people-shredding ball-bearings have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.
With Palestinian Arab terrorists inside the Allon designated Western Samarian Palestinian Authority State borders, Iranian-armed Palestinian Arab terrorists will strike Tel Aviv with their terror UAVs easier than the German tanks out-flanked the Maginot Line.
What’s worse, the UAV armed terrorists could use the UAV GPS guidance systems to accurately crash and explode their terror UAVs into highly populated and strategic points in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - like the Kirya (Israel’s Pentagon) and the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament). Imagine that Israel would have to 24/7 be on the look-out for miniature virtually invisible UAVs packed with explosives and ball-bearings, or maybe even chemical weapons, flying along the hundreds of kilometers of the Green Line. It is as if America gave al Qaeda the county of Queens from which al Qaeda Islamic crazies could launch UAV attacks into Manhattan over the East River. Not pretty.
And what would be Israel’s response to a terror UAV attack into pre-1967 Israel?? Would Israel reinvade the 'West Bank', or part of it, because of one terror UAV hit an Israeli school? The UN would certainly have something to say about that. And, what would the reaction from the Muslim world if Israel so much as mobilized to re-invade one square inch of this Palestinian Arab State? Israel’s mobilization would be broadcast live in real-time beamed to one billion Muslims on their Facebook chat rooms.
If Obama claimed that the “Innocence of Muslims” supposedly “sparked” the Muslim rage that murdered Ambassador Stevens", just imagine what Muslim wildfires a mobilization for an Israeli re-invasion of any part of area given up for a PA state would bring. In short, the Allon Plan has become a Israel-Death Plan and, along with the other ill-conceived plans for a PA state, should be relegated to the dustbin of history before it turns Israel into a dustbin.
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