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New Congressional Report Shows Obama As “Paper Admiral”

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
27 October 27, 2012

Obama obviously didn't read the report cited below or he would not have talked about unsinkable US aircraft carriers with such assurance. Those days are over.

Mark Langfan 

A newly published United States Congressional Research Service (CRS) report by Ronald O’Rourke exposes President Obama’s “horses and bayonets” debate insult to Romney in the last debate as uninformed tripe.
Mr. O’Rourke is the CRS’s finest naval analyst and has published naval research papers for close to 30 years. His latest paper is titled “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities-Background and Issues for Congress”.
While Obama pedantically touted “aircraft carriers” as a United States naval solution, the CRS report specifically cited Chinese development of ballistic anti-ship missiles (ASBMs) aka“carrier killers” and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons that are capable of striking and sinking what were previously considered unsinkable aircraft carriers.
Observers have referred to the Chinese ASCMs and EMP devices as “game-changers.” The CRS Report goes on the describe major advances in Chinese indigenous building of all manner of super-silent submarines, air-craft carriers, frigates, destroyers, and bewildering array of fast-attack craft.
In addition to the Chinese official “on-the-books” navy, their unofficial “off-the-books” navy is set to explode in size. The unofficial Chinese navy was set to receive 36 ships by 2013, and is projected to boast a surface fleet of 520 vessels by 2020.
Of particular note, the Chinese appear to have taken capitalism to a “dual-use” military science extreme. The CRS report relates that “China’s newest addition to its military is . . . a 36,000 ton pleasure boat capable of disgorging thousands of troops and hundreds of vehicles held inside its belly.” (Pg. 35).
So, it appears that China is not only building its navy, but also intends to make a money on it.
However, given President Obama’s “this isn’t a game of battleship” jab at Gov. Romney’s remark that the US isn’t building enough ships, the CRS Report echos Gov. Romney’s grave concern by asserting that the “potential oversight issues for Congress include the following: whether the U.S. Navy in coming years will be large enough to adequately counter improved Chinese maritime anti-access forces, while also adequately performing other missions of interest to U.S. policymakers around the world.”
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, on her recent trip to Cook Islands for an Asian ally confab, blithely stated that “The Pacific is big enough for all of us.”
After reading the CRS Report, one can only conclude that President Obama is like the captain on the Titanic - too busy sipping champagne with Hilary to find time to read the intelligence reports warning him that there are Chinese icebergs ready to blow the US out of the Pacific for good. 

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