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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

By Emanuel A. Winston

Member of the Board of Directors
Mid East Analyst & Commentator

Western civilization has grown light years beyond the primitive societies that make up the societies of Islam. They yet cannot bring themselves to recognize that as an advanced civilization occupied with advancing new technologies and the things that make up the word "civil". History is replete with examples of nations and whole civilizations that have advanced well beyond their initial beginnings, usually born in war and conquest.

However, when they reach a level of productiveness benefitting their population, the malcontents on the fringes begin to attack and absorb the good things that were built. This is happening now in lesser or greater degrees as Islam rises like a plague to replace Western Civilization with Global Dominance by Islam.

They are throw-backs to the centuries of the conquerors, particularly those who built nothing but ravaged the land, absorbing what others had already built. Advanced civilizations have certain weaknesses, one of which is the unwillingness to meet the barbarians at the city’s gate and battle them with a fury equal to that of the enemy.
Part of this inherent structural weakness is the tendency to simply deny that anything of consequence is happening. When the pundits speak of a clash of civilizations, the leaders of the civilized world drop into a litany of denial which excuses them from both sounding the alarm and preparing for battle.

In the interim , the "Jihadists" of Islam penetrate more deeply and grow bolder with each passing day. I suppose I could tell you of the Police in England under attack, with parts of London turned into no-go zones except for the Muslims.

The same is true in France, with death threats against politicians, writers and/or anyone in the Netherlands who dares to speak out against the encroachment of Islamo-fascists.

In America the sleeper cells are building their bases in Flint and Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Los Angeles and Florida - wherever they can gain a foothold by building Mosques and a Madrassahs (schools that teach children to hate and kill the ‘infidels’ (Jews and Christians) by implementing the extreme Sharia laws of strict Islam).

The threats are low key so far limited to intimidating local politicians or threatening law suits against major corporations for presumed slights against their religion. Direct threats of violence comes via phone calls, Email, notes, faxes and newspaper articles.
We are fast approaching a "Kill or Be Killed" status. IF we wait long enough, history will write books about the "Rise and Fall of Western Civilization".

You can call them "narrowly focused religious crackpots" but, that is what they are and what they do. They are not out to build a greater new world but, rather are anchored in the thoughts of the 7th Century.

Your role is to either accept Islam as a convert or become a slave (a "Dhimmi") to serve Islam or simply be killed as an impediment to their advancing Crusade to replace all other religions with that of worshiping Allah. The speed at which it moves is directly contingent on the resistance it meets.

The last major expansion of the first Islamic Conquest of Europe ended in a battle led by Charles (the Hammer) Martel between Portiers and Tours, France in 732 CE. The Muslims were then driven back to the Middle East. Otherwise Europe today would simply be a backward collection of villages and perhaps city-states comprised mostly of Muslims. As are most, if not all, Arab/Muslim nations of today. Productivity is not encouraged nor honored, leaving their populations in accepted poverty.

What monies they do have go into the purchase of weapons for the next war against the "infidels" they hate (including both Jews and Christians). And that war is well underway.

Islam, in its most virulent form, is operational in Iran. Eliminate the core and its outreach will wither. Syria, while a major trouble-maker, does not seem dedicated to the forceful spread of Islam, just their usual terror operations.

Saudi Arabia can be forced to close down its Madrassah hate schools. All Mullahs to be deported back to their original nation of origin.

Please disregard protestation that Islam is a peaceful religion and has no intent to impinge on Christianity, Judaism and dozens of other religions. You and we are all the targets and you can no longer plead ignorance.

Time has passed and you have been offered Life or Death. Fight Now! Or Die in ignominious shame. Here I include Europe, America and Israel. Russia under Putin has joined the barbarians and is supplying them with weapons and weapons’ technology - including Nuclear - for their own financial gain.