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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by David Basch


James Baker\'s appearance on the Hannity-Colmes show on Fox this week
is a harbinger that the Bush administration is about to launch a series
ofpolicies that will make Israel the Middle East fall guy. That is an
old James Baker specialty.

When Baker talks of speaking to Syria he means pushing Israel out of
the strategic Golan Heights, which Syria used to menace Israel before
1967. When Baker speaks of getting on with the "peace process," he
means pushing Israel out of her strategic territories so that the
Arabs can set up a new terrorist nation on Israel territory that will
be dedicated to Israel\'s destruction.

Why would Baker want to do that? The answer is oil -- Western access
to Middle East oil, the same policy to which the Bushes are totally
dedicated. Bushes-Baker all think that if they can wrest concessions
from Israel to set up a new Arab state -- that is what the Arabs say
they want -- it will insure Western access to oil as, supposedly, a
grateful Arab world thinks kindlier of the West for helping the Arabs
get what they say they want. The only thing is that what the Arabs say
they want is not what they really have in mind.

What the Arabs really have in mind is weakening Israel to the point
that conquering Arab armies can finish Israel off -- the triumph of
Islam. No doubt, Baker knows this but does not want this to interfere
with his plans and so he and all his like minded cronies play dumb
about this reality. What about the dooming of Israel? That, of course,
is not the concern of Bushes-Baker and such. These can surely be
counted on to lament Israel\'s fate with real-looking tears as tiny
Israel has sunk beneath the waves.

The problem for Israel is that it has the kind of leadership that the
Bushes-Bakers dream about, a liberal Israeli leadership under Olmert
that does not give a fig for the nation\'s Jewish heritage. Hence this
Israeli leadership regards the historic Jewish land that the God of
the Bible promised to his people as altogether dispensable as a trade
for the illusion of a peace with the Arabs. The reality is that there
can be no willing Arab peace with an Israel that the Arabs think they
can destroy. The leftists are too obsessed with their ideology and
power strivings to think about this downside and only have eyes to see
the joys and advantages of discrediting traditional Jewish influence
in Israel, leaving leftist leadership as the unquestioned rulers
of the land -- or so they imagine

This Israeli leadership is totally in thrall to its liberal ideas that
precludes its recognition of the existence of a mass of Arab enemies
that are obsessed, Nazi-like, with killing Jews and a Jewish nation in
the Middle East. Therefore, again and again, the leftist leadership
shunts aside demonstrated reality and thinks that one day, soon, the
Arabs will willingly allow an Israel the Arabs think they can destroy
to remain in what the Arabs regard as the exclusive Islamic realm.
Such a self-deluding leftist leadership has always cooperated with
Western interests wishing to appease the Arabs.

What is utterly amazing about this situation is that the so called
right wing leadership of the US -- Bush and company -- is actually
left-wing when it comes to Israel. Like leftists who can only see
benign enemies that want peace, Bush and company support the illusion
of winning over Arab hearts on behalf of Middle East oil via the route
of Israeli concessions -- a substitute for military victory over
enemies. They cannot conceive that there are interests in the Arab
world that will persist in trying to gain control of oil, irrespective
of Israel\'s existence, and that in such struggles Israel would be a
valuable ally. As my sainted father once said, you can depend on
enemies of the Jews to be blind to their own interests to hurt Jews.
Hence we find the right wing US government mightily supporting
Israel\'s secular, anti-Jewish left against the interests of the large
traditional sector of Israeli society.

Thus, while the God of the Bible promises the Children of Israel that
it will inherit the traditional Holyland, Bush supports an Arab
no-people for this honor, referred to as "Palestinians," a people that
no one heard of before 1967 -- outdoing the Lord hands down. It is
this break with past US policy in support of a new Arab state that
Baker praised on the Hannity-Colmes show, as though this is some kind
of break-through for peace rather than a formula for shooting our own
side in the foot.

Needless to say, I now have no use for the phony Republican right-wing
Bushes-Bakers, which are making this happen. Baker doesn\'t worry about
this because there are too few Jews voting Republican anyway. As he
said, "F... the Jews." But what about the Christian right that
supports Israel as part of its religious vision? The latter will one
day learn that today\'s Bush is a phony fraud of a religious man since
he seeks to betray right-wing Christian Biblical beliefs with regard
to the future of Israel.

When this becomes more widely known, it will be recognized as a
disgraceful legacy of the Bushes that I hope will at least scuttle
Florida Jeb Bush\'s hope for a presidential run. Note that the
President has been neglecting the Mexican invasion of the US, no doubt
in order not to offend Hispanics and thereby preserve the Bush
reputation of being friendly to Hispanics that would help Jeb\'s future
ambitions. Sadly, that is the self-serving thinking of this
unscrupulous, but crafty, Bush that can be seen to be taking his
"right wing" supporters for a ride.

David Basch is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the world\'s authority on William shakespeare\'s Jewish roots.