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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

By Emanuel A. Winston,

Research Associate & Member of the Board of Directors,
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

Is Christianity first awakening Europe and America to the threat to their very existence? Pope Benedict XVI made his thoughts plain when he quoted a 14th century Orthodox Byzantine Emperor who spoke of Mohammed committed to things evil and inhuman. This German Pope is no fool and does not make slips of his tongue. He sees an encroaching Islam with all of its killing ways so he issued a modest wake-up call to Europe.

He knew it would enrage the radical Muslims but, then he downplayed it - without abandoning his meaning.This article started to be drafted Tuesday night October 10th, only to find the NEW YORK TIMES of October 11th had beaten me to it. I was astonished that the NYT had the guts to speak about the awakening of Europe as to the threat of violent Islam in their midst.
The fear that they thought they had pushed way down deep in their gut was surfacing. The intolerance of Islam - even to their own people and especially toward their women, the killings, the threats if one dared to mention Mohammed or the excesses of Islam suddenly bubbled up as anger.

The Europeans free society was being taken from them by the Muslims who were destroying their hospitable host countries. Everywhere they turned, Islam was impinging on the Europeans’ lives. Schools were filling up with Muslim children. Hospitals with a charity policy were filling up with Muslims, bankrupting host countries’ systems. The worst was their ever-present threats of violence.

Mention Mohammed or the "Jihadists" (fighters for Islam) and suddenly writers of truth had to go into hiding for fear of their lives.
Even politicians feared they would be assassinated by an unknown Muslim striking out from the anonymity of the crowds. (Which brings to mind Sirhan Sirhan, the Muslim who shot Bobby Kennedy.)

Now that I think about the blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman who organized the first hit at the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in 1993 - the first time, and his plans to have his American "Jihadists" blow up the United Nations, Holland, Lincoln Tunnels, the George Washington Bridge, the FBI building. Government videotapes showed defendants mixing bomb ingredients in a garage before their arrest in 1993.

Detective John Molelli found & examined boxes of notebooks and other papers written in Arabic, complete with diagrams that revealed the existence of a terrorist cell operating in the New Jersey-New York area. Police found photos of the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building and the Washington Monument. They also found written materials promoting terror attacks on American soil. He broke his silence on the fifth anniversary of 9/11/01. The FBI ignored the evidence - until the 1993 terror attacks on the Twin Towers. Nosair continued to manage the affairs of the al-Qaeda terror cell where Nosair completed the job it attempted on September 11, 2001 (1)

One of the Sheik\'s "JIhadists", El Sayyid A. Nosair assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, z’l November 5,1990. IF only the FBI had bothered to read the writings in Arabic they found in Nosair’s apartment, they would have known about their plans to bomb sites in America and could have prevented the 1993 Twin Towers bombing and perhaps even 9/11/01. But, no one was smart or skilled enough to seriously investigate the growing, insidious plots growing from the sleeper cells of Muslims. [Note! I wrote an article July 1993: "Rabbi Kahane’s Murder...CIA - State Dept - Saudi Arabia - Sheik Abdel Rahman & the World Trade Center Bombing"] (2)

In 1997 members of Abdel-Rahman’s group, Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya massacred 58 tourists at Deir el-Bahri in Luxor, Egypt. Abdel-Rahman’s imprisonment was a rallying point for Islamic militants around the world, including Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. (3)

The Sheik’s actions lead straight to the ease with which 4 Egyptians and 15 Saudis entered America, hijacked airplanes, bombed and destroyed almost 3,000 civilians on 9/11. No one in the FBI, CIA, NSA or any other agency dared to investigate - thanks to the terrorists hidden protectors in the U.S. State Department. Mustn’t investigate or arrest any Muslim, lest the Saudis get mad.

BTW, this was NOT part of the New York Times lengthy article which I urge you to read in full. Perhaps as the flagship journals of America, the rest of the media will follow suit and cease ignoring this growing menace. Here we must include CNN, FOX NEWS, the BBC, NPR and other leading news outlets. Terrorists are not "militants" or "insurgents" or "extremists" - in spite of the self-imposed word restraint adopted by the Media. The word is "Terrorist" and cannot be avoided by artful denial and spin.


The Free West would do well to look back in history (as illustrated in the few paragraphs above) with respect to confronting Muslims when they rose up to riot. Even up to this very moment, the response of the West has been to bluster, pontificate and blow smoke but, NOT to confront their Muslim attackers directly.

There are some reasons why the West doesn’t respond harshly when the "Jihadists" cross all red lines. The West is a collection of advanced civilizations whose laws rose in parallel to what is expected of advanced civilizations. The problem is that radical Islamists do not consider our laws (dedicated to freedom and democracy or the customs we live by) apply to them. They play by their own rules and our response in terms of punishment is to appease the perpetrators.

I recall an incident in the Middle East when the British had control. One of their officers was attacked and killed by Arabs from a nearby village. The British officer in charge attacked and leveled that village. All terror ceased - because the British played by the rules which the Arabs had established.

Regrettably, that direct solution has long since been abandoned and punishment is by appeasement. So today the world demands that the victim accept the blow and, at most, they can only retaliate if they specifically know the actual perpetrator and, only then, may a surgical strike be considered.

If we had followed those rules during WW2, we would still be fighting Germany and Japan. Wars are fought down through every level of the population.
In America and Europe soldiers are trained from age 18. Not so among the Arabs where children starting at 3 years old are taught to hate. By 7 they are field-stripping weapons, carrying explosives and crawling under barbed wire at summer camp. By 12 to 16 they are being prepared to meet Allah by wearing an explosive belt.

Parent, old grandmothers, local teachers, village elders, Imams, Mullahs and Ayatollahs are all part of it to one degree or another. Rules of combat, rules of war...there are none - except for the inner restraint of the West. The Free Western countries pride themselves in their developed rules of conduct - as well it should.

But, how many of our people are to be sacrificed on an altar the dead cannot care about. We meet savagery with not punishment to stop the carnage by with appeasement. We talk them to death while they stab or bomb us to death.

Israel was supposed to fight a sanitized war because the United Nations, Europe and America demanded it. IF Israel dares to respond in kind and to fight to win, she was accused of excess when restraint was demanded.

When Hezb’Allah and Hamas rained Katyusha Missiles and Kassam Rockets down on cities, towns, killing civilians and burning forests, the world was more concerned with the severity of Israel’s retaliatory bombing and her use of area denial cluster bombs. "Area denial" means exactly that. Whole areas were to be made too dangerous for Hezb’Allah to return to in Southern Lebanon.

Israel was stopped too soon - by the world and by her inept and corrupt current government. Now Hezb’Allah is re-occupying the hidden bunkers as Syria keeps shipping a hefty re-supply of rockets and the U.N., America and Europe were absolutely silent. They accepted the rules of the barbarians’ war because it was Israel who was fighting the world’s ethical battle. However, soon all Europe will be fighting this war and then they must make a choice. Fight with your hands tied while your Muslim opponents may use any weapons of their choice - including WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) like NBC: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (dirty bombs). The Muslims has also chosen to use the laws made for a civilized society while cheating those rules.
The Muslim barbarians also have a rule of sorts - Kill until he is killed. Only then will he stop - except for the 3 year old he taught to hate who is to follow like a ticking time bomb in the years to come.

No one can be absolved nor spared because this is a war of civilization against the barbarians. They base their Army of Terrorists in the participating nest of civilian women and children and those civilians become an integral support mechanism for the Islamic "Jihadists". They are literally putting their own women and children on the war front as blood sacrifices. The Terrorists are responsible, if the civilians with whom they have hidden with their explosives and ammunition are hit, hurt or killed - except when it is all done, backed by this not-so-innocent population.

Their outgoing shells are also NOT selective because, as intended, they kill families and spare no one. The velvet glove "Rules of War" must, for a time be put aside. In a war initiated by an enemy with no pity, the perpetrators are NOT innocents.
Hopefully, the Pope’s message will awaken, not only Europe but also America.

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