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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

In Tanach (the Jewish Bible), it speaks about the Nations of the North assembling and descending upon Israel in a conquest of savage killing. In the Prophecy the attacking Nations from the North succeed in occupying, first the lowlands along the sea and then they begin to ascend the foothills toward Jerusalem.

They succeed with much carnage, raping, killing until the earth heaves; the skies turn black wherein a man cannot see to the end of his arm. This phenomenon speaks of volcanic ash so dense that nothing can be seen. The invading armies panic and begin killing each - because they cannot see. In brief, the enemy attackers against the Jewish people die terrible deaths.

The prophecies speak of "instruction of how to bury the enemy dead over a 7 year period". The dead and their bones are to be buried in a valley near Haifa which has come to be known as the Valley of Dry Bones. Those passing by must mark any place where they see human remains of the invaders so that teams of bone collectors can transport the remains to the Valley of Dry Bones.

But, if you are a modern day non-believer in such mystical prognostications as prophecy then, let’s talk about politics and practical military planning. Since I write about War - Weapons - Terrorist Nations and their proxies, let us ignore prophecy for a moment.

I keep my eyes and ears on articles and reports from military journals. I carefully watch the Nations as the world agonizes, desperate to blame someone/anyone for their pain. Several years ago I noticed a small mention in U.S. Defense News, that the E.U. (European Union) was discussing a Rapid Deployment Force which they didn’t have and didn’t want to spend the money to build. It was ‘mentioned’ that they might approach NATO - which was primarily American supplied and manned, to be that Force.
For me that spoke a whole book, because I knew that NATO was looking for a project and a reason to exist. I also knew that they needed a target to give it purpose and to validate their training and existence. My antennae told me that Europe, being Europe, their target would be Israel - inevitably.

It would take time to build the rationale for such an attack but, the underlying theme would be "bringing peace to the Middle East" as justification. That, IF the Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists could be settled through forced evacuation of Jews from their ancient homeland, then all the Islamic Terrorists in the world would be convinced to lay down their arms and live in peace with the West. The Nations of the West desperately wanted to believe that the Muslims would abandon their mandatory Koranic Law and cease their goal of making all the World into a Global Caliphate under Sharia Law.
That delusion was expanded with the idea that Islamists attacking the West would cease their assaults all over the World.

At this time I began to write a series of articles (7 so far) entitled: "The Gathering of the Nations". In brief, I conjectured that the Europeans, in collusion with the nations of the North, namely, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria, allowing those with their Terrorist proxies like Hamas and Hezb’Allah, Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)/ Jamaat ul Dawa (JuD) (10 Pakistani killers in Mumbai November 23, 2008 who slaughtered at least 172 victims - including the hospitable, peace-loving and beloved Rabbi Gavriel and Rebbitzin Rivka Holtzberg who ran the Chabad House) plus all the other major and minor Terror organizations and their Muslim State Terror Sponsors - the paymasters, who run their proxies all over the world.

The Terror proxies would initiate a "Peace" attack. A flotilla of a mixed fleet of ships of participating Nations would cross the Mediterranean - all under the umbrella of "Peace-Keepers". It would be highly likely that Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia would add their arms from the South and Southeast. The Europeans would simply resurrect their centuries of Church-taught Jew-hatred, including their participation in assisting Adolph Hitler to murder six million Jews.

We see this evolving process in motion at this very time. The U.N., E.U., U.S., Russia, Iran Syria, Turkey, ‘et al’, are ramping up their propaganda campaign to further demonize Israel and the Jewish people so their respective population will agree to the invasion and accept another Holocaust.

Hopefully, the American people who trust and support the Jewish State and the Jewish people will not be deluded and will fight back against what the Obama regime is doing in support of Islam - against Christianity and Judaism.

I can only speculate about the secular aspects of such a war. Hopefully, Israel will have new leaders who would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against any invading force. In addition, to having nuclear missiles on a ready launch position to target all the oil fields, leaving them glowing for centuries. This possibility should be a deterrence but, given the hatred of centuries which is so pervasive - even the loss of oil may not deter the "Final Attack of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question".

I wonder if Nuclear Bombs could split the sea as in ancient times, closing over the invading forces, sinking their modern day chariots and the pursuing army.

So, what are we to conclude when the nations gather to accuse and castigate the only democratically constituted government in the Middle East in a frenzy, leading to talk of invasion. What are we to think when Iran threatens to wipe Israel across the face of the earth and neither the U.N., the U.S. or the E.U. allows Israel to defend herself.

Moreover, the accusers in many cases are nations run by cruel dictators having committed heinous crimes against their own citizens and exported Terror to other nations. Even the most rabid anti-Semites would have to look at their own rulers and the policy of suppression of human rights endemic in their own nations.

So whether you believe that retribution, as specified in the ancient prophecies, or the daily news reports which speak of rising Terror at the hands of the Islamists - the end is the same. Humanity may very well been on the brink of extinction from their own actions or retribution from a Higher Order, the pain is racheting up globally.

We know from past history that evil people (Islam) are allowed to rise up to torment nations as a punishment for what those nations have done. Islam is today’s curse and punishment. Then, as in the past, they too will be destroyed as they were only a temporary tool. Many believe that the rise of Islam is like the ancient plagues of Locusts that devastates the Land and starves the people. Then the Locusts are destroyed by an East Wind that blows them into the Sea. Today we see leaders rise up like Gog in the prophecy or as the Christians call the anti-Christ. We observe such indicators as America suffers massive, unrecoverable debt and other calamities as her leaders bond with Terrorists for the sake of oil.

Perhaps we will never hear a booming voice from Heaven, warning us but, tsunamis, incurable diseases in pandemics, watching our retirement nest-eggs turn to dust - may be that message.

I wrote about"THE GATHERING OF THE NATIONS" #1, August 4, 2001, #2 November 12, 2003, #3 August 15, 2004, #4 February 7, 2005, #5 April 14, 2006, #6 November 2, 2006, and #7 Nov. 25, 2007.

If you wish to read numbers 1 through 7, you can view the buildup to the Disengagement of Israel (aka dismantling) of Gush Katif/Gaza and the 4 communities in Northern Samaria. You can request: The Gathering of the Nations, numbers 1-7 through Google, by using Advanced Search - with the words: Gathering Nations on line 1 & on line 2: Emanuel Winston