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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Updated November 3, 2005
by Bernard J. Shapiro

Thank for your letter of June 6th and tothe interesting scheme (my Victory plan for Israel) that you have proposed.....Ze’ev "Beny" Begin, Jerusalem (June 28, 1994)


How to rally the right-wing Nationalist forces and bring down the Sharon/Labor/Meretz government.


1. Formation of a United Front, consisting of the following elements: Likud, Tsomet, Moledet, NRP, Lubavitch, YESHA Council, This Is Our Land, Gush Emunim, Women For Israel\'s Tomorrow, Temple Mount Faithful, Victims of Arab Terror, plus any other compatible group.
2. The United Front to call itself The Maccabee Party and would be run by a council of all constituent bodies. Members would agree not to fight with each other or threaten to withdraw until the Peres/Sharon/Meretz post Zionist government has fallen and new elections are scheduled. Hopefully they would also stay together through a new election and victory bringing the Nationalist camp to power.

3. Members of the United Front to call themselves, Maccabees or Maccabeans.

[Please ignore the fact that my Internet magazine is called THE MACCABEAN. I chose that name for the same reason that the United Front should choose it: Immediate name recognition with a heroic period in Jewish history -- a period of WARRIORS and NOT appeasers and collaborators with our enemies!]

4. The Maccabees should begin political activity immediately with a series of marches not demonstrations. Marches and parades should grow rapidly in size and should display POSITIVE rather than NEGATIVE signs and slogans. Examples: (1)The Maccabees Will Save Israel (2) The Maccabees Mean Victory (3) The Maccabees Will Drive The Pagans From Jerusalem (4) Only the Maccabees Can Save Jerusalem (5) The Maccabees Will Make Jewish History (6) You can think of many more, this was just a sample.

5. In the parades and marches, the Maccabees adopt the colors of blue and white like the Israeli flag. Also a liberal amount of orange to show that we remember the crime committed against the Jews of Gush Katif. Everyone dresses in white tops and blue bottoms with perhaps an orange band around the upper arm or head.

6. Israeli flags are used everywhere including cars, buildings, and massive displays of flags during parades.

7. A Maccabee symbol similar to the one on my letter, blue on white arm band is worn by all Maccabees all the time until a new government is installed. As the arm bands proliferate throughout Israel, everyone including government officials and foreign correspondents will be able to gauge the growing strength of the Maccabee Party.


[Illustration of party platform -- not written in stone -- subject to discussion. But beware of spending too much energy on platform details. Keep your eyes on the prize: the fall of Sharon/Peres and the saving of Israel from dismemberment.]

1. All of Eretz Yisrael is the rightful possession of the Jewish people.

2. Israeli sovereignty extended to all of Eretz Yisrael.

3. Jerusalem is the united captal of Israel and all foreign embassies must be in Jerusalem. Countries not wishing to have an embassy in Jerusalem are welcome to have consulates in other Israeli cities.

4. The Arabs, who wish to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors, are welcome and should have full civil rights including self-rule in their villages and towns.

5. Item #4 does not imply or give any political sovereignty to the Arab population.

6. Those Arabs that desire to do harm to their Jewish neighbors or who claim sovereignty over any part of Eretz Yisrael should be re-settled among other Arab countries.

7. Arabs resisting item #6 should be forcibly removed from Eretz Yisrael.

8. Economic and political incentives for the Arabs to emigrate other countries.

9.Israel\'s economy should become a fully open free enterprise economy. Government regulations, taxes, and bureaucracy that have inhibited economic growth for 45 years should be removed immediately. All government enterprises should be privatized as soon as practical.

10. In all matters Israeli foreign policy should be conducted in a manner that reflects the dignity and sovereignty of the Jewish state. There should be an end to the bowing and scraping reminiscent of ghetto Jews, complete with the acceptance of insults from friend and foe alike.

11. A new constituency based constitution similar to the one I proposed as the Rafi Party platform in 1965 and Prof. Paul Eidelberg is proposing now.

12. Plus whatever you wish......


1. It is positive and exciting and will restore momentum to the Right-wing.

2. The Right is in an almost clinical depression. This plan will cause a dramatic mood shift by focusing on the future and victory.

3. Since I am proposing this plan, and I have no political following in Israel, then each member of the Nationalist/Religeous camp is free to agree to a plan that is not proposed by a political contender.

4. Marches, parades. flags, and symbols make good TV news. Good visual images.

5. The use of Blue and White and massive displays of flags will associate the Israeli flag with the Maccabee Party. Every flag displayed will promote the Maccabee Party.

6. Many members of the Likud Party would leave a sinking ship if there was an alternative. If they see the public rallying to the Maccabee Party and they see that you are in the ascendancy and Maccabee Party offers them a role as a faction in the party then maybe 7-10 Labor MK\'s will join.

7. If #6 works then there will be new elections.

8. The Maccabee Party must maintain unity and compete in the elections with great professionalism. Then:




.........Theodore Herzl (1897)

It is as simple as that. If you put your heart and soul into this campaign, you can win. By force of WILL, you can create The Maccabee Party, and save Israel from disaster.

Will you do it???


[This plan was published as the cover editorial in the September 1995 issue of THE MACCABEAN. Originally written on June 6, 1994]