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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


The 57 State Solution
by Jack Berger


Just before the High Holidays each year, I pick up a book written by one of the truly great commentators of Jewish history.  The book is entitled A Guide for the Bedeviled. The commentator is Ben Hecht… Opening the book to almost any page, the timeless wisdom of Hecht jumps out to wish me a L’Shana Tova – his words of wisdom as relevant today as when they were first inscribed in 1944. Hecht never claimed to be a religious Jew, but rather a proud and, as history has proven, a most courageous Jew speaking truth to those too cowardly to act until it was too late… and nothing has changed but the names.


And it was on page 10 I again found present day relevance “… I write of fools, pipsqueaks, social imposters… intellectual bankrupts… of bile peddlers and … religious zanies who woo G-d by spitting in His eye… of cunning rabble rousers lusting for a nickel’s worth of power… of rabble ever ready with its false coin…” Hecht was writing of anti-Semites – and I was thinking of our current rabble of enemies including those from within – those who profess to know what’s in Israel ’s best interests. The European shame of the Holocaust is no longer of consequence, having vanished in the halls of Arab oil sheiks and streets now filled with “tolerant, peace loving “ Muslims – and good for Europe and the little island called Britain . Soon they will finally get what they deserve. It seems that Islam has picked up from where Hitler left off and now the inheritors of Chamberlain will again be asked to deal with “peace in our time…” and the latest burqua fashions at Harrod’s.


But today my concern is with my fellow Jews who seem to have dismissed the last 17 years that began with fraud and collusion on the White House lawn under the banner of Oslo . Forgotten are the high falutin’ meaningless words and the over 1600 dead Jews who were offered on the pyre of contempt for truth while being obscenely called “sacrifices for peace”. I wouldn’t call my fellow Jews perfidious for there will come a time when reality may shake them from their pretenses, but for some to be so delusional, they would have had to cultivate their position for we are all born with a semblance of both sanity and self-preservation and these characters show little signs of either… rather as Hecht put it “… of religious zanies… of cunning rabble rousers lusting for a nickel’s worth of power…”


And so it was while roaming thru Rosenblum’s Jewish Book Store that just for the season I picked up the Rosh Hashanah issue of the left-leaning Jewish Forward in its much diminished size, heading for oblivion. And leafing thru it in all their arrogance festooned with the trite and shallow, was a full page ad by the - Soros funded J-Streeters, glittering minds of colossal arrogance, humbly imploring the reader in large print to “… Seek Peace and Pursue It…” this just days before the High Holidays when this group of peace imposers should be asking for forgiveness… but perhaps they wanted their last licks in before having to repent. Coincidentally, this announcement came just 3 days before the seventeenth anniversary of Oslo . Timing in life is everything.


 Remembering the peace camp’s joy and jubilation as they pranced to their tribal myths of what the future “peace of the brave” would be, sixty three of the usual rabbinic characters of the left (six from Chicago ) and two from Israel scraped up from of the thousands of rabbis in Israel , espousing their deep concern for peace. Beginning the New Year with canards of old, overlooking the words of the current kefiyah-less Arafat successor and history of the last seventeen years of “peace processing”, still reluctant to see reality and  put blame on the demented thugocracy who in the last seventeen years hasn’t even come to terms with Israel as a Jewish State. I am still amused that any Jew should be on bended knee begging to be recognized by this bunch of low life murderers and beheaders since their recognition is no great badge of honor.


Rabbis are supposed to be smart but these whiners still don’t get the game being played or could they be “… cunning rabble rousers lusting for a nickels worth of power…” These rabbinic peaceniks of Soros funded J-Street, in their quest for recognition by some questionable “friends” of Israel, are silent when it comes to the memory of the remains of suicide bombers in pizza parlors, blown up buses, the scraping up of Jews from the gutters of Machane Yehuda markets and the continued double talk incitement by this most recent pseudo-Palestinian Arab leader. Abbas and his sidekick Eracrap may no longer don keffiyahs, but they still are as intransigent as ever – and good for them. At least they have scruples. They haven’t budged from their position in the last 17 years or the last 62 years and they won’t change in the next 62 years.


Rabbis digging up old platitudes with ditties like “… challenges surrounding Israel and the peace process deserve our best thinking…” yet one must be suspicious when they cut and paste Torah to fit their bias. Yes, peace is great… “since even in a time of war, one should begin with peace…” yet they intentionally leave out the balance of the line “… when you draw near to a city to wage war… you shall call out for peace… but if it does not make peace with you, you shall go to war against it… and Hashem shall deliver it into your hand...” (Deut. 20:10-13) One might chuckle a bit at their editing if it weren’t so perverse. Peace is great right after victory.


By now any Jew who truly loves Israel might actually be embarrassed by claiming to be a dues paying members of the J-Street “not ready for prime time players”, and it brought to mind an interview with Amiram Goldblum, former head of Peace Now’s settlement watch team who told the newspaper Iton Yerushalayim, “The name Peace Now is very problematic… I find the name very difficult and it is a source of embarrassment to me. I can’t even put the movement’s sticker on my car… I feel people would say, what an idiot is driving this car… I listened to people who were talking about peace yesterday… they use a different area of the brain when compared with people who witness the reality as it is…” and it was the wordmeister of the arrogant left, Leonard Fein, founder of Americans for Peace Now who wrote in the Forward a few years back, “It is time for reflection on where we who so enthusiastically advocated for Oslo were mistaken…Our mistake was to allow ourselves to be so carried away by the prospect of peace that we chose to close our eyes to the persistent Palestinian violations of the Oslo accords(translated… the vile incitement, the brainwashing hatred of their youth, the wanton slaughter of hundreds of Jews were the violations Fein speaks of).


In those good old days Jews in high places eagerly hopped over dead Jews to get to the next handshake or the next Kodak moment. Today it’s the next free meal at the White House. Dead Jews or Oslo – today it’s Dead Jews or the Obama peace process. “Seek peace and pursue it…” on a Shabbat after four Jews were slaughtered on the roads of Israel, one woman nine months pregnant, leaving 6 young orphans and yet our Muslim-pandering President who had much to say over a zoning issue in Jerusalem could only express his superficial condolences. Israel’s answer should be Build, Baby, Build.


These rabbis of J-Street were the same rabbis who pontificated that once Israel left Gaza , peace was just around the corner. Think S’derot and the thousands of rockets that have been fired, while the cowardly betrayal of the Christian Lebanese led to Hezbollah’s stockpiles of rockets “under the noses of the U.N. peacekeepers.” Rabbi F, not on the list, once told me that Israel had to leave Gaza because Gaza was never part of the original Jewish land – as if he really cared – and then came the usual retort “…you don’t live there, and your sons and daughters don’t go into the army, blah, blah, blah…” simplistic justifications… still willingly wearing a badge of contempt for the messenger rather than the perpetrators… lingering on his delusion that if there were a real  peace,  Israel’s sons and daughters would not have to go into the army and  “would know war no more”. The reality is that Rabbi F’s support for the Gaza withdrawal is almost comical since now Hamas is using his former hometown of Ashkelon for target practice. These poor peaceniks don’t seem to grasp the obvious... Give up southern Lebanon get Hezbollah; give up Gaza and get Hamas and flotillas. Give up Land… get more dead Jews.


The truth is that the willingness to accept bold faced lies encourages our enemies and in reality puts Israel’s young men and women soldiers at greater risk for looking back there has been no peace and there will be no peace until the lingering remnant of the “peace camp” values the lives of the Jewish sons and daughters of Israel more than their vested delusions…


No reverence for the dead… no mea culpa for their previous mistakes, the moral blindness of “… the peace camp…” is just a mantra of failure after failure, ruse after ruse, lie after lie, and yet “… peace with security demands difficult compromises and mutual sacrifices…” and still, after seventeen years, one might ask the obvious, where are the “difficult compromises” and “mutual sacrifices” after seventeen years and 12 billion dollars from the pseudo- Palestinian Arabs. They couldn’t fight Hamas, didn’t change the covenant, etc… but maybe poor Suha Arafat had to cut back on her shoe allowance in Paris .


I’ll give the Soros - funded peace imposters of J-Street a little help with Reality 101 – Gaza wasn’t the problem. Judea and Samaria are not the problem. Jerusalem is not the problem and even Tel Aviv is not the problem. The historical problem over the last 62 years is live Jews refusing dhimmitude, living in all of our promised land in an independent Jewish state…


               – our land promised to our ancestors by our G-d some 4000 years ago to a fellow named Avraham. I would think that these learned rabbis must have heard of this promise… even if they don’t seem to believe in it. I heard that a few of these rabbis actually fast one day a month for Gaza . If they were truly committed they should fast for a month or go live in the pseudo-Palestinian-Muslim-Arab  theocratic cesspool of Gaza if they believe so strongly and then they can work on kumbaya with Hamas discussing that Jews are not pigs and monkeys… that they’re Nobel Prize winners, developers of high tech and creators of medicines to cure diseases… lovers of life and willing warriors. The superficiality of these rabbis, the perverse shallowness, still wallowing in their delusions after seventeen deadly years, is truly a waste of the paper their tome was written on... If they should have learned anything by now, they should know that in the Middle East weakness is a provocation and whining about peace, looking to equate Pal-Arab terrorists with Israel as rejectionists for the lack of peace, won’t change the reality.


So I have my own simple solution. Instead of the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria , there are 57 Muslim-Arab countries in the world that cover over 12 million square miles. That’s a lot of land and a lot of countries. Israel, including our Biblical homeland, which contains the history of our people, is about 12,000 square miles or one one-thousandth of the Muslim-Arab land. The Muslim-Arabs can go live in any of the 57 countries that comprise the 12 million square miles. Now I know the Europeans and our Muslim pandering President would object, since no longer is shame part of their vocabulary, but one tiny Jewish state should not be too much to ask of the 191 other countries in the world… especially since they didn’t seem to like us as guests when we lived with them. And if the Muslim Arabs want to stay in Israel (which most would, rather than live in the squalor of the surrounding Arab/Muslim countries) with civil rights, that’s probably not a problem as long as they behave themselves and don’t go for the virgins. They can vote their national rights in any one of those 57 Muslim or 21 Arab countries.  They can take their pick. And one tiny Jewish State of Israel will continue to be a wondrous gift to mankind “…a light unto the nations…” and we can stop with the obsessive summits… and the expense of truly the theatre of the absurd.