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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by David Basch
November 29, 2008
Reading of the attempts of Olmert and Israeli leftist leaders to
deal with the Arab adversary, the following is how one can view the
essential characteristics of what is occurring.


It resembles that of virulent jackals besetting the habitat of lambs.
In this analogy, the jackals are the Muslim Arabs; the lambs are the
Jewish/Israelis; the habitat is that of Israel. The analogy captures
the reality of implacable Muslim-Arabs intent on devouring the
Jewish/Israeli lambs and taking possession of their habitat and the
ineffectual attempts of the lambs to deal with the crisis using the
full extent of the intellectual resources of lambs.


This consists of imagination the reality away of an implacable
adversary, wishing away the appetite of the jackal for the lamb\'s

The Jewish/Israeli strategy consists of educational policies intended
to change the nature of the adversary, to transform the nature of the
jackal enemy into that of the peaceful bovine -- the equivalent of
teaching water to run uphill.

Prominent Jewish/Israeli lamb tactics consist of ever louder
pronouncements declaring that jackals are like lambs and of concrete
lamb actions to remove all physical barriers between jackals and lambs
that would otherwise smack of a lack of confidence that the jackals
could live peacefully with lambs.


Continuing immolation of the lambs -- death and maiming the rule --
and progressive surrender of lamb habitat, removing barriers that
would prevent the ravages of the jackals against the lambs.


For the Jewish/Israelis: Dismal

For the Muslim-Arabs and the enemies of the Jews: Euphoric


David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center\'s political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, The Hidden Shakespeare, which proves through talmudic and other Jewish sources that Shakespeare was in fact Jewish. Go to his website for proof: