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Dear Friends,

As we are writing this email, we have been told that the Supreme Court has announced its decision regarding Bet Hashalom in Hebron: despite the fact that the Jews brought all the proofs necessary to prove that Bet Hashalom was properly and legally bought, the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered to evict the Jewish legal owners. The Jewish residents have three days to leave willingly, otherwise the government will evacuate them by force.

We will update you as to what decisions are taken in the next few hours by the Kiryat Arba Hevron leadership. Meanwhile, it is very fitting that Women in Green just came out with a new booklet: "The Cain Syndrome", the violent history of the Leftist Establishment\'s Dirty War Against the Right"

Women in Green hope to find the funds to print and distribute this booklet in thousands of copies in Hebrew, English and Russian. Meanwhile the booklet, below, will be put on our website. We urge you to forward this message to as many people as you can.

The time has come once and for all to stop the persecution of the leftist establishment in Israel against the national camp!

Ruth Matar ญ Nadia Matar- Anita Finkelstein
Women in Green

November 2008

The Cain Syndrome
The Violent History of the Leftist Establishment\'s Dirty War Against the Right 1904-2008

It feels like deja vu, but it\'s a real and recurrent pattern in Zionist history: when the Leftist establishment in Eretz Yisrael feels its hold on power being threatened by the Right, it abandons democratic principles and methods for Bolshevik ones. The leftist arsenal is full of dirty tricks -- from disinformation to outright murder ญ but because the Israeli media and the cultural and academic elites have always been dominated by the Left, the Left’s war against the Right is one Israeli war that has never been properly publicized.

As the Olmert-Barak-Livni government, riven with corruption and in-fighting, conducts a close-out liquidation sale of the Jewish Nation\'€™s geographic, strategic, and spiritual assets, what alarm is being sounded? A familiar alarm about the danger to the State posed by the incitement and violence of the "extreme"€� right.

Government forces come in the dead of night, drag the Federman family with nine children from their beds, beating and cursing them, and destroy their home together with all their possessions. When a neighbor overcome by outrage and grief curses the destroyers, a siren is sounded throughout the state that wails out the threat of the "dangerous" settlers. Israel\'€™s citizens are expected to suspend their normal cognitive activities, redefine the enemy, and stand at attention.

The confluence of the approaching elections and the remembrance day for Yitzchak Rabin, marked annually as a day of hatred and incitement against the Right, is now occasioning another hunting season or \'Saison\',€� the actual name of the pre-state persecutions of the Revisionist Right. Women in Green has chosen to mark this occasion by laying out the historical record of who is violent and who threatens democracy so the public will not be duped by the government’s tried and true blood libels.

This booklet by historian Aryeh Yitzchaki is a brief abstract of his soon-to-be-published book on the subject. Its sketchiness is dictated by its brevity, so readers wishing to know more are advised to consult the publications listed in the Hebrew bibliography at the end.

Women in Green want to thank our dear friend and member Timna Katz for the translation of the booklet into English.

May we soon merit new leadership in Israel -- a real Jewish leadership that will serve the interests of the Jewish people in their land.

Women in Green

"The Mark of Cain"
A History of Leftist Violence and the Incitement Against the National Camp In Israel
1904 ญ 2008
by Aryeh Yitzchaki

During a century of Zionist history, the Left has gone to great lengths to prevent the Right from attaining leadership. The leftist factions generally utilized a two-pronged strategy to defeat their political opponents: by labeling their victims as public enemies, they justified their physical persecution. They kidnapped, tortured, beat, and murdered men on the Right and then congratulated themselves for their crimes.

The Murder of Da-Haan

Leftist violence started with verbal followed by physical attacks on leaders of the farmer communities of the First and Second Aliyah by workers of the left. It continued with the extradition of the Nili underground espionage network and with the failed murder attempt of the "Hashomer" organization on Yosef Lishanski, one of the Nili leaders. There were other political assassinations, such as the murder of chareidi politician Dr. Israel Da-Haan in Jerusalem in 1924 by Haganah commanders in Jerusalem led by Avraham Tehomi. Commanders of the Haganah also stole weapons from the warehouses of the rival "Haganah Leumit" organization.

Vicious Attacks Against Beitar Members

A new level of organized thuggery was reached with the savage beatings of Beitar Movement members all over the country by "Plugot HaPoel" groups belonging to the Histadrut. A typical attack took place during Passover of 1933, when hundreds of men armed with clubs and metal bars fell upon a group of Beitar youth, aged 12 to 14. Twenty-four children, some of them badly wounded, were hospitalized.

The Arlozorov Blood Libel

In June 1933, Zionist leader Dr. Chaim Arlozorov was murdered. Three innocent men, Abba Achimeir, Avraham Stavsky, and Meir Rosenblatt, were charged with the crime when their only real crime was their membership in Beitar.

Kidnappings, Torture, and the Murder of Eliyahu Shlomi

The war against the Revisionists continued in 1939 with the kidnapping and torture of Irgun men. The attacks climaxed with an attack by hundreds of thugs on a Beitar camp in Hertzliya on August 18, 1940. Eliyahu Shlomi was murdered and seven of his friends were wounded.

The Small Saison

In April of 1942, a new red line was crossed. The Shai, the intelligence service of the Haganah, organized a manhunt in which dozens of Lechi fighters were kidnapped, cruelly tortured, and finally extradited to the British. This ugly operation was called "The Small Saison (hunting season)".€�

The Big Saison

Between November 1944 and January 1945, the "anti-terrorist unit"€� of the Haganah kidnapped, tortured, and handed over about 200 Irgun fighters to the British. Most of the men were expelled to holding camps in Africa. The man responsible for this operation, called "The Big Saison," was David Ben-Gurion. The operation’s commanders were Yigal Alon followed by Shimon Avidan. Sadistic interrogators under the command of David Shaltiel beat and tortured their prisoners with terrible brutality. Irgun commander Ya\'akov Tavin was held in a barn in Ein Harod for six months, handcuffed to a bed, where he was forced to defecate and urinate. Before interrogations he was sprayed with hoses; during interrogations the nails of his fingers and toes were torn out, his limbs were scorched with white-hot metal, and other horrors too graphic to describe were perpetrated.

Teddy Kollek the Collaborator

In the years that followed, the Haganah continued to hand over Jewish fighters to the British and to sabotage Irgun operations. Teddy Kollek, who liasoned with the British in his capacity of Jewish Agency communications officer, was a prominent collaborator. The Haganah led the British to the hiding place of the Lehi fighters Menachem Luntz and Shabtai Druker in Moshav Yavne\'el on April 6, 1943. The fighters were surrounded and fought bravely to their death.

The Second Small Saison

Acts of kidnapping and torture continued in 1947 ("The Second Small Saison"). On January 11, 1948, two Irgun fighters, Yedidya Segal and Moshe Levi, were kidnapped in Haifa. Yedidya was brutally tortured to death by men of the special forces of the Haganah. Moshe Levi was injected with dangerous chemicals meant to act as a "truth serum" that irreversibly damaged his health. He was released after the murder of Yedidya Segal was exposed.

On April 8, 1948, twelve Irgun men sent to reinforce Mishmar Hayarden were attacked next to Ginnosar by a Palmach force of 100 men. They were savagely beaten and their weapons were confiscated. Mishmar Hayarden was left with no reinforcements, helping the Syrians to conquer the moshav later in the war.

The Altalena Massacre

In June 1948, the newly formed provisional government of Israel ordered the newly established Israeli Defense Forces to open fire on the Altalena, an Irgun ship carrying 900 immigrants, including Holocaust survivors, and arms to fight the battle of Jerusalem. Most of the immigrants barely managed to jump from the ship before it was blown up off the shore of Tel Aviv. Senior Palmach commander Yitzchak Rabin gave the order to open fire. Aside from bombing the ammo-heavy ship with cannons, sniper fire was directed at people in the water who were trying to reach land from the burning ship. Sixteen Irgun men were murdered in the attack, and hundreds of Jewish volunteers coming to Israel to fight the Arab enemy were arrested and humiliated.

Murdered by the Shai

During the War of Independence, two Irgun men were murdered without trial by the Shai, the Haganah\'€™s intelligence branch. They were suspected of unintentionally killing Haganah men in an operation against the British in 1947. The Irgun men were fighting as soldiers in the 3rd and 9th Brigades of the united Israeli army. While battling the Arab enemy, they were shot in the back to make it appear that they were killed in combat.

After the Creation of the State

Unfortunately, once the State came into being, the dominant Mapai party did not call for national reconciliation and unity. Instead, the Left\'s suppression of the Right moved from physical violence to civil and social discrimination. In the 50\'s, Irgun and Lehi fighters were prosecuted, ostracized, and banned from employment or advancement in many areas of public life. It was difficult for them to find jobs, and they were barred from joining the security forces.

The Kastner Blood Libel

The Shai created fictitious underground organizations so they could cook up new blood libels against the Right. When Israel Kastner was murdered by agents of the Shai on March 4, 1957, the murder was pinned on a fictitious right-wing underground movement.

The Likud\'€™s rise to power in May 1977 put a temporary end to the incitement against the Right. For the first time in 44 years, the Left was in the opposition and briefly on the defense. But if the Left feared that once in power, the Right would treat it as it treated the Right, they quickly discovered that Menachem Begin truly sought a government of national reconciliation and unity. The Left, never interested in reconciliation but only in power, bided its time.

Oslo and the Renewed War Against the Right

In 1993, Yitzchak Rabin became prime minister and signed the Oslo Agreement with mass murderer Yasser Arafat. Israel\'€™s public enemy number one now became the "€œenemies of peace",€� those citizens opposed to Oslo, which included most prominently the Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. A campaign of hate and delegitimization was directed at the "settlers" which successfully marginalized them, preventing the growing mass public dissatisfaction with Oslo from becoming a decisive political force.

Over the course of fifteen years, hundreds were arrested, beaten, and humiliated, thousands were harassed, and hundreds of thousands were intimidated. The government adopted methods such as fabricated criminal files, anti-democratic administrative detentions, and destruction of private property. It reached the point where ordinary civil and human rights were suspended when it came to those branded as "€œsettlers"€� or "right-wing extremists". This process, sanctioned by a politicized court system and a cheering media, successfully suppressed effective opposition to the anti-Zionist drift of a post-Zionist government.

The (Anti-)Jewish Division of the Shabak

Its name changed, but not its methods: the State\'€™s intelligence branch was now called the Shabak instead of the Shai, but it continued to instigate operations designed to falsely discredit the Right. A special department was actually created for this purpose. The Shabak recruited agent provocateurs such as Avishai Raviv ("Champagne") who founded fake underground organizations like "Eyal" and incited unbalanced figures like Yigal Amir to violence ญ all for the purpose of destroying the legitimate and democratic opposition to Oslo and Israel\'s post-Zionist leadership. An entire population was dehumanized and demonized in the service of this goal.

The Rabin Murder Blood Libel

On November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was murdered by an apparently lone assassin with a strong connection to Shabak agent Avishai Raviv. The entire right wing public was blamed for the murder and its leadership was singled out for a campaign of legal harassment and public condemnation. Non-official investigations of the murder have advanced dramatically, and once their conclusions are published, they will dwarf the Arlozorov blood libel.

The Expulsion

In the summer of 2005, a crime of epic proportions was perpetrated against the Jewish People as a whole and against 8,000 of Israel\'s most loyal and productive citizens in particular. Bulldozers of the State of Israel destroyed twenty-five blossoming Jewish communities in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, and soldiers of the Jewish State dragged 8,000 men, women, and children out of the homes and farms that they had diligently and lovingly built over the course of a generation. The campaign of degradation and vilification against the people of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria that preceded their exile was especially heartless and ugly.

Once Gush Katif was handed over to Palestinian terrorists to use as a base for continued warfare against Israel, the leftist government announced "The Realignment Plan," an extension of the Gush Katif expulsion in Judea and Samaria. This plan called for the expulsion of another 70,000 Jews from their homes and the destruction of 60 additional towns and villages. While Israel\'s abysmal failure in the Second Lebanon War temporarily froze this plan, the Left has lately resumed its efforts.

The Sternhall Provocation

The blatant harassment of ideologically strong individuals and communities in Judea and Samaria who live quietly on their land and the glaring disregard for their civil and property rights has been the order of the day for the past few years. To justify the unjustifiable and to remind the public who Israel\'€™s real enemy is in the wake of the approaching elections, it was time for a new blood libel against the Right. A leftist professor who has spent his career inciting violence against the "settlers"€� was attacked by some shadowy group that ญ surprise, surprise ญ appears to bear the hallmark of past Shabak fictions.

A Second "Big Saison" Circa 2008?

During these days the government has been issuing new decrees almost daily against the national camp in general and the citizens of Judea and Samaria in particular: expulsion orders, restriction orders, administrative detentions (indefinite imprisonment without legal process), police violence, the prohibition of demonstrations, cutting off water and electricity to Jewish settlements, the destruction of settlements ญ all accompanied by the familiar, strident denunciations of the “violent extremistsâ€� on the right.

If the public makes clear that it knows what the real score is ญ who the violent ones really are and who is really trampling democracy ญ perhaps we can avoid a "New Big Saison" in 2008.


Women In Green has noted the growth of a new phenomenon, a new tool in the Left\'€™s bag of dirty tricks not mentioned in the inventory above: the government is allowing outsiders into Judea and Samaria to foment constant clashes and conflict. Foreign "anarchists"€� and anti-Israel activists of all stripes have banded together with Israeli traitors and Arab activists to stir up trouble and undermine the Israeli army presence and the state\'s security needs in Judea and Samaria.

These groups are funded, whether secretly or openly, by foreign, anti-Zionistic and anti-Semitic organizations, often with the cooperation of Muslim and Arab terror organizations. They are protected by an unholy alliance within the government, the Israeli press, and the judicial system. They are encouraged by a cultural and intellectual elite that lauds Israel\'s enemies while excoriating her defenders.

May the people of Israel rise above their sectarian quarrels and differences to address the huge existential threats to Israel\'€™s existence in the coming elections.

Distributed as a public service by Women for Israel\'s Tomorrow ญ Women in Green.
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