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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator
Have you ever seen how clever rats can be when put into a maze and how quickly they maneuver to get the prize?

Some men are like that. Put them in a difficult situation and they quickly find a way to escape whatever problem they put themselves into.

Let us begin with Israel s currently retired but still operating Prime MInister Ehud Olmert, his Kadima Cabinet and the law enforcement mechanism.

Olmert provided orders to high ranking police officers who assemble an attack company called Yassam, special ops wearing special black uniforms, specially picked for their psychopathic ability to be brutal, specially trained to be brutal.
Under government orders, the Yassam prepared to attack 2 homes of civilians in the middle of the night. They also assembled soldiers of the IDF to close off the roads telling them this was a terrorist operation. As it turned out, Olmert and the officers lied to the soldiers lest they simply refuse to attack Jews as was done previously. (You can get that story from the following articles and You-Tube.)

I understand the parents of the soldiers who were lied to have demanded that the lying officers be immediately fired as untrustworthy and dangerous to their command. The circumstance of the lie has swept through the Army, causing soldiers to question their officers as to whether their future commands are simply political lies.

I will explore this damage further later, possibly in another article.

Let us continue further into the Rat Maze to see how this Rat navigates along with his fellows.

First, Defense Minister Ehud Barak squeaked very loudly after the Yassam smashed up the homes of the Federmans and Tors. Someone there yelled, supposedly to the Yassam "I hope you get captured." Barak threatened all the YESHA (Yehuda and Shomron) settlers with reprisals, jail without trial as under old British Mandate Laws to be used AGAINST the Jews. Barak also threatened to get the Israeli Judiciary on board in his circumlocution of the Law.

But, let me set the scene so you may appreciate the provoked hysteria of the victims. It s dark. It s one in the morning. The Yassam creep up in their black uniforms. Someone says they look like a "sea of black". With no notice to the family, they simultaneously break all the windows - over the heads of the 7 sleeping children. They drag out the sleeping children and parents. They broke the fingers of one young girl. A year old baby was torn from the arms of his nursing mother. Hysteria, pandemonium - not unlike what would have happened in an Arab Muslim Terror attack. The children were sure that\'s what they were involved in. Many assumed they were being invaded by Arab Muslims - which has happened numerous times and those Terrorists simply shot whoever they encountered.
After the families were brutally torn from their homes and beaten violently, their homes were knocked down with bulldozers over all their belongings, beds, refrigerator, computers, washing machines, baby clothes, cameras, valuables and money hasn\'t been found.

After this demolition of the 2 families homes, the thuggish Yassam came back the next day to further plow the remains deeper into the ground. Friends who had come to dig through the debris for clothes, wallets, diapers were chased away by the demolishers.

But now, the marauders had to cover their tracks by telling the always-compliant Media that they were assaulted and someone had shouted death threats.
The Leftist Media and politicians had a field day, accusing the victims and the entire settlers movement with the calumny that they were extremists. By now, you will have likely concluded that the only extremists were the black uniformed Yassam with their jack boots, assault rifles, helmets (for head butting ). The camera crews were kept away by a cordon of regular soldiers who were lied to about the mission to keep any supporters away from the carnage.

The first lies of consequence came from Ehud Barak, who was covering up the assault as fast as he could think up accusations.
(Read my first response to the pogrom in an article entitled:
SEE DESTRUCTION OF FAMILY HOME IN HEBRON ON YOU-TUBE sent out on October 30th. My second response of October 31st included 4 other articles
1. Barak: \'Iron Fist\' in Yesha
2. Soldiers Were Tricked Into Guarding Kiryat Arba Destruction
3. Barak Takes Aim at Yesha Jews, Rights Group Charges Incitement
4. Police Return to Destroy Federman\'s Home)

In this next stage, Israel s corrupt, fraudulent Prime Minister Ehud Olmert goes into his act as he sees the error of his planning. He starts to make his way through the Rat Maze.
The following comes from the Israeli Government Press Office which I am sure was embarrassed to be forced to issue a C.Y.A. propaganda piece. The entire piece is attached - although I will add some observations to each paragraph. (A)
A. At the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday November 11, 2008
(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 2.11.08:

1. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert noted that today marks the beginning of the university academic year commended the efforts of both Education Minister Dr. Yuli Tamir and the Government. See> and
<> for further details.
EW: Yuli Tamir, an arch Leftist has almost single-handedly destroyed the academic quality of the Israeli children by inserting such things as what the Arabs call the "Nakba" or Catastrophe (the Existence of Israel).

2. Prime Minister Olmert said: "Of late, we have witnessed several very serious phenomena. [EW: This mostly refers to his orders to level the Federman and Tor homes and the hysteria he provoked.] [EW: Olmert now moves to cover over the threats.] I would like to say at the outset that the overwhelming majority of residents [not citizens] in Judea and Samaria live there legally. They are law-abiding citizens. They love both the people and the land. We have only high regard for them. [EW: Is that why you assisted Ariel Sharon to drive the Jews out of Gaza - as a preliminary move to also drive the Jews out of Judea and Samaria? Of course, this has been in well-known negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestine Authority to turn the territories over to the Arab Muslim Palestinians, led by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. This continues even as Olmert has resigned but, stays on until elections February 10, 2009. I will explain this pre-planned trick later.]
[EW: Olmert plunges on to say:] But there is also a not small group of wild people who behave in a way that threatens proper law and governance, not only in the areas in which they live but also in the overall atmosphere of the State of Israel. This is unacceptable and we cannot countenance it. These violations of the law have been accompanied, more than once, by violent behavior toward security and law-enforcement personnel. Attacking soldiers and their commanders, attacking policemen and other security personnel, and injuring them are unacceptable. We are not prepared to countenance it and we will not."

[EW: Olmert now wants to divide the "good" Jews from those (so-called) bad Jews who do not wish to give up their Land and their homes which they built with their own hands. The simple fact is that all the Jews of YESHA do NOT wish to be forced from their homes. This, in anticipation of the Muslim Arabs setting up another firing base for Global Terrorists as Olmert did in Gaza.]
[Now the first phase of softening public opinion has passed, Olmert can now move into the same threats issued by Barak but, with more slickness. After all, he just said the "residents" of Judea and Samaria are law-abiding citizens of Israel. They (Olmert) loves both the people and the Land. We have only high regard for them. (Not a bad move, considering that he, Barak and Livni have been angling with the Bush-Rice regime to find a way of throwing Jews out of their ancient ancestral homeland. Come to think of it, that goes back to Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres since the early 1980s when they met and plotted with Yassir Arafat (when it was illegal to meet with the PLO) to transfer the Land, homes, infrastructure. That, of course, morphed into Oslo in 1993.]
[Now that Olmert has paved the way with all those compliments, he gets down to the meat of the matter. He starts to speak of violation of law and violent behavior toward security and law enforcement.
[Now the Rat begins to run the Maze faster.
[It s not his Yassam thugs who are violent but, the victims of his evacuating plans. He says that by attacking soldiers and their commanders, attacking policemen and other security personnel (Shabak) and injuring them is unacceptable . We are not prepared to countenance and we will not. Now he moves in for the kill, given that he has established that it s HE and the Government who are the victims. That, somehow, the settlers at large are declared the culprits although the only crime perpetrated was thuggish Yassam - on orders of Olmert - who did attack the Federmans and Tors at 1 AM. Pretty slick, I d say.
[The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, defined an aggressor as one who makes an excuse to attack by generally blaming his intended victim for wanting to attack him. Now he has cover and justification for anything he wants to do. Adolph Hitler used the Sudetenland, Saddam used slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraq , Josef Stalin generally didn t bother making excuses.
[Olmert goes on to tell us that measures would be taken so the West Bank would not be Israel s Wild West. (The Jungian doctrine was now in full motion under Olmert. The Wild West comment was part of the program to justify unwarranted arrests, deprivation of rights and a flood of Yassam in YESHA pretending there s an enemy where none exists.
Prime Minister Olmert emphasized that measures would be taken so that the West Bank would not be Israel s wild west .

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Israel Security Agency Director Yuval Diskin, Justice Minister Prof. Daniel Friedmann, Attorney-General Meni Mazuz, Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, Israel Police Deputy Inspector-General Shahar Ayalon and other senior officials briefed ministers on the issue of law enforcement in the territories including relations between extremist settler groups and the security establishment, the prevailing violence, and the responses of the law enforcement system against the surging violence that threatens the rule of law in Judea and Samaria, and in Israel.

[The following is something like the Declaration of Nuremberg Laws - without basis. Olmert desperately needs a cover-up and a reason to start the process of driving the Jews out of Judea and Samaria before he leaves office to face criminal indictments, he must secure the collusion of the Leftist Courts to protect his a...
Following the subsequent discussion, Prime Minister Olmert concluded as follows:
A. The recent disturbances constitute a threat to the rule of law in the entire State of Israel.
B. Dealing with the issues requires special preparations and cooperation between the IDF and the judicial and enforcement authorities operating in Judea and Samaria.
C. Measures necessary today will be increased as much as possible, including increasing enforcement personnel, documenting disturbances, arresting those who break the law and bringing them quickly to trial, the use of
administrative detention and distance orders, and such additional measures as may be necessary.
D. All possible measures will continue to be used in dealing with illegal construction. Residents of Judea and Samaria will receive appropriate and effective responses  vis-a-vis  legal construction permits in accordance with the Government s international commitments.
E. The judicial will formulate legal measures so as to increase punishment of those who break the law along the lines that have been witnessed in recent weeks.
F. Justice Minister Friedmann, in cooperation with the legal establishment, will continue to initiate legislative amendments wherever existing measures are found to be ineffective, and will act to complete legislative processes
already underway.
G. Defense minister Barak will be responsible for coordinating efforts on the issue, in cooperation with the ministries of Justice and Public Security, Vice Premier Haim Ramon (as Prime Minister Olmert s representative), the IDF, the Israel Police, the ISA and Attorney-General Mazuz.
H. Defense Minister Barak will brief the Government on the issue and submit general recommendations for dealing with it, within two weeks.
I(I). The involvement of public employees in incitement will be examined and appropriate measures will be taken against them.
(ii). All direct or indirect financial support of illegal outposts, and their infrastructures, will be halted.
3. Prime Minister Olmert paid tribute to Meretz MKs Yossi Beilin and Ran Cohen, both of whom have announced their retirement from the Knesset. See <> for further details.
4. The Cabinet discussed the issue of employing foreign workers in order to encourage agricultural exports. See <> for further details.

 There is one more piece of the planned forced evacuation of the Jewish citizens of Judea and Samaria. There is an unconfirmed report, however, it ties in with the Olmert-Barak attempt to demonize the settlers prior to using troops. These forces would consist of Israeli troops (IF they will cooperate) and other foreign forces, that is, the U.N., E.U. and possibly U.S. forces.

President Shimon Peres has been reported on Hebrew radio to have said to Egypt s President Hosni Mubarak that there would be a global settlement through negotiations with the Arab League.
Supposedly all the issues would be solved at once.

Let us keep in mind that Peres is well known for his flights of fancy and his belief in the ephemeral "Peace" when there is none to be had.

Also, keep in mind that the Arab League members still have their operative charters to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel. Its promises are worthless, with no more value than agreements with Iran or Syria. The Arab League is no more than a loosely knit assembly of Middle East nations who cannot make agreements in the name of its members. Any agreement under the Arab League would be an unenforceable sham which seems to be the plan.

The question to be asked and investigated is how deep is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in this project to give President Bush an exit legacy, knowing full well that the Arab Muslims cannot keep such an agreement which is against Koranic Law. The idea of Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Bin Laden giving up their fanatical religious goals is absurd on the face of it. Moreover, Hezb Allah and Hamas will also promise anything and break all agreements once achieving their objectives.
What would have to happen is that Israel must virtually surrender their Capitol Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights for a Palestinian State with open corridors to Gaza.
Bush-Rice has already given Syria the right to first surround Lebanon which is already in place and take it over with the assistance of Hezb Allah. It will mean nothing to Bush-Rice once out of office if all agreements were scrapped.
This is a direct extension of the present action of Olmert, Livni, Barak and Peres against the settlers of Judea and Samaria. The Army will have to agree (General Ashkenazi) or be replaced by Barak who will carry through the Putsch.
One last thought: Whatever the whole story may be, this great but amorphous plan needs a compliant President of America in control as the plan goes down.