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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Haaretz gives a daily dose of anti-Zionist apologia for
Arab fascism and Post-Zionism

by Steven Plaut
While I doubt that anyone even considers Haaretz to be a newspaper
any more, serving as little more than a daily dose of anti-Zionist
apologia for Arab fascism and "Post-Zionism," nevertheless today\'s issue
of the Palestinian daily printed in Hebrew is astounding even by the low
standards this "newspaper" has set for itself.

First, the banner headline is that the head of Hamas is willing to
recognize Israel inside its 1967 borders.   The only problems?  It is
written by Amira Hass, who is not a journalist at all but rather a full
time anti-Israel propagandist, who has already been convicted in court of
lying.  So Haaretz would have Israel risk a Second Holocaust on the basis
of a news story that Hamas recognizes Israel and all we have is Amira\'s
word for it.  Second, a closer reading shows that even Hass is not really
saying Hamas recognizes Israel.  She cites the head terrorhoid of the
Hamas as saying that Hamas will agree to a temporary ceasefire if Israel
agrees to go back to its 1967 borders, but not to a peace.  (Hamas already
agreed to a ceasefire of sorts where Israel did not go back to anything -
to avoid having its own leaders assassinated.)   The "recognition" Hass is
talking about would be Hamas acknowledging the fact that for the moment
Israel is still in existence behind its 1967 borders.

    Then we have the celebration and endorsement of Dov Chanin, who is
running for the mayor of Tel Aviv.  Chanin is an unreformed Stalinist and
leader in the Israeli communist party, dreaming of setting up Gulags from
the Jordan river to the Mediterranean.  That Haaretz likes communists is
not exactly news.  But the job of writing a sycophant piece endorsing
Chanin for mayor was assigned to Ari Shavit, usually considered to be the
most pro-Zionist and patriotic columnist in Haaretz!  Chanin, by the way,
said that if he does not get elected mayor, he will not even take up his
seat as alderman in the Tel Aviv City Council - I guess because he can do
so much more for the jihad serving as a communist party member of the

     Then we have an infantile column, appearing as a front page news item,
by Haaretz\' Neri Livni practically swooning with joy at Obama\'s victory
and wondering whether Israelis, like Americans, can abandon their
narrow-minded racism and selfishness.  Haaretz cannot get enough of the
slogan "Yes We Can" and uses it whenever it cannot decide which
punctuation mark to use.   Ultra-anti-Semite Gideon Levy has a column in
Haaretz today proclaiming his deepest desire that Obama not turn out to be
a friend of Israel (HIS title!).  See it here: .  That is because,
according to Levy, a true friend of Israel would be one who helps the
Palestinians throw the Jews into the sea.

      Then there is the report on how the terrorists and some members of
the Eurotrash Left ran yet another pro-terror boat to Gaza to assist the
Hamas, where Haaretz\' headline, crayoned by Amira Hass,  is "This is How
WE Broke the Siege of Gaza (
)."   Note the use of the first person plural pronoun.  The firing of 13
Qassam rockets at the Negev is mentioned in passing by Haaretz, but on an
internal page.  It has about the same space as an item, probably fictional
and carried only by Haaretz, claiming some Jewish kids in Hebron beat up a
6 year old Palestinian boy for no reason at all and hit him in the head
with a stone.  My suspicion is that every single story in Haaretz about
settlers beating Palestinians is pure fiction.

     There is great coverage about the annual rally of deification for
Yitzhak Rabin, held last night, in which speaker after speaker denounces
"those who taught and inspired the murderer Yigal Amir."  I wonder if they
mean his law school professors.  Ehud Barak, the fellow who fired 4000
katyusha rockets at my nose, was there screaming about the "cancerous"
Israeli Right, meaning I guess that he would like those who disagree with
his lunatic leftist ideas to be eliminated using chemotherapy and
radiation?  Then there is a story about how Israel "like a thief in the
night stole the lands of Holocaust victims."  Haaretz has long tried to
represent Israel as the moral equivalent of Swiss bankers and others who
stole assets of Holocaust victim.  Of course, in this case the real story
is about a memo in 1946 in which lands bought by Jews whose entire
families were presumed murdered in the Holocaust were simply taken over by
the Jewish authorities in the pre-state land of Israel and used ever
since.  Big big scandal.  Labor Party airhead Collette Avital postured her
indignation about this immoral outrage.