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The IQ of Israeli Prime Ministers

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

You come from Mars. You have somehow learned that Israel is the leading “start-up nation” on planet earth. You have learned that Israel has more scientists and computer experts per capita than any nation on this planet. You want to know whether this extraordinary level of intelligence in the domain of technology extends to the domain of politics, hence to the IQ of Israeli Prime Ministers.

Soon after you arrive on planet Earth, you learn that Israel has been at war for twenty years with an organization called the Palestinian Authority. You want to know the purpose of the PA, so you read its Charter or Constitution, from which you learn that its stated purpose is to annihilate the Jews of Israel. Here is what you learn after a few days of investigation. 

To implement the stated purpose of its Constitution, the PA employs a variety of terrorist organizations consisting of Muslims. These Muslims, you learn, are animated by a holy book called the “Qur’an. You peruse this book and you discover that a verse in one of its chapters, Sura 9:11, “exalts the Muslim who slays and is slain for Allah.”   

You also learn that these Muslims live in the belief that if they are slain while killing Jews they will enjoy everlasting bliss in a place called “Paradise,” where they will enjoy the pleasures of many virgins. 

However, before they fulfill the aforementioned verse of the Qur’an, they need to live like any other mortal. They need an income, money from their employer, the Palestinian Authority. This means that these Muslims are paid by the PA to kill Jews. If they were to cease killing Jews they would be out of a job!

You further learn that the PA obtains its Jew-killing wages from various sources, most lavishly from the United States – something on the order of 200 to 400 million dollars a year annually. 

Simple logic tells you that killing Jews is a profitable enterprise for Muslims on earth. 

True, a Muslim Jew-killer may be captured and imprisoned. Nevertheless, the more Jews are killed the more likely he will be released from prison well before his prison term expires.

And if it so happens that the Muslim is killed while killing Jews, everlasting pleasure awaits him in paradise!

You have also learned that unlike Muslims, Jews in Israel love life. They don’t want to be killed in this war with Muslims. Hence the Prime Ministers of Israel have sought to avoid war by means of a policy called “territory for peace.”

However, Muslims are not stupid. If they made peace with the Jews, that is, if they were to cease killing Jews, they would not only be out of a job here in earth, but they would also forfeit the esteem and rewards of paradise promised by Sura 9:11. This is a simple logical conclusion, which only a person of very low IQ would fail to reach.

That an Israeli Prime Minister has yet to reach this conclusion after 20 years of experiencing the futility and fatality of the policy of “territory for peace” cannot be attributed to mere ignorance. 

Either he is stupid, or he is suffering from some unknown mental disorder that makes its victims behave stupidly even if they appear to have a high IQ.