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Why pretend? Read the Hudaibiya treaty

Why Pretend? Read the Hudaibiya Treaty

Why pretend that Arab Muslims will ever commit to a lasting peace with the Jewish State of Israel? The bedrock of their inconstancy comes from the Koran. Even when Arab Muslim leaders are not observant Muslims, they invariably fall back on the instructions of Koranic law and Mohammed's teaching through the 'Hadith' (Islamic oral teachings) when they need to stir ...

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A muslim tells the jews to evacuate the tomb of our patriarchs

A Muslim Tells the Jews to Evacuate the Tomb of Our Patriarchs

President Barack Hussein Obama, born and educated as a Muslim, adopts the role of spokesman for a non-people who call themselves Palestinians.   Since such a people never existed, Obama is creating a false background for a migrant desert tribal people who wander into any area where, through the work of others, they can find work.

But, like parasites, history ...

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