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Obama Has Played Erdogan and the Sunnis for Fools

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva

29 November, 2012



Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan appears to have lost his mojo as the special Muslim “Mentor” of US President Obama. 

Turkey was on President Obama’s first foreign trip and first foreign “Yes I can” speech to a Muslim nation, even before Obama’s “New Beginning” Cairo speech. 

At first, Obama and Erdogan would huddle so intensely, one could feel the “love.” Well, lately, it seems Obama has repeatedly hung-up on Erdogan’s pleas to help remove the Iranian-Puppet Syrian ‘President’ Assad. It’s so bad that Prime Minister Erdogan just publicly lamented about Obama’s jilting on Syria: “The U.S. has not shown a satisfactory attitude so far. Some expressions used were, ‘wait for the elections, after the elections the situation may change.’ The elections are over and they say ‘a new cabinet will be established. After the new cabinet we can talk.’” 

In short, on the seminal issue of Syria, Obama has stiffed the Turkish and Sunni Muslim world, and has protected the Iranian Shiite-Puppet Assad at the expense of over 40,000 Syrian Sunni dead. Obama’s policy is “Sunni Spring/Shiite Winter” aka ”Sunni Topple/Shiite Protect.” 

First, as a warning to Israel, given NATO’s molasses-in-the-wintertime defense of Turkey, it’s clear that any United States’ guarantee of a US ‘umbrella’ protection of Israel from a Palestinian Arab State would be worth less than the paper i its written on. For if the United States is this slow to protect and stand by Turkey, which is a Muslim NATO-member state, from rockets from Syria, one can only imagine the yawningly lethargic response the United States would muster to defend Tel Aviv against Palestinian Arab katyusha rockets from Kalkilya? 

Despite the fact that Assad has chemical rockets which he may likely fire into Turkey, NATO is just beginning to start to scout Patriot locations. And after an urgent Turkish plea for the patriots, there is still no definitive NATO assurance or authorization of a patriot deployment. And even if there is a deployment, the rules of engagement of the would-be deployed patriots will be so stringently calibrated so as to insure their non-use. 

As for America ever protecting Israel, Golda Meir’s famous statement to President Nixon that “By the time you get here, we won’t be here” is as valid today, as it was 40 years ago. 

Second, Obama’s State Department has openly instigated a Mubarak-Style topple of King Abdullah of Jordan. The peerless Arab writer Khaled Abu Toameh recently reported that United States “Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner managed to create panic [and anger] in the Royal Palace in Amman when he stated that there was “thrist for change” in Jordan and that the Jordanian people had “economic, political concerns,” as well as “aspirations.” 

Apparently the Syrian children playing in a playground don’t have “aspirations,” they just get aspirated in the hospital after being bombed from the sky while playing. 

But nevertheless, Obama is busy toppling yet another US ally, and Israeli “Peace” partner, Jordan. Obama is destroying Jordan because he breaks challah with MK Eldad, but because he knows he is paralyzing the Sunni axis against Iran and Syria. Obama will go to any length to protect the mass-murdering Assad, including the destruction of the most-‘moderate’ and most critical of the pro-US Arab states. 

And the Islamic neo-Nazi tyrants of Egypt and soon-to-be-ruled Jordan will now be so internally focused on becoming Islamic Fundamentalist totalitarian states that they won’t externally focus on the Iranian threat to takeover the entire Muslim world. 

Third, even the ‘Grey Old Lady’ New York Times seems to have finally begun to understand that the Sunnis “offer a chance to isolate a resurgent Iran, limit its access to the Arab world and make it harder for Tehran to arm its agents on Israel’s borders.” Duh. But where in this New York Times, front-page, first-column “News Analysis” is President Obama’s American leadership of this anti-Iranian Sunni-counterweight to be found? Nowhere! 

In fact, Obama toppled Mubarak who was a fiercely anti-Iranian Saudi Arabian ally, and replaced him with an Islamic tyrant who, in time, will make Mubarak look like Eleanor Roosevelt. Mursi wants one, and only one thing: Shariah law for Egypt. Mursi couldn’t care less what Iran does to the Gulf States. 

So Obama hasn’t lead the Sunni-Anti-Iranian axis “from behind.” Obama has, “from behind,” pulled the rug out from under the anti-Persian pro-Western Sunni bulwark. King Abdullah of Jordan better start mansion shopping in London. 

Which brings us back, alas, to poor, poor Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan who just can’t bring himself to understand that his tightest-bud, Barack Hussein Obama has betrayed Turkey and the entire Sunni world in favor of the soon-to-be nuclear-armed Iran. 

Instead, Erdogan recently displayed his clinging, delusional, desperation by claiming that “At the moment, Russia is holding the key” to the Syrian crisis. If Russia is “holding the key” to the Syrian crisis, then we are really in big trouble. 

It’s unfortunate that Erdogan hates the Jews of Israel so much that he can’t bring himself to understand that Russia doesn’t hold the key to the Syrian crisis, Israel does. 

And what’s worse is Erdogan can’t seem to get that unless Turkey immediately repairs its entente with Israel (which Erdogan alone destroyed), Obama will betray Israel, Turkey, and the entire Sunni world, and empower Iran with a Shiite Nuclear bomb. 

For, after Iran gets its nukes, Obama will really betray Turkey, and withdraw the 90 B61 nuclear bombs currently stored at Incirlik. After all, President Obama wants nuclear-free world, doesn’t he?

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