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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Notes from A Frustrated Zionist 

Not a Nice Jewish Boy

by Bernard J. Shapiro

Chairman and Editor of Publications

Freeman Center for Strategic Studies



Like just about every Zionist, I am in terrible pain because of the continued diplomatic and strategic imbecility of the Israeli government. That doesn't mean that all members are equally bad, only that as a group they continue doing stupid things together. 


1. Since Oslo (1993) they have chosen to empower our enemies.

2. The policy of retreat and appeasements which never worked with any nation in the history of the world became an Israel strategic policy.

3. They minimize the importance of the PA bid for UN recognition as if they have already lost the battle for unbiased history. Nowhere in their thinking is the concept of fighting back.

4. Israelis raised since the founding of the State of Israel to be Lions of Judah are led into battlefields, like lambs to the slaughter. Israeli civilians, woman, children and the elderly are forced to run for cover during missile barrages. Terrorists rip their bodies apart as if they were not even human. It all makes me think of the Holocaust. Never Again???

5. Since 1982 (Lebanon) the leftist establishment has used every Dirty Non-Democratic Trick in the book to destroy Zionism and the morale of true Israeli Patriots.

6. Israel's Attorney General, the Police, Border Patrol, Supreme Court, News Media, Shin Bet (Israel's Secret Service) and all the leftist pro Arab political parties (plus Arab terrorist political parties) all conspire to crush the democratic Zionist will of 95% of Israel's Jewish population.

7. To me, this is not kosher. Only a change in the electoral system can force a change. Only a change in all branches of Israel's government from the Justice Department through the IDF Officer Corp and especially the powers of the Prime Minister. A quick look at Israeli shows that each minister and the very powerful PM have the ability to do the opposite of what they are elected to do.

8. This sickens and revolts me. I have written about it many times in the past. Unfortunately the left has emasculated the Zionists, dating back to the Altalena. And before that Jabotinsky was silenced in Europe, as he warned about the coming Holocaust. [My grandfather, Harry W. Freeman was also waning Jews all over Texas about the dangers of Nazism in the 30's.] 


1. Keeping the high ground has always been a basic strategic concept.

Israeli theorists from the extreme leftist Tel Aviv Institute For Strategic Studies (formerly Jaffee) go against history trying to devise substitutes. 

2. Leftist (pacifist) strategic thinkers can always come up with a bad way to avoid immediate war for a much worse war later. They need to be uprooted from command structure of the IDF and the Defense Ministry. 

3. The popular misconception of missile defense needs to be properly analysed. Missile defense has its place in combined operations (Air, Naval, Ground, Command Control +). Only a ground invasion with tanks, apc, armoured cars, elite forces and infantry can win a war. If you doubt me read the strategies of Lao Tzu, Machiavelli, Joshua, David, Bar Kochba, Patton, Stalin, Mao, Sharon and Grant in the American Civil War. 

4. Yes, young men die in wars. Remember during the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII. The 500,000 population almost all murdered. The last 50,000 fought back and caused the enemy more time and losses than the defeat of Poland. The time itself allowed a Russian counter-offensive which began the defeat of the Nazis. 6,000, 000 Jews died in the Holocaust (one third of the World Jewish Population and 90% of Europe's). Only 6,000 died in Israel's War of Independence. That figure was tragic but only 10% of Israel's population of 60,000. Make note: Much better to fight! 


1. Since the days of Ben Gurion, Israel has operated on the assumption that: "It is not what the gentiles say, but what the Jews do that counts."

While this is still true, it has been misunderstood by the Israel Foreign Ministry. With the lack of the Internet, Cable News and the great distances and fog of war, Israel was able to maneuver well to get what it wanted. 

2. Today it is more difficult, but I would not surrender as inevitable to the changes. Such surrender causes a nation to become "wimpy and whining country." Israel has become the perfect example of a State with no backbone or sense of sovereignty. President Shimon Peres (a delusional individual) once said: "What can we do, the Arabs are better liars than we are." 

Freeman Center Positive Diplomacy 

1. No complaints to the UN over anything. In fact expel all UN personnel from Israel and national their land including "UNRA" terrorist training bases.

2. Send to the UN a representative that is legally blind, deaf and dumb, so he doesn't have to be aware of anything. His aids can make notes. Responses to anti-Israel remarks can be made by pressing a loud shrieking noise and or a dog barking loudly and growling.

3. Annex all of Yesha including Gaza (restoring Kush Katiff)

4. Cut off all cash and utilities to terrorists in the PA.

5. True blockade of Gaza - no entry or exit except to Egypt.

6. Re-take Philadelphia Corridor and flood.

7. Re-occupy Sinai from El Arish to Sharem el Sheik

8. Cancel Egyptian "peace" treaty as irrelevant.

9. Cancel Oslo and reclaim the Temple Mount, reviving the Waqf by force. Allowing Jews to rebuild a temple and place an Israeli Flag atop the gold dome covering the most Holy Site in Judaism. Under that dome is the very rock that Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed. 


No more should Jews debate the obvious, like to keep what is theirs or give it away. The Almighty gave us Eretz Yisrael (Israel) as a possession of the Jewish People in perpetuity. No assembly of Israelis or nations of the world has the Right to go against G-d's word.