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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Member Board of Directors and Research Associate,
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

I have written 4 prior articles entitled "THE GATHERING OF THE NATIONS"...each was built on prior observations in terms of the gathering of the nations from the north (as it says in the Bible) - each seemingly for their own reasons to attack Israel but, hostility was a common theme for them all. The Arab Muslims, of course, have a religion-driven hatred, based upon the Koran teachings by murderous Islamic clerics. Their interpretation is that Islam is supreme and the Jewish faith and their presence on Land they previously conquered and lost to the Jews, impinges on their testicle-driven manhood and the simple fact that they have always been low achievers throughout history - except for their permanent state of war with all others. "All Others" means Christians, Jews, all other religions and races who do not ascribe to their self-perceived superiority, hiding a much deserved inferiority complex. But, they are a scary bunch as they promise to blow up, cut heads off, torture anyone who gets in their way.
In Europe there is a growing "Diaspora" as native Europeans begin to exodus areas where Muslims have become a dangerous "Critical Mass". There have been projected guesses as to where the French, English, Dutch, ‘et al’ would emigrate once it became unlivable in Eurabia. It is supposed that the French will go to Canada (where French is demanded to be spoken); the English to Australia (to where the English sent their POWs and criminals - but Australia speaks English - sort of) - or America (where they speak a different kind of English). Those of the Netherlands would simply scatter.

One cannot help but think of how the Jews forced into the Diaspora, first by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon who laid the Jews’ First Temple in Jerusalem to waste in 586 BCE, murdered the nobles, blinded and exiled King Zedekiah - along with a large portion of the population who were sent into captivity in Babylon, Persia - today Iran.

The "parable" or lesson in this history is that now, a more cruel leader has arisen in ancient Babylon, Persia which is now Tehran, Iran as represented the Ayatollah Khomeini who toppled the Shah February 1, 1979. Today Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declares he will build his nuclear bombs, has demonstrated today (November 2nd) his missile capability by launching several kinds of short-range missiles. Ahmadinejad opened a big, new naval exercise dubbed the "Great Prophet" with his "cluster warhead" capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The Shehab 3 has a range of more than 2,000 km., can reach Israel and the American troops in the Middle East and that he will "wipe Israel off the map". Israel’s Arrow anti-missile missile system, developed for defense against the Shehab, is not capable of preventing an attack by large numbers of multiple-warhead missiles. IF the Shehab fulfills Ahmadinejad’s boasts, it will pose a lethal strategic threat to Israel, the U.S. military in the Mid East and Iran’s Arab neighbors. (1)

In 538 CE Cyrus II the Great of Persia proclaimed in his "Edict of Toleration" that the Jewish exiles could return and re-settle in Palestine and rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. 42,360 Jewish pilgrims returned and began to re-build the Jewish Temple from 535 to 515 CE when it was completed with the help of Darius the Great of Persia.
The Roman Empire achieved the wider Jewish Diaspora after the Romans captured Judea, destroyed the Second Temple, burned the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple to the ground, salting the earth so nothing would grow, killing and exiling the Jews.

Henceforth, the Jews were hunted by the Europeans, the aristocracy and the Church - whenever they needed a target for the ignorant peasantry, the Inquisition (whenever they wanted to make an example of a Jew who was converted by force but still secretly practiced Judaism).

Later, after the rise of Islam in the 7th Century, the conquest by the Muslims of North Africa and all the area of Europe as far as Tours in France. There the Muslims were routed by Charles Martel and pushed back into the Middle East. However, Muslims laws in the Arab countries were quite cruel to Jews and Christians (who they called "Dhimmis": second class). Romantically inclined historians offered revisionist opinions calling this period: "The Glory of Islam" or "The Golden Years" when Islam, Christianity and Judaism created a "golden" civilization.

However, the true history is that throughout the centuries the Christians of Europe tried to force conversion upon the Jews. The worst of these times was the Inquisition (described above) where Jews either accepted conversion, were burned alive or were forced to flee.

"What goes around, comes around."

Now today, like the wrath of G-d playing a grim joke of retribution, the Europeans must soon choose between Islam, death or slavery ("Dhimmitude") or as suggested earlier, simply flee their country.
This is where this homily: "What goes around, comes around." is applicable.

But, the Nations are, indeed, gathering to go against Israel acting out the "Stockholm Syndrome". They wish to blame Israel because the Arab Islamists hate Israel and the Jews who claim their heritage to Eretz Yisrael who actually live there and have made it green. The Muslim nations have chosen Israel as their convenient victim to initiate their march toward their intended Global Caliphate (The Islamic New "One World Order"). While the Muslims are causing havoc, mayhem and murder everywhere in the world, the nations of the world need someone else to blame - other than the Muslims and their "Jihadist" terrorists - because the Free West fears retribution if they correctly label Muslims as the root actors in today’s Global Terror network.

As the Arabs chose Israel to be their stepping stone toward domination of all nations so, too have the nations chosen Israel as their "safe" victim to attack in order to solve the problem of the uprising Muslims. The Europeans and Americans fear facing 1.2 Billion Muslims head on so they choose to victimize Israel - which they think is a safe middle ground and a method of appeasement which, of course, is not working. Israel is supposed to give up Land to the Arab Muslim Palestinians as an appeasement to the Arab oil nations on the off chance they will cease Global Terror. Do you think that will work?

The Arab Muslims, having lost their religious and masculine manhood by being defeated in 7 wars by those whom they call the lowly Jews, must first retrieve their vaunted honor by blood and war. While their real goal is to dominate all non-Muslim nations, forcing Sharia laws on all, attacking Israel provides the short fuse to ignite and unify the "Jihadi" Muslim forces world-wide. Women in the Muslim world suffer greatly, of course, since they are considered only chattel and breeding stock to be totally covered up from sight. Some say Islam means "submit". Women and men who refuse to submit are generally slaughtered in some horribly bloody manner. Decapitation is one favored punishment. This does not mean that they are unified since they also slaughter each other as gleefully as they slaughter those whom they consider the "infidels" (unbelievers).
You have been watching the daily ritual in Iraq where the Sunnis kidnap, torture, and slaughter Shi’ites in large numbers and the Sunnis do the same. Sometimes they even kill those Muslims who are like them. They always manage to find sufficient differences to justify what they do best, namely: pillage, rape and murder.

I have written previously about the day a flotilla would cross the Mediterranean Sea to attack Israel. Presently, there is a large war game of warships off the coast of Lebanon. One of the German ships launched a helicopter which crossed into Israeli air space (seemingly by accident). Given Israel’s sensitivity and high state of alert (for good cause as she is surrounded by hostile terrorists and Muslim Arab countries), it seemed a stupid, if accidental, mistake. Israeli jets did a fly-by and launched a couple of missiles, not at the helicopters but, merely in open space as a brief demonstration to show that crossing unannounced into Israeli airspace was not permitted.

But then, the German ship on another day did it again, clearly with the intention to provoke the Israelis and possibly cause an international incident and a "Casus Belli" to either justify and attack on Israel or generate serious sanctions. The Germans do not do things by accident nor would they have launched a provocation without discussing it first with the American, the E.U. and NATO.

We have already seen the activity of the U.N.’s MNF (Multi-National Force) attached to UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces In Lebanon) start a mission of protecting Hezb’Allah as Syria re-arms Hezb’Allah and the PLO in Sidon, Lebanon. Israel has been doing air reconnaissance over Lebanon to track Hebz’Allah’s re-building of bunkers and re-supply of missiles and other arms. The French (part of the UN MNF) issued a warning that it would shoot down Israeli aircraft or camera drones.
The Russian troops Ras-Putin sent to Lebanon are Muslim Chechnyans, Russian soldiers who get along quite well with the Muslim Arab terrorists. Naturally, they will train and arm the terrorists as they have been doing for some time. They have begun building their base in Sidon quite close to the Israeli border.
There is also a large flotilla in the Red Sea, off the coast of Saudi Arabia. (2)

As I said earlier, the nations are gathering. Regrettably, Israel has a pacifistic Government who simply doesn’t know what to do and who cripples her own military from aggressively defending the nation.
Hopefully, as it says in Tanach (Bible) "G-d will curse those nations who curse Israel" with unspeakable horrors.


Each nation expects a return for either attacking Israel directly, assisting others through the sale of arms, penetration of their markets, satisfaction of their xenophobic hatred, oil - either receipt of crude or given leases to explore and drill, thereby profits at two sides and dozens of other known and unknown benefits. For example:

Russia: Endemic hatred plus profits through sale of weapons to Iran and Syria. Sold nuclear technology and building nuclear power plants. Hopes to penetrate all other Arab oil markets by assisting terrorists. Hopes to push America out of the Middle East and uses Israel as a victim to play to Arab xenophobic hatred of Jews and Israel.

America: Here the issues are more complicated: The American people like Israel and generally think of Arabs as terrorists who threaten Homeland Security. On the other hand, the U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of oil, making them feel perceptively vulnerable to the oil nations which principally includes Saudi Arabia. There are those in Washington who would like to see Israel disappear both the oil business and their visceral hatred of Jews.

Europe: Instead of making this complicated by analyzing each of the E.U. members (except for a few), I will compress my thoughts: Christian Europe has carried on a savage vendetta against Jews since they adopted a Jewish man as their connection to G-d. Like the Arab Muslims it was a competition of who would be the heir on earth to G-d’s Covenant with the Jewish people. Would it be Christianity or Islam? Pogroms, Genocide, torture, abduction of children for conversion, attempts to co-opt the Jews to add to the claim of being the only true heirs of G-d’s Presence on earth. Each of the European nations have either slaughtered their Jews, turned them over to others (Nazi Germany) to be slaughtered or exiled them. It didn’t matter whether it was a self-perceived nation like the French, or the Poles, Ukrainians, Dutch, Hungarians, Rumanians, Norwegians, ‘et al’ because each in their own way carried out the teachings of their church.

Arab and/or Muslim oil states: Iran, the Gulf States, Venezuelan, African countries, etc. Saudi Arabia plays two (or more) roles. One, it needs U.S. military support or else surrounding rogue states like Syria, mainly Iran and Egypt would occupy and send the Royal Family either to the Mediterranean Sea or to Hell. The smaller Gulf States like Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain also need a U.S. security umbrella.

The Saudis, however, do fund terrorist organizations both through fear and compelling religious doctrine. They also fund "Madrassas" (Muslim schools) in Europe, America and all other Muslim countries where the curriculum teaches hatred for all non-Muslims and the right of Islam to ritually rule the world in an Muslim Caliphate with strict Sharia law.
Therefore, one finds the Bush Family, the Baker contingent which would include the U.S./Multinational oil companies who genuflect to the wishes of Arab Muslim hatred against Israel in as subtle and hidden a manner as this contingent can politically get away with.

The Arabist U.S. State Department works closely with all of the above to subvert and, if possible, eliminate Israel or, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says "I’ll wipe Israel off the face of the earth." The State Department and many of the above also carry that xenophobic hatred as a visceral part of their thinking. Eliminating Israel would give then personal satisfaction in addition to the lucrative business they do with the Arabs - especially in high tech arms sales.

Like Russia, the U.S. arms industry counts on selling massive quantities of arms to the Arabs - both terror factions and countries. They should be grateful that Israel exists because their hatred lubricates the sale of weapons to Arab nations. They, like the oil companies and State Department do what they can to carry out Arab wishes against Israel. All of this is called "Lobbying" both the Administration and Congress.
Jews of Europe considered themselves lucky over the centuries to be expelled and all their property and assets confiscated - given the alternatives. Here the Church played a vital role in instilling a deep and personal hatred that has almost became a genetic feature of their civilization.

Strangely, although Islam and Christianity have been natural enemies through the centuries, they do cooperate in attempting to eliminate Israel and the Jews in it. On this they agree, although presently in Europe it has not reached the level (yet) where they can express their hatred too openly. The Arab Muslim immigrants take care of that as Germany and France tell their Jews not to look Jewish on the streets.
Europe also wishes to sell armaments to the Arabs. They also want the oil. Both of these motives drive their official government attitude toward Israel. However, underlying the urge for profit, there is always the taught, but now endemic, hatred of Jews and the Jewish State.

It’s no longer a question of hatred; it’s just a matter of degree. Right now, as Islam threatens their society, by extension, it increases Jew hatred. The European benefits are both money and satisfaction in their hatred of Jews. They would like to see Israel eliminated. After that it’s highly probable they would go to war with the Arab Muslims, hoping for U.S. participation. Expect some form of the Crusades or, as some refer to it, as a Clash of Civilizations.

One last thought: With the elimination of Israel, they could expunge their ever-present guilt for their active participation in the Genocidal murder of six million Jews. In other words: "Out of Sight - Out of Mind!"
As for the rest of either Islamic and or other countries like Indonesia, Venezuela, Argentina - they are minor players whose governments will change by "coup d’etat".

The Nations are indeed gathering. Whether you subscribe to the Biblical forecasts of a coming war of Gog and Magog, causing Armageddon, or you consider yourself a pragmatist seeing the nations girding for war as ‘merely doing what mankind does’, the Clash of Civilizations has begun.

1. "Iran announces test-firing of ballistic Shehab-3 missiles in first hours of new military maneuvers called The Great Prophet" DEBKAfile, CNN & FOX Nov. 2, 2006
2. "US aircraft carriers USS Eisenhower & USS Enterprise in the Red Sea off the Saudi Arabian coast" DEBKAfile Nov. 1, 2006