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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

A few days ago I was watching a documentary on The History Channel. The subject was Cults and how Cult followers attach themselves to a charismatic leader and who simply don’t question their leader’s directions - let alone his faults.

The History Channel covered Charlie Manson and his Cult who murdered Sharon Tait for the thrill of it and, of course, following Manson’s orders.
We all can recall the Jones Town Cult wherein they all drank poisoned Koolaid because it was decreed by Jones.

Then there was David Koresh, who headed the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Koresh armed his followers to defend against what Koresh believed were their enemies. He died along with most of his Cult followers who, like all other cult leaders adopted and believed that their cult leaders were earthly messiahs.

Numerous Cult leaders slowly develop into their roles as cult leaders who believe they were mystically assigned and destined to lead their flock of believers into another world after death.
President Barack Hussein Obama sat in front of Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years while he ranted and raved about White America and the Jews. Wright deeply influenced the Obamas, both as their spiritual guide, their political mind-set and his future agenda as President.

Then within the Obama crowd was the super-racist, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan who had adopted the Muslims’ prospective wherein blacks should convert to Islam within his Cult and become his front-line warriors as "The Fruits of Islam".   Those dudes were scary.

We were at a Israel Day celebration on Israel’s birthday one year in the early 1980s - at a Jewish Day School. About 30 of the Fruits of Islam, Black men with close crew cuts, marched in with a menacing aura - like a military squad.  They stood in front of the stage facing the audience - where Israel’s star basketball player, Tal Brody was speaking to those gathered to celebrate the Jewish State of Israel’s birthday. Farrakhan’s "Fruits" succeeded in their intended goal: to intimidate the Jewish people who came to celebrate. Then they left - after a hour or two. The local police were called but they never came. That was our life experience with the "Fruits of Islam". That Cult has grown with the addition of black criminals who converted in prison to Islam: the "Jihadist" blood and death Cult.

Then there is the ubiquitous "Cult" message to their followers that it’s "Us Against All Others!". This is why David Koresh armed his followers.  This is why Islamists arm themselves as "Sleeper Cells" in America and Europe. Black and White Supremacists arm themselves for their planned future overthrow of the American Government to meets their goals.

Then there was the Obama speech, wherein he spoke about creating his own "Civilian National Security Force" - a militia as his own Army (as strong as the American Army) - in order to make the "Change" in America that he promised his followers. Obama’s militia (Obama-litia?) would be separate from the American Armed Forces which include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard and the many Clandestine Secret Services.
Who exactly is supposed to be the enemy, justifying a separate civilian armed force - reporting only to Obama as their Commander-in-Chief?
Are his foot soldiers to be recruited from ACORN, Black or Arab Muslims?
Is this Obama's messianic self-anointed destiny, to rule America?
It certainly something to ponder.

We can watch with horror as Americans join the "Obama Cult", wherein he can do no wrong.   He also has his own inner cult which includes Bill Ayers, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, James Baker III, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Gen. James Jones, and the 45 (as of September 9) Czars and Czarinas President Obama has recruited who were NOT vetted by the FBI or approved by Congress. Many Czars in Obama’s Cult or Clique both follow and teach him the ways of Socialism, Communism, anarchy and control of the Congress, the Judiciary, the Military, the subversion of the Constitution and all the various institutions of Capitalism which makes the country function.

There are other Cults such as radical Islam, "Jihadists" (warriors for Islam), and all those various Muslim entities who believe the Judeo-Christian ethics of the West must be eliminated. Here we see what we think are ordinary, moderate Muslims who are willing to take orders from Mullahs to become "Shahids" (martyrs for Islam) and blow themselves up while killing Jews and Christians.

What then will the Cult of Obama’s followers be willing to do if asked by their earthly messiah? Cult members committed to a charismatic leader are ready to turn over their own freedom, rights and money to an articulate mystic, because they have committed themselves to what they think is a man-god who will solve all their problems and the country’s in this life and the next.

The MSM (Main Stream Media) has not only assisted in this charade, they have been point men in their campaign of adulation. Of course, it would be Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod who designed the Cult program, much as Herman Goebbels who was once the propagandist for Der Fuhrer, making him into a larger than life Messiah.

All Cult leaders need Lieutenants and Czars to hustle the crowd of ordinary people. We observe with dismay, Speaker of the House (third in line to the Presidency) Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Majority leader deliver the Democratic Party into the hands of the Obama Cult. No amount of money is too great to spend on ideas which bankrupt the nation but, will keep Obama and his deviants in power.

Now that Obama and his Cult have control of the Fed and the Treasury, the one-armed-bandit machine, all of America is their Las Vegas. Remember, in those gambling houses the House invariably wins and the players (American tax-payers) invariably lose. But, once you are a brain-washed Cult member, your Cult leader is never wrong.

Thus, we have Charles Manson, David Koreish of Waco, Jones of the Jonestown Massacre - among others, who were self-made god-lings to lead their followers into their promises of Heaven to come when, in fact, it was a one-way ticket to a Hell of their own making.

Keep in mind, I am not speaking of dim-witted teens, fainting at concerts of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the like. Those cults are virtually innocent, even as teen-age girls swoon and swear allegiance to their memory.
I am talking about Cult leaders who become pall-bearers to their nations.
Don’t underestimate the power of a Cult, led by a Charismatic articulate person. First, they start as appealing to those who are to become his followers, telling them just how unfairly they have been treated and how he will fight those evil forces for them.

Adolph Hitler had his Cult-ish following where normal people were led cheering into supporting his Genocide and Conquest toward his 1000 Year Reich under Nazi Germany.

Josef Stalin also had his Cult, admired by his people for his ruthlessness in killing millions. In Stalin’s Soviet Russia, their fear turned into adoration.
Genghis Khan had his followers as they pillaged, raped and murdered across the land.

Cambodia’s dictator Pol Pot, was responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million. Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer Rouge and Prime Minister of Cambodia.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il, like any ‘good’ dictator, established an elaborate Cult of Personality. The political propaganda for Kim’s personality cult cost approximately $900 million (4% of the GNP) every year while his people lived in poverty. His people call him "Our Dear Leader".
I speak about evil people who believe they are gods, chosen and destined to lead, enslave and kill the masses through divine judgement all through their own hands, the messianic leader. There have always been good or evil leaders. You can generally spot them in their early years, more by the people with whom they surround themselves.

Sometimes the forces that combine to create a Cult are simply forms of religion wherein they adopt the teachings or myths which supports the evolving Cult. Islam is a prime example of adopting the teaching of Mohammed which centered on Conquest and forced Conversion by the Sword of those conquered. Islam has zero tolerance for infidels (non-believers in Islam) and the inbred conviction that they (Muslims) are superior to all others - even when their civilization speaks ofa low, non-productive, often murderous society.

Cults come in all forms, shapes and sizes but, when a Cult is dedicated to force obedience on all others and led by the charismatic self-styled messiah, you can be sure it is pure evil.

To some, Obama is infallible and cannot be accused of bad judgement, personal bias or bonding with evil societies because his Cult cannot admit even to themselves their adulation was misplaced. Only when their own lives became catastrophic can they even recognize the flaw in their leader and themselves.

Here in America, although the Constitution served us so well as a nation, Obama’s Cult is willing to accept that the Constitution is slipping through our (or their) fingers.