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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator 

Is there any doubt that G-d is fulfilling the promise He made to Avraham: "I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee." ?

Has President Barack Obama brought this promised curse to America as he bonds with radical Islamists and attacks Israel on their behalf? Muslims in America are a dangerous element in our nation, despite the political dance, firstly by President George W. Bush and now by President Barack Hussein Obama to assure us that Muslims and Islam are perfectly safe for Americans.

Did today’s November 5th massacre at Fort Hood, Texas prove that wrong? The shooter was named as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim psychiatrist who objected to being posted to either war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Reportedly, Hasan killed 11 and wounded 31 with 2 handguns - at a soldiers’ collection point and processing center for those being organizing to leave for either front or returning stateside and being processed.
For the first several hours it was reported that Hasan had been killed in the shoot-out, but later reports say he was shot multiple times but, HE IS SAID
TO BE ALIVE, in custody and in stable condition.
By now you would have heard or seen the news stories. There were yet-to-be confirmed reports that there was automatic rifle fire and a possible second shooter.

Major Hasan had, at different times, said that Muslims should rise up against U.S. presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a phone interview by Fox News with Hasan’s cousin, Nader Hasan, who said that (contrary to earlier news reports that Nidal had converted to Islam recently) Nidal has always been a Muslim. (Then, suddenly, Nader Hasan cut off his interview - abruptly - like someone told him to shut up already!)

Whether planned or spontaneous, several Presidents lived in denial, claiming that Muslims posed no threat to Americans or America. While this was a typical political statement to keep the peace, it also artfully avoided exploring the mind-set of Muslims in their "Jihad" (global holy war for Islam). Muslims were (and are) taught from the tender age of 3 to kill all infidels (non-Muslims or un-believers) for their ultimate goal of a Global Caliphate for Islam.

I recall spontaneous attacks in Israel where a Muslim bus driver simply drove his bus into a crowd. At 2 other times Muslim tractor operators turned their machines against Jewish civilians, women and children on the sidewalks and streets. Killing Jews (and Christians) was always their ultimate purpose. Don’t forget the 10,000 Rockets, Missiles and Mortars launched against the civilians in Southern Israel for 8 years.

Sometimes, Terror is pre-meditated and well-planned - as in 9/11. At other times Muslims will brood on their inner taught mandate to kill infidels and then act spontaneously to kill or plan to kill - like Hasan at Fort Hood.
America has been loaded with Muslims - with the assistance of the U.S. State Department through easy entry policies on immigration in order to appease and pacify Muslim oil bearing nations. Muslims have been allowed to attend America’s finest universities in programs that studied Physics (especially nuclear), Chemistry and Biology - all of which deal with WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction, including NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical). Hassan went all the way up to become an Army Psychiatrist. Look where that put him - into the largest military base in America - where he could do the most harm to American soldiers and all who loved them. Where his massacre (for which Islam had programmed him) could undermine America’s underlying feeling of inner security.

While Muslims can be ordinary people who display kindliness, seeming loyalty to their host countries but, at their core their loyalty is with Islam, Allah and Koranic law. But, listening to what some Mullahs preach in the mosques or teach their children in strict Madrassahs is hostility to Christians, Jews or unbelievers.

There have recently been captures of Muslims who have planned to attack U.S. military bases and/or other targets in America.
Obama’s outreach to Iran and the rest of the Islamic world, merely creates a greater expectation that the U.S. is in decline and fair game for conversion to Islam. Obama’s policy also makes Muslims think that Obama will weaken the Jewish State of Israel so the Muslims can revise their history of defeat and proceed to conquer the Jewish State.

America’s 16 Intelligence Agencies know all this and watch the Muslims in America to the degree acceptable to America’s politicians and, especially, the President.

It was instructive to listen to Obama’s comments on the massacre of American soldiers at Ford Hood. It was so bland; it was a political campaign speech only - and it was pre-packaged in such a way as to appeal to voters. I wonder if Obama will even mention the Muslim name of the shooter Nidal Malik Hasan. I wonder if Obama will make a royal appearance at the coming funerals of the 11 dead brave soldiers. It will only be to take advantage of the soldiers and their families’ grief in order to make political capital.

Names mean things to Muslims. Barack Hussein Obama is a name that speaks of the child, turning into the man who will inevitably adhere to Islam, Mohammed and the Koran forever.

The shooter’s name is Nidal Malik Hasan - 3 names with "meaning"....
"Nidal" (as in Abu Nidal, head of Black September and over 30 years was responsible for over 900 deaths, including the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, hijacked planes, 1976 Air France to Entebbe, 1982 the Goldenberg Restaurant in Paris, 1985 Greece - 60 people killed; 1985 hijacked a cruise ship, throwing Leon Klinghoffer and his wheelchair into the ocean; 1985 Rome Airport - killing 13, wounding 75; Vienna Airport killing 3, wounding 30; 1986 Berlin at the LaBelle Disco; 1986 Pakistan - hijacked Pan Am Fl. 73, killing 22, seriously maiming another 150; 1986 Rome, a Boeing 727; 1986 Synagogue in Turkey, killing 21 people in Istanbul’s Neve Shalom’s synagogue; 1988 a Greek cruise ship the ‘City of Poros’, killing 9, 98 were injured; 1988 Lockerbie Scotland and more, more, more ).

- built the Shrine of the Rock in 696 CE - eventually became the Golden Dome.

...Hasan al-Banna was the Egyptian who founded the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, which has been trying to undermine the Egyptian government since 1928.

So, in Islam, names mean something - usually glorifying those who kill.

Regrettably, Americans will never understand the Middle East, what a Muslim is committed to by Islamic Law and how he/she will respond to a call from a Mullah to now act in the name of Allah.

Most Americans may experience a few moments of shock and awareness of our vulnerabilities but soon forget, as we did too soon after 9/11.